Take your pick:


Yes, there’s talk of ROMNEY being nominated again by his buddies.

What got me about Romney last time around was how he very suddenly became charming, smarter and more conversational AFTER he’d lost to Obama, and probably lost us our country because of it.   It was such an amazing transformation AFTER he lost that I’m still surprised.   Will the new Romney dare run again?

Would you vote for him against Trump?  Cruz?  Bush?



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48 Responses to Take your pick:

  1. Farmer John says:

    Wanna know gow I spell “E-s-t-a-b-i-s-h-m-e-n-t T-o-o-l”? R-o-m-n-e-y

    Alternate spelling: “B-u-s-h”


  2. Romney again? Are you kidding me?



  3. Mustang says:

    Romney … he’s done in politics as far as I’m concerned. Z nailed it; he cost us our country.


  4. bocopro says:

    Well . . . they’re all lookin for hi-power hi-visibility gubmint jobs so they can all write books when they step down. So I tossed all the names into my auto-vernier self-calibrating turbo-encabulator to see what’d happen.

    Some disappeared right off . . . just “poof!” like a li’l burst of static on the radio during a thunderstorm. Lotta “Zing”s and “Wheeeee”s and heavy clanks, and finally it spit out this list before blowing its main fuse and detaching the input feed connector:

    PotUS — Perry
    Veep — Christie
    SecState — Bolton
    SecTreas — Trump
    SecDef — Graham
    AttyGen — Cruz
    SecInterior — Fiorina
    SecCommerce — Rubio
    HHS — Carson
    VA — Bush
    EDU — Huckabee
    HomelandSec — Palin
    HUD — Walker

    The positions of Secretary of Energy, EPA Director, BuLandMan, Labor, Agriculture, TSA, and UN Ambassador were deleted, as was all funding for the UN and direct foreign aid.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    Oh, Man, Bocopro….Perry. I shiver.

    You’d be burying Fiorina in a job less suited for her articulate manner and knowledge.
    Rubio, too.

    Got to kill EDU. I do like Bolton…told him once that I was his biggest fan! Fun to meet him and hear him speak in person; he’s very good.

    EVERYONE: What’s really proving itself is that a Republican CANNOT win next November; not with this unbelievable disarray caused by Trump.
    For you who admire and want him as president, I shiver, too……I TOTALLY get that he says what most people like to hear (including many Dems, by the way, from what I’m hearing in polls…no Dem will tell you personally) but if he wasn’t who he was; POLITICALLY INCORRECT, RICH, BLUSTERING, MEDIA HOUND, you’d all be asking ‘How’s he going to do THAT?” “What if he calls another country’s leader those awful names?” “What if he blows up a country because they were ‘mean’ to him?” Yes, I think many people would…WERE HE NOT TRUMP, were he just another outsider running for president….I don’t believe so many would be favoring him.
    And I think he knows that…hence, the TERRIBLE classness, indignity, schoolyard name calling, etc..

    BUT…I know a lot of you like him and I hope I’m wrong. I hope that, deep down, he’s a good man (He did raise some very good kids, apparently), he’s just posturing for affect….he knows more than he’s letting on he does about the big ticket items, and I hope his very sudden adoration of Christianity isn’t sort of like Obama’s promise of strong faith.\

    MY GOD….if not TRUMP…..let’s say he was somehow pushed out and uncharacteristically decided NOT to lash back because his feelings were hurt and destroy our country by running third party…who then?


  6. geeez2014 says:

    A friend just emailed me about the “GOD ISN’T FIXING THIS”…asking what would have happened had the Daily News printed “ALLAH ISN’T FIXING THIS?” HELL to pay. Christians have stayed silent for the most part.


  7. Farmer John says:

    I hate to say this, Z, but I’d rather have someone who doesn’t know the specific answers running for President rather than someone who brings all the same old failed answers to the table.

    Obama and the GPOe are confident that their failed policies can work. They don’t even think that anything’s wrong, nothing that another “omnibus” spending spree on certain established pet projects won’t fix…


  8. Imp says:

    Trump speaks for the common man, even if he is uncommon.


  9. I have a theory that Trump’s approvals are for what he last said, and not necessarily an indication of electability.
    Someone on the radio just said that the founder of Redstate founder Eric Erickson is saying the same. Looking for a link. Gotta run.


