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I’m taking the break….you can weigh in on anything you’d like!

betty boop saturday cartoon

Boo Boo dee doop!

GO FOR IT!  I’ll be around but am leaving the post content to you !

Thanks!  Z

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  1. Mustang says:

    I believe that God has a protective hand, and I believe that hand kept Officer Hartnett from fatal injury when he was attacked by one of the demons of Islam. I mention this because it is important to thank God for His many blessings and His mercy. It is time for us to return to a time when we recognize and give thanks to Him for the miracles he performs every single day, all around the world.


  2. I hope that the various political leaders keep repeating the lie, “This has nothing to do with Islam.” People really are seeing through the smoke and mirrors, and as the attacks here on our home soil keep happening, the seeing through the smoke and mirrors will intensify.


  3. For years, I’ve been trying to wake up a particular homeschool parent to the threat of Islam.

    She just woke up!

    Just this week her daughter was accosted by a Moslem right here in Northern Virginia. The young woman was dressing in a sweatsuit, but apparently she wasn’t wearing “full coverage” socks.

    A Moslem man came up to her in a gas station and started screaming at her: “Your ankle is showing! Your ankle is showing.”

    Fortunately, three burly American men came to her rescue.

    The young lady went home and berated her mother: “You told me I am safe here in America. I’m not!”

    Both the young lady and her mother realize that what happened was a close call. The young lady could have had her throat slit or her head lopped off right there in the gas station.


  4. bocopro says:

    Heard this song a while back :
    Haunting melody, self-recriminating lyric . . .
    Made me think of what’s happened with the country I once knew . . .
    Just BEGGING to be reworked in a political motif . . . could be the Trump theme song:

    “You’ve pushed us down deep into debt for too long”

    We can’t see the point voting here any more
    Let’s have a reset, a trash dump, and restore
    Give back the powers, where they belong
    We trusted you guys with our fate for too long.

    We fell through the cracks of your two-faced platforms
    We’re tired of your lies and your high-priced “new norms”
    Bring back the prestige that once was so strong
    We trusted you guys with our nation too long.

    Put back the faith we had so deep and strong
    We trusted you guys with our Congress too long
    Bring back the ideas that you thought were wrong
    We let you get by with your tricks for too long.

    We don’t have the time to look into the cup
    To check for half empty or halfway filled up
    Islam is coming and China is strong
    We’ve squandered our treasure on food stamps too long.

    Let’s restart the system and get back to work
    And not vote in one more socialist jerk
    Get out of Congress, you got it wrong
    We gave you too much for too little too long

    Bring back the glory, re-sing the song
    We set you on pedestals for far too long
    Give back the powers, where they belong
    We trusted you guys with the keys for too long.


  5. Alec says:

    What inspiring comments!

    (Except the young woman’s experience in Northern Virginia. Wow, AOW, awful.)


  6. Kid says:

    It is important to thank God for what we have. I’m thinking health, financial stability, a comfortable home, friends – and for what we don’t have, poor health, a job we hate, etc.

    I’m thankful for a lot of things.

    I recently read an article that stated “Most Americans could not handle a $500.00 emergency” What? As one aside, I’m thinking there is a huge number of people who are not better off than they were 7 years ago.



  7. fredd says:

    Back to the Germany thing, Z. You and I have both lived there for extended periods in the past, and remember what the good old Germany was: singing arm and arm with 1 liter bier stein in hand at the Hofbrauhaus, as the oompa band played “In Himmel, es gibt kein bier, d’rum trinken wir es hier..”

    Back in those days, they merely put up with Americans who had been a military presence among them for decades at that point after WWII. They couldn’t stand Turks, whom they allowed ‘arbeit visas,’ to do the jobs like street sweeping and garbage collection, work Germans wouldn’t do. They did not allow the Turks access to the mainstream culture. Not at all.

    Call them nationalists back in those days. But they knew how to protect their culture. Not anymore. With Angela Merkel (an economic conservative, but a full blown social liberal) calling the shots now, and importing God knows what kind of human detritus into their population, their oompa band culture is now almost kaput.



