Just watch….

This just had to be one of my first blog posts this year.  Add yourself to the 33,000:

We need more  Jadens … a lot more of Jadens!   Please send this to friends and family…



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23 Responses to Just watch….

  1. bocopro says:

    Joy, a smile . . . and Hope — that thing which keeps bubbling up so long as we remain human.

    Joy — and what people can bring to other people . . . I especially like the energy and enthusiasm and joie de vivre it triggers in the kids. Watch ’em here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbJcQYVtZMo


  2. Jaden is going to amount to something in life. Watch for it!


  3. Jaden has a wonderful aunt.


  4. bunkerville says:

    A very special little boy.


  5. Mustang says:

    God has blessed that young man … in a very special way. Thank you for this video.


  6. Silverfiddle says:

    Very heartwarming. There is a lesson in there. As Jaden said, he is still sad him mom died, and the narrator says ‘this is by no means a fix.’ That is life wrapped up in a nutshell. Things happen, we can’t fix them, but we can move on and fix what we can.

    So much of our society is structured around ignoring reality instead of embracing it and doing something about it.


  7. Mal says:

    After watching this I had to run it again so my wife could see it, too. Given all that has happened to him at such an early age, his cup will always be half full, not half empty. What an inspiration for us all. How simplistic his approach is to being happy.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    I’m so glad you all were touched by Jaden, too. Love your comments, all true.

    Mustang; I felt this could only be from God, too.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Another story that deserves knowing…..what a hero. “Leave me here!”?? Who has the guts to say that? Wishing Happy New Year to onlookers as he died? This man had a good heart.


  10. Baysider says:

    Very touching. I was struck by how opposite this little boy’s attitude is from the victimhood class in this country. I agree with AOW – he has much going for him. Probably always did. Adversity brought it out.

    And bocopro – that IS a grand video. Seen it in the past and remembered the joy of the kids there – especially the little girl at 3:33.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Boco’s video is why we need to put music and art BACK in elementary schools…joy, appreciation for the beautiful, awe, wonder, personal accomplishment…..I know the world runs on STEM classes now: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math….
    But,….while there is joy in those if you’re a geek, ALL can enjoy THE MUSIC. It’s important, too.


  12. Sparky says:

    Ok, can I gloat … just a little? This is no surprising or unusual. It’s because this is in the South (that does not include South Florida which is now almost strictly Yankees). Most people here are like this. Really. We are. Know why? We still hunt, fish, go to church, say Ma’am & Sir, open doors, help others and smile at strangers. It’s because a phone call to God is local, everywhere else it’s long distance. 🙂


  13. Sparky +1. That’s why I’m proud to be fro Ypsitucky 🙂


  14. Sparky says:

    Ed ~ Ok, I had to look Ypsitucky up. It’s because y’all are originally from Kentucky? Well, I rest my case … *lol* Hope bragging about the South wasn’t rude. Wasn’t meant to offend. I know there are other areas just as nice. It’s a Southern thang .. 🙂


  15. Bob says:

    @Sparky “a phone call to God is local, everywhere else it’s long distance. ”

    Amen! When you live in God’s country, things just go right. My God bless that child, and bring him happiness as he is bringing it to so many people.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    I think this is still remarkable, and not too common for a boy to be like this, but maybe that’s just the Western Girl in me? On the other hand, I AM from SOUTHERN California 🙂


  17. Kid says:

    Truly Wonderful. Yea, he’s going to be somebody.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Kid ‘he’s going to be somebody’..isn’t that the greatest feeling for the kid AND his world!? What a horrible shame the mother who raised him this far had to die…she must have been quite a mom.


  19. Kid says:

    Z, This also remonded me of the movie Gardians of The Galaxy… as an aside.

    Well, everything happens for a reason.


  20. Mal says:

    Actually, I believe folks living in small towns or communities tend to be more polite and friendly. That’s why New York City comes off as being the extreme opposite compared to folks from Podunk, Iowa, where everyone knows one another. Believe it or not, L.A. use to be more small-townish prior to WW ll. The size of the community makes all the difference.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, I think that’s true, but I think Jaden’s more than friendly….don’t you think? His love is so palpable, and he’s so wise ….
    I do think L.A. used to be more small townish…even more own street, the neighbors stopped having their July street party they’ve held for about 25 years…nothing this year. And they used to get quite a few people…….it just pushes everybody back into their homes.
    I’m grateful to live in a condo building that’s small enough to where I know most of the people…except the freakin’ JERK UPSTAIRS 🙂 (oops!)


  22. Mal says:

    Yes, Z, this kid is definitely more friendly than most, for sure. It will be interesting to see how his life turns out, won’t it? I won’t be around to see it buy YOU will, girl!


  23. Mal says:

    ……..that was suppose to be “BUT”, not buy!


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