  10. As for Romney, a few weeks ago, a guy I know and trust told me that Romney wanted him to work for his campaign in MI, that he was going to run.
    I haven’t seen him recently to ask how that’s going.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, I think Romney IS going to run.
    and yes, I think that Trump’s approvals ARE for what he last said….it’s like slapping on the back a guy in your office who ‘nailed it’ with some clever anti-Islam or anti-Obama line…”What a GUY!” ..I think people will grasp a bit of sanity when they enter the voting booth but someone has to be worth voting for….

    Imp; Is the common man so crass and disrespectful, saying blood comes out of “Whatever” in Megyn Kelly, or Fiorina’s basically ugly, or saying Bull SHIT at a large fund raiser…? I could go on and on and so could most folks. I don’t want a crass blowhard who’s, so far, only proven he has no respect for anything but himself.

    Farmer John; I agree. That doesn’t mean TRUMP to me. He has no viable answers whatsoever.

    I think Trump’s the only “republican” I couldn’t vote for…….literally couldn’t vote for. And I’ve had other Republicans tell me the same, which is worrisome if he’s the candidate.

    For those who wouldn’t vote for Romney against Hillary, I can only say “You really thought he was THAT much worse than HER? That what she stands for isn’t completely anti American compared to anything he’s ever said?” Please.


  12. Baysider says:

    Trump has sound bites – important ones, truths people are aching to hear articulated without weasel words – but no answers. That’s what we got with Obama, but at least Trump likes his country and wants to act in her self-interest. I would be VERY hard pressed to vote for him – unelectable in my view, but he’s a good bomb thrower to stir up discussion and push some Dems back on their heels.


  13. Mal says:

    I understand your distaste for Trump, Z, but to answer your question “how’s he gonna do that?” is simple…….he HAS done them. Unlike our present leader, his talk is backed by his proven experience. He is a good negotiator in addition to understanding financial problems. He has a proven record with most all other countries. Like him or not, he could do the job probably better than anyone out there that is willing to run because most wouldn’t want the job. I see now that Carson is considering running as an Independent which is something all of them agreed not to do, so where does that leave us now? The GOP is unraveling at the seams and needs to get back on track if we are to have any chance. We need to come together to defeat Hillary.


  14. Mal says:

    As to Romney, yes, I would vote for him or any of the others who make it as the final GOP selection but prefer he doesn’t because I don’t really know if his personality is likable enough to get him a win.


  15. Sparky says:

    Well, this makes me exceedingly sad but I very much fear that our next President will not be Republican because of Donald Trump. He’s a Clinton plant and he’s earning his keep. Gosh, I pray I’m wrong about that prediction.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, I’ve been trying to be rather polite and more erudite than this but.;..I HATE TRUMP.
    That’s all! I find ANY man, politician or not, to have that kind of nasty mouth, that thin skin, that huge ego, that awful way or promising without having DONE IT (and no, he has NOT negotiated for this country or anything close that would prepare him for dealing with tons of senators who represent us …supposedly).. If ANYBODY thinks Trump will think of THE PEOPLE when HE thinks a better NEGOTIATION needs to happen, you’re smoking dope.

    Baysider….all that’s correct…..but I’m starting to wonder which Trump likes more…this country or himself. I think that’s pretty clear.

    Sparky, you’re not the only one thinking Trump’s a plant. I’m not sure what kind….cactus? 🙂


  17. Prickly pear.
    But I’d have to vote for him, than sit home.


  18. Baysider says:

    I have the sense that Trump does care about our country – but he has ridden that abrasive personality and self-admiration cult for so long that’s his stock in trade. (Yes, of course it FITS him to a tee.) We’ve had some fine and articulate thoughts from other candidates. When they ARE, the media does their best to hide them (Fiorina). And they are promoting the Trump Show as much as anyone. It sells, and – more importantly – they expect it will get them another feckless Democrat in the white house.

    People are hungry for plain speaking. Prager talked about a DA in Houston who, when asked about the Houston policeman executed at a gas station by a black killer in the wake of all this black lives matter (except unborn ones) business, she said “I have no idea what the motive was” or close to that. People get incensed when they hear this kind of shilly shallying around. If you can’t speak about ‘the case’, say so! Otherwise say the obvious – “well it looks suspiciously like …… and we’re investigating before we comment further.” People HATE dissemblers.