  8. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, thank you for that….it’s a great reminder, knowing that that cop shouldn’t have been alive after being fired on that close and so many times. If God isn’t buying it, it isn’t happening. Praise.

    AOW “has nothing to do with Islam”, I THINK, is the phrase Germans and American leaders think will pad islam’s credibility but, really, anybody with a brain knows THAT IS A BIG FAT LIE…this is good; keep these lines comin’, world leaders; your amazing inability or fear to face the truth aren’t shared by US and we will demand you shape up.
    That’s a horrid story about the gas station…..yes, they think this is THEIR country and WE had better comply by covering our ankles…Good luck with that. I suppose the radical islam does tell them this is their country. makes me sick.
    Boco; really sad, well written lyrics…….thanks for posting that. Our founding fathers are spinning in their graves, poor men.

    Kid, love the video. I think the more we recognize and THANK GOD, we notice MORE great gifts from Him….I’ve experienced that in my life…. We need to get back to God in our country….let HIM kick alla OUT. FAST

    Fredd…not sure what you meant by not giving access to Turks…..all I heard from Germans is that the Turks won’t learn German and can’t assimilate without it.
    And yes, the clean, happy beer-drinking days seem to be coming to a close. My stepson is devastated, he really is..he sees it first hand, living in Munich. It’s so much worse than we know.


  9. Mal says:

    AOW, that was indeed a close call for the girl. I only wish the guys that came to her aid had guns and shot the guy so he couldn’t do that again to someone else, but they probably would’ve been persecuted for doing that, too.
    On another note, my wife and I went out to dinner last night to celebrate our 62nd anniversary, and at the end of our meal when I handed my Visa card to the waitress, she told us it was already taken care of by a couple in the next booth that had overheard our mentioning it to our waitress. Random acts of kindness!


  10. Mal says:

    We now look forward to passing that generous act on to someone else in the near future.
    (It posted before I was ready! Sorry!)


  11. bocopro says:

    Here’s somethin y’all might appreciate. Been sittin on my desktop for so long I’d forgotten ’bout it.

    Read it both ways:


  12. Sparky says:

    These are all wonderful comments. I am saddened that someone was verbally attacked by a muslim (AOW). Not shocked just sad that some people want to live that way. For me, if my gun wasn’t on my belt (usually it is) I would have sprayed the guy with gasoline and lit a match. Bye bye weirdo! Can you tell I’m a country girl? 🙂 Hope you’re having a wonderful day Z. God bless to you and all who comment here.


  13. @AOW,

    “Fortunately, three burly American men came to her rescue.”

    Yes, this is precisely the point I was trying to make about the mess in Germany!


  14. bocopro says:

    Coupla years back somebody sent me a clip about 30 seconds long of a young woman in the final stages of dressing for the day in a gray skirt suit, preparing to go out into the world.

    Slender girl, maybe 115 pounds, few years under 30, nice taste in attire . . . and just before she put on her suit jacket, she popped a clip into what looked like a .380 Bodyguard and strapped it under her arm.

    Then she looked at the camera and said, “Because a whole cop would be too heavy.”

    Lotta images out there with that li’l axiom, but I can’t find the clip.


  15. Mal says:

    Hey Bocopro. I liked the Atheists/Christian’s view bit. Very clever. Hadn’t seen that one.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Sparky, thanks…am having a VERY special and momentous day, actually…thanks!

    Boco; I have seen that and find it so cleverly done…and feel so sorry reading it top to bottom….ugh. It makes me feel empty, I do admit.

    JMB: Lots of information coming out of that ‘mess’ in Germany….turning out that one girl would be surrounded by 20-50 men and the German young boys could do little to help….this is what the muslims do; they travel in packs…hurt, kill…they go to court and always get off because those bringing suit can’t identify one or two…there were too many. Then after court, on the steps as the victims and their families are leaving, they get ‘the finger’ from the relatives and the perps… “f you”.. happens a lot.

