Obama’s ‘speech’ last night

Anybody want to weigh in on the speech that was to “reassure the nation”?   I forgot to watch but am catching snippets on FOX and CNN…..

I thought CNN was a little fairer than they usually are……except for Van Jones, of course.
David Gergen is such a hack I can’t listen to his constantly walking down the middle ….. I like folks who think about all sides, but he’s just a back slapper trying to look open minded.  He isn’t.

Van Jones, of course, said Obama did a spectacular job.  Surprise!!!

If you didn’t watch, you have read or seen information on it….HERE is a great guy, my buddy Rich Galen, who weighed in last night in his widely read column, which you should read if you watched or not…  What are your thoughts?

Keep them clean 🙂

BY THE WAY;  If you have not made yourself aware of Dr Carol Swain, please do.  I’d like to have heard HER version of a speech to ‘reassure the nation’….this woman ROCKS.  We need 10 million more like her.



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26 Responses to Obama’s ‘speech’ last night

  1. bocopro says:

    Oh, I feel SO much safer and secure now that he has an actual “strategy.”

    No, I refuse to watch or listen to anything il impostore has to say. I had a lite dinner, jumped in the rainlocker, and hit the sack while he was delivering his obligatory “put on a good face for Dems in the next genelec” charade.

    Read the text here


    this morning and saw that my predictions about how great Muslims are and why we need more restrictive firearms laws were spot on, but otherwise could find no change to what he’s been doing all along, which is basically nothing except give the bad guys plenty of room and time.

    In an early scene of the final act of his reign of destruction, Soetoro deigns to address the nation from the Resolute (It Is To Laugh) desk on the spot of bother created by thugs in a faraway land. when what he really meant was this:

    Warriors, both foreign and domestic,
    Work among societies every day
    ‘Til the time when Islam rules the world,
    And all our firearms have made it easy
    For rednecks to shoot people. Out, out, damned NRA!
    Freedom’s but a chimera, a choom dream
    Whose time has come and gone like quill pens
    And obstructs the will of Allah. It is a dream
    Of old white men, full of guns and bibles,
    Signifying racism.


  2. jerrydablade says:

    I didn’t watch because I usually faint when I here his honeyed voice of hope and change. Reading the transcript, I find it odd that he didn’t start his address by “giving a shout out” to one of his homeys, like he normally does after a tragedy. I did laugh at Galen’s comment that “the speech was as uplifting as moving van” when contrasting with prior presidential addresses. Obama’s new catch phrase to excuse the greater cause of terrorism is “radicalization”. I can’t wait for the day when our own radicalized elements living in the WH are rooted out.


  3. Jerry +1! Shakespearian Bocopro.
    Obama appears to have spent at least as much time defending Islam, if not more, than defending America in his speech.
    Of course his speech had nothing new, which meant that what he’s going to do is continue doing the same.
    And expecting different results.
    I’d say more but I’m driving to work and its hard to type and stay between the white lines as it is, and reflecting on Obama is aggravating in itself.


  4. Silverfiddle says:

    The wife had it on, so I caught a little of it. He came off brittle, peevish and defensive, as usual.

    47,000 on the no fly list? and 46,300 are non-citizens? My first thought is kick them out! No judge hearing, no ACLU lawyers with their delay tactics, kick them out.

    They can file an appeal at the US Consulate in whatever hellhole country we dump them back in, and their ACLU lawyer can go with them.


  5. John M. Berger says:

    B.O. : “The threat from terrorism is real, but we will overcome it.”
    He then presented a 4 part plan, presumably to “overcome it”, which seemed to be completely void of any reference to immigration or domestic issues. Does anyone doubt that [terrorists] are here and that we sure don’t need to take in any more of the ilk from whence they come? Maybe I’m missing something.


  6. fredd says:

    Barry’s speech last night resembled the press conference a losing coach of a big time football team holds after yet another loss. “If we just stay the course, we can overcome these ‘set backs’ (or ‘losses’, as everyone else calls them), and focus on our overall effort, and we can turn things around.”

    All of these clips of losing coaches trying to assure fans, owners, alumni associations, etc. always end up the same: the coach gets fired. Nobody believes them anymore.

    We need to fire Barry. He’s a cruddy coach with a losing record, and we are used to winning records. It’s been awhile since America has had a winning record. 7 years and counting, right?


