Iran gets special VISA consideration? WHY?


Are we NUTS not taking Kerry to court?  What is going on here?   
I know Kerry’s very close to a lot of Iranians…his new son-in-law, the son-in-law’s parents of high standing in Iran, etc etc., but THIS?

This is yet another disheartening part of the ‘wonderful’ nuke deal….but, really?  We are going easy on IRANIAN VISAS?   THAT’s a DEAL?

Help me out here!  WHAT??


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36 Responses to Iran gets special VISA consideration? WHY?

  1. Iran obviously has pictures of Obama from his bathhouse days in Chicago.
    Or from his visit to Packy-stan.
    Or it could be the influence of Hooma or Valerie, or the pictures THEY have of him.


  2. The Obama Administration obviously is promoting the rise of shi’a Islam as part of this administration’s obsession with creating a new world order in the Middle East.

    And mark my words: the GOP will roll over and allow this to happen.


  3. bocopro says:

    John Kerry . . . faux upper-class twit of the decade. Good grief! Doesn’t this elitist moronic traitor EVER shut up? When the new Webster’s on-Line Collegiate Dictionary comes out, next to the word masochist will be just a picture and the word JO KE. And then, when you go to the word joke, the same picture is there, right?

    If ever anyone just didn’t get it, just completely lost touch with the American heartland, just didn’t have a friggin clue why John Wayne war movies are STILL so damned popular, it’s this jerk. In his presidential run, he wanted us to ask permission from the EUNuchs to defend ourselves against a very brutal, fearless, aggressive, radical, fanatic group armed with modern weapons and technology. And now he has fallen back on that same namby-pamby advice, saying, “See? I told you so. Nobody likes us because we’re bullies.”

    How much air time and how much newsprint does this anti-American socialist gigolo rate, for Allah’s sake! First he makes false accusations against his brothers-in-arms IN CONGRESSIONAL HEARINGS to promote his political aspirations, and then he belittles and accuses his country of stupidity and illegal warfare ON FOREIGN SOIL for no ostensible reason other than spite born of having lost an election. Apparently he gets his information from The Daily Show and Jimmah’s Middle-East policies and draws his conclusions on an Etch-a-Sketch, which he then manages to drop on his foot.

    His lifelong pattern has been self-serving treachery, incredibly unfortunate timing, and unbelievably poor word choices. I can’t decide if his CPU is obsolete, damaged, or running the wrong OS. Maybe all he needs is for Theresa to tighten the bolts in his neck. The only thing I can be sure of is that much of his flawed credibility results from the dreaded Ed Zachary syndrome.

    He and his confrere in defeat, Al Bore, make a good pair. One an Inconvenient Boob and the other an Inconvenient Rube. Add to that an inadequate Harry Reid, an incompetent Nancy Pelosi, an illegitimate Hillary Clinton, and an incontinent Jimmy Carter and you have the core of the American Democratic Party. Nous sommes up merde creek, mes amis.


  4. Silverfiddle says:

    This falls under the continuing saga of presidential signing statements and imperial decree. It didn’t start with President Obama, but he has taken it to a brave new brazen and shameless level.

    We are at the point here in our democratic republic where congress passes a law, the President signs it, and then ignores it. Our government is a n obese, rabid and confused beast biting its own tail.


  5. bunkerville says:

    Once one concedes the point that we have a traitorous President, the actions fall into place and makes perfect sense.


  6. Mustang says:

    The president has waiver authority unless Congress is smart enough to take it away from him. So far, Congress hasn’t been that smart … about much of anything, actually. I agree with AOW and Bunkerville: Obama has an eerie fondness for Shia Islam, and the bastard is a traitor.


  7. Silverfiddle says:

    The GOOPers in Congress are not smart enough. They couldn’t pour p!$$ out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel.


  8. FB says:

    This is what I don’t understand. And maybe my knowledge is limited but… Most dictators that were controlling the region were chiites and terrorism mostly comes from sunnis. I listen to a very secular French Algerian regularly on Islam and he keeps mentioning the threat comes from Sunnis mostly. Yet I keep hearing candidates like Kasic talk about chiism. Something is up and I am starting to believe the chaos over there is created on purpose. For whatever reason.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    FB…that’s utterly fascinating and upsetting; if you find more information, or do some more thinking on this, could you share your info/thoughts.
    You know that, here on my blog, I’ve often suggested that some islamist country has either nukes or some other really hideous weapon(s) and that the Western leaders…Obama, Merkel, etc., …know this and can’t tell us but are capitulating to islam in fear, due to threats.
    I hope I’m wrong….but your comment got me thinking about that again.
    It IS odd, what you say.

    Ed…good thinking on the bathhouse!

    SF…love that expression. Took me a while to get it the first time (about the boot!).. and you’re right on all.

    MUSTANG: TELL ME: CAN Congress legally take away that waiver authority? Has that ever worked? I’d love to know that.

    Bunk; isn’t it amazing how our thoughts on Obama seem to be solidified by so many things he does, over and over again? Awful.

