Trump…Agree or Disagree?

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This article is by Robert K. Wilcox.  Please read the whole thing, I’d very much like your opinion on it:

If you denounce Donald Trump for saying he wants to stop Muslim immigration until leaders figure things out you don’t realize we’re in World War III.

The enemy we are facing is worse than any before. They believe they are sent by God to kill every one who does not believe as they do. And their beliefs are the antithesis of American values: No freedom of religion and speech, no liberty and opportunity for all. Women are subservient. Homosexuals die.

But the GOP, the Press, everyone in the Washington bubble jumps on Trump.

His election rivals are out front. Bush calls him “unhinged.” Carly Fiorina says he’s unfit. Mitch McConnell, in hiding since Boehner left, pops up and calls Trump “un-American.” Paul Ryan, the new House speaker and supposedly a wiser man, says “that’s not what America is about.” The Press and Democrats, gleeful at the opposition, join in.

Notice that Ted Cruz did not join this bash wagon. Ted Cruz knows the threat Militant Islam poses to America. You’d think that at least his election rivals would understand that Trump is number 1 in the polls and realize that means a lot of Americans agree with Trump. This will backfire on them. But they don’t realize it. They think they’re scoring big points? With who? The Press? Democrats? Their ignorance and covet of Washington praise is exactly why they aren’t leading.

Barack Obama is why Trump is leading. Americans are fed up. America is in decline because of him. And Americans are tired of their GOP leaders pandering to The Press and Democrats. He gives voice to the Hinterland.

These leaders live in a fantasy land of big jobs, power grabbing, crony capitalism and snobbery toward the rest of the nation. They have little to no idea of what is going on in the world those who elected them are in – and they could care less. They know best. The hoy-poy should sit down and shut up. Listen to them berate Trump as he raises a question imminently important to their survival and the survival of the country. It’s a legitimate question.

The nation must face the fact that Militant Islam is an imminent threat and that it has invaded our shores – with much violence to come. We have open borders. Obama wants to give Moslems untold visas and other entry. Like Stalin’s Moles decades before World War II, they are coming here and embedding themselves and now are responding to the signals to start killing Americans. Ft. Hood was one of the first of the recent examples. An Army captain, known to be a militant Moslem, kills soldiers and civilians on an Army base. San Bernardino is the latest. Moles here for a year, according to reports, go into a Christmas party and kill many innocents. Our leaders want us to shut up and take it?

This is going to happen more often. And it’s not going to be Christians, Jews, Hindus or Buddhists doing the killing. It’s going to be Islamic Militants. They have an ultimate weapon. They believe death a good thing. It will bring them a greater reward – heaven with virgins or praise, depending on the killer’s gender. Who can fathom the evil of a woman, a mother no less, leading the killing, as apparently happened in San Bernardino, depositing her baby with relatives before going on the rampage. This is motherly love? This is “the religion of peace”?

Guns didn’t do this, as the Left and Democrats claim. Bad people did. Evil did it – an evil religion, however fractional from the main body. We never hear Moslems coming out and decrying such behavior. Occasionally, when it’s blatantly obvious who did such a thing, they say it’s an isolated action, a deranged individual. But they never take steps to stop the next one. They join with our leaders in decrying – not the deaths, not the threat – but that Americans don’t overreact and use this as an excuse to question The Religion of Peace.

No more, you foolish leaders. You fiddle while Rome burns. Your self-absorption has made you ignorant. But Americans are on to you. That is why Trump resonates. And he’s strong enough to continue. He’s not going away no matter how un-American you think him. The American people are with him – and Cruz too. As a Cruzman, I want Cruz as president. But I thank God for Trump. He’s changed the election in the right way.

Z: I think most of you know my negative feelings about the lack of dignity and decorum in Trump in his horrible treatment of women, other candidates, playing with the truth, promises nobody can keep, etc., BUT…..this article?  I think Wilcox is right.  (red accents are mine, of course, in case you don’t have time to read the whole thing, I think I hit on the main points for you….but it’s your turn to respond!)

AGREE with Mr. Wilcox, me, and millions of other Americans????


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49 Responses to Trump…Agree or Disagree?

