The TRUTH about GerMONEY….

From my stepson in Munich;  the truth we’re not hearing:

Did you hear about Köln (Cologne)? In the center in front of the Kölner Dom (Cologne’s Cathedral) about 60-100 girls were assaulted by estimated 100-200 moslems out of about 1000 that were present. They touched the girls everywhere possible (literally EVERYWHERE!!!), said nasty remarks and stole money and cell phones. Police were there but couldn’t do much because none of the women could specify who of the moslems did what. It all goes to the state attorney but I know there won’t be any court thing. The press hardly says anything about this (just the bare minimum) and of course don’t mention the nationality.

If you read the comments even in the regular news you can see that most people are fed up big time. I can only hope they will vote accordingly.

Sweden and Denmark are closing the borders so the only idiot state taking in verybody is GerMONEY. I was told that now even the people from Tunesia and Marocco are on the way here. Funny, those are stable countries but the call from Merkel is still echoing in the middle east and North Africa.

I now avoid the U-Bahn (subway system) when I can and take the bike on the way to Munich. It’s good for the health, saves 6 Euro for the round trip and I don’t need to see all those kanaken (Very nasty word for the intruders)  faces. Just recently, of the 25% occupation of one U-Bahn wagon (subway car) there were only 2 Germans – it’s already that bad.

Similar incidents happened in Stuttgart and Hamburg as well. The kanake are trying out the limits to see how far they can go. Well, they see that they can do everything when the mass of people is big enough.  This will be the future scenario. Since these guys carry a good network it is no problem for them to build big masses of people in no time that the police can’t control. That was just a trailer of what is to come

It’s getting worse by the day.

This is THE TRUTH….Kid sent that article a day after my Stepson sent me the email info above….Notice how it’s said that “people apparently with a migrant background” were responsible for the horrible harassment!

Cologne’s mayor actually says “it’s “unacceptable” to tie the suspects’ ethnicity to asylum seekers who have come to the city in recent months”   🙂  Yes, except that the number of assaults have picked up just since that time.   I guess it’s a coincidence, huh?   We all know all immigrants aren’t like this, most aren’t, but this is intolerable and the truth needs to be out there to protect Germans….but it seems they’re erring on the side of the “people apparently with a migrant background.”

Remember a couple of years ago I mentioned that Germans are losing court battles after being raped or robbed by migrant assailants because MANY MUSLIMS surround and attack….so when they do finally get to court, nobody can actually identify any particular person, there were too many, and they whole group gets let off time after time after time.   And, by the way, what’s often seen is their families giving the finger to those who brought charges after they’re relatives have been freed.  The Germans just have to live with the attacks and loss of money, rape, etc…… Meanwhile, these ‘migrants’ and other immigrants are living very well on Germany’s money.  VERY WELL.

I think we need to be well aware of this…


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48 Responses to The TRUTH about GerMONEY….

  1. And pursuant to yesterday’s discussion, the people in Germany cannot arm themselves for protection.
    And the cops are doing them no good.
    My friend Mike from Ann Arbor is on the radio, right now, saying exactly the same thing I’m typing about Cologne and guns!
    Great minds!


  2. Related: The Mayor of Cologne Just Blamed Hundreds of Women for Being Attacked in Public. Excerpt:

    This code would require women to remain “an arm’s length distance from strangers” within their own group, and encourages women to ask bystanders or witnesses to help should they feel threatened, according to the same report. In the future, women would do well to be aware of the potential dangers of events conducive to drunkenness, the mayor reportedly added.


  3. Kid says:

    One question here is that these invading “asylum seekers” are supposed to be people displaced by ISIS, so why are these moslems coming from everywhere? Everywhere from the ME and Africa?


  4. Alec says:


    These things are terrible and true. As your Stepson says, will likely worsen.
    From your masthead:

    We have plenty of reason to be angry, but let’s just stay angry and work to improve


    I’d like to respectfully challenge myself and all of us to think how we can move past anger. All of your regular readers understand the set up, the implacability of Islam, the current invasion of Europe, etc. It must end in blood.

