Especially not CHRISTIANS?

Wouldn’t you think that Christian Iraqis might be welcomed into the country when they’re really, legitimately running from persecution (beheadings, etc)?  HERE is that story...they’re being deported!

They’re being deported over “technicalities”.  ARE YOU KIDDING MEEEE?   Obama can bring in ten THOUSAND muslims we’re not sure about, and can never be sure about, which is fraught with “technicalities” we can’t even begin to sort out, but these Christians no one has to be afraid of have to go home?  These are Chaldeans who were only going to join a group of Iraqi Christians already living in the San Diego area and not causing any problems!

And there are only about twenty of them!

The hypocrisy of this administration galls me…..or is this a payback?  Did you hear how Obama pronounced “Christians” when his indignation showed at how “we can’t be letting in only Christians, even PROVEN Christians”(which I thought was an unusual term).   Oh, yes, he spit “Christians” out of his mouth like he was saying “Typhoid Mary”, the jerk.  Is he this angry that he’s taking it out on these people? Is this another “Lois Lane situation” where she’s told to ‘screw them’ because their cause is against his thinking?

I have no hope for our country anymore…none whatsoever.  Be happy in your home, with your family and your friends; do what you can in  your corner of the world and hang on for the bumpy ride this president’s giving us of dishonesty, hate, humiliating us when he’s speaking in other countries,  debt we’ll never dig ourselves out of, and thousands of people coming in who his own CIA head says we can’t be sure about.   WHY is he risking US?

Obama and Hillary  try to insult us with “We can’t turn people away, WE’RE BETTER THAN THAT”



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38 Responses to Especially not CHRISTIANS?

  1. If we are going to have any happiness in our lives at this point, we need to turn off the news. Watching the news is nothing more than watching the oncoming tsunami, which we are powerless to stop because our leaders won’t do a damn thing to help us.


  2. Silverfiddle says:

    President Obama is ordering them deported because some lied or fudged their documentation, while others sneaked in across the southern border.

    So, will he be going after the other 10-20 million who fit in that same category?


  3. geeez2014 says:

    SF….I know there were problems with them but they’re truly desperate, not like all of those coming here for a handout…

    And yes…how many Hispanics from S of the border haven’t lied or fudged documents? ANY? ANY AT ALL? But THEY CAN STAY 🙂

    AOW…I’m glad and sad you agree with me all at the same time. To think of US, particularly you and me, turning off news, is pretty amazing and so sad. We are informed…but being informed these days breaks one’s heart bit by bit by bit…a president who is a dictator on so many matters, who insults us, who does things that have so little integrity and are actually harming us in possibly unfixable ways…….
    I can’t tell you how many people I know who’re turning off the news just to keep their equilibrium.

    And I think of the BABIES…my family has five new ones, at least four close friends of mine have newborns this year…. I love those families and I grieve for their children’s futures. These children are from good, in tact, traditional, happy families….what kind of people will they be exposed to in their lives and what dangers await them? So sad


  4. John M. Berger says:


    The operative word being “WERE”. Charlatans and low live scum such as B.O. have always been around but I don’t think that [he] could have been elected back in the day when integrity meant more than just a word. Yes, “WE WERE” better.


  5. Imp says:

    Yet..we allow these dens of hate and radical “mosques” ( terror planning centers ) to exist in America?

    These mosques or their leading clerics have radicalized attendees to become terrorists, supported terrorist organizations, made radical Islamist remarks or hosted others that have, or are financially backed by radical individuals or organizations.

    “Islamist extremists have developed a sophisticated network of interconnected organizations across American,” according to Clarion. “The common thread among these organizations is their ideology of political Islam, which aspires to implement sharia governance and to establish a global Islamic caliphate.”


  6. Imp says:

    And…I bet if you changed the word “mosque” in the title of this article to “church”, obammy would be on TV calling for them to be shut down and mocking the churchgoers for bitterly clinging to their religion. But, since it’s muzzies in this instance, we all need to be tolerant and respect their religious freedom.


  7. Mal says:

    So, just why does this surprise anyone? Being as he is a Muslim, it fits his agenda perfectly. When is the Left going to wake up to the fact they have been duped by a Muslim whose only experience was being a community organizer. Kind of reminds us of another guy from Germany in the 1930’s whose only experience was being a paper hanger!
    Can you say “History repeating itself?”


  8. Baysider says:

    Wow – well, we’ve all heard about those dangerous Chaldean terrorists! You haven’t? Hmmm. Neither have I … or anyone else. Obama bears all responsibility for why these Christians had to flee Iraq. They were relatively safe until he stepped in.

    We all have crimes to answer for to God. Some of us take care of it in this life. Others wait. It’s going to be a looooong wait for those behind him when Mr. Obama steps up to the judgement seat for his hearing.


  9. Kid says:

    I can’t add much to your post Z.

    obama is as whacked in the head as osama. he is working the global caliphate from the white house.

    obama’s been banging on Christians and kissing moslem arse the entire time. Why so many can’t see this is proof that America is screwed. Man the kids are in for a real shock.