  1. Kid says:

    Agree every word of the article, except I make no distinction between islam and militant islam. If they’re not killing you they are breeding you out and voting you out of existence. This cult has no business in a free civilized society.


  2. Mal says:

    I was particularly annoyed with O’s speech this a.m. where he bashes the NRA, GOP and Congress regarding better background checks on gun sales, and the proliferation of automatic weapons when it is HE and HIS policy of allowing hundreds of thousands of undocumented Muslims into our country. We know many of them have or will soon get weapons, including automatic ones and that is why the public has been concerned and are arming themselves. He caused this panic and now trying to put the blame on the Right! He said Congress has been opposed for political reasons when it is HE who is playing the political card. Actually, his idea of getting background checks on internet gun sales is not a bad idea. Only the way he has made it a political issue, bashing and belittling the GOP. His minions all laughed and applauded.


  3. Baysider says:

    I largely share your view, Z. But — Trump ‘un-american’? What hogwash! Fiorina is one of the detractors who is accurate: he’s unfit for the job. But not for these statements. He has opened the door to things that need to be said, discussed and acted on.

    We have “x” billion muslims worldwide and 10-15% of those believe it’s OK to maim and kill, to do or support suicide bombers for their cause? THAT’S A PROBLEM! We know. But Mr. Obama acts like this is not an issue and opens the doors of immigration wide for tons of these to sneak in ‘incognito.’

    Trump also opened the door to ‘outsiders’ we’d not be hearing from were it not for his brashness – even though, yes, he consumes the oxygen in the room.

    Wilcox’s points are all strong. I would change ‘giving voice to the hinterland’ to ‘giving voice to the heartland’ in a metaphoric sense.


  4. Kid says:

    Baysider “We have “x” billion muslims worldwide and 10-15% of those believe it’s OK to maim and kill, to do or support suicide bombers for their cause? ”

    I read 82% in Pakistan


  5. Baysider says:

    PS – so who’s un-American here?
    The man who celebrates and wants to protect our heritage, or the one who wants dilution to the point of destruction? (Kid’s right: “If they’re not killing you they are breeding you out and voting you out of existence.”)
    The one who stands for free speech, or the one who wants to quash it?

    Yeah, I thought so.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, Ed wrote this in comments yesterday “Z : Guns sold through the internet are delivered to an FFL holder (gun store) who then provides the checks.”
    So, I’m not sure if Obama’s talking about something different or he doesn’t know the laws?
    Today, Obama was ALL about the typical liberal emotions…tears, scolding everyone who doesn’t think like he does, and misinforming/miscommunicating the stand of the Right.

    Baysider…agreed. “Hinterland” sounds sinister…it IS “heartland”…It’s from the German and Hinterland is used for places faaar away and desolate, like Siberia.

    Honestly, the tears are hard to watch….Oh, my, Obama CRIES for these kids shot at Columbine, SandyHook,when it SUITS HIS PURPOSE. so choked up this morning!, but have you ever seen him cry for the Black kids shot in Chicago every single day, day after day? Many of whom are innocent and caught in the line of fire? “Every time I think about those kids…” What kids, Obama?
    See, I believe ALL lives matter…white lives, and black lives…

    I believe it’s selling of TWO guns that make you a dealer and now you need licensing? TWO guns? That wouldn’t have helped in San Bernardino when the neighbor gave , or sold?, those two monsters more than two guns, would it.

    Kid…how would you solve the muslim situation? Deport them all? just askin’. I think you’re right about breeding us out…not that it would happen THAT soon, but … without their putting our country first, and stopping in believing in this kamikazi attitude they have, you’re right.


  7. Silverfiddle says:

    My biggest problem with Trump is his delivery. I wish all politicians were as frank as he is, but there is still a place for well-constructed rhetoric.


  8. Kid says:

    Z, The 1st thing I would do is declare through federal law that islam is not to be recognized as a religion. There is sufficient evidence that it is a political system, a cult. Mosques would be fair game for inspections based purely on terrorism grounds. Good luck with that, right?. So, it may be too late now and when it hits the fan, Any Americans left will be tasked with fighting them. Like a purge of the Indians in order to save themselves.

