Killer’s family attorneys

I have never seen more disingenuous baloney from ‘family attorneys’ in my life.  Anybody else watch the press conference with the killers’ family attorneys this afternoon?

They’re simply outraged!  The FBI chief, they say, hasn’t found a link to any terrorist cell, and the media had darned well better “consider that.”  I’m not quite sure why the family will be so relieved that there was no connection to ISIS, are you?  Oh,  yes, the attorneys are furious.  “You don’t see “Christian Killer” used in headlines when they kill people at Planned  Parenthood, but every headline since the killings has MUSLIM in it”. Actually,  I looked around and can’t find a headline with MUSLIM in it, but…they say so. And, apparently,  we should be ashamed for that.  It makes the Farood family feel bad.  It makes all Muslims feel bad, according to them.

“Islam would never do this…the coworker made fun of Sayed’s beard…”   Well, there’s a good reason to kill 14 people, right? n But a devout muslim wouldn’t do this?

“We need to stop infringements on Muslims like from some of the presidential candidates who want Muslims registered and to be checking into mosques.”

“No family members could identify any radical links … they’re just stunned.  I’m just being objective and telling the world that there is no evidence of any ties to terrorist groups.”

Why is that so important to these attorneys?   Why is their main beef that people think Farood was inspired by ISIS?  They even said “this is ridiculous ..just because his wife looked at an ISIS site doesn’t mean she was following ISIS…I have looked at a Brittany Spear site and I hate her music.”

By the way, one attorney says the woman was “a typical, caring housewife, she’s only been a mother for six months… .she was very sweet.  She was completely covered in modest Muslim fashion.”     Wait, she left her child at home with the grandmother and went off to kill people!

“I have 4-5,000 rounds of bullets I keep at home because they’re cheaper that way,” says the attorney.   “You stock up to go target shooting when you see a good price.”

Then the attorney went into a rant about guns and how our president is wrong to insist on stronger gun control because it’s our right and we should be able to have guns.

“We can’t let some intolerance lead to further intolerance!”  WHAT?

I kept listening only because it sounded like they were winding up to say that we had the wrong couple!

What truly bothered me was that not one member of the press said ‘Are you KIDDING me?’  They walked on eggshells in their questions lest they offend and, God forbid, not get a great story…   slime.

What I realized was that this was about NOT FINDING A LINK TO ISLAM.  The whole unreasonably long press conference was about how the FBI had found no links to anything islamic, that this IS NOT ISLAM.   “The only information we have so far is somebody looked at something on facebook,” they insist.    I wonder if CAIR is paying for these attorneys?

Just heard the White House is admitting this killing could have had “connections to foreign terror organizations”…Not what KIND, just FOREIGN.   Oh, BROTHER.

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33 Responses to Killer’s family attorneys

  1. Lisa says:

    I saw it Z that was unreal. That stock of bullet analogy was a far reach and the fact that the grandmother stayed upstairs and didn’t see anything in the house? Wow just wow
    The family never even saw his wife’s face because she was always in full Burka.
    Good Lord do they think we all have a big L slapped on on our foreheads?


  2. geeez2014 says:

    SO glad you saw it, too, Lisa….It was hard to believe. Didn’t you feel like they actually were going to suggest we got the wrong people? It was astonishing.
    Yes, grandma NEVER comes down to see the pipe bombs……..and EVERYBODY has thousands of rounds of ammo because it’s cheaper and this Sayed was a target shooter (duh).
    And his wife just couldn’t have shot because she’s so tiny she couldn’t carry a gun that big…and she’s SO SWEET (that she’d leave a tiny baby behind and go blow people apart!)

    Oh, my gosh. They did a LOT of harm to the Muslim community; which I’m thinking deserves it. CAIR has to be paying the bills for those attorneys.


