Black Lives Matter….but the economy doesn’t?

Quick observation:   Black Lives Matter’s leaders insist their protests are peaceful.  If they are peaceful, I’d have thought that the patrons of the stores in Chicago could just walk right through their cordons and do their Christmas shopping.   Sales were down, reportedly, anywhere from 25-50%.  I doubt this is  a way to ‘win friends and influence enemies.’  I also doubt this is peaceful.

Could they have voiced their grievances in a way which more Americans could have been won over to the points they do make regarding police brutality and laws seemingly going against Blacks so often?  How?

Christmas shopping is a sweet and happy thing to do.  Sad that this was interfered with in Chicago.



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19 Responses to Black Lives Matter….but the economy doesn’t?

  1. bocopro says:

    The trouble lies in a misunderstanding borne of an enunciation problem — the mispronunciation of a phrase. It was never “black lives matter”; it was “Barack’s lies matter.”

    Very similar to a conflict arising over the east Asian “l” and “r” glitch in which the word “grass” becomes “glass” or “Christmas” becomes “Klistmas.”


  2. From Black Lives Matter:
    “Black Xmas is here and there will be no business as usual until we get accountability for our dead, and justice for the living. Instead of buying gifts to fuel this system, Black Xmas is a day of action to reject the degradation of Black families and communities by police, politicians, and predatory companies, and declare our inherent worth. We will disrupt business as usual until city, state, and federal budgets stop funding Black death and start funding Black futures.
    Whether cisgendered, trans, or queer; women or men, elders or children – our Black families refuse to live trapped between poverty and police state violence. From slavery to segregation to the rampant state violence of the 21st century, Black communities have lived under the boot of state repression and corporate power for too long. Today, on Black Xmas, in solidarity with migrant, Palestinian and all oppressed people, we proclaim our humanity, reclaim our streets, and exclaim for the world to hear: Black Lives Matter.”

    Note “in solidarity with migrant, Palestinian and all oppressed people,”
    A little more going on here than black lives.

    This is a hard left wing, anti-capitalist movement in disguise.


  3. fredd says:

    Ed is right. These protesters give not a whit about strictly ‘black lives,’ but are rather a continuation of “Occupy Wall Street”, where every ne’er-do-well has a welcome place at the table (as long as they crap on police cars, interrupt traffic flow and disrupt ‘The Man’ in as many ways as possible.).

    They have been left behind (because of their own life style choices and behaviors) by polite society, and are irked. Now they want to cut in line, without paying any dues. There’s always scum like this in every walk of life. This movement will cave in from the weight of their own sloth and irresponsibility in due course.

    Just like Occupy Wall Street.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    But my question was about their insisting they’re “peaceful” demonstrations and I think my point is an important one and should have been discussed in some media…”if it’s peaceful, how do they stop shoppers if the shoppers want to go into a store, shoot them? hit them? give them the kind of threatening looks when the Panthers tried to keep voters out of a precinct a few years ago?”

    Sad to read that they actually think WE are to blame for the ‘degradation of the Black family’…I’d have thought the onset of the welfare system was a better thing to blame….the horrid end of great Black families who cared deeply about their faith and their children but suddenly got paid to have the dad leave…. and the drugs and violence that followed.


  5. Fredd. Correctomundo. Good analysis.
    Same people, different (less able to be criticized, “you racist!”) face.


  6. Mal says:

    Ed nailed it with his comments. I don’t believe we will ever outgrow this thinking either so long as we keep giving it attention instead of stopping them. They also need to be corrected by their own people. You know, the achievers that despise what those thugs are doing. Remember recently at one of the riots where a mother came in and grabbed her son with a hood draped over his head, grabbed him by the ear and took him home? We need more of this kind of interaction, similar to the peaceful Muslims needing to clean up their radical Jihadist believers. Tolerance in this instance only encourages them more. We HAVE to crack down on them. Call it “tough love” if you want.


  7. ”if it’s peaceful, how do they stop shoppers if the shoppers want to go into a store, …”
    Who wouldn’t want to just “move on”, rather than confront?
    Move On. Maybe that’s where the term came from.


  8. Baysider says:

    Bocopro – you made our morning!!


  9. Baysider says:

    First, you dress a little more upscale than the crowd – not too much, but enough to carry a sense of dignity of purpose. You approach but don’t stop shoppers similarly to approaching a woman going into abortion clinics. Use civility and compassion, looking for one who is open to a conversation. You have a pamphlet ready, or a QR code for shoppers to swipe over their phone to get more specifics – stories to win them over, not bowl them over.

    Even passing by that, not stopping, and not talking, but seeing the sincerity with which people are reaching out with their message builds a picture of respect and a positive memory that is in stark contrast to this leftist in-your-face business.


  10. Bob says:

    Baysider talks sense. Believe it or not, I, a Southern born and raised white man, sympathize with SOME of the BLM’s complaints. That said, there are lots of black cops that don’t want to police some of those neighborhoods where crime is highest. It turns out that to correct a problem on one side (criminal justice), you have to change black gang culture. There are enough problems to go around.

    There are deep-seated problems in the black community. Gang culture is hard to overcome, especially when it promises black kids a shortcut to respect, community, and money. Blacks who have gone to school and worked at having a good life, have good lives and are as successful as anyone of any race.

    I agree with Z that the BLM protests would be MUCH more effective if there were no violence, and if they let others live their lives. Just letting others live their lives will probably not result in the social changes they are dedicated to bring about. I don’t see changes happening on either side.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Thursday, Dennis Prager’s talk show included discussion of people like a Jewish couple who baked cookies for the neighborhood firemen…they introduced themselves and wanted to tell them they appreciated them and wished them a Merry Christmas. They felt they wanted to be known as people who celebrate those things that others find important to them. It was a lovely call and Prager played off it well.