  7. I watched the full video of the speech after Tammy, Mr. AOW, and I got back from a feast at my Chinese clients’ house.

    I don’t know that Hussein said so outright — I refuse to waste more of my time by watching the video again — but I came away with the distinct impression that he present immigration into our nation to be a right. It. Is. Not.

    I particularly abhorred his depersonalization of the victims of the San Bernardino jihad massacre. Hussein reduced the victims to a number — not a personal word about any of them.

    Lack of empathy and depersonalization are trademarks of a sociopath.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Well, since I forgot to watch, I can’t do my usual chastising of those who didn’t….it’S HARD to watch, so I do understand, but I also feel it’s important we at least listen and read afterwards to clips and articles………and it looks like all of you did.

    He does come off as so egocentric, as if he really feels this job IS him….when, really, it is THE PRESIDENCY and you get the impression from most past presidents that they feel humbled by it. This man uses “I” so many times it’s unutterably sad…it shows such disrespect for his office.

    And, really, if “I” (he) did THIS and did THAT, why the latest carnage, why is ISIS growing, …
    most importantly why won’t he LISTEN TO THE EXPERTS? He has absolutely ZERO experience of his own ….he’s just a punk we have pictures of with a joint hanging out of his mouth and a stupid foggy look in his eyes and has the never to say “As your Commander in Chief”.

    There were points made in his speech I hope we can discuss…..I believe he should have mentioned each name of the dead. I believe his bringing up guns was stupid; what gun law would keep these monsters from obtaining exactly what they want??


  9. John M. Berger says:

    “Gun Control”
    I submit that as terrorists/crazies/misfits etc. become more proficient at bomb making, and they will, firearms may become secondary implements in the performance of mass murder. The potential of which is “more bang for the buck”!


  10. Mustang says:
    This morning, Bill Hemmer asked K. T. McFarland, “What do you think was in Obama’s mind when he said….” McFarland responded with some blather about political correctness, popular pressure, not understanding the problem. In essence, she too was being political correct in her response —all she had to say was, “Bill, you’re asking me what was in the mind of an imbecile; your question is one for Krauthammer.”

    There is a saying: If you can keep your head while everyone around you is losing theirs, then you don’t understand how serious the problem really is. This maxim fits Obama to a T.


  11. Lisa says:

    see I didn’t miss a thing.Defend Islam ,blame congress in his usual whiny tone.
    At last he timed it perfectly with the football games.


  12. Mal says:

    I enjoyed his speech……….by taking my wife out to dinner instead! I found out what he said later and it was nothing new, so missed nothing. The thing I find ironic is Obama’s desire to disarm our citizens, yet his actions have encouraged us to buy even more, including those who previously were unarmed! Can you say “BACKFIRED?”


  13. bocopro says:

    Yeah, in my daily rant, I nominated Dinglebarry as Gun Salesman of the Decade.


  14. John M. Berger says:

    Yeah, I think that “Dinglebarry” has done more for gun sales than even his predecessor, Slick Willy!


  15. I thought this guy nailed it:

    “The narrative is never wrong.”


  16. Baysider says:

    Sure, I’d back a measure to keep guns out of the hands of people on the no fly list – BUT ONLY IF JESUS CHRIST IS IN CHARGE OF THE NO FLY LIST. 🙂

    This is not even a thinly disguised effort to sneak more [and ineffective] gun control through the back door. (Well, maybe it IS effective, as public security is not what they’re actually after.) The no fly list is notoriously off, and – as your buddy points out – it will grow from 800 to 8 million in a WHOOSH! if this derelict idea takes root.

    Other than that, I look at Obama much as I look at the City of Santa Monica now: if I want to know what is the RIGHT thing to do, I watch them. And do the opposite. They are rarely, ever right. Every impulse from social programs to traffic planing is just dead wrong. See the similarity?


  17. Sparky says:

    I haven’t listened to an O speech for years now. Lt. Col. Ralph Peters gave me enough synopsis on Stuart Varney’s show (Fox Business) this morning. He as much as called O a [expletive] and said we’re all pissed and buying more guns. Yep, that pretty much covers it.


  18. Bay+1
    Sparky too.


  19. bocopro says:

    Yeah, Peters said what a lotta people think needed to be said, but I suspect he’s been taken to the woodshed for it.

    IRS audit in 3 . . . 2 . . .