    I just wish I could impress upon Americans,(Silverfiddle tried to do so the other day, but…??) how Germans are peaceful people…they don’t have guns, except in hunting or law enforcement, because nobody HAS guns so they didn’t NEED THEM…you NEVER EVER hear of shooting homicides in Germany..EVER…they’re very peaceful, unused to these horrible recent events; it’s not of anybody’s nature to suddenly become The Lone Ranger and Tanto when trouble starts..

    Mal! What a FABULOUS story!! That really IS kind of those people…but 62 is such a wonderful milestone.

    Am having a kind of milestone myself today….have had similar kindnesses the last few days!


  17. geeez2014 says:

    How are Groundhog Day and the State of the Union similar?

    One event involves a meaningless ritual in which we look to an insignificant creature of little intelligence for prognostication. The other involves a groundhog.



  18. Bob says:

    Ground hog, huh? That’s good!


  19. Mal says:

    Chalk up another one for Z! ;o)


  20. Baysider says:

    Bocopro – your graphic made my day.

    AOW – I’ve often wondered what I’d say if caught up short by some Islamic loony like that. What comes to mind is: “get the hpqq out of my country and take your stinkin’ prophet with you.” I might need FOUR big burly American males in that case.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider: I THINK YOU MIGHT NEED THEM 🙂 HAA!! (what’s hpqq?!!!)

    oh. 🙂


  22. geeez2014 says:

    “take your stinkin’ prophet with you” is going to stay in my mind…I hope so, because it made me laugh!


  23. Baysider says:

    Z, your mom never used hpqq for hell? I think it was how our parents’ generation’s females swore. 🙂


  24. bocopro says:

    My grandmother, a very devout Baptist whose idea of a good Sunday was church in the mornin followed by Sunday school and early supper of gospel bird, gravy, and biscuits with the preacher, capped off by Sunday evenin prayer meetin, would go to great lengths to avoid swearing.

    Never heard so much as a “hell” or “damn” from her, not even once. And she steadfastly refused to mention God’s name when frustrated and criticizing someone else’s actions. Instead, she’d come up with somethin like, “Well, by Heaven. I swan. May your soul avoid the pit.”

    In her later years, when they got TV, she’d watch things like the Dean Martin show and admonish him right off, “Now, Dean . . . you behave yourself tonight.” Three of her sons saw action in WWII, and when they slipped and dropped a profanity, she’d give ’em heck, but it was all tonal rather than syllabic. Never said a word even HINTing at obscene or even slightly naughty.

    Each morning in springtime and summer, she’d go outside and talk to her flowers and to Jesus. “Good morning, Sweet Jesus,” she’d say. If it was a pretty day, she’d thank him for the sunlight. If it was raining, she’d thank him for providing the flowers with a drink, usually asking them to thank him for the light or the water as well.

    I used to ask her, “Mom (’cause that’s what everybody else in the house called her, so I did too), when you talk to Jesus, does he ever answer?”

    “Why, of course he does, son.”

    “But I never hear him.”

    She never missed a beat: “You will, boy, you will. When you’re ready.”

    My very traditionally Catholic wife and she got along very well on the subject of God and Jesus and salvation and all . . . not so much on the saints, tho.

    Shore am glad I had those two ladies in my life.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider; did she SAY the letters H P Q Q??? No, Mom never did say that OR ‘hell’! She still doesn’t! HA!
    I think she thought it a TON raising us, however!

    bocopro… Do you think your very adorable grandmother was a little dotty or just Christian-obsessed, and did her faith rub off on any of her sons? She sounds like a LOVELY woman!
    what’s “I SWAN”???


  26. Juleslandia says:

    Z, I hope your special and momentous day was FAB ❤ You deserve all things wonderful!


  27. geeez2014 says:

    thanks, Jules…it was a wonderful birthday 🙂 XXXXX
    Let’s get together soon.


  28. Juleslandia says:

    Yes! We are due. I just launched my blog this week, so check it out when you get a chance. Not a lot of content yet, but I’m working on it 🙂 You’ve been an inspiration!


  29. bocopro says:

    “I swan” was a contraction-elision, a down-home euphemism for “I swear.” The progression would be from

    I will swear [or] I am swearing
    I swearing
    then drop the “g”
    I swe’an
    and finally
    I swan.