    He talked about how groups like BLM could meet with policemen in their communities and bring food or whatever and say “we’d just like to sit down and talk about the problems…”

    NOBODY doesn’t think there ARE problems which need to be addressed between law enforcement and civilians.

    Baysider and I know a Black singer who, about 20 years ago, was with a white friend at a Starbucks…because our friend didn’t have ID, the cops wanted to know why the two of them were loitering but took our friend in! Meanwhile, the white friend was a kid who was studying voice from our friend and HE told the cops in his anger that J.S. was being taken in for questioning, that HE, the White guy, had marijuana on him! They did NOTHING to him.
    There are MANY stories like this and that has to stop. Sadly, cops are obviously more leery of a black man than a white, that’s not racism, that’s experience. THAT has to stop, on the part of Black young men, too.

    SO….I am tired of “peaceful” protests causing up to 50% of the sales of stores that really REALLY needed the business to stop being called peaceful. If they were peaceful, people could walk by and not feel scared. So, let’s say BLM is full of BS on that one!

    AND, I think if they started peaceful neighborhood meetings with law enforcement, WHAT a big change we really COULD see in our society.

    You all have such good insight and input, and I thank you for it.
    Do you think the idea above COULD work? I definitely do. It’s when the ‘cop on the beat’ couldn’t do that anymore, and didn’t know who people were and it became “Them” versus “us” that the big problems got accentuated. These small meetings of good will could work.

    OR have the cops have meetings like that, more and more, across the land….show them REALLY LISTENING. I’m just afraid the BLM movement MUST FINALLY realize that Blacks are NOT mostly innocent and need to clean up their act, too, not just see law enforcement acquiesce, making it more dangerous for US and the Black community….like when Stop and Frisk was axed.


  12. “Do you think the idea above COULD work?”
    It could, but that’s not the agenda.
    The agenda is to crash the system, not fix it.
    For your idea to work, someone would have to champion it.


  13. Bob says:

    Z: You are asking people to do the right thing, or to do something that makes sense. Unfortunately, that’s not all that BLM is all about because that’s not what the BLM leadership is all about. I don’t know who the leaders are, but they seem to be leftists who would do anything to disrupt American life. They don’t seem to care about doing business, or creating jobs for inner-city kids.

    On Fox News this morning, an interviewee opined that there was not serious leader ship in the black community. The black person who should be showing leadership is playing golf in Hawaii and could not lead a boy scout troop. Leadership is the key. Where is the black leadership? If there are no serious black leaders around there will be no meeting of minds, or problem solution.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Ed and Bob….sadly, you’re probably right. They don’t seem to really care about equality, they just seem literally gleeful to have A CAUSE that they can be angry about, demeaning to Whites, to America, to Capitalism, to anybody who worked hard and made his own living.
    Still, maybe goodness and decency HAVE been taught out of our kids via liberal profs, etc., but I keep hoping they have that goodness inside and could relate to the solution I (and others, I suppose) would suggest they use….

    Traditional Values that made our country strong
    Good communication
    Self reliance and independence
    Contributing to the country, not expecting entitlements.

    I suppose those are pretty much GONE.

    “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.” JFK would be considered a Republican today, wouldn’t he.

    I heard some guy on Antiques Roadshow this morning….appraising something written by Teddy Roosevelt…he said something like this about it “Here, Roosevelt adds “the poor and sick’ to this sentence he’d written, very Democratic though he was a Republican.”

    HONESTLY? that’s only Dems who care about the poor and sick? Even on Antiques Roadshow dopey, wrong libs with ridiculous broadstroking idiocy get the final word.
    SO, how do we expect people to carry on those things Conservatives believe in…? Which DOES include helping the poor and sick?

    These BLM people actually don’t THINK…so, you’re right; where do we go from here?

    But NEVER call it PEACEFUL (stop, media, you’re just being STUPID) when people can’t shop because kids are prohibiting them…Prohibiting HOW? If they cross, they’ll get hurt? That’s PEACEFUL? I think my original point is getting lost here for some reason …??


  15. Kid says:



  16. Kid says:

    lets try again….

    Cops who have been found to have committed murder of black folks are now in jail or are awaiting trial. Cops like Darren Wilson defending his life by shooting Mike Brown are free because they should be free. Realize Mr Wilson’s life has been taken down 50 nitches because a deserted 15 year old boy grew into a thug who thought he could kill anyone he wanted including a policeman.

    Do all bad cops get their due? Do all bad Black criminals get their due? Time to grow up. Black people made great strides between 1960 and 1980 because of MLK’s Non-violent tactic. Time to go back to that.
    Not all black people are bad. Not all cops are bad. Once again, I think probably the 80/20 rule applies. If you’re going to be violent because life ain’t perfect, things are going to go bad for you. You’re outnumbered about 10 to 1.
    Time to join civilization, and improve the processes that uncover the bad cops And the bad black folks and hammer them. You aren’t above the law and this schtick is not goign to work in your favor.


  17. Kid says:

    Hey Black Folks part 2. Guess who is getign their Conceal Carry License becuase of out of control black folks and moslems. Yep.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Kid..EXCELLENT thinking there….this really is so true “If you’re going to be violent because life ain’t perfect, things are going to go bad for you.”

    When Americans had common decency and healthy consciences and parents who raised children right, this was a no brainer……today? “Things going bad” are all somebody ELSE’s fault. man


  19. Kid says:

    Ms Z. Too Kind, Yes, too many memes today are not healthy, they are doomed to fail,
    Danke Shoen,


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