    Trump shines here I don’t trust him. And I prefer Peggy Noonan’s gracious style. But we all are dying to hear a spade called a spade instead of hiding behind the flavor-of-the-week victimhood, global warming, gender dysphoria, low self esteem, micro aggression, weren’t-the-Crusaders-awful and other tripe. Thomas Friedman said the only ‘ism’ that will save the middle east is … wait for it …. environmentalism. (I am NOT making this up!) People know that’s a crock. When they hear it all the time from politicians, media and academia they are refreshed by hearing truth plainly spoken. Trump gets all the headlines for that (plus it conveniently lets them go AWOL on truth about Hillary).

    It’s worrisome. Sparky is on to something.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    A lot of us feel Trump is playing us like stooges….and could be a shill …who knows? I’m not sure.

    I’m sorry, Baysider, but the ‘spade a spade’ kind of talk is GOOD and I’ve said that many times (I’d say “THOUSANDS of times” but I am NOT Trump)..it’s calling women ugly, talking about the blood coming out of “Wherever” on Megyn Kelly, and MANY other truly ugly things that I’m TALKING ABOUT. His promises with no basis for them, his constant self aggrandizing..etc etc ETC…
    I just can’t underline this enough, I guess…..

    As I’ve said hundreds of times here…I GET why Trump is popular! I GET IT. I DO GET IT!!! Was it yesterday or the day before that I said he’s the guy at the water cooler who says something outrageously patriotic and we slap him on the back “Good for YOU!”…BUT, that guy doesn’t usually call women UGLY and talk about bodily fluids and tell people they’re “mean” to him (who does that after the 4th grade, by the way?).

    I guess i’m just not making myself clear and I’m tried of tryin’, folks!

    I GET WHY PEOPLE LIKE TRUMP….I do NOT get why they can’t hear the real Trump; what he says is exciting! edgy! stuff we want to hear (mostly)…
    who he IS is despicable and the very thought of his working with senators is almost a hilarious thought….

    Yes, I think he could very well be the ruination of the Republican party……..
    and maybe, someone will come out of the ashes and save the country. It sure isn’t Trump, sadly.


  20. Sparky says:

    @Zee … Cactus? LOLOLOLOL Good one. He is prickly enough … *wink*
    BTW, perhaps I am wrong (hope so) that we won’t have a Republican President. I now hear that Ted Cruz has surged ahead in the Iowa Polls by 10%! Unless Trump goes totally Ross Pero on us and deliberately sabotages the election, we might have a chance after all.
    Cruz surges to 10-point lead in Iowa poll – http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/gop-primaries/263060-iowa-poll-ted-cruz-donald-trump-ben-carson


  21. Baysider says:

    Sadly, Ronald Reagan has passed on. That’s the gracious kind of plain speaking I’m nostalgic for. Otherwise, I’m happy to have colorless for President, as long as he works effectively as an executive and on the world stage. Calvin Coolidge … call your office!


  22. Kid says:

    Ok, before I read the comments here is mine.

    There are a total of TWO people who can possibly do this country some good as Potus. Cruz and Trump.
    The entire rest of the field are democrats in dresses talking smack.

    Cruz says he will repeal every word of obamacare. That’s important because most of us are going to be at the age where we actually need health care and which is halfway affordable. I’m already paying 3 times as much for the Ins and co-pays as I was 5 years ago, and it’s goint to get a lot worse moving forward. Also consider the million new taxes that you will also be paying through the unavoidable increases in product and service prices.

    I see Cruz as a conservative until he proves himself otherwise. He is my pick.

    I personally don’t trust Trump, but if he does the things he talks about, he will do America a lot of good during his tenure. I could care less if I like him personally. Let’s see who do I like more, Trump of the hildebeast. We have to focus on the reality we never get perfection.

    There is No One else in the field that would inspire me to pull the handle, and given how much I despise the hildebeast, that tells me that the people who have been staying home on election day will even More stay home if anyone of the rest of the field gets the nomination, Most especially Bush


  23. Kid says:

    Boco, Cruz in AG would be a good spot for him


  24. bocopro says:

    Actually, he’d be GREAT on SCotUS.


  25. Kid says:

    Boco, That too. He’s already worked for Scotus in a capacity, and he is very focused on the Constitution. sigh. If only he could replace one of the brainless twits


  26. Kid says:

    Anyway, Z, to your point. Romney? No, water under the bridge and has flowed out to see a long time ago. I didn’t trust him anymore than I do Trump either. Too many liberal timestamps for one, and very focused on making money.