    Bocopro: Je pense que nous sommes up SHI(I)T creek!!
    And yes, WHERE does John Kerry garner the respect leftwingers have for him? Oh, yes…they’re ALL like your description.


  10. FB says:

    I just listen to Aldo Sterone on Youtube. Too bad his videos are not in English since he lives in London. He’s actually a bit of a supporter of the National Front saying the French are right to be nationalistic and defend their values. Very insightful guy.

    Overall I don’t understand why in such little time we got rid of a bunch of dictators and it opened a can of worms that is far more dangerous than what we have. Especially when you welcome 1M refugees as a consequence of it. The last one standing is in Syria. I do not believe we did it to establish democracy over there. Some people may want that but either we are stupid to believe those countries can become Western republics quickly or there’s another agenda. We have people who understand the region in our countries. It’s not as if we have people who are ignorant of the various clans in the Islam world and the fact the chiites and the sunnis hate each other like protestants and catholics a several centuries ago.

    I personally think it’s for resources control. The Chinese are making serious moves in Africa. I know they’re pillaging Madagascar for the same reasons for example. I believe chaos is a way to diminish the influence of powerful dictators and states and we can go in there more easily.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    FB, if it were for resources control, why didn’t America take any oil money?…which Trump is now bemoaning and asking for. If ANYBODY has a right to (ostensibly) free a people and, for all OUR blood and talent, deserve something in return, I’d have thought that’s it.

    What does Aldo STerone think of the United States? You’ve been very critical lately, more than usual, is some of your thinking including much of what you’ve learned from his opinions?
    I agree that our people should know about the age-long conflicts between the Shiites and Sunnis….and that toppling all those dictators would open a hornet’s nest; which it did.

    Does Sterone think Assad ought to go?


  12. FB says:

    I would have to watch his videos again to know his stance re Assad.

    I’m not critical of the US. I’m critical of the political leaders. It’s very different.

    I’m sure we’re taking some oil money. Chevron and Exxon are not that stupid, no? I know Elf isn’t and that’s why the French gov was protecting Saddam. (Elf was financing political parties in France and got involved in some corruption scandal.)

    Maybe I’m too cynical but if leaders were doing something for the general interest of the country, why would they create such a mess? It’s not like it was unpredictable.


  13. Mal says:

    Hmmm. I’m not so sure about this one, Z. Remember, the PEOPLE of Iran, not the government, were mostly friendly to Americans. For the most part, they liked us. But like any Muslim country, they need to be vetted to be certain they are only the good ones being allowed in. Therein lies the problem. They use to dress like us, not like typical Arab garb, and women drove cars, etc. I don’t know about today, only that it use to be that way, and I can’t imagine them wanting to return to the old ways if they had a choice. I have a hunch the radicals among them are a lot less than thought.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    FB….I think this mess, originally with Iraq, Saddam, etc., was huge “wishful thinking” and an astonishing lack of realization that ALL COUNTRIES AREN’T LIKE US… All people don’t do well with democracy….sounds odd, but it’s true, isn’t it.
    I don’t care what anybody says, I’ll never believe there were no WMD and I’ve said that here frequently……my husband was very ‘up’ , personally, on Iraq politics/arms sales, etc., and he never believed this.

    I appreciate your saying you’re not critical of the US, but I’m starting to think the US IS political leaders..not WE THE PEOPLE anymore ;0(


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, you are so right; until the ayatollah took over, Iran was VERY modern…
    I agree with you. It’s the hordes I’m worried about and improper vetting….that’s the big worry, not those who want to come with a clean heart and hopes for a better future. Plus, those Persians are valuable to our society; they’re VERY well educated, etc.
    We’re not only talking about them here.
    (they say to ask someone from Iran what nationality they are and if they say “Persian”, they’re safe…if “Iranian”, be careful)


  16. Baysider says:

    The Obama administration and city of Soviet Monica are in the same box: whatever they do, chances are you will be right if you do the opposite.

    As for Mal’s query on how women “do” now, I have a colleague who left Iran in 2006. She cannot stand the ‘regime.’ And she doesn’t like dating Persian men, either. She got a visa to attend a professional conference and got legal status to stay once she was here.


  17. Mal says:

    Yes, and I would imagine the good ones are trying to escape like Baysider’s friend if they have a chance.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider’s right, but it’s not only ideology that is pushing Persians here, it’s survival; until the “great nuclear deal”, they were suffering pretty hard from our sanctions……and who’s to say if all our money (billions in this deal) will help them or just help their nuclear program, but I’d sure what to get out if I’m to believe the Persians I hear interviewed on various shows….

    I wanted to mention I heard Anthony Bourdain, the good cook who has a show on CNN now, talk to an Iranian young man there in Iran who said that he was sad that Americans look at them as the AXIS OF EVIL, and Bourdain, the big LIB, only shook his head sadly, and never bothered to add what I’d have added “Maybe if you stop calling US the GREAT SATAN…?”