    California passed into law Jan 1,2016 that family members and others can claim they believe a gun owner to be dangerous to the authorities and this could result in any guns being confiscated. Imagine confiscation of property with no due process.
    Given the vermin in San Bernardino were such nice folks, but moslems, I’d conclude all moslems can’t be trusted so they wouldn’t be allowed to buy or own weapons.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    SF…exactly…. “…think most of you know my negative feelings about the lack of dignity and decorum in Trump in his horrible treatment of women, other candidates, playing with the truth, promises nobody can keep,” I’m getting tired of saying the same thing…the guy needs to back up what he’s saying and say it without insulting SO badly everybody who doesn’t agree with him, etc.
    For a Wharton School grad, his vocab seems limited to “HUGE” “Thousands and thousands” “mean to me”, …not good.

    Kid, I don’t mind a gun owner mentioned to authorities…who wants a maniac with a gun? And “this could result” might not always be a bad idea, right? thoughts?
    So, if it wasn’t classified as RELIGION, then what? Talk to me, I’m enjoying this back/forth!


  10. bocopro says:

    Mostly agree. Trump is, of course, a professional renegade windbag in a festival of hot-air-balloon jockeys who allowed political-correctness limiters to be installed on their pumps. He’s dishing out the same overinflated generalities, cliches, hyperboles, and assurances as the rest of them, but his are phrased in ways designed to cause jaws to drop and all the oxygen to flow to his burners, starving their blimps and bringing them back down to earth.

    He has no plan, no strategy, other than pretentious chutzpah and smug bombast. His total knowledge of law, national security, international diplomacy, military preparedness, Islam, immigration, welfare, and a host of other issues could be neatly inscribed in bold type on the blank areas of a Lincoln penny’s backside.

    But . . . that said . . . who amongst the other candidates has a BETTER plan? Certainly none that I’ve heard so far. Just more vague “plans,” circular arguments, reheated one-liners, and sweeping generalities about things they know precious little about. In other words, had Trump not appeared on scene when he did, someone would’ve had to invent him, ’cause Americans are up to their chins in sour DingleBarrys and plumb tired of the same-ol’-same-ol’ empty rhetoric of career politicians interested in nothing more than acquisition and maintenance of power for their party.

    I like to think that he would be capable of the most crucial and fundamental trick of managers: choosing advisors to research for and inform him on his areas of ignorance . . . and then LISTEN to them when they do their dog-and-pony shows, unlike a Soetoro or a Cankles or a Bernie or a Yeb. Dangerous? Oh, hell yes he is! But that’s what they said about TR. And JFK. And even RR.

    New brooms tend to sweep clean, and we sure’s hell could use some down-home sweepin in that swamp on the Potomac.


  11. Kid says:

    Z, No it’s completely ambiguous and without oversight. It’s the same as someone saying they think you’re going to commit a crime next week, so the cops come arrest You Ms Z, and lock you up with no oversight, trial, or anything else. It’s insane, but that’s what comes from people like Jerry Brown.


  12. Baysider says:

    “They believe they are sent by God to kill every one who does not believe as they do.” Considering the vitriol the left heaps on Americans expressing normal, cultural values such as “Merry Christmas” and the great fear they profess for Christians who seek to change minds through discourse — it’s downright AMAZING these sort aren’t leading the charge to defend themselves against folks who clearly want to kill them.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Boco: I’m with you, particularly on this “I like to think that he would be capable of the most crucial and fundamental trick of managers: choosing advisors to research for and inform him on his areas of ignorance . . . and then LISTEN to them when they do their dog-and-pony shows,”
    By the way, what president WOULDN’T except a blowhard with no respect for anybody else and no realization that HE’s not GOD? Yet…..

    Kid….I don’t think that’s quite the case, but you could be right. Imagine the kickback if someone’s just thrown in jail for an assumption of a neighbor and has no due process? We still do have due process even under Moonbeam Brown!

    So, Islam is classified as political…then what? How’s that help? Other than the tax thing..


  14. Kid says:

    No, that’s pretty much how it Can work since there is no requirement for due process. In actual practice who knows. Some cops have already said they’re not confiscating anything. If cops would, would those cops simply take someone’s word? Like your neighbor thinks you’re dangerous. Still, there is no due process. It’s Gestapo all over again. Totally unconstitutional.