  27. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, Romney’s not my idea; it’s very seriously being discussed. I trust him 100% more than I do Trump.
    Also, he actually isn’t focused on making money, if you mean for himself. Here’s a guy not many know gave his inherited fortune virtually away…and started on his own.
    The lib timestamp was a near Obama-Care in Mass. I don’t know of others.
    I like Romney. I’d vote for him before Trump in a heartbeat.

    Baysider; you’re right…just give me EFFECTIVE, DIGNITY, COMPLETELY PRO AMERICAN and NOT afraid of political correctness.

    Honestly, I think PC is the worst thing we ever got hoisted on us and that, my friends, is ALL THE LIBERALS.


  28. Kid says:

    Z, Ok, Romney? Well, there is a reason losers don’t run more than once (except for democrats). They have that loser stigma that stays with them. Democrat voters don’t care about any of that sort of thing but repubs, even the non-conservative repubs Do care. Don’t bring me a loser. Granted Nixon ran multiple times but after the carnage of LBJ.. I see I’m arguing with myself 😉
    Anyway, Romney can’t win.


  29. John M. Berger says:

    So, since Romney couldn’t beat B.O. (2nd term after a terrible 1st term) how would he be expected to beat the Pig-In-A-Pantsuit? Maybe I just don’t understand things anymore.


  30. geeez2014 says:

    we’ve got TOTAL DISARRAY, that’s what we all have to understand.
    And part of that’s the huge affection for someone like Trump…completely ignoring his negatives and thrilling in his statements ANYBODY COULD MAKE (And usually do, if you and I are to be taken into consideration! Only we don’t say the hideous things about people that he does.)
    The reason the media follows him so closely is he makes us all look like idiots…Odd that so many people wonder why he’s the darling of the media. He’s PERFECT for the leftwingers. Who can’t make a total joke of Trump?

    I’ll just say again that I GET his popularity..I GET that he says things we all wish more candidates would say, but more don’t because they haven’t the background information to back any of it up. They can’t back them up, nobody can. He just thinks he’s KING and that’s that…..

    I shiver.


  31. Kid says:

    Z, I get your points, but elections are always such a mess in my mind anyway. I just hope no one goes Indy.

    Who would you like to see as the nominee ?


  32. Kid says:

    My personal criticizims of Trump are the same of my critique of Fox. If you’re going to decide to talk the conservative talk, why would you ever pay people like Colmes or Williams to spout theior garbabe on your channel? It just makes no sense at all. It is then clearly designed to illicite elevated violent thinking among your viewers who then call in, write in, and increase the number of “hits” which in turn gives you more advertising revenue. Just like ESPN. A coupole guys who sit around arguing about lebron james and all the sports fanatics call in, write in, watch, watch and watch. Honestly, it’s like watching a trained seal show at Seaworld. I’m not happy about being surrounded by people so easily manipulated.

    If Fox had value, it would be espousing the Conservative message in a totally non-violent way 24/7/365. Like William F Buckley 24/7/365.

    So when Trump starts talking about other things beside what America needs to do to correct itself. I cringe too. But in the long run, I don’t care. I do not care. If Trump got elected and depoerted illegals, especially those with criminal records and moslems on “watch lists” I would be in Nirvanna. I don’t care about anything else. Personality is not an issue outside of electability.
    But alas, I think Trump’s clown show may just make him unelectable in the endgame.


  33. Kid says:

    PSS – If Trump got elected, the libtard’s “brains” would literally be on fire worldwide for at least 4 years. I don’t see that as a bad thing.


  34. Cruz Catapults to Top in Iowa in New Poll, Leapfrogging Trump
    Ted Cruz catapulted to frontrunner status in Iowa on Saturday night in a new poll, giving the Texas senator 31 percent of the GOP support in the state and placing him now 10 percentage points ahead of Donald Trump.


  35. Kid says:

    Good News Ed


  36. Imp says:

    I wish you all a very Fulfilling and Blessed Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. I’ll be taking a sabbatical for now. Perhaps I’ll see you next November, God Willing?


  37. Kid says:

    IMP, God Willing.