    How can we understand but not be daily enraged? Nor discouraged?


  5. Silverfiddle says:

    I’ve been saying it for years but I’ll say it again: A soft, squishy, warm and fuzzy liberalism contains the seeds of its destruction. Europe was a wonderful, liberal place. You could walk the streets at night, lose your wallet and call the polizei the next day and they would have it because someone found it and turned it in (happened to me once in Rothenburg).

    You can be soft on the inside, but you better be hard and prickly on the outside. That’s the part they forgot.

    As Paul Harvey used to say, “It’s not one world.” The mistake the dewey-eyed do-gooder libs of Europe made is to believe we’re all the same. We are not, and I’m not demeaning the migrants flooding in from the south. We American GIs in Europe were perceived as crude loudmouths who didn’t know how to behave… Because many of us were. Europe’s social norms are different, and Americans do tend to be loud and boisterous. Europeans can be so also, but it’s a time and place thing, and I am generalizing.

    Anyway, I bet many who crabbed about the US presence would prefer us loutish Americaners over their more recent arrivals.

    Wie Shade!


  6. Silverfiddle says:

    Excellent question. I don’t see any way to “go back,” or return things to how they used to be. This is the new reality. You spoke frankly “It must end in blood,” so I shall as well. Here are the possible outcomes I see:

    1. The newcomers assimilate, more or less and life goes on. Despite a few infamous cases, some loudmouth islamists and some stubborn pockets, that is what has happened in England.

    2. Things slowly get worse, with accommodations to the noisy islamists only encouraging them. Islam grows in Europe thanks to birthrate math (Muslim newcomers crank ’em out, native Europeans don’t)

    3. European nations forcibly deport the newcomers, it gets very ugly, but they get the job done.

    #3 is the only thing that will save their cherished way of life, but I don’t see it happening. #2, creeping Sharia, is what will happen. If you study history, that is how Muslims became dominant everywhere else they installed themselves, most recently (past 60 years) in formerly majority Christian Lebanon, which used to be a blessed island of tranquility, liberalism and learning when it was majority Christian.


  7. The delusion of the decaffeinated “other” lies at the heart of all multiculturalism.

    Of course, there are very few honest Leftists, anymore.


  8. Silverfiddle says:

    Someone named Erika posted this in various Yahoo News threads and I thought everyone here would appreciate it:

    “We Are”

    Severely maxed
    Some take sedatives
    to help them
    Others just sit
    and look at the time
    Some just cope
    drinking liquor or wine
    We are WATCHED
    Taped, and video recorded
    by those who’s realities are
    completely distorted
    We are cornered and billed
    with laws
    upon U.S.
    By others who
    are greedily filled
    by their own perversions
    and their own coercions
    and their own conclusions
    and their own seclusions
    we will not go quietly into the night
    and we will not be ushered
    into the light
    We will do what we please
    and drop to our knees
    When we meet you, Thy God
    There are no applause
    and no delight
    there is no fight
    for satans plight


  9. Bob says:

    Germany has welcomed the means of its own destruction if they don’t make moves to solve this problem. I would think that Germans are reluctant to focus an ethnicity problem because of the holocaust during WWII.

    However, they will have to get real, and name the devil. Muslims. It cannot be done in any other way. Germany has always been considered a strong country, but they have lost their way since WWII. After all, they lost and were held to account for their atrocities. I don’t want to see a revival of Nazi sympathies, but the Germans and other Europeans seem to have no trouble in re-instituting antisemitism. Maybe they could include other ethnic groups in their discriminatory view.


  10. Mustang says:
    Alec suggests that we need to move past our anger. If there is “anger,” is must be the result of the citizens of a western society coming to the sudden realization that their rights are being stripped away in order to accommodate those who are not citizens and who do not respect western culture. There is nothing more dangerous to a peaceful society than government officials who act to the detriment of citizens who elected them, or police officials who pretend that there is no clear case of abuse toward their own citizens. When there is no justice for the citizens of a country, then the citizens are likely to take the law into their own hands. Of course, it is difficult for citizens to defend themselves after government takes away their right of self-defense.

