Germany and the Leftwing error…

THE END OF GERMANY, predicted joyfully by a German woman who thinks that their cities will THRIVE for having many people of many different ethnicities.  And she makes sure the Right understands “This is GOOD!”..(make sure you see the anger in her voice toward the Right…sound familiar?)   One hates to think what their future will be and her shock at what’s bound to come.

Friends, I have lived in Germany, I have probably traveled to Germany 12 times, and have driven up and down and around the country twice……there is no more beautiful, clean, happy and traditional, ‘formal’ place;  I love it.   And this German woman wants that GONE.

I’m not against different ethnicities living in a city, but does she even realize the threats this batch is bringing in?    And why is anyone who disagrees with her so hated?  What’s terrible about wanting to preserve the beauty of one’s own country’s culture?  What’s wrong with taking in immigrants who want to fit in, who appreciate the generosity?  Why is it so wrong to suggest the death of a country, the economic ruin of a once-healthy country, is a bad thing?   Leftwingers….the supposed ‘open heart’ to destruction.

“Our city will change drastically,” she says about Hamburg.  She doesn’t even know.

God help Germany…God help us.


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24 Responses to Germany and the Leftwing error…

  1. bocopro says:

    ‘That she’s mad, ’tis true, ’tis true, ’tis pity,
    And pity ’tis, ’tis true—a foolish figure,’

    Hard to improve on that, but the truth is that from time to time human brains simply undergo massive logic failures, and sometimes those failures are fatal, often resulting in collapses of empires and deaths of millions.

    History is pockmarked with episodes of such madness, and I needn’t enumerate them here. A few which I find most absurd today include Soetoro’s belief that Americans should demolish all fossil-fueled energy sources, shut down their economic engine, curl up in the foetal position, and die for the good of China, India, Bangladesh, and the entire AFrican continent; the radical Greeners’ solution for healing the planet’s environmental problems is for the human race to give up its nasty habit of breathing; and the die-hard Liberalistas’ insistence that it’s time for Cankles to take her rightful place as PotUS simply because she allegedly has a vagina and has long been the target of a vast right-wing conspiracy.

    I’m also suspicious of those who believe that a white man voting for another white man is racist, but a black man voting for another black man is not. And finally, I’m having a spot of trouble understanding why we continue to support and fund a one-world-order organization whose members consistently vote against us on virtually all major issues.

    But now it’s time for some breakfast and then a run to the Commissary to stock up on consumables.


  2. My guess: she can’t imagine that what she is proposing will touch her personally to any extent.

    Is she an elite living in an ivory tower?


  3. Silverfiddle says:

    She’s a self-loather from Linke, which is the hard-left party. Hates her culture and most likely herself.

    “The Right” in Europe is the equivalent of fascism or neo-naziism. Not all on the right fit that description, but “The Right” is the home of such factions, so that partially explains where she is coming from.

    I still don’t understand how this goes on, with all the happy talk about how much better it will all be once the culture is broken, traditions trampled, and society remade by mass immigration. Europeans are very tradition-bound people, so is this one more instance of a small elite with the reins of power leading everyone else to slaughter? I don’t understand it…


  4. Lisa says:

    Wow an angry leftist? What are the chances of that?
    Everything they touch turns to s—. That woman is either blind or just another sympathizer with blinders on.
    Look at what their war on poverty created and the increased costs of Obamacare. My doctor was right,he told me about 5 years ago,it will just turn our doctors into European style doctors who will treat patients like a production line and talk to you the same way,providing they even take Obamacare which I found out from a woman who works at a local pet store . She has Obamacare and she said good thing she isn’t sick because she can’t find a doctor who takes it. And we are not in a rural area by any means.


  5. Kid says:

    The left here think the same thing about America. Shred the Constitution, invite everybody in. They’re all great people after all.