  19. FB says:

    It’s very important to not confuse a country’s people with its leaders. I’m a fan of the US Constitution principles but the GOP is a fraud. Even Rubio who didn’t show up for the Ominbus bill is a fraud. I’m tired of people like him hijacking the sentiment of the people (e.g tea party at the time) for his own career and his friends. It’s all like this. So then I question foreign policy.


  20. John M. Berger says:

    Ed nails it!

    “Iran obviously has pictures of Obama…………………………………………………………………………….

    “They use to dress like us, not like typical Arab garb, and women drove cars, etc.”

    I, for the life of me, could never understand how a relatively modern country/society would want to revert back-in-time at the behest of a bearded mad man with a towel wrapped around his head. Also if our CIA was/is so clandestine why was that creepy b@$t@rd ever allowed to leave France; or was it just Carter? Here’s my bottom line: I don’t trust a society that CHOOSES to live as barbarians or feckless politicians known a DemocRATS-PERIOD! Further, I seriously doubt that any of this current Bull-$#!t will stop the Iranian’s quest for nuclear armament, as time goes on.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    FB; I said, today, the country is THE POLITICIANS’ will…not OURS. When that happens, I stop being such a fan of the country. I’m more and more a fan of the PEOPLE..or some of them.

    JMB: I agree about how a country could “choose” to live like barbarians…but then I think of our kids today, the nudity, championing homosexuality, gender change, porn that our TEENS are addicted to, the huge amount of heroin and crack being taken in this country (way up), the immorality that’s unhealthy physically and emotionally, the punk kind of sloppy dressed citizens we have now and wonder ….is THIS BETTER?


  22. John M. Berger says:

    “……………….….is THIS BETTER?”
    I certainly agree that [we] are a society, trending, in deep decline. I guess that comparing and contrasting us to them is a study of extremes. I will say, however, that a freer society has a better chance of reversing itself. Now, whether or not that will happen [here] is another matter. In keeping with what I thought is the subject of this post, Iran, my focus was on [them] and I stand on what I’ve said.


  23. bocopro says:

    Minor point here, but we DO know what aldosterone is, right? . . . a hormone which, if allowed to achieve high levels, promotes hypertension and eventually renal disorders.

    Never heard of the guy, but without checking him out, I’d guess he’s a pot-stirrer.


  24. Kid says:

    Answer: obama


  25. FB says:

    bocopro if you don’t know the guy then just don’t say anything otherwise you sound doubly ignorant. He protect his identity to stay safe.


  26. Mustang says:

    Who thinks that he’s protecting his identity through the use of a nom de plume while at the same time exposing his face on Youtube?


  27. geeez2014 says:

    JMB…well said and I think you SHOULD stand on what you’re right. I just throw our own crumbling morality out there in comparison… it hurts me so to see our kids (or the large part of them) in such a mess. I guess what I’m saying is that muslim families want to protect their children, especially their daughters, from the kind of immorality of so many of our homes….but, of course, nobody needs a BURKA to live a decent life! Good point, JMB.



  28. FB said “I just listen to Aldo Sterone on Youtube.”
    Bocopro pointed out aldosterone is a hormone.
    FB attacked Bocopro for saying it, saying he was using a nom de plume.
    Mustang pointed out that that was a futile attempt since his face is visible on YouTube.
    Glad I could help.


  29. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, thanks..just got a private email explaining it to me … I have a sister who’s suddenly ill and using med terms with me on the phone today and when bocopro said it all as one word ALDOSTERONE, Instead of Aldo Sterone, I didn’t see the connection because of his blood pressure stuff.
    Thanks for your help, too.

    I think FB is right….yes, his face might be visible but a name could get him found and killed….
    anyway, I think all input is important and wouldn’t challenge FB like that personally.


  30. bocopro says:

    Gosharootie!! Imagine my TOTAL astonishment at learning that Aldo Sterone is actually a pseudonym a guy is using to protect his identity . . . much as Sam Clemens did so successfully with his “Mark Twain.”

    Mea culpa, mea culpa. Je suis desole.

    SO much escapes me in cultural and literary references . . . so many metaphors, so little grasp.

    Ex-CUS-ez moi. Obviously the chance that his choice of that name has the slightest connection with stimulating visceral or psychological responses is nil.


  31. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro, I’m thinking maybe it’d be good to listen to him yourself (FB listens in French from here and you seem to fancy yourself a French speaker) and put aside your controversy with his name? Why bother with it if he transmits information from Europe which FB finds educational and interesting??
    He has a blog, too…
    I’d listen to him if only for this: “the French are right to be nationalistic and defend their values. Very insightful guy.” which I totally agree with.


  32. FB says:

    He also does video in arab to convey his message of reason. He’s very much a secular Libertarian when you listen to him.


  33. geeez2014 says:

    FB…oh, great, that’ll convince the naysayers here (Smile) He delivers it in ARABIC!?
    I’m trying to support you 🙂 This doesn’t help! HA!!
    But I could read some of the blog and I agree with you…seems like a good guy.


  34. FB says:

    He is a good goy it seems. He breaks down jihadist pamphlets, the Koran, etc…


  35. FB says:

    I meant guy obviously. lol


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