    In other news, I read the other day that if Antarctica melted in entirety, that the oceans would only rise 3 feet. Does anyone believe Antarctica will melt entirely? It’s actually gotten bigger over the last 15 years, all while “greenhouse gases” are at the highest recorded levels. Not off topic. People who believe in global warming also vote for democrats. We need a way re-educate these imbeciles, Concentration camps maybe.


  10. Mustang says:

    I heard someone say yesterday that since Obama became president, 97% of all refugees admitted to the US were Moslems. The statistic not only reflects what a disaster Obama/Clinton foreign policy is, it also demonstrates how Obama and Clinton used a religious test to exclude Iraqi and Afghan Christians from accessing the US due to religious persecution. By the way, the percentage of Christians living within predominantly Moslem areas of the Middle East is 10%. The number of Christians admitted as refugees from the Middle East is less than 3%.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Excellent comments all… You’re all right and Obama’s s c u m …and you all know I don’t call presidents names without very good reason. I’m TIRED of being a good, patriotic American who tries to keep optimistic and imagine the president’s only doing what he feels is best.
    THIS ONE IS NOT. This one is doing what WE feel is TERRIBLE and he knows it very well.

    Imp; I agree; if they were churches spewing hatred, they’d be CLOSED. Yesterday.

    Mal…ugh…not sure he’s a muslim, but you’d sure be hard pressed to prove he isn’t from the way he acts.

    Mustang; 97%…we must ask “WHY?” or we’re OVER.

    Bay; No, neither have I..interesting, isn’t it. You did hear that he reminded Republicans if they’re afraid of Muslims coming in here they must be afraid of TOURISTS who come to America? How many tourists have YOU heard who’ve committed terror? NO, I didn’t think so!!! Right?

    Kid….don’t worry; the leftwingers in our schools are subliminally preparing American kids for socialism and the caliphate….they’re primed. Brother, they will NOT know what hit them, they’ll be wondering what the HECK happened to the America their Grandpa told them about?


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Just got an email that there’s a lovely new snow in Munich….how wonderful!

    It was 94 degrees here in Santa Monica today…but should go to the Sixties in 3 days or so and stay that way…hopefully.

    I have NEVER seen so many gorgeous autumn leaves in my city as this year…….went to a friend’s who lives way up in the canyon and has a killer beach view, then drove down her hill seeing downtown so clear on the other side of the canyon that you could touch it…twenty miles away.
    BOY, is it beautiful here………glistening beautiful


  13. geeez2014 says:

    “In his address, Biden described the many layers of screening for refugees seeking asylum in America. “And to address the specific terrorism concerns we are talking about now, we’ve instituted another layer of checks just for Syrian refugees,” he said.”

    Could someone PLEASE tell me what we can possibly do in this ‘other layer of checks’? WHAT other layer? What’s the first layer?
    The CIA says there are no SYrian records…how do we KNOW …? Do we say “Are you a jihadist?” and if they say “No” that’s fine?

    Please…WH, tell us what these checks ARE. Q#)($*Q@#)(*$^@Q)*#^$)&@#Q$


  14. Kid says:

    Z, yea, it’s so retarded. The CIA, the FBI, all of them who have bothered to comment have said there is NO WAY for them to know whether one of thes people are ISIS or not, then you have obama and biden out here with their bedtime stories for morons. It’s unreal. It’s as unreal as watching Europe commit suicide. We’ve all entered a new dimension of sight and sound.


  15. Kid says:

    PS, biden “another layer” It is total BS. That we’ve gotten to the level that the president and his clown sidekick believe they can just spray this kind of BS on the populace if very telling about 1) how evil the government has gotten and 2) How unbelievably Stupid the populace has gotten.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, ya, and the article where I got that quote from said the WH sent Biden out because Obama actually GETS that he’s pissed a LOT of people off with his ridiculous stance….a LOT. This is a VERY VERY GOOD THING!!


  17. Mal says:

    You’re not sure he is a Muslim, Z? Good grief! Everything he has said and done since taking office points to that fact. “I have known Islam on 3 continents.” And referring to our 57 States, when we only have 50. But there are 57 Islamic countries, though. A mistake?? And his attitude toward Israel and G.B. Plus all the favoritism to Muslims and disdain for Christians. And releasing all the GITMO prisoners so they can regroup with the terrorists. Shall I go on? Okay. Dividing our people like never in our history. Putting us in extremely deeper debt with no accounting to where it all went. Want more? Okay. How about him only having a “copy” of his birth certificate, no college records or anyone who can ever remember knowing him in college, everything about him “sealed”. He is a plant. No question in my mind…… well as many others.


  18. Imp says:

    “we’ve instituted another layer of checks just for Syrian refugees,” he said.”

    The only layer of “checks” this failed government has managed to do well…is denying Conservatives, Christians and the Tea Party people tax exempt status based on their religious, political beliefs. And the beotch escaped jail. Giving the law and us the middle finger in the process.


