An Award goes back………….

What do you think of THIS?

Some “WOMAN of the Year,”  huh?


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21 Responses to An Award goes back………….

  1. jerrydablade says:

    Mr. Smith must be one of them Transphobics. Sure, his wife was a hero for giving her life rescuing people from the WTC on 9-11. But did you see that man in drag CONFRONT that protester with so much “poise”? Incredible.


  2. As the husband said, :
    “”Was there no woman in America, or the rest of the world, more deserving than this man?” Smith, a former police officer, wrote. “At a time when we have women in the armed forces fighting and dying for our country, heroic doctors fighting deadly diseases, women police officers and firefighters putting their lives on the line for total strangers, brave women overcoming life threatening diseases…the list of possibilities goes on…is this the best you could do?”


  3. Sparky says:

    Bruce Jenner is a very seriously mentally ill man. He needs to get saved and change his way of life. Society is not doing him any favors by pretending he is otherwise. There are much better REAL women that should be praised instead of some liberal sicko.


  4. bocopro says:

    What do I think? You sure you wanna know?

    O.K. In any large society, the total percentage of homosexual/transgender/bisexual individuals will be around 4 to 5%, tops. Of that, the number of transgenders is so small as to be unidentifiable on a graph; it would be buried in the grass on the baseline.

    But if you look at our most popular TV entertainment shows these days, you’d be led to believe that the number is MUCH higher, perhaps approaching 1 in 5.

    Now transgenders, true ones born with mixed plumbing or mixed hormones or mixed whatevers, not something created by media or fad pressure, haven’t done anything wrong any more than someone born with stunted long bones or cleft palate or clubfoot. And like those with congenital defects, their row will be a bit harder to hoe than many others’.

    What bothers me is the hyperbole, the spotlight, the carnival atmosphere, and the false empathy the media shower on them for the sole purpose of filling air time and selling newsprint. It’s nothing more than the publish-or-perish imperative that in one generation tells us butter and meat and alcohol will kill us until the next one comes along and says that butter is better for us than margarine and we need meat for the essential lipids to develop our central nervous systems and red wine will make us live longer.

    For years I had doctors telling me to avoid coffee because of its vaso-constrictor effect on my chronic hypertension. Then recently I saw a study saying that a coupla cupsa joe will add years to your life and REDUCE the chance of heart attack and stroke. Publish or perish.

    I say that bad things sometimes happen to innocent people, and that’s a bummer. But we don’t have to make a huge federal case out of it every time. Some things just don’t need discussion. When I was a kid, nobody talked about the indiscretions of an Eisenhower or a JFK. What they did in their private time was off limits to the press, mostly because the press was in the business of reporting news, not gossip.

    We all get stuff stuck in our teeth, and things stuck in our nostrils, and material stuck in our lower GI tract. But we don’t have to talk about it. We can brush our teeth, blow our nose, swallow a slug of Milk of Gagnesia, and get on with our lives without annoying other people with our private embarrassment.

    As for Bruce Jenner,


  5. Silverfiddle says:

    I thought Smith’s action was appropriate, and he did it with dignity and grace.

    Glamour’s award to Jenner was a bald-faced pander. We are very permissive society, so Jenner’s “coming out” was not the act of bravery it would have been in say, Saudi Arabia or Pakistan.

    Jenner received showers of accolades and adoring press. The worse thing that happened was some anonymous internet trolls made hateful comments, but who cares about those bottom-feeders anyway?


  6. geeez2014 says:

    I was so stunned that the husband would speak out like this and felt he deserved to do so.

    Whatever Jenner is, so be it…in the privacy of his family and his mind. But WE have to be constantly assaulted with it, even denigrated by it in the way of this award (as you all confirmed the husband’s sentiment “no WOMAN better than HIM to award?”) and have you seen how big time fashion magazines, etc., constantly say how BEAUTIFUL and SEXY and AMAZINGLY FASHIONABLE he is? There aren’t more beautiful people than Jenner, man OR woman?

    It’s ALL pandering and bocopro’s right….to such a miniscule group of people!


  7. geeez2014 says:

    I blogged this to get our minds off of what’s going on in terrorism but can barely stand not discussing the things Obama’s been saying.

    Isn’t it amazing that Republicans and Global Climate Change are more dangerous than Terrorists?