    It’s a bit like the Brit elision of “May God strike me blind.”

    Shorten it to “God blind me”
    thence to Go’ blin’ me
    to Goblimey
    Blimey. [or “Cor blimey in some regions]

    Or, “Bloody”

    “By the Grace of Our Lady” [Mary, mother of God]
    By our lady’s grace
    By’our lady

    I was gonna go for the doctorate in Linguistics, but gave it up when I realized how much it’d cost over the long run and how few paying jobs are out there for 60-yr-old novice philologists.


  30. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro; my sis has a dec in education and a specialty in language…this would fascinate her and it does me. It’s almost like a comletely different language based on known language…like Cockney rhyming slang.
    So this is a process…..a whittling down words into ONE word…fascinating! Is this Louisiana? Or where did this originate? Where were you raised? I’d love more on this.
    thanks for telling us about it.

    I SWAN…never heard it. I adore language differences, accents (except Mass. for some reason..can’t take it)… mr. Z used to be amazed when we’d be in Germany and I’d be introduced to a German who spoke good English but with an accent, of course…I’d say “He’s from Stuttgard, isn’t he”….Mr. Z would “How do YOU know that?” It was HOW they spoke ENGLISH …their German language gave them away if I’d once met a German speaking english from Stuttgart, then I knew from then one where they’d come from. I was almost never wrong. Love that stuff!!!
    Probably why I have been told I have an excellent accent in languages even if I don’t know them well……..When I order Mexican food, waiters start babbling off as if I speak fluently………’whoa whoa…..that’s as good as I get!” 🙂

    please tell us where this scheme of ‘boiled down English” comes from…I’m extremely fascinated!


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  32. bocopro says:

    The general process is referred to by many as P.O.L.E., or Principle Of Least Effort. In other words, lazymouth. See the highlighted paragraph here:

    We have unwritten rules for simplifying language, such as dropping the final “g” or gliding over certain letters, such as the silent “k” in knife, or whole groups of letters as in “worcestershire.” In medieval England, ‘knife’ would have been pronounced “k-nee-fuh” in many locales.

    Another interesting research path is “The Great Vowel Shift,” one of my favorites.

    One of the most effective examples of POLE I used in my classes was “ammo.”

    Here’s the derivation:

    I am going to _______ (standard English before POLE is applied)

    I’m going to (contract I am)
    I’m goin’ to (drop final g)
    I’m gonna (anticipate and elide going and to)

    and eventually on the street in certain places you’ll hear

    “Ammo” _______

    Five syllables, to four, to three, and eventually two. Least effort.

    My grandmother was a McCoy/Campbell with roots back to Appalachia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana. I grew up in Boone County, Indiana (hence the BoCo).

    The degree completion plan for me to get the PhD would’ve required research trips to Scotland, Ireland, England, and Germany, just for starters, and I didn’t have that kinda surplus cash lyin around, having already exhausted my G.I. Bill pickin up the MA so I could get the teaching certificate and start a second career.

    Now I just dig around for personal edification.


  33. bocopro says:

    In case you never ran across it (which you probably have), check out The Lord’s Prayer in old English. Note the dipthongs. Incidentally, the translation in this particular clip isn’t quite accurate. However, you’ll see instantly that English is a Germanic language with numerous thefts and veneers injected into and laid upon it over the centuries, the largest being first Latin and later Norman French.

    There are much better examples available if you’re interested, but I gotta go make some breakfast for my son, who’s coming to fix my roof.

    Note also the “daily bread”: gedaeghwhamlican hlaf. The “hlaf” basically meant “food,” though it was eventually corrupted into “loaf,” which later became “bread.”


  34. Juleslandia says:

    I SWAN! Takes me back …. My mom and other West Texas relatives would say this all the time. My mom still does sometimes, but she tricked it out even more with “I swanny.”


  35. Bocopro,
    Thank you for telling us about your grandmother. I had a great aunt much like her. And, yes, she said, “I swan.”


  36. Bocopro,
    Wonderful linguistics lessons from you. Thank you!


  37. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, if you were married on Jan 8, it just now occurred to me you shared your ann. with my parents!


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