Trump; unkind and thin skinned

Can we honor a man like this with the presidency?   WOW.

What kind of ‘man’ mocks an obviously damaged human being?
And how does this Trump “despite having one of the all-time great memories,” (his words , not mine…everything he has is the best, of course) forget a man whose physical problems are visible and who has covered him rather critically during Trump’s hardest times.  If Trump has “the all-time great memory” I’d have thought he’d remember this man.  Or is it just a coincidence that Trump waved his arms mockingly this time as he slammed this particular journalist?

I’m at a loss for words about Trump anymore….to me, he’s despicable.  Should I place kindness, class and dignity above effectiveness or just be for Trump, no matter how awful he speaks and acts, because he does grasp some of the anger many of us feel about what’s going down in America (and I do mean going down)?  I’m not even sure Trump would be that effective.

Any of you still fans of his?  Does the above sway you even a bit?   I get the feeling NOTHING bad said about Trump makes a dent in the adoration many people feel for him. I’m open to your words, but I have to tell you all, I may have met the first Republican candidate I would not vote for.  And, as some of you old-time GeeeZ readers know, Republicans who don’t vote are BIG TIME ON MY S*** LIST!!!  (o0o0ps)!

UPDATE:  Just found THIS as I was looking over the internet articles.   SO, Trump DID insult the journalist and is lying that he did NOT do it though it’s on video.  Will this man never quit?  He’s saying now he didn’t know who the journalist is and, a day before, called the journalist “nice”…which is it?   He’s done this many times before…attacking, then lying….ugh.

Talk to me.


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86 Responses to Trump; unkind and thin skinned

  1. geeez2014 says:

    I agree with John and Kid about wisdom….
    Kid, you’re right…not much of that going on today; sad. They’ve BEEN THERE!
    The great thing about MAL is that he’s such an optimist…all the time. I think that’s why he’s 87 and still bright and still having a blast with a dance troop he and his wife have fun in, etc….performing, etc!
    We have a LOT to learn from those older than we are.


  2. I love what FJ said:

    Trump is seriously flawed as a candidate, but no more flawed than any of those pr*cks who curently hold office.>


  3. Ed,
    I have never liked Jeb — first, on a gut level.

    And when he said, “Illegal immigration is an act of love,” I was absolutely done with him.


  4. Z,
    AOW, not sure where you got the information.

    Which information? Clarify, and if I can, I’ll respond.


  5. The GOP character assassins (GOP “journalists” and I’ll name one: Michael Gerson) are taking turns bashing Trump, Cruz, and Carson. I’m watching the articles appear and see the clear pattern. It’s a shell game. They trying to bring about the fix: Jeb and/or Rubio.


  6. Baysider says:

    We saw the headline this morning: Rove Moves on Trump. Opens rolodex for Ben Carson. This is just like during our ‘revolution’ when the French became our ‘allies’ with just enough help to keep us afloat and Britain tied up over HERE instead of in France’s hair over THERE. Not too little – we might fold fast. Not to much – we might win. Either case, England would have the time and money to re-focus on France alone. Why else would an absolute, Catholic monarch support a distant Protestant reformation entity? And why else would Rove ‘help’ Carson?


  7. Baysider,
    Yep, Rove is “at it” again.

    The man needs to go away!


  8. geeez2014 says:

    AOW, your comments about Koveleski didn’t reflect your normal degree of information….more and more, it’s so clear Trump absolutely mocked a man who’s very disabled….

    Jeb’s comment didn’t bother me as much because I do believe immigrant men are coming here to put food on their family’s tables….do I approve? HELL NO! They’re ILLEGAL and need to come in LEGALLY…but I personally can’t condemn Jeb for that comment.

    Carson is doing pretty well financially, hard to believe that he’s dependent on that snake Rove. The problem is the huge GOP or DNC MACHINES are effective and their tentacles are everywhere…though I personally balk at the NYTimes working for them by slamming Trump. I can’t say that without, however, saying “Stranger things have happened”.

    I’m no particularly big fan of the tea Parties, which seem to have at least gone underground if they haven’t dissolved altogether………but we did need good, solid conservative groups to stand up to the media and that worked for a while, but then the leftwing media smeared the term TEA {ARTY almost as badly as EVANGELICALS, and the public went stupid again.. “they’re all bad, they’re too conservative, too Christian,” etc etc.

    Where DID the Tea Parties go, anyway? They still exist as several are still fighting the IRS suits on them…thank GOD.

    Carson is not being effectively managed….I hope he does NOT succumb to the mgmt of Rove….Rove’s been all OVER Trump since the beginning , but mostly, he was absolutely AWFUL in any interview the minutes TED CRUZ’s name came up, remember? I remember thinking “WOW, the GOP is scared to death of Cruz”
    That put him on a higher level in my book 🙂


  9. Mal says:

    Well, the GOP isn’t exactly in love with Trump, either, Z!


  10. Mal says:

    The Tea Party is alive and well, Z, at least here in Vegas. I continually get e-mail dinner invites to meetings weekly, but have never gone even though I do believe in what they represent. I can’t speak about other cities, though.


  11. Kid says:

    Z, Tea Party – these things take a long time to gain power. Decades. Actions combined with reactions. Fake tea party people trying to injure the movement.

    Regardless of what we call it, I think we need to vehemently reject government as usual. politicians as usual. Even if it means electing 400 Trumps to Congress. What we have now isn’t working and hasen’t been working for the last 100 or more years.
    Unfortunately “voters” are too afraid to step out of the mold. And apparently potential candidates are too afaid to enter the fray.


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