  3. Mustang says:

    I see a clear pattern here. The Islamic community is treating non-Mohammedan Americans as if we are stupid. In all honesty, I can’t say they’re wrong; some of us do drink the leftist Kool-Aid. Along with this presumption that we are incapable of recognizing BS, we have Obama and his entire cabinet doing the same thing. And remember, all these idiots have to do is hold their ears while screaming their inane talking points and it won’t be long before the press begins reporting that their view is the absolute truth. God help us!


  4. Mal says:

    I’m puzzled by what you are saying, Z, because I swear I saw on Fox News today the FBI had definitely connected the shooting to ISIS terrorism! It also mentioned how his wife had posted on Facebook her support of ISIS. On another note, one of our grandsons was only 2 blocks away during the shooting and even saw the black SUV. He is a student at Loma Linda University studying for his doctorate in psychology. Its spooky when it hits close to home like this.


  5. bocopro says:

    My mind is made up concerning Islam: it is incompatible with US values, culture, tradition, and law; ergo it should not be permitted in any US state, territory, or district. Don’t try to confuse me with facts. I’ve no use for a cult mentality which worships a supreme deity who manifests himself in fear and sorrow, an ideology based on REgression rather than PROgression, and a mindset governed by paranoia and an intense longing for the faux rewards accrued in death by slaughtering other people who worship the wrong god or the right one the wrong way.

    As to lawyers, it’s a toss-up which is less credible — politicians or lawyers. Didn’t see the whatever-it-was you’re talking about, but I can guess that it was a collection of “Islam is not like that” and “you can’t prove anything” and “it’s all a case of mistaken identity” or “it wouldn’t have happened if not for George Bush.”

    I’ll read the summaries tomorrow when . . . and IF . . . I’ve a mind to. Right now it’s roast gospel bird, brown rice, steamed broccoli, and sweet tea.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang…exactly right. These lawyers were buffoons….absolutely LYING….and their SMARMY attitudes like “What’s WRONG with YOU people?” was so anger provoking..

    Mal, that IS my point…….they were totally lying….you’re absolutely right! The FBI IS saying it’s terrorism…so, unless the FBI was saying that at the exact second the two lawyers were talking, they KNEW THAT!
    WOW, your grandson saw the SUV? Yuck. IS incompatible in this ridiculous form…absolutely is. Thankfully, there are those who do assimilate…..we have to remember ..before 9/11, there was none of this. Muslims have lived in America for YEARS with no repercussions whatsoever…and in France and Germany, too.
    Somehow, this INTENSELY radical viewpoint is so beguiling to dopey youth…’s like OUR GANGS.
    They think they’re TOUGH STUFF because they’ve got guns and can kill…it’s freaks who REALLY drink the Kool Aid and believe that they’re going to Allah for killing infidels….

    Yes, Loretta and the Obama admin are much more concerned with anti-muslim speech than they are OUR LIVES.


  7. Ummmm… Why do dead people have lawyers defending them?
    They will never be tried in a court of law.
    Then again, there are a lot of lawyers where those two are now.


  8. Bob says:

    Correcta-Mundo, Z. I watched some of the interview, and turned it off as it became more and more excuses for the murders to have done the job. I could have put up better arguments, and it was obvious that these characters are lack-luster lawyers who might have planned about five minutes before the press conference.

    The net effect was the Muslims come out looking worse, and to think that I was congratulating the brother-in-law on coming out yesterday and apologizing for the catastrophe. When lawyers get involved, it can’t be good.


  9. Imp says:

    Here’s the reason this mutt went nuts….and killed this coworker too:


    He identified as a Messianic Jew and passionately defended Israel, actively debating about religion in online forums and in person, his friends said.

    Only two weeks ago, Thalasinos, of Colton, was having a heated on-the-job discussion about the nature of Islam with Syed Rizwan Farook, his fellow restaurant inspector and one of the shooters.

    Thalasinos’ friend, Kuuleme Stephens, told The Associated Press that she happened to call him while he was working with Farook and that he brought her into their debate, loudly declaring that Farook “doesn’t agree that Islam is not a peaceful religion.”