    Well, not recognizing the religious classification was just for starters and an alternative to just deporting them all. At this point, they’re just a bunch of kooks running around like any other bunch of kooks like the arian brotherhood.. I wouldn’t allow any more in that’s for sure. They’ve recently declared there is a target on our back. Would we have taken Germans in during WWII ?? It’s insane. Trump is exactly correct about this.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Thanks, Kid….”no due process”….we’ll see.


  16. Lisa says:

    Trump may not be a politician. But I am sure he knows a heck of a lot more than about how to organize a good team of people and manage them. Obama lacks that ability. Being able to make political speeches is not the same a being able to lead. Being a professional street agitator is one thing but having a strong executive background in your resume’ is more assuring to me.
    Frankly I think Trump may be the best experienced candidate that ever ran to date even if he doesn’t appeal to some people with the way he speaks.
    He is correct when he says America i becoming a dumping ground. If we continue down the path the democrats are taking us we will surely become a 3rd world nation.
    I can’t see any other candidate capable of changing it or at least halting it.


  17. Baysider says:

    I wish Obama cried about all the kids murdered in lawless Chicago as a regular pattern. Or maybe even about the big jump in service industry unemployment since Chicago hiked their minimum wage.

    Lisa is sooo right about the ‘dumping ground.’ Between Iraq and Pakistan about 90% of people support Sharia. And THOSE are the two biggest countries favored with green cards here. I can multiply that right into 3rd world country status that takes a strong man to control. If not the intent of the Obama policy, it is certainly a happy outcome for them.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, as I wrote above, it’d be nice if he cried about the Chicago kids EVER….at least in public like he did today, wouldn’t it. Or the unemployment, yes.


  19. cube says:

    I’m not against Trump because he has the executive experience that could be useful in these turbulent times and he runs circles around the MSM because he speaks his mind and doesn’t run like a frightened rabbit when questioned. He’ll surround himself with good advisors which is more than I can say for 0bola and his band of misfit nitwits.

    I’m not against Cruz because I share his beliefs on rescinding Obama’s whack-a-doo executive orders, i.e., he is a strong constitutionalist.

    Rubio and Bush worry me on immigration especially and their mealy-mouthed policical ways as well.

    The rest of the GOP candidates aren’t all that credible at this point, but any one of them would be better than Hillary and co-president Bill. Think about that new level of hell.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    Gad, I have to apologize, I just heard Obama, on tape from this morning, mention “the kids on Chicago streets every day”….sorry about that. At least he does supposedly get emotional about them, too.


  21. John M. Berger says:

    As I’ve said before, I would put a moratorium on [all] in-migration save for those with [essential] skills, knowledge, professions etc., deficient in our work force. This would remain in force until such time as we have, once-in-for-all, sealed our borders , solved our burgeoning domestic labor force participation rate problems and, as Trump implies, we get a handle on the Moslem situation, if that’s indeed possible*. In this way no [single] religion, race, ethnicity or nationality would be impacted. Where does it say that we have to keep accepting immigrants to “do the jobs Americans won’t do”? And when those “immigrants” and/or their families become “Americans” will they no longer have to “do the jobs Americans won’t do”?

    I’m John M. Berger and I approve this message!

    *Kid would make a good consultant for that effort.


  22. Lisa says:

    I was going to say that Z about the fact he “mentioned” kids in Chicago. I think he was advised to “Mention”them as well. He just squeezed that in to get it in IMO just so his critics couldn’t point it out .


  23. Silverlady says:

    We have been in WW III since the bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon, only most people don’t even remember that. Regarding Muslims, ‘good’ or ‘bad’, there is no flexibility in their Koran. Everything is as if it’s written in stone; no cafeteria faith like some Western ones. You are given the choice of convert, die, or pay a jizyah, a tax on the giaour, that’s most of us. They also believe that wherever they set their foot is to be their land, hence their determination to build a mosque as close as possible to where the WTC fell to their attacks. Their intention is conquest of the entire globe, not just their patch of sand. The way they believe they will take the world is by breeding, or over-breeding their multitudinous number of wives, while we have reduced our population growth greatly. It may not be operable, but Trump’s ideas about limiting, or stopping Muslim immigration or travel here sounds awfully good to a lot of voters.

