Can’t help but ask you all……..

Does anybody else notice the amount of shootings that are happening lately?  Is this just an odd coincidence leading up to Obama’s tightening of gun purchases, or……I don’t know….just feels a little odd to me.

Is it the media’s ‘advertising’ them more to shore up Obama’s plans?

A girl was SHOT for a hoverboard this Christmas in Atlanta.  WHAT?

People are shot at parties, people are shot in a restaurant…I’m not talking about terrorism here, I’m talking about mad people with a gun acting out…and shooting.

Did this just suddenly start happening? Because I don’t remember ANYTHING like what I’ve been seeing the last few months alone…

people with guns

People have had guns for YEARS….what’s the sudden uptick?

Are we angrier?  Is it the media’s delight to support Obama in their news content?  Has more guns being purchased lately caused this? (I don’t think so)….what do YOU THINK?


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27 Responses to Can’t help but ask you all……..

  1. I’m going with “media”.
    With the increase in ownership, some stupid people are getting their hands on a gun, but IIRC the FBI stats show gun violence down.
    Except in Chicago, D.C., Baltimore. ..
    You get my drift.


  2. Here’s a link:
    Obviously, last few months of data not shown, but trend continues.


  3. bocopro says:

    Yeah, as Ed says, Google around and you’ll find a consistent downward trend in gun violence since about 1992-3-4. And, if you delete the stats from about half a dozen cities, including Chicago, Nawlins, D.C., St. Louis, Baltimore, and such, the US rate tends to become downright encouraging.

    Figures, spins, analyses, rhetoric, and other things may change, but what WON’T change with Obamao’s EOs is the fact that hassling responsible citizens over their 2nd Amendment protection for owning and bearing arms will have zero effect on keeping weapons out of the hands of criminals and sociopaths.


  4. Silverfiddle says:

    What the others said. It’s all how the agendaists define it. No doubt, gun violence is down.

    If Obama’s government was serious about gun violence, it would leave law-abiding citizens alone and focus in on the major cities with the highest crime rates while going after the burgeoning firearms black market that supplies the guns used in crimes.


  5. Gun violence is up in every city that kow-tows to the Black Lives Matter movement.


  6. Mustang says:
    The Second Amendment is quite explicit. The federal government shall not infringe on the people’s right to keep and bear arms. It is up to the states to formulate and implement gun policy consistent with the Second Amendment. Governor Abbot clarified this for his state: “Come and take ‘em.” Obama’s continuing efforts to violate the US Constitution proves beyond any doubt that he’s an ideologue … and an idiot.


  7. Alec says:

    Happy New Year, everyone. 🙂

    Agree with Ed, bocopo and SF. There is so much disinformation implying that these shootings are “fake” that we would be wise to consider that as evidence that something manipulated is actually occurring. In other words, using the model that the strongest efforts are focused on those that already don’t believe the mainstream accounts of events, the supposed evidence presented again and again in the alternative media that no-one is killed in these shootings would lead us to believe that people are really being killed. By real bullets.

    We could easily get drawn into the arguments of “it did occur”, “it did not occur”, “a lone shooter did it”, “it was this group”, “it was that group”, etc. The reality is, the levels of wrong information being disseminated against the population are so pervasive that we may never be able to discern the specifics of any of these events.

    That leaves us in a strange position. How should we think of these things as believing Christians? Or, if you are not a Christian, as a sane, rational human being? I would suggest that we think about:

    (a) emotional impact (what emotions does the story evoke in you? In others?)
    (b) identified villain (who is the media (mass and alternative) directing you to fear or hate?)
    (c) power motivations (who stands to gain control, who stands to lose)

    In this case, the motivations might be an ongoing attempt to weaken the commitment to free and unconstrained gun ownership amongst younger Americans, an acceptance of mental health criteria as a basis for taking away civil rights (which are now granted by the government), and an ongoing contribution to the decay of civil order. But these are just my guesses. Yours may be different.

    One things for certain – the hyping of these events seems elevated, as Z points out.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    OK! Gun violence is DOWN….we all hear that because we don’t immediately buy into the media misinformation the Left swallows…….WHY is it down? What’s caused it to go down?

    Do you believe they should restore STOP AND FRISK? There are lies about that, too. I’ve read that violence is UP since they stopped that…not necessarily shootings, but….

    Alec “Who aims to gain control?” is the bottom line, I think.

    Mustang, I wonder if a better way to describe Abbott’s opinion is “Just TRY and take em!”??

    SF “If Obama’s government was serious about gun violence, it would leave law-abiding citizens alone and focus in on the major cities with the highest crime rates while going after the burgeoning firearms black market that supplies the guns used in crimes.”
    He has a hard time admitting that it’s INNER CITIES where gun crime is the worse…for obvious reasons, I think.
    Excellent point about the firearms black market….why doesn’t CONGRESS remind him of that. As it is, Lefties have the upper hand with following the Obama stories like “I just want to have tighter restrictions” when they don’t follow the laws as written NOW…Everybody wants good restrictions on gun sales. I do. Let’s keep them out of the hands of felons and maniacs. …at least some politicians are reminding Obama that “Not ONE of the terrible gun tragedies we’ve had in the last couple of years would have been prevented with what HE wants to do”

    ED and Boco; THE MEDIA. Hands down. Just padding the case for Obama in THEIR fear. The Left always says “you righties are so FEARFUL”…..really? Check out this subject of GUN CONTROL


  9. geeez2014 says:

    I should have added this to my post, but:
    I was just thinking that it’s the Left who says “Republicans don’t want to have tighter gun control…” and then extrapolate that to “Republicans don’t care who kills anybody”.. or “Republicans don’t care if nuts have guns”, etc etc.
    THIS is the type of thinking that affects noninformed, unseeking Americans…they just hear it, and agree with the leftwingers.