    She heard Farook counter that Americans don’t understand Islam, and Thalasinos responded by saying, “I don’t know how to talk with him,” she said.

    We do…understand Islime, don’t we?


  10. Kid says:

    Guilty parties misdirect and accuse the other side. Simple. democrats and teh media do it all day long.
    Given that ISIS has issued instructions to all moslem terrorists like these two – to commit murder whereever they reside, we must conclude thes two were following the orders of ISIS. Especially since the female had posted her allegiance to the head ISIS vermin on facebook. This is very simple to understand. That the family comes out like this so offessively and quickly, my life experience tells me they are as guilty as sin and/or they intend to extrract some terror funding dollars from American taxpayers to continue the global jihad here in America. It wouldn’t shock me if they got some.


  11. Kid says:

    bocopor 4:24 pm. Exactly…


  12. Kid says:

    Imagine ! The US Attorney General trying to cancel the 1st amendment !


  13. Kid says:

    I dunno, I think it was ahmed and mrs achmed commit to a terrorist lifestyle and future mission.
    mrs achmed gets her butt here via one of the easiest ways to enter the USA as a terorist – a fiance visa. Not having an over abundance of intelligence and a rabid desire to please allah, it suddenly occurs to them that a hundred or more Christians will be having a Christmas party where achmed works, and hatch the plan to murder Christians during a Christmas party very close to where they live. And achmed knows the people,and the layout and the outside environment. What could be more simple?

    All major crime is an inside job – Slim Pickens, Rancho Deluxe


  14. Mal says:

    I get it, Z. What you said was in quotes, not your thoughts. My boo-boo, babe!


  15. Mal says:

    So tell me, with the thousands of Muslims now in the U.S., are we now to expect this as the new norm? And maybe even worse if thousands more are let in, as O wants to do? Is this going to be our new business as usual from now on?


  16. Kid says:

    MAL, Did you see the story about the Sheriff in a county 2 hours north of NYC that posted to facebook urging anyone who had a carry license to always make sure they took their gun with them? He said we are now living in a “new reality” and people need to realize their personal defense relies primarily on themself – or something to that effect. It is clear police cannot protect anyone. That California thing was over long before the cops even go there.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, that New York Sheriff isn’t the only law enforcement guy telling his people to carry…I’m reading more and more cops and sheriffs, etc., tell us to do that. Not a good sign. But, it shows they care about us and wish they could help.

    Isn’t it fascinating that California and Colorado, two of the most stringent anti-gun states, are the ones who’ve been attacked? I think that’s pretty typical…

    Mal, wouldn’t you THINK that our president would GET that bringing in more and more muslims is dangerous? This woman perp was VETTED!! Oh, yes….’she’s fine’! REALLY!??

    Imp; looks like they might have had a squabble about Islam being peaceful…well, it sure showed that ol’ Syed showed HOW “peaceful” it is, huh?, to the Messianic Jew who was killed, poor man? (Poor WIFE!)

    Bob, wasn’t it AWFUL? They really didn’t do themselves or anybody a bit of good.
    I was surprised to hear pundits on TV tonight suggesting what I’d thought earlier; CAIR IS PAYING FOR THEM.

    Ed’s right…why are DEAD PEOPLE having anybody DEFEND them? incredible.

    And, of course, his mother lived with them, but she NEVER saw the pipe bombs and ammo all over the place, or heard the deliveries coming all through the day, right? @#$(*&@#$(*@#$(*&@#


  18. geeez2014 says:

    BY THE WAY…what’s Loretta Lynch mean by suggesting to a bunch of muslims at a gathering that American anti-muslim rhetoric is at an ‘incredible high’? WHERE? Because of Trump’s speeches? Who the heck EVER has the nerve to slam Muslims but HIM? What’s she talking about?