  6. John M. Berger says:

    Is this forum equivalent to what we call City Council and if so what was the objective of this meeting? The speaker appears to be just one more chronically disgruntled left-winger, without a [real] life, who wishes to make everyone else as miserable as she is. It would be interesting to see this video, in its entirety for what, if any, reaction there was to her rant. How wide spread is her sentiment? Is Germany setting itself-up for a wide spread right-wing backlash? To me this evokes more questions than answers.


  7. -FJ says:

    The “pervert” longs to be the instrument of the “other’s” jouissance….


  8. cube says:

    Just another useful tool who won’t realize the harm her rhetoric has wrought until it’s too late, if then.


  9. Baysider says:

    Would love to hear how she supports such a preposterous idea. Examples maybe…. from Paris, Mollenbeek, London, Madrid? Or maybe just all the immigrants who push for Sharia law?


  10. Juleslandia says:

    For some reason, the documentary “Grizzly Man” comes to mind (dude and his idiot girlfriend were eventually eaten by the bears he said he had a trust bond with).


  11. Imp says:

    @Bay…an updated rundown…so far more than 27,000 specific instances of attacks.

    Obama & Democrats
    stand with Iran, Shia Muslims.

    Americans no longer
    support Democrats.

    Do Democrats also stand
    with this:

    The shoe bomber was a –

    The beltway snipers were –

    Fort Hood shooter was a –

    Underwear bomber was a –

    USS cole bombers were –

    Madrid train bombers were
    – Muslims

    Bali night club bombers
    were – Muslims

    London subway bombers were
    – Muslims

    Moscow theater attackers
    were – Muslims

    Boston marathon bombers
    were – Muslims

    Pan Am Flight 93 bombers
    were – Muslims

    Air France Entebbe
    hijackers were – Muslims

    Iranian Embassy takeover
    were – Muslims

    Beirut Embassy bombers
    were – Muslims

    Libyan US Embassy Attack
    was by – Muslims

    Buenos Aires suicide
    bombings was by – Muslims

    Israeli Olympic Team
    Attackers was by – Muslims

    The Kenyan US Embassy
    bombers were – Muslims

    The Saudi Khobar Towers
    bombers were – Muslims

    The Beirut Marine barracks
    bombers were – Muslims

    Baseline Russian school
    attackers were – Muslims

    The first world trade
    center bombers were – Muslims

    The Bombay Mumbai Indian
    attackers were – Muslims

    The Achille Lauro cruise
    ship hijackers were – Muslims

    Nirobi Kenya shopping mall
    killers were – Muslims

    The 9/11 2001 airliner
    hijackers were – Muslims

    Sidney Australia Lint cafe
    kidnapper was a – Muslims

    The Peshawar Pakistani
    school children killers were – Muslims


  12. Mal says:

    When I think of Germany, I think of brainy people…..innovators, engineers, etc. but this woman shoots all that down. And the German people could ignore her if they chose to; but don’t, so one has to wonder why they allow her to speak for them.


  13. Sparky says:

    For some reason, there’s a lot of mental illness around right now. It’s especially affecting young women. There’s something spiritually, morally wrong. I post news and comments on Twitter a lot and usually the ones that want to argue in truly vitriolic, rude fashion are young women. It’s like the art of communication and civil discourse is dead. I agree with what Dr. Laura (Schlesinger) said many years ago: young women are pigs now. It’s a sign of the times. I pray we will all survive it.


  14. John M. Berger says:

    A very wise acquaintance of mine once said something I’ll never forget: “The acquisition of uncommon knowledge, inhibits the application of common sense”. Could it be that a culture so disciplined in science and technology tends to fail to see the bigger picture? Did something like that happen in the 30s? I’m just asking.


  15. bocopro says:

    White guilt and PC run amok.


  16. Sparky says:

    By the way, I hope you don’t live in or near San Bernandino Z. There’s a mass shooting by possible terrorists going on right now. Stay safe my dear. Prayers for all involved.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    REALLY INTERESTING READING: Just rec’d from Germany….Very encouraging….finally.