  20. geeez2014 says:

    WOW. I couldn’t disagree more about the No Fly List.
    Picture a country that denies possible terrorists to fly on planes but we let them get guns legally? Makes sense to many of you. How?

    Having said that, we need departments which actually CAN properly vet, which are given the tools to properly vet…..to tighten the rules about the NO FLY LIST….I totally get that. As Mustang told us, Stephan Hayes of the Weekly Std was apparently on it, or IS. wasn’t Ted Kennedy at one time, too? But if we tighten that, are somehow MORE CAREFUL, than it only makes sense to me that if you can’t fly for obvious reasons, you certainly can’t get a gun legally!


  21. Baysider says:

    No fly/no gun opens the door to all kinds of mischief. Remember when your SSN was ONLY between you and the social security office? Now everybody wants it as an identifier (it’s so easy) even though it’s not legal to do so. Even with the best of intentions, this no fly/no gun business will get out of control like the SSN. And we have a lot of bad intentions out there.

    Obama’s objective is NOT national security. If it were, he’d put an emergency stop on all muslim immigration – most especially in the Syria crisis. Since he’s demonstrated that it’s not, we are left to cast about for other motives. This isn’t hard, as a casual glance shows you he desperately wants to disarm citizens. He’s been looking for ways to do that (including running guns into Mexico to create havoc and ill will against guns), and he’s finally found a new ‘hook’ he thinks will work – safety. People will give up a lot of freedoms for safety.

    Having your privilege to board a public conveyance restricted on the basis of questionable activity or association that specifically targets that conveyance is NOT the same as having your constitutional rights abrogated without due process (e.g. having been convicted of committing a crime with a firearm). That said, if 46,000 out of 47,000 aren’t even Americans how can they purchase a weapon in the first place? This man was, and he could. If we weren’t hyper flipped out about guns in the workplace this killer may never have gotten to 14 – or possibly even 1. Just knowing people will shoot back contains a lot of evil.


  22. Baysider says:

    To emphasize my point – who would you rather be in a tight situation in an office with: AG Lynch, or Imp or Ed?


  23. geeez2014 says:

    And I still say it sounds absolutely insane to think people on a NO FLY LIST can buy a GUN.

    I think we’re all convinced that’s WRONG. Whether you want to change the NO FLY LIST or gun laws is another thing…

    Of course, all my readers will agree with you….I don’t disagree, I just stick to my contention….’you can’t get on this plane…but you can buy a gun!” is INSANITY.

    With the rhetoric I read on my blog lately in comments, and other places, it feels like we’re heading back to the Wild West and anybody will be digging his gun out from his boot or inside his jacket and start firing away……..maybe at the slightest provocation and maybe not as trained as he might be. MANY innocents will get killed…and not only by the bad guys.

    But, I have to remember it’s not the same world anymore….it just isn’t….and Islam brought us here…after we’d paved the way with less strong and good Americans and the diminution of most things Judeo/Christian..


  24. Baysider says:

    Our views of the Wild West are distorted by Hollywood. Yes, there are some colorful stories. Yet I read a scholar over 30 years ago who set out to study – and prove – how guns made the Wild West unsafe. So back he went to Dodge City, Tombstone, Deadwood, and lesser known places. He compared gun ‘violence’ (assaults on innocents) between the west and eastern, civilized cities. He picked a time of a lot of high drama stories because he thought it would support his case.

    Turns out the west was much tamer, with less offensive use of firearms than the eastern areas PER CAPITA. He was man enough to admit and publish his ‘surprising’ findings. We don’t need to be Bad LeRoy Brown to keep evil at bay.

    And, yes, removing the ‘fetters’ of our Judeo/Christian heritage has opened the door to slavery of another kind. “We limit government by the exercise of self control.” Baysider.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    I think most of us understand what I meant by “Wild West”…..I just don’t want it. Let me call it “unrestrained shooting by yokels who just got a gun and aren’t REAL sure how to use it but that guy who walked in looks like he’s got something in his pocket so maybe I’d just better” instead.


  26. Baysider says:

    Sorry. I took you quite literally. I’ve heard this aspersion so often through the years, I felt obligated to correct a misperception that gives rise to bad policy. My step daughter carries. When she was pulled over for speeding she alerted the sheriff (he saw her carry card) but stated she wasn’t carrying that day. He lectured her on the importance of ALWAYS carrying and sent her off with a warning to get that gun in tow. (Can you tell she doesn’t live in LA?)


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