“Under observation..”

Particularly since the San Bernardino killings, I’ve heard an awful lot of news talking about people ‘under observation.’     And they’re always ‘under observation’ for radical islamic activities.   And they are allowed to do their thing during this investigation, clearly.  They’re not arrested, they’re under observation.  Meanwhile, we’ve given a primer to radicals on what not to do before an attack, like receiving lots of packages to one location, or working into the night many nights in a row, in your garage, etc.

Did you all hear the wife involved in the killings passed the vetting she was given so that her fiancee could bring her into America?  After that, there is no more vetting.    So, she either lied or became radical after coming here, which is doubtful.

Can we depend on the vetting of an individual or two? b Of course not.  And, if not, how do we depend on the vetting of thousands from Syria or other locations?

They’re saying today that there was a Messicanic Jew killed in the attacks and that he and his killer had argued because the Jew had suggested Islam was not a peaceful religion.   Off Sayed apparently went, furious, to get his wife and the arms with which to commit murder, proving the Jew was correct.  Almost every law enforcement expert is now hypothesizing that there were bigger attacks planned for the future but this guy got so ticked off he decided to go back to the party and create mayhem.

Perhaps this Christmas Party saved the lives of everyone shopping at a local San Bernardino mall?  And, perhaps, had the neighbors reported their concerns at what they saw going on, 14 more might still be alive?

This might be the most unlawful thing I’ve ever suggested, but I’m going to say again that we don’t seem to have the luxury of keeping people ‘under observation’ anymore…they’ve mentioned a few of these folks who might be involved with this couple.  Think those are innocents?   They’re under investigation and were connected to Sayed and his wife….??

I believe we need to get rid of an UNDER OBSERVATION list and start a GETTING DEPORTED list instead……the minute anybody’d normally be under investigation…for the slightest cause of concern.

I just had an odd thought;  The Obama people are so concerned that there will be a backlash against Muslims because some of them have been killing a lot of folks lately.   Think they’re that concerned for the feelings of law abiding gun owners when they slam all guns after a killing?

Thoughts on any of my points above?


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84 Responses to “Under observation..”

  1. geeez2014 says:

    Kid “We should be building refugee centers in the ME somewhere. Much cheaper and wsafer in the long run – even if we pay for the entire duration.”
    That was O’Reilly’s idea a few weeks ago and I’m 100% behind that. Let NATO build centers and guard them with NATO troops. Problem solved. We couldn’t pay nearly enough helping them there than we will HERE, right?


  2. Kid says:

    Z, I’m thinking that most of these “refugees” (inaders) will never be employable. Therefore, we’ll be paying for their housing, food, computer, phone, car, etc, just like we do the black folks. Then you have the side issues of them breeding us out. Yea, I’d much rather put up a hotel in a parking lot in Tehran and keep the rice flowing.


  3. Kid says:

    And that’s assuming they won’t be supported in prisons after they kill a bunch of innocent Americans. I can’t believe I even have to type this crap.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I’m TOTALLY on the side of LEAVING THEM THERE…actually, you’d think they’d want to stay in their home countries, too. Yes, they are mostly unemployable…we’ll be paying EVERYTHING..
    We’ll be broke and they’ll be breeding…as we pay the maternity bills, by the way.
    And prisons is where many of them get radicalized…..



  5. Kid says:

    Ms Z, Obviously, I agree. 😉


  6. Farmer John says:

    So, how many of these vermin will you put in your guest room? None? Then don’t ask any of the rest of us to put them next door either.

    What makes you think I support letting Syrians into the country? My first post stated, “I’m for stopping the feds from letting anyone else IN.” I know Islam is a problem and incompatible with American values. I’m just for dealing with the problem Constitutionally without breaking laws. The Second Amendment is still there, and anyone who weakens it violates the Constitution. If somebody tries to stop you from buying a .50, SUE THEM! If someone stops you from transporting a gun, SUE THEM! SO far, SCOTUS has been on the 2nd Amendment’s side. Until that changes, the Constitution is something worth standing by.


  7. Kid says:

    FJ Well your comments suggest that you simply apply the Constitution to the current situation, which means no racial/ethnic profiling etc. To keep it brief – If we pretend moslems can be trusted and should be allowed to migrate here carte blanc, then we’ve already lost. You do know that everyone who knew the San Bernardino murderers described them as very nice moslems. It is time to make exception to our freedom exemptions. Specifically, we need to recognize that all moslems are potential mass murderers, regardless of how nice they may seem until they start modifying their AR-15s to be fully automatic and they start pulling the trigger in a target rich environment of innocent people. Japan does not allow moslems into their coutnry – Not a one.. I regard that as the only sensible course of action. You see what is going on in Eurpoean countries no? Massive raps, theft and abuse of the host country citixens who will be paying for the moslem vermin to live there for the rest of their lives because they are all unemployable. Mind boggling no?


  8. FJ Well your comments suggest that you simply apply the Constitution to the current situation, which means no racial/ethnic profiling etc.

    The Constitution only applies to US citizens. There are no provisions in it against discriminating/profiling foreigners and keeping them the hell out.

    And all human beings are potential mass murderers. Not just “Muslims”.


  9. Mal says:

    Good point, Vrag. I never thought of it that way (Constitution applies to US citizens only). Besides, we definitely need to put our citizens first!


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