    Make no mistake: Moslem immigrants are in Western Europe to see how far they can go. So far, the hordes must be overjoyed. Their number one ally is government politicians, bureaucrats, and law enforcement personnel. Now might be a good time to recall that politicians whom the people themselves elected, or reelected, appointed these bureaucrats. In Germany and elsewhere, the people have elected idiots.

    I do not have a sense of “anger” toward the invading hordes. If there is any anger, it is directed at western civilizations by the Moslems who hate us, who hate our religion, and who hate the things we stand for—so let’s not shift blame here for what is happening. Beyond this, there is no “anger” in defending one’s own family and the rights of citizens to remain secure in their homes and persons; only fierce determination to do so —to do whatever it takes in order to maintain that security and safety. Unhappily, there does not appear much interest among the German people to hold dear their unalienable right of self and communal defense.


  11. Be angry and sin not.
    I’m like Bruce Banner.


  12. John M. Berger says:

    “Unhappily, there does not appear much interest among the German people to hold dear their unalienable right of self and communal defense.”

    What, on earth, will it take? The more I hear of this the more confused I become. Surely there must be a ‘tipping point’. I say: Enough WW11 guilt, already!


  13. John M. Berger says:

    “about 60-100 girls were assaulted by estimated 100-200 moslems out of about 1000 that were present.”

    Absent here is any mention of German men. Do [they] just stand-by while this goes on?


  14. Silverfiddle says:

    I don’t think most German men have ever been in a fight. Outside certain small pockets and class circles (soccer hooligans, etc) it is a very polite society. They really are stereotypically polite and orderly (except, ironically, at the bakery and beer and food stands. They’d don’t cue up, but although they look like a big jumble, they are a polite one).


  15. geeez2014 says:

    SF….you are absolutely right. They’re hooligans and can get into it, but it’s not something the normal German city-raised man, particularly, would do.
    I do think that’s a good question, however, and emailed my stepson about this. We all know teen aged girls travel in hordes and so there were probably a lot more of them than men, but for them to get ‘felt up’ so graphically and insulted verbally, etc., makes you question where the men were.
    I posted a few weeks ago that my stepdaughter is a dancer and found out that dance studios at night, when the girls are finished and going home, have been threatened…girls are raped on a regular basis and are being warned to travel together. This is not rape by German men, of course.

    Alec, I think Mustang answered your question well….the only way I, and many of the people I know, get through this constant barrage of things we have every right to be angry (and fearful) about is FAITH. Knowing it’s in God’s hands.
    My ‘stay angry’ statement was precisely for the strength of fighting the good fight…to improve as much as we can.

    Guns are probably going to be a bigger issue than they’ve been for the last many, many years in Europe because they’ve lived peacefully without them for all these years. Barely a shooting EVER; it’s why Europeans can’t understand why Americans are so gun happy. It’s as weird for them to hear about our obsession with guns as I hear it’s weird among so many of you to consider that they are not obsessed with them.
    When Bobbies in England didn’t have guns, there were very few shootings…I’m quite sure I never personally heard of a shooting in Germany all the times I was there, times I lived there….

    Now, faced with refugees many of whom have terror and stealing and other destruction on their minds, it’s a whole different story.
    Perhaps it’s like our pretty much ignoring a huge threat to our electricity grids and only now waking up…barely.?

    Bob, it’s actually German LAW to take in refugees….LAW. Probably since their laws were practically written for them after WWII. This is something most Americans don’t realize…of course, I’m thinking CHANGE THAT LAW! And OH, what world condemnation THAT would create.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    SF…thanks for Erika’s poem….she’s right.
    And I think it’ll be creeping Sharia in Europe, too…and then here….
    “when it was majority Christian” says so much and, indeed, Lebanon was a beautiful haven from what I hear from many relatives, etc….a wonderful place. By the way, so was Teheran before the Ayatollahs….intelligence, beauty, sophistication.
    I type this and wonder at American liberals who’ll slam Christianity every single chance they get yet applaud and worry for Islam.