    And those lawyers said “Gee, when Christians kill people at Planned Parenthood, they don’t have headlines with CHRISTIAN in them but the Muslims do”

    When have you EVER seen a “it was a MUSLIM” headline…ever? NOT EVER. In fact, they’re EAGER to nail the Christians but don’t EVER name a Muslim….remember my post of 2 days ago? They’ll never say THE NAME if it’s MOHAMMED or SAYED or FAROUK or FATIMA…EVER…not till they HAVE to.


  19. John M. Berger says:

    “I have never seen more disingenuous baloney from ‘family attorneys’ in my life.”

    So, do you still think that my comment about no real contrition of and from this family is bogus?


  20. Imp says:

    Time to clean house and have Congress impeach this very flawed clone of Holder.

    Attorney General Loretta Lynch urged Muslim parents to contact both the justice department and the education department if they think their children are being “bullied” in school.

    “We’ve seen this for a number of years, we saw it a lot in the New York area [after 9/11], unfortunately, where there would be a backlash against the Muslim community in general,” she claimed at a Thursday fundraiser dinner for an Islamic advocacy group, Muslim Advocates.

    In response to Lynch’s address, conservative host Rush Limbaugh said on his radio show Friday:

    Don’t bother with the principal! You know, education’s a local thing. But now all of a sudden, if your child is bullied and you are a Muslim, you are to call the Department of Justice in Washington and ask for the attorney general…

    Now, if you happen to be Jewish and your kids are bullied, don’t bother calling. If you happen to be Christian, if you happen to be Hindu, if you happen to be Tutsi or Hutu or whatever, don’t bother calling. If your kids are bullied, that doesn’t matter. Only Muslims are permitted to call…

    “Here is the attorney general claiming, promising to prosecute anybody who engages in anti-Muslim speech,” Limbaugh said.

    Lynch said both the federal agencies “provide guidance to schools on how to handle situations where students come to them and they feel bullied.”

    The attorney general added that their children may not have the “tools” to argue back or talk back when challenged, presumably by American kids.

    “So we are very, very active in that front as well,” Lynch said. “And so what I would urge people to do if you are aware of situations where children are involved, please contact the Department of Justice and the Department of Education.”

    The education department defines “bullying” very broadly, justifying federal intervention in many schoolyard disputes or political arguments among teenagers.

    “Bullying is defined as a form of unwanted, aggressive behavior among school-age children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance and that is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time… Verbal bullying is a form of intentional aggression that involves saying or writing things that are mean or hurtful to others.”

    “We can provide guidance, we can have conversations,” Lynch continued at the fundraiser. “Everything need not result in a lawsuit, but some things do have to go to that…area…we have an important, important role to play. So, please, please, think of us there.”


  21. Imp says:

    Lynch…now the head of the Department of Jihad… DOJ, right?


  22. Kid says:

    Somneone aprise me about a situation where a cop saved a citizen from vermin except by accident. Seriously – How Could They? You’re on main street anywhere and some vermin sticks a gun in your face and demands you ahd over your vehicle and that your wife stays in the vehicle. This all happens int he matter of seconds, and somehow you think the police can do you the slightest bit of good?????

    The best thing you can do is have your handgun positioned near your seat belt release and as you release your seat belt you embrace your weapon and somebody gonna die today and hopefully it isn’t you.

    That’s all there is, but it is much better than you having a plaid shirt as a weapon while you watch some vermin POS drive away with your wife. This is the reality. Yes it is rare. The percentages are low but do you want to allow even a 0.000001 % chance of this happening? I don’t.


  23. Kid says:

    IMP, we as young people presented with moslem vermin bullying us… We’d have taken them out by any means necessary. We may have been jailed in juvey but the moslem vermin would not be around to celebrate. I triple guarantee you that. This is what is needed today. La Cosa Nostra.


  24. Kid says:

    Instead we have – embrace the poor asylum seekers….