  10. Lisa says:

    I find it amazing though that Obama wants more scrutiny for American citizens than he does on Muslim “refugees” and “undocumented” children coming across our borders.


  11. Mustang says:
    Gun violence is down in most areas because thugs prefer to prey on unarmed citizens (also known as soft targets. Sound familiar?). Call a cop, wait 20 minutes; carry a firearm legally, save yourself within two-seconds. Armed citizens are the best defense against criminal parasites. The greater the number of armed citizens, the fewer incidents there will be on violent crime. I agree that if Obama were serious about curtailing gun violence, he would first look to his own hometown and try to figure out why so many convicted felons in the possess firearms. But let’s be honest about this: most victims of gun violence are involved in criminal activity. I have no empathy for criminals who are the victims of other criminals.

    PS By referring to Obama’s hometown, I mean Nairobi, of course.


  12. Alec says:

    (Lisa) I find it amazing though that Obama wants more scrutiny for American citizens than he does on Muslim “refugees” and “undocumented” children

    (Mustang) But let’s be honest about this: most victims of gun violence are involved in criminal activity.

    Excellent points.


  13. My philosophy?
    Don’t outsource you defense.
    Call a cop.
    Order a pizza.
    Offer the cop cold pizza.


  14. Baysider says:

    In the 1960’s kids in New York City had gun clubs in their schools, and took their rifles to school with them on the subway. No shootings. I posit the thing that’s changed is the character of the person holding the gun. Heck, my brother had a rifle rack in his bedroom for his little BB rifle. Didn’t every boy?


  15. Sparky says:

    It’s Dinglebarry’s media trying to skew people’s opinions again. Actual “gun violence” is on the decrease.


  16. Mal says:

    I see today Trump is accusing Obama and Hillary for the development of ISIS and he is. So how does this relate to Z’s blog? I feel Obama’s policies are also responsible for all the hype of gun related deaths. Its all part of his sick agenda and he will continue to try to confiscate our guns without success. The people simply won’t back down on the 2nd Amendment.


  17. Disinformation rules the day. As other mentions, the agenda.

    It’s Orwell’s Ministry of Truth.



  18. Kid says:

    The UK has been disarmed for decades and they are #2 for violent attacks. Anyone who believes in gun control is an idiot.


  19. Bob says:

    I agree with Ed. With the media feeding on these events, there are always some screwballs that will have paid attention to the news and do the deed themselves, killing several people for whatever reason their little minds can imagine.

    Obama also uses these events to shift the nation’s attention from terrorist attacks to domestic violence. It is all a game to Obama.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    Bob….I think that’s VERY true; Obama IS using this to shift the nation’s attention from (dare I say) MUSLIM terrorism….
    And, copycat killings are becoming rampant because the news makes such a big deal out of every one….except not about the victims, have you noticed? We’re subjected to seeing the perps over and over again on the news, even what their 2nd cousin twice removed thought about “what a NICE guy he was…we’d never believe this..” GRRRR

    AOW….ORWELL’S MINISTRY OF TRUTH. Well put…and scary

    GREAT comments, all.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Lisa, by the way…I’m not sure I’m 100% against background checks or SOME kind of information when guns are being sold thru the internet….??


  22. Mal says:

    As an aside, on this day Jan. 4th, 1974, snow began falling here in Vegas and continued for two days, dropping a total of 8 inches! With no snow plows, can you picture Vegas, esp. The Strip?


  23. Z : Guns sold through the internet are delivered to an FFL holder (gun store) who then provides the checks.


  24. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, thanks…makes me feel better because I DO think that we don’t check quite enough. I know full and well that not one of the mass shootings we’ve had lately reflected lax checks before anybody bought a gun, I still think there needs to be more time or better checking; I just don’t see how that can work with our freedom…not sure how I’d handle this.

    Mal….that’s interesting…8″….wow. And no snow plows..uhoh!
    I’ve been thinking how the left’s digging its teeth into the warm East Coast these days and how THIS IS supposedly PROOF OF GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE, ….last year, the snow was normal or worst than usual; are they actually suggesting that something happened, caused by MAN, in one year, that affected the weather?


  25. Lisa says:

    me either Z we should have restrictions no doubt about that. I just hope that a law abiding citizen who unintentionally break one of the new rules doesn’t have to do jail time because of a technicality.
    It’s like all the new regulations of Obamacare


  26. cube says:

    I wouldn’t put it past the MSM and their slobbering support of obola. Remember how much we heard about the homeless when there’s a republican president, yet hardly a mention is made when it’s a democrat. I think the news, with few exceptions, is tailor-made for the dem agenga. It has been for a long time. That’s why the left tries so hard to shut down the conservative sites on talk radio and the internet.


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