    AOW….So the mayor says women should :”be aware of the potential dangers of events conducive to drunkenness, the mayor reportedly added.”
    AHA…they’re blaming this behavior on DRUNKENNESS, not REFUGEES. perfect, huh? Let’s see them ban BEEER in Germany….Odd, I think the German left today would rather ban beer than radical islam.


  17. John M. Berger says:

    Re Germany:
    “it is a very polite society”
    OK,OK, politeness is one thing but (color me old fashioned) men failing to protect women from molestation by animals (if that’s really the case) is un-natural-nuff said!


  18. geeez2014 says:

    JMB….we weren’t there. You singled in on the “polite” and the rest of our comments are also explanatory.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Slightly off topic: The cover of Charlie Hebdo, the anniversary issue this week seems to show God with bombs strapped on, etc…so the Vatican is saying “Behind the deceptive flag of uncompromising secularism, the weekly is forgetting once more what religious leaders of every faith unceasingly repeat… using God to justify hatred — is a genuine blasphemy, as Pope Francis has said several times.” God being “l’assassin”.
    Curious about your thoughts on this.


  20. bocopro says:

    In global terms, Germany and Austria are just barely outside the top 10 in terms of guns per capita. Each has over 30 guns per 100 residents, very similar numbers to France, Norway, and FAR more than Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Italy, all of which are down around 10 or 11 per 100 residents.

    Germany’s gun laws pretty closely resemble those of Massachusetts, with a few bizarre twists. Concealed carry is legal there, but in practice it’s granted mostly to professional bodyguards or security force personnel. What’s really weird about some of the laws over there across the pond is how much trouble you can get into merely for defending yourself.

    For example, a woman who is a trained martial-arts specialist who is attacked by a rapist or mugger and defends herself can be charged with assault and her acquired skills used as evidence against her by the assailant in court. And in many places if you shoot an invader or attacker before he shoots at you, you can be charged with attempted murder, or murder if he dies. The castle doctrine is alien to the realm of castles.

    The US is, of course, the world leader in privately owned firearms per capita, with more guns available than adults to use them. And I’m sure that in Germany and Austria, many of the privately owned weapons are heirlooms, perhaps even nonfunctional ones. What will never be known is the number of guns acquired IL-legally through black market or other means and never reported or registered. I suspect that number is higher than in the US on a per-capita basis.

    As I understand the situation in Germany especially, sport shooting and hunting are still popular, particularly amongst those who consider themselves aristocrats or just happen to have plenty of spare cash. It ain’t a cheap pastime. What seems to be virtually deceased over there is any notion of individual self-defense.


  21. Silverfiddle says:


    Prior to the invasion, German women didn’t think about needing protection, because as long as you stayed out of known bad areas, you were safe.

    Germans are just so open, and it is because there are so few threats. I remember buddies warning me when I first got there that at festive occasions, I would get ‘approached’ by married women for dancing or whatever, but to not take it the wrong way. Germans are just like that, many couples split up at such occasions and don’t get jealous at their spouse innocently mingling with the opposite sex. Sure enough, they were right. It happened to me many times, and to an American, it did look like they were hitting on me, but we were just having fun.

    I know Germans are very docile and have been shamed into extreme political correctness, but for heaven’s sake, will they break out of all that before its too late?


  22. geeez2014 says:

    Boco; trust me, the gun numbers in Germany are almost TOTALLY due to the HUGE amount of farming, ranching, hunting that goes on on a daily basis outside the big cities.
    I think I described pretty well, above, about what you call a death of individual self-defense. They didn’t NEED TO. There was nobody shooting AT THEM.