  38. Baysider says:

    “PC is the worst thing we ever got hoisted on us.” Going off-topic here, but I can’t resist this recent, tortuous example: “To create a more inclusive campus, the University of Tennessee in Knoxville is encouraging teachers and students to use gender-neutral pronouns. The made-up pronouns are “ze, hir, hirs” and “xe, sem, xyr,” This made such a stink they withdrew it in 3 weeks. It came with cockamamie instructions like “students and teachers who are unable to use the neutral pronouns should politely ask “Oh, nice to you (insert name). What pronouns should I use?” Great! Want a gender neutral pronoun? Try IT. If we don’t get our act together, we’ll get even MORE of this confusion sown with Hildebeast back at 1600.



  39. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, no WAY can Trump deport….you wait and see; the senate won’t let him. BELIEVE ME.

    Baysider, a U of Tenn. memo recently warned employees, not students, to not make their holiday celebrations a Christmas party “in disguise.” They are INSANE in Tennessee and your information puts them right OVER THE TOP in insanity.



  40. Kid says:

    Z, If we can’t enforce our laws, then we’re screwed. Totally and completely screwed. Nothing else matters at that point. Right? A country without laws is not a country. We will be overrun with the most vile vermin you could imagine.
    Arm yourself.


  41. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, by the way…I’m starting to agree with on about FOX. I’ve always been proud of a channel that at least shows both sides, since MSNBC almost never does and CNN rarely does (and when it does, uses really inarticulate conservatives)….
    but I’m finding myself SICK of the leftwingers arguing with the rightwingers at FOX….to the point that, while I can’t STAND most of the CNN lib bent, it’s an oasis. My conservative mother often switches from FOX to CNN, from what she told me recently. And she’s NO LIBERAL….no more than I am, which is ZERO!

    But at least they have guests stay on for more than just the time between commercials….they actuallY TALK and are even, these days, asking tough questions of Democrats, which is shocking and a huge relief.

    I WISH FOX would stop having people like Juan Williams, who’s not even very bright tho I think he’s probably a really nice guy (and I’ve heard he IS…his sons are conservatives, by the way!!);….and I wish they’d can GERALDO and SHEP SMITH……ugh.

    I’ve disagreed with you on FOX in the past but I’m starting to think you’re correct….let’s get IN DEPTH Conservative TALK…not screaming with liberals….
    you’re 100% correct.


  42. Kid says:

    Z, Thank you. Seriously, what is wrong with continually presenting the conservative viewpoint? The kids can watch the retards at msnbc and over time realize they are not talking reality, and then the brighter ones can tune into our fantasy FOX (or any other opposing viewpoint) and over time realize these guys are on target. Some of the kids anyway. I just don’t get how half conservative – half libtard accomplishes anything other than giving credibility to the libtard case. No credibility can be given to the libtard case. It needs to be pounded into the ground like whack a mole – 24/7/366

    Again, thank you.


  43. Kid says:

    PS – I’ve always said stop the free money and the illegals will deport themselves. This is the first thing I would do as your president. Stop the freebies for illegals. So many problems would simply fade away.

    btw Did you know that jimmah cater deported each and every Iranian ? Every freakin one of them. And shut down the Iranian Embassy. Carter. That damn bigot 😉


  44. WW says:

    Sparky, Trump isn’t a Clinton plant. There is no way he could be influenced by her or anyone. That’s the beauty of being so rich. And Z, I totally understand your dislike of The Donald” and why.
    I also wish everyone could get solidly behind one candidate. It would sure make things easier. My wife has now decided she likes Cruz. I do, too. I’ll support whoever makes it by the GOP. But what will happen to the Trump supporters if Cruz or anyone else is selected? Would they urge him to run as an independent, thereby giving it to Hillary, or remain loyal to the GOP and ridding the possibility of her winning?


  45. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I agree about freebies for illegals….i do, however, wonder what it would be like to have people scrambling all over our country robbing for food and water and diapers, etc etc.. Plus, you know very well that leftwingers would make sanctuary cities and pay for everything for them….
    do you REALLY think they’d go back? I do know a percentage of them apparently HAS because of jobs being hard to find, but….

    Mal! I, too, worry about Trump supporters urging him to run independent…his ego just might facilitate that….how horrible. “Bye Bye, Miss AMerican Pie”


  46. Kid says:

    Z, Yes, I do believe you could shut them off. Give them 3 months notice. If we had an administration that would do that, then we’d also have an administration that would put mayors and governors in jail for violating federal law. No sanctuary cities.


  47. Mal says:

    AGREED, Z. Lets just hope the Trump faithful are wise enough to get it.


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