  25. geeez2014 says:

    JMB: “So, do you still think that my comment about no real contrition of and from this family is bogus?”
    I’ve thought the family was lying from the start…not sure what you mean here.

    Kid, you seriously don’t think a policeman ever helped anyone against a bad guy!?


  26. Kid says:

    Z, No. Not unless it was a freak of nature event.


  27. Imp says:

    From an article by Charles Hurt in the Washington Times:

    “Has our president officially lost his ability to discharge the powers and duties of his office?

    Anyone who listened to President Obama speak to reporters in Paris on Tuesday would reasonably conclude it is high time to start drawing up the papers to transmit to Congress for his removal.

    If you are one of the millions and millions of literate Americans out there who have simply tuned this president out the past three or four years, that is certainly understandable. But if you tuned in to the long, rambling, empty press conference, you would have been truly alarmed.

    Without the use of the teleprompter, his speech can be described only as “halting.” It was impossible to count the number of times he seized up, able to deaden the silence with only a drawn-out “uh,” “um” or “ahhh.”

    The White House dutifully scrubbed all the halts and stutters from the official transcript, and it was impossible to count them in real time. But a sample of his incoherent word salad found him stuttering about every 15 words, which comes to more than 330 “uh-um-ahhs” in a single appearance.

    This is not the same soaring speaker who inspired so many in 2008. This is a broken-down man who has lost the only gift he ever had. Hope and Change have been hijacked by Hopeless and Changed.”


  28. John M. Berger says:

    JMB: “So, do you still think that my comment about no real contrition of and from this family is bogus?”
    I’ve thought the family was lying from the start…not sure what you mean here.

    @ Bob,
    “I agree pretty much with Silverfiddle. I thought the family did the right thing, coming out before the world realized that it was Islamic terrorism, to express their sorrow. Maybe it was just a calculated move, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt right now.”

    Sorry Z, my comment was misdirected. I should have included the addresse(s) . I hate to screw-up like that but, hey stuff happens (smiley face)! I’m glad that we are on the same page regarding this issue.


  29. Bocopro,
    My mind is made up concerning Islam: it is incompatible with US values, culture, tradition, and law; ergo it should not be permitted in any US state, territory, or district.

    I’m in total agreement.

    Islam is more geopolitical ideology than religion.


  30. Kid says:

    obama needs to be impeached And removed. While he and his administration are feverishly importing moslem “refugees” (and a recent article clearly reveals these people are from all over the ME, not just Syria [but hwo cares anyway!]), obama tells us that ISIS is contained. (It has never been contained.) That these people are just evil doers and not Islamic (tell that to the 50% + islamic who approve of the violence and killing, and torturing and murdering of little boys and girls no less), that his Federal Attorney General state that the administrations biggest fear is that AMerican’s will begin looking at moslems in a negative light… What?! They are running around killing Americans. The latest two have been described as two of the nicest peaceful people you’d ever meet. Nice Moslems. And our government is worried aboiut how we view the secluded, secretive moslem community???
    We’ve entered a new dimesion of crazy fubar. The entire country needs to pressure the congress to impeach and remove these morons from government leadership. Probably 2 or 3 days later, ditto joe bozo biden. Then we’ll see what Paul Ryan has and maybe remove him too.

    Does everyone see how nuts this is ? and Texas has recently been given 12 moslem invaders, and of course obama and crew want to keep importing them. I’ve never seen anything so suicidal in my life. I’ve never even heard of anything so suicidal that a country has willingly done to itself.

    Arm yourselves. (except you libtards)


  31. Baysider says:

    @ AOW – “Islam is more geopolitical ideology than religion.” Yes! Once Mohammed took over in Medina, put down the warring factions and installed his government with Islam as the de jure unifying factor, Islam became a de facto geopolitical ideology. Wahhab reinforced this with his methods supporting Saud in the ‘modern’ era in the 18th century.


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