    One more thing about the Muslims, They whine constantly about ‘racism’. They are NOT a race, their cult is supposed to be a religion. The whiners come in all colors: black, white, & in between. So stop with the ‘racism’ carp. (That’s eBay speak for ‘crap’)


  24. Mal says:

    In short, its all about O’s credibility. Every time he says or does something, his nose gets longer. It’s not so much about what he says he wants to do but how it ends up being implemented. Also, we keep hearing about the GOP being divided but little about the feud between Hillary and O or Bernie Saunders. That’s gonna get uglier, too.


  25. bocopro says:

    Soetoro has all the credibility of Nancy Pelosi’s politics . . . of John Kerry’s patriotism . . . of Bruce Jenner’s breasts. He’s as believable as an Iranian promise, as pro wrestling, as Al Sharpton.

    If I heard him say that what comes from a pig is pork, I’d be very suspicious of the contents of my next BLT. Nixon brought discredit upon the office; Slick sullied it for carnal pleasure; and Dinglebarry has made it an international laughingstock.

    I doubt that the considerable resources and talents of Goebbels, Riefenstahl, J.K. Rowling, and John Ford combined could re-instill the dignity and gravitas of the PotUSy in the devastation wrought by that trio of professional liars.


  26. Kid says:

    The last competent “American” president was Ronald Reagan. If we ever get another one it will be bliss, not for what he will accomplish, because the Congress is completely corrupt, but for what he will not do to screw us further. I’ll take even 4 years of that over any of the current options.


  27. 1. I just finished watching “The Man in the High Castle”, an alternate reality where Hitler rules North America. So that probably colors my thinking when I hear “giving voice to the hinterland” and Trump, a guy I fear is as megalomaniac as they come.
    “He’ll make America great again!” translates to “He’ll make the trains run on time!”.
    2. Z: You sound too reasonable about guns. I mean that. You are not a gun owner or conversant with the issue to recognize the threat “registration” or “turn in a neighbor who might be crazy” is to our freedoms. I once felt that way, but it’s a complacency of reasonableness.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, I believe what the jerk said today was not over the top or unreasonable and I don’t think it’s because I don’t have a gun. In fact, I think I’m more reasonable because I don’t have one, if you want to know the truth. I’m not complacent, I just don’t think what Obama did was SO far over the line…
    I would want someone, if my neighbor was crazy, to turn him in should that person know he’s armed.
    Please never believe I don’t understand fully our freedoms or would jeopardize them in any way…I believe there has to be a way to deal with this that’s sane, where people who are nuts cannot have things that can kill in their possession.
    What bugs me the most is when laws ARE on the books and they’re ignored only for the jerk to make new ones…that’s stupid and intolerable, yet our media never tells the truth.
    Mal, above, didn’t know (as I didn’t until you told me) that all gun sales on the internet DO go through background checks…today, Obama acted like this was his idea. That phoniness bugs me big time.


  29. geeez2014 says:

    Lisa, sorry I haven’t come by lately; when all the hideous libs there are in full form, I duck! I do check for new articles, so don’t think I’m ignoring you 🙂


  30. Kid says:

    Z, Did you see that article by the Daily Mail, a UK media, detailing that the UK is # 2 in the world for violent crime. This is because the vermin are pretty darn sure everyone is disarmed.
    The solution is evyerone should have a gun just like they have a high school diploma. Even you, you peacenik. 😉
    We haven’t had a world war since WWII becuase of nukes. Therefore Nukes are a good thing.


  31. I spent 12 hours at work today and rather than listen to Obama and dissect his lies, I thought I’d join my friends here while waiting for Scherie.
    A quick scan of some news sites tells me that Obama has decreed that anyone in the business of selling guns must perform background checks. People in the business of selling guns must be federally registered already. Thus they must perform background checks.
    However, if I have built a collection, and now must sell for financial reasons, or perhaps to merely change the complexion of my collection, I may need to apply for an FFL.
    Currently, to hold an FFL, you typically need to have a storefront, or the approval of your neighbors, via a meeting called by the municipality. I attended one.
    The implication is that may be a dealer if you sell more than one. But it is vague.
    Law should never be vague.
    This is far too an imposition on our “inalienable” rights.