  8. John M. Berger says:

    “Some “WOMAN of the Year,” huh?”
    “WOMAN”; this even transcends PC which is running amuck in a declining society, suffering from the illusion that its decline is, somehow, “progressive”!


  9. Kid says:

    I certainly agree with him. This idolation and glorification of homos is seriously retarded. I don’t care what they do, just leave me out of it.


  10. Silverfiddle says:

    The most interesting pushback on Jenner’s re-identification is coming from feminists. They rightly accuse him of a Rachel Dolezal-like appropriation of an identity he did not earn. He never knew what it was like to awkwardly stumble into female puberty and all that entailed. He did not have to grow up negotiating the fine line between his own wants and desires and society’s judgement. He never felt gender discrimination, never bore children, put up with all the female societal, medical, physiological, psychological and emotional issues men could never understand.

    He jumped to the front of the line with a wig and some makeup. He didn’t even lose that swinging symbol of male power.


  11. Imp says:

    @Silver…”He didn’t even lose that swinging symbol of male power.”

    Thanks…I was just getting around to that. My curiosity wants to know…is he now gay too? I mean…are his romantic partners now going to be male…if he considers himself “female”? Or…since he has all the male junk….will it be women?


  12. Imp says:


    A mere four years ago, President Obama beat Mitt Romney 51.5% to 46% in the swing state of Colorado. Nine months ago, Clinton was tied or beating every Republican in Colorado. According to the latest Quinnipiac poll, to0day, every major Republican beats the former Secretary of State by double digits. In fact, the best she can poll in this vital swing state is 38%.

    Rubio over Clinton 52 – 36 percent;
    Carson leads Clinton 52 – 38 percent;
    Cruz tops Clinton 51 – 38 percent;
    Trump beats Clinton 48 – 37 percent
    Only 34% of Colorado voters believes Hillary Clinton shares their values.


  13. Mal says:

    Wasn’t there something about a year or so back where a transgender high school student was voted Queen? That also was PC carried to the extreme. Remember also in the mid 1970’s when eye Dr. Richard Raskin transgendered into Rene Richards and competed in Women’s Tennis? Nothing has changed, has it?


  14. Imp says:

    Another great bumper sticker?

    Vlad Putin says..”To Forgive the terrorists, is up to God…but to send them to Him, is up to me.”

    Can you imagine the weenie in the WH saying that?


  15. Mustang says:

    Jenner deserves an award: freak of the year.


  16. bocopro says:

    Many people have made that remark about sending troublemakers to meet God. In fact, several military units have it as a motto in one form or another. I don’t know where Schwarzkopf got it, but here’s what he said about bin Ladn:

    From a transcript of the 8 February 2003 show of Meet The Press and in answer to a question presented by Tim Russert of NBC News:
    MR. RUSSERT: General Schwarzkopf, how important is it that we capture Osama bin Laden?

    GEN. SCHWARZKOPF: Well, I think it’s important only because the man on the street in the Middle East, you know, believes that he — a lot of people believe that he is on the right track and that he is some sort of a folk hero and that sort of thing. And I think it’s necessary to bring him down, one way or another. I will confess to you that, you know, one of the statements that’s been attributed to me that I’m sort of proud of is somebody said, you know, “What do we do about Osama bin Laden?” And they asked me, “Can we forgive him?” And I said, “Forgiveness is up to God. I just hope we hurry up the meeting.” And that’s the way I feel about him, really.


  17. cube says:

    Mr. Smith was so very right when he asked, “Was there no woman in America, or the rest of the world, more deserving than this man?” Jenner was born a man and he will die a man. No amount of surgery, even going full transgender, will change anyone’s chromosomes. Lib/prog media are trying to outdo each other when it comes to PC fare. The more extreme the better.


  18. Baysider says:

    More deserving choices:
    Margaret Thatcher
    Oriana Fallaci
    Pamela Geller
    Sally Fallon
    Yoani Sánchez
    Christina Hoff Sommers
    Phyllis Chessler
    Julia “the only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook” Child
    and of course, Ms. AOW and Ms. Z !!


  19. Imp says:

    Ummmmmmmmmm…no Carly Fiorina? Or Ayaan Hirsi Ali?


  20. Imp says:

    The “CIC..this POS mocks us while he’s in the Philippines now?


  21. Baysider says:

    Imp – many more. I was trying to think of a well-rounded list in a hurry. Good adds!


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