    SF….No, German women didn’t have a need for protection….I’ve walked with girlfriends all over Munich, for example, late at night. ..For that matter, I used to tag along with a Canadian girlfriend in Paris when our husbands were on business trips and she’d play at the local poker club (making at least $1000 a night, by the way.(and MUCH more on many nights)..she’s one of Canada’s female bridge champs but does REAL well at poker!) but, I digress!! Anyway, we’d walk home from the Champs Elysee club at midnight or 1 AM….sometimes I’d leave earlier than she, at midnight, and I NEVER worried about walking the 10 minutes home in the dark.. never. Of course, there were enough street walking hookers to protect me (I swear) 🙂
    It’s just something we in AMerica aren’t used to in the big cities.
    VIOLENCE isn’t a problem. Until now.
    From what my stepson says, at least the truth’s being PRINTED now about what’s going on…but it’ll be interesting to see how the docile Germans handle all of this. Sadly, the Brits have been so docile as to allow whole communities to ‘go radical islam’ and the ‘no go’ areas they deny ARE THERE. I doubt that would happen in Germany, but we’ll see.
    What troubles me is how the Germans will pray for one million refugees…very few of them who’ll find jobs. VERY few.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Here’s a good article on the Cologne situation; more info than was available before today.


  24. geeez2014 says:

    Alabama Courts just HALTED same-sex marriage licenses….this should get REAL interesting. ??


  25. Silverfiddle says:

    I use the NY Times as a barometer to see what if an issue is breaking through the leftwing mentality. This attack story has done it.

    Go read the comments and you will be encouraged. It’s a common sorting in the progressive hive of competing agendas and victim groups. Everything’s fine until one special-status group bumps up against another: Vote for a black man or a woman?

    Well, finally, FINALLY, liberals are putting human rights and womens’ rights above their idiotic defense of Muslims and thought-free acceptance of all immigration.

    I think liberals would have turned on Muslims long ago if rightwingers hadn’t been attacking islam so viciously. Liberals are good at discriminating, protecting themselves and keeping out others with a smile and a sop to minorities, openness, and all that…

    I’m not saying this is a watershed, but these sexual assaults (on top of barely reported spikes of rapes in other European countries) has sparked a shift in the conversation. Let’s pray good comes from it.


  26. Silverfiddle says:

    Here is the sticking point for the brow-beaten Germans:

    “The justice minister warned against linking the crimes to the issue of migrants and refugees.”

    Looks like ordinary Germans are fixin’ to blow through the liberal-imposed, history-conscious cautionary barriers of race, religion, culture and immigration. There may be hope for them yet.


  27. Mal says:

    The thought that comes to my mind is, do any of the Muslims in Germany own or carry guns? If not, perhaps the women need to start obtaining weapons to carry for self protection. I’m sure guns can be found, esp. online, if they want them. Besides, even if it might be illegal for them, it beats being raped!


  28. Mal says:

    Or at least mace or pepper-spray! SOMETHING!


  29. Mustang says:

    @ Silverfiddle

    My guess is that the justice minister needs a can of whoop ass.


  30. Mal, that was my comment at the beginning of this thread.
    If there was a reasonable expectation of being shot, this would stop.


  31. Baysider says:

    I came to this story right on the heels of THIS story at Jihad Watch: That was after the beheading of a Frenchman and a call to move against the evil French. Oh, and he also published an image of the caliph wearing a visor and had to answer to some kind of rights commission for that. FOR THAT!??

    These are the 2 biggest states in Europe committing suicide before our very eyes! SF’s link to the NYT and comments (It takes awhile to find them, but do) is well worth it. LIke this one: “In the early 1990s, after an influx of refugees from Iraq and Bosnia arrived, sadly the rate of sexual assault soared in the small Swedish town I lived in.” and “these specific refugees should be told, plainly and clearly, ‘Listen, if you live in a western democracy, you must reject much of your cultural background. Woman and children are not objects, but people with legal, civil and employment rights. If you’re not ready to accept these facts, you are not staying here.”

    Everybody KNOWS the emperor has no clothes, but as the Cologne mayor and this French policeman’s case illustrate, the idiots on the left still cling to the trope of ‘we’re all the same.’

    It sounds like a wonderful time for you to have lived in Europe, Z.