  19. Imp says:

    @KId…drop an ice cube in your glass of Scotch and tell me when it over flows. After it melts.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro…a misunderstanding is that this family was in trouble in Germany for home schooling and Germans were after them for their faith, etc.
    The truth that few know is that homeschooling is totally illegal in Germany and always has been…not just since homeschooling became popular here; this isn’t a hate thing on the German gov’t’s side, it’s a law thing. BUt homeschoolers portrayed it as a hate thing. Also, I thought they were finally allowed to stay here.

    It made me so angry to see this family testify in Congress and not one person brought up that it’s ILLEGAL IN GERMANY TO HOMESCHOOL. They have (had) the best schooling in the world…this law has been on the books forever. They played it up as persecution…if they wanted things changed they should have fought the law not limped over here for solace.

    Mal; I am not going to respond to that. You underestimate me. But thanks for the information; none of which I didn’t know.


  21. bocopro says:

    Yeah, as I recall, they were finally allowed to stay. What upset me was the vigor with which the Obama regime worked to force them out as ineligibles. My opinion is that those are precisely the sort of immigrants we should be attracting, not parasites with minimal skills and education who will wind up on welfare and other subsidies.

    I knew from the start that home schooling was illegal in Germany. All that did was qualify them as political/religious refugees.

    Let’s put it this way: never in my wildest imagination would I see any of that family screaming “Death to America” and planting pressure-cooker bombs at marathon finish lines.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro..thanks for this information. Ya, I think they’re staying. You and I are about the only 2 who knew it was illegal in Germany then. Thanks. I got SO TIRED of homeschooling Americans castigating Germany…it was so dumb.
    And I TOTALLY see your point now…but you hit a nerve (as poor Mal did..I’ve emailed him now why I don’t want OBAMA IS A MUSLIM here….I can’t post it because … I can’t!)…with me today; No, nobody would ever EVER think that family would commit terrorism in America 🙂 In fact, they’d be a great addition (if they weren’t lying whiners!) HAAA!!! (oops!)


  23. John M. Berger says:

    Whether or not B.O. is actually a practicing Muslim he certainly acts in their behalf as if he was, so does it matter? Don’t get me wrong, I’m in agreement with the gist of your previous comment.


  24. Kid says:

    Boco….all the proof anyone needs


  25. Z, Home Schooling is illegal in Germany.
    That means that parents cannot control the education of their children.
    The Nuremberg Laws were also laws in Germany that were totally wrong and grounds for applying for refugee status.
    This also is a form of religious discrimination with the state overriding the responsibility of the parents to guide the growth of their children.
    I must be misunderstanding your position.


  26. geeez2014 says:

    JM ..EXACTLY “:Whether or not B.O. is actually a practicing Muslim he certainly acts in their behalf as if he was, so does it matter?” His ACTIONS are VILE.

    Let me just hint at why I’d prefer not to have that said here…I have many libs (not far left Sanders freaks but centristy libs)… they read O is a Muslim and they’re GONE. “conservative nuts again”…I don’t want that here. “nuff said. I won’t discuss it anymore. Let’s drop it.

    Ed, you’re not misunderstanding my position…you’re conflating it. This is a complicated case and we’ve covered it ad nauseum here at geeez for a few years…..I respect your opinion; I don’t agree. I certainly don’t think this law is like the Nuremberg Laws!!!! Let them change the law; don’t come to America and misrepresent the truth. Danke Schoen.


  27. Imp says:

    Bye Bye Europe….and coming to America via Syrians and other….ummm…..”refugees”. Yea…that’s it. PC checked and OK.


  28. geeez2014 says:–politics.html

    OH MY GOD! WAIT! The Dems want to ban guns from sale to terror suspects on a LIST? We used to sell to TERRORISTS ON LISTS? This is the most utter BS I HAVE EVER HEARD….we were selling to TERRORISTS ON A LIST? REALLY??? NOw the Dems look like heroes for suggesting a law that bans this? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

    OKAY…I need a cocktail.


  29. Kid says:

    IMP, I don’t drink scotch.


  30. geeez2014 says:

    Obama says he won’t allow safe havens for terrorists….maybe not in Malaysia, but here??? REALLY? What’s he call DETROIT?


  31. Kid says:

    Mind scrambling ain’t it folks?


  32. geeez2014 says:

    to say the least


  33. Imp says:

    @KId…that wasn’t the point.


  34. Imp says:

    A new Ovomit hire…
    Fatima Noor is now a special assistant in the Office of the Director for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in the Department of Homeland Security.


  35. Kid says:

    IMP, If we’re lucky enough to have a non-democrat elected for 2017, we must all email this person fervently suggesting to them that the first thing they need to do is purge EVERY federal agency, every federal prosecutor, Every leadership and sub leadership position in the intelligence communities, etc etc etc. And of course, fumigate the white house, replace all the carpeting, soft areas, bedrooms, and sanitize every hard surface.


  36. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; that happened in July, 2014….drove me nuts then, still drives me NUTS. With HOMELAND SECURITY.


  37. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, purge, we must.


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