  32. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I think we all know a person or two who shouldn’t be armed….that’s all I’m saying!
    and, I do believe in freedom and I do understand the threats to that freedom, and I don’t think you have to be a car to know what a garage is…so to speak!


  33. “I would want someone, if my neighbor was crazy, to turn him in should that person know he’s armed.”
    And if he was crazy, rightly so. But I want due process, not a magistrate or clerk to determine my or my neighbors ability to exercise an unalienable right.
    Not a politically motivated, or unrealistically fearful person who thinks ANYONE who wants to own a gun must be crazy. And I’ve met them.


  34. It’s 11:30pm in Michigan. Goodnight from Ypsilanti.


  35. Kid says:

    Z, (As Ed has added his dialogue…) what we’re saying is that this law in California, is really no different than the ‘law’ that existed in England in the dark ages where your neighbor could declare you a witch, and result in you being burned alive at the stake.
    You want that?
    This is what liberal thinking does. It takes us back to the dark ages.
    Let’s take stock of who is it exactly that kills people with guns in society.
    1- moslems, 1a-young black gangbanbers. (Maybe those 2 shoudl be reveresed), 2-people who kill out of passion (angry husbands or wives or lovers in a triangle), 4 – road rage people, 5-accidentals….
    people who your nieghbor might think you are crazy are so far down the list as to be inconsequential.
    No. allowing the general public to declare someone unfit to have a gun is totally, absolutely, literally, positively, insane and so unconforming to a free society that to allow that, you may as well declare sharia law, give all your assets to the government, and commit suicide on the spot.

    Just my thoughts. 😉


  36. Kid says:

    Z, I don’t Specifically know Anyone who shouldn’t be armed.

    Absolutely not.

    I will concede that anyone who has commited a felony by using a weapon can be considered as someone who has given up their right to own a weapon. And all moslems.
    Beyond that, I don’t and cannot decree that a person does not have the right to be armed.


  37. Baysider says:

    Ed and Kid – right on the money! And great link Ed. I’m sharing.


  38. geeez2014 says:

    I completely disagree….and nobody doesn’t want due process! Who said that?
    So, if a neighbor is nuts and shooting around his house, or making wild threats, etc., you wouldn’t call the police?

    that’s “on the money,” Baysider? …just waiting till someone shoots a person before at least alerting the police? I know most of you feel very differently about the police than I do, too, but I do believe someone should at least be turned in if they’re a pedophile or a rapist or a gun owner who’s got personality traits that worry a neighbor or neighborhood. The cops find out he’s okay, then they release him.;..that’s due process, and that’s what I believe in.

    I’m hoping you’d all turn in a person you thought was a terrorist for odd behavior you’ve observed.


  39. Kid says:

    Z, Well, there is no due process here with this California law..

    With existing prior (to Califnornia) law if a neighbor was discharging his weapon, the police should and probably wou;ld be involved.

    Police don’t stop crime. They investigate afterwards. It is up to the individual to stop the crime.

    So, remove all guns from the Earth, then what about the vermin who rush into your house, over-power you, rape and kill you. 911 is not goign to help 99.9999999999% of those peole. Don’t even have to be women. Take my guns away and a couple gang bangers could come into my house and over-power me/us. We’re raped an murdered more of then than not. That’s unacceptable.

    Again, the UK who has been disarmed for decares is Numa Two for violent attack crimes. It is because they are disarmed that this i the case.



  40. Lisa says:

    No worries Z . I haven’t posted in awhile anyway .I understand


  41. Baysider says:

    Ed the link back from Youtube to the original site is fabulous. A bit off topic, but try What if Breaking into Someone’s House Were treated like Breaking into the Country and What If We Had to Buy Coffee Like We Now Have to Buy Health Insurance. Trump certainly hits home on the first, but is sadly lacking on the second, as he supported single payer.