  32. geeez2014 says:

    Ya, SF, I’d lamented that quote way above in Comments, too…HORRID.
    But you say “I think liberals would have turned on Muslims long ago if rightwingers hadn’t been attacking islam so viciously”
    I couldn’t agree with you more, the leftwingers don’t quite grasp the severity of anything to do with groups they find as special as any endangered species!:)

    I also have often said ISIS is good…that many Muslims are turning on radicalism because of ISIS.

    Mal, you’ll want to read some of the comments; guns are addressed here…check it out! XX

    It’s simply NOT in their nature and NOT in their lexicon and Americans STILL are not quite getting the point!

    Baysider, I have visited for long lengths of time, or lived in, Europe at JUST the right times. I would not go back to live….I have lamented I didn’t live in Paris in the Twenties!, but I have been thinking lately how blessed I was to know Germany before the immigrants (also just before the Albanians, Rumanians, Czechs, brought such horrid crime there, by the way), and in Paris just befrore the Muslims got out of hand (tho they were burning cars in the suburbs while we were was just starting. Still, Mr. Z and I’d go to the Muslim quartiers to get couscous and never even gave that a thought.


  33. Germany = Eurabia?

    Similar attacks also occurred on New Year’s Eve in Hamburg and Stuttgart.

    Please read the link.

    Please tell me that this isn’t happening!


  34. Silverlady says:

    The New Year’s attacks were covered, with clips & photos, on today. Also, in Sweden, which has become the rape capital of Europe, young women are dying their hair dark due to the Muzzies preference for blondes. Now Sweden & Denmark are closing their borders – – – -after the horse is out of the barn. Too late smart, folks. So much for that well known ‘religion of peace’.


  35. geeez2014 says:

    all bad stuff….it might be too late, but I don’t think it is. It’s just going to take a little more aggravation and people are going to be deported….wait for it.


  36. Baysider says:

    Swell. It’s like plucking a ripe dandelion and blowing the seeds to the 4 winds. Now everybody else has to get out the weed killer.


  37. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider; REALLY swell, isn’t it. 😦 What mixed messages we send…

    “We don’t want terrorism, we’ll get you and take you to court, but we’re letting out the ones we KNOW are terrorists…cute, aren’t we?”


  38. Baysider says:

    Soghomon Tehlirian call your office!


  39. Kid says:

    Ed, Mustang. This is how we did it in the old country. We send Vinny and friends and things start shaping up quickly. It is a tried and true tactic.


  40. Kid says:

    AOW, absolutely true, And I’ll bet the same things went on in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, etc. The vermin have shifted their caliphate activities from 1st gear to 5th gear in the blink of an eye. They are on the same page. They get their stragegy from social media. They’re like army ants.


  41. Baysider says:

    @ Kid – or we find a modern day Soghomon Tehlirian to finish the venerable Armenian’s work in Germany.


  42. Kid says:

    Ed, Or Black Jack Pershing.

    But it will be up to US in the end.


  43. Baysider says:

    Victor Davis Hanson has a sobering take on the big picture. He thinks 2016 will be the most dangerous year since 1980. Just as the mischief-makers accelerated their activity before Reagan entered office, why won’t Isis (Putin, China, N. Korea, etc.) accelerate theirs while they know they have one more year of a known wimp in the white house.


  44. Kid says:

    Baysider, They’re all having a field day with this incompetent (for America) boob (obama) aren’t they ? Not a single cockroach is afraid of getting in obama’s way.


  45. geeez2014 says:

    Bay, thanks…I’d completely forgotten Tehlirian, tho I well know the story I’d forgotten the name….yes, we need a LOT more of HIM!!!!!!


  46. geeez2014 says:


    “The question is right to ask where the German boys were. As you rightfully stated girls were on the walk in groups without boys and this incident probably took place over a time span (I guess ) 1-2 hours or even more. The girls were not assaulted all at once. Some guys protected the girls, were attacked also, but how do you keep 40 hands away? It’s a wonder nobody was beaten into hospital (German quote).”


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