    “There is a promising woman in the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland). This relatively new party was formed some years ago by financial and economic specialists to work against the Euro and EU bureaucracy in Brüssel but in the course of the years adopted many issues regarding Germany. The only problem was that many members of the party had somewhat different ideas which brought the party to a fall. Now she came up and positioned herself very well with clear ideas about Germany and now the AfD is back on the track. The more things go wrong here the better the polls are for this party. Of course all established parties and the media hate them on the same level. There is a constant bashing going where they claim that they are right wing extreme, violent, just invent insults and wrong accusations. I guess you know that scheme very well. And, the left extremists (AntiFa) destroy offices regularly, burn down cars of AfD people and even attack them physically. The press doesn’t report or , in comments, praise these actions. That’s part of the way that we don’t have free speech anymore and can’t say our opinion openly anymore.

    The comments of the youtube video were more at the pro Afd side

    And recently was a demonstration of the patriotic people which always cause (violent) counter demos of the left, organized by unions and people of the left partys. Up front is usually the “Schwarze Block” (that is the extreme violent Antifa which usually run around conceiled so the police can’t see their faces which is forbidden but the police doesn’t do anything about it by order from the top), and this time many green politicians marched behind them. Asked about this fact all of them said they didn’t know who was upfront and did not really distance themselves from that fact.
    Regularly some members of the Greens, SPD and the Linke call up for civil disobedience which many times is a call for law breaking actions. If people get hurt and civil properties are damaged they simply put it away as collateral damage for a good cause.

    We are not only at war with the invaders but also internally with politcian traitors and left wing followers.

    So the AfD is the ONLY chance to have a somewhat counterpart to the Germany destroying politics of the other parties.”

    Nothing , and I mean NOTHING, is going on in Germany that’s not going on HERE.
    Here we have a sane, right of center group trying to get people to listen to the threat to Germany on all fronts, and the media’s slamming them, the left’s slamming them and making them sound like far right nuts (when that’s the last thing they are) AND their own centrist right is also piling it on them because every one of this new party doesn’t fit every one of the established right wing ideology..SOUND FAMILIAR?
    See, the lefties don’t do that. And they win.

    I think my stepson’s email is his most interesting an articulate, compelling one yet. I hope you read it and comment.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Sparky, don’t live anywhere near there and I appreciate your concern and kindness….just got home from meeting a new grand niece, and IS SHE GRAND!

    Will put on TV now to see this San Berdoo news…’re the 2nd to alert me.
    Thanks, Sparks


  19. Lisa says:

    Looks like the suspects are all dead .one of them was at that meeting and left mad and came back with the other 2 suspects. Very strange


  20. Mustang says:

    I’m very disappointed; Kid promised me that he was working on sending all leftists to Mars. I sent him $2,000.00 to help fund his project. Apparently someone has other priorities and will no doubt deny ever having received the dough. My bad … I should have sent it to Imp.


  21. Baysider says:

    Re: Imp: I’m applying my steel trap mind to your examples, and I think I might detect a theme there. Can I buy a vowel? (Just kidding! It’s only me pretending to be a Democrat.)


  22. Kid says:

    Mustang, not to worry. I’ve invested it. It’s worth $147 at the moment but I’m sure it’s going to go to the moon !


  23. Mal says:

    John, to answer your question, nothing happened in the 1930’s that I can remember to cause this.
    And as to the acquaintance you quoted, he was indeed a wise man and hope he is still in your loop of friends.


  24. Baysider says:

    John – what happened in the 30’s were pivotal events in each country that was an important player in the development of European politics and policies which paved the way to war. Except in England, these led to often bloody conflicts and outright civil war and re-shaped Europe’s will and ability to resist Hitler in the 5 short years from 1933-38. By the 1938 Munich conference we had a continent exhausted and still suffering the economic and psychological effects of a horribly mismanaged WW1. Governments had changed hands and most stood on shaky footing. Alliances were shifting. Everyone is tired of war except Hitler who is chomping at the bit.

    Historians dispute the interpretation of the Munich appeasement. It’s clear that, while it bought everyone more “breathing space” to repair military deficiencies, that Germany “breathed deeper.”

    Way too many lessons there for us today.


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