  42. Kid says:

    Let me say further that “gun control” is a NON-Thing. It is a Non-thing. As long as guns exist on the Eartth and as long as I can make a gun in my basement shop (I can), “Gun Control” is nothing more than a mind screw. A political non thing.

    example: Apply any amount og “gun control’ and it would not have stopped thoss two spider brained vermin from killing people in California. The guns were illegal, the high capacity mags were illegal, the pipe bombs were illegal. Or how about Sandy Hook ? The retard was not allowed to have guns because of hi mental condition – he had access to his mom’s guns and ammo. There is no way to control that. The very best thing you can do is try to have EVERYONE armed. So when some whackjob goes off, instead of that idiot killing 30 people, they only kill one or two becuse everyone in the venue that he chooses, fires back and kills his ass. For your consideration. Moreso, in this kind of environemtn, the whackjob doesn’t even go there to kill because he knows he is going to get wasted poste haste and so No One gets killed.


  43. Baysider says:

    “A neighbor [who] is nuts and shooting around his house, or making wild threats” is a far cry from a neighbor “who might be crazy.” The first is commission of specific, identifiable acts. The second is how they incarcerated political dissidents in the Soviet state.

    And if that “neighbor” isn’t housed, but just hanging around your house with a blanket and piles of cardboard, you won’t get to first base with the police. I know. I’ve been there. The police would not come, and advised me to cease my outside chores and stay inside my house. When I got specific, verbal threats against my person, the SMPD would not come. It was only when I had a perp (or Mr. B did) in our house in a head lock that they came.


  44. geeez2014 says:

    OKAY, Kid, arm everyone. Let’s hope that works. There IS due process when someone’s taken in and the process is allowed to happen; investigation, psychological screening, etc. All legal rights are given to a person…..Nobody likes being hauled in, but if someone;’s truly nuts…
    Mistakes get made, that’s human, and I totally understand an angry neighbor could turn someone in, but I don’t think cops haul off anybody, just people they feel are on drugs or freaking out and have guns.

    I TOTALLY get everything you’re saying, but do we really do nothing, ever, because ‘that case couldn’t have been prevented, anyway’?

    I TOTALLY agree, also, that gun control is a non thing….I don’t believe that nobody should have guns and I have never said I did……ALL I’m saying is that sometimes certain folks probably ought not be armed …that’s all.


  45. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, I have a hunch if the person was wielding a gun and you told the police, they might have come. just a hunch? That we’re under funded in law enforcement and there aren’t enough cops to come for every call is a whole other subject.


  46. Kid says:

    Z, In reality, the cops don’t know jack and the people are out of control. The situation cannot be managed by the police. YOU must be responsible for your life. Cops are after the fact.
    I’ve given my reasons why people should not have guns and they are very specificly based on somone already having gone through due process and been convicted of a violent felony.
    No one else should be disarmed. Thats life. That;s what people say. Flying high in April. Shot down in May. 🙂

    Err on the side of giving people More Freedom. Honestly, I can’t imagine anyone who wants to give government more control over them than they alreay have now. Call 911, be dead 20 minutes before they get there. people must take responsibility for their own lives. Same as it ever was.


  47. Baysider says:

    The SMPD told me they triage their calls, and a homeowner in direct contact with a perp gets to the top of the list. That does not include threats, but an armed and/or combative intruder. In our town, though, they have a political will AGAINST taking people off the street no matter how iffy they act unless they have to. You know that, but others here may not.

    We don’t need funding for enough cops for every call as much as we need the criminal base to FEAR running into an armed and trained householder and FEAR the swift and sure penalty of the courts (if he lives that long). (Young men with fathers in charge of the home are already more than half-restrained, as we know.) I would LOVE to have a program to work WITH the police for a kind of krav maga of household protection that included – but not solely focused on – proper gun use. But police are retreating to an us-vs-them attitude. This is a bad development.


  48. “We don’t need funding for enough cops for every call as much as we need the criminal base to FEAR running into an armed and trained householder and FEAR the swift and sure penalty of the courts (if he lives that long). (Young men with fathers in charge of the home are already more than half-restrained, as we know.) I would LOVE to have a program to work WITH the police for a kind of krav maga of household protection that included – but not solely focused on – proper gun use. But
    police are retreating to an us-vs-them attitude. This is a bad development.”

    It deserved to be repeated.


  49. I love reading all of your commenters! I have nothing to add but have much enjoyed.


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