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This is so important…time to start respecting Christianity again and prayer to the living God is part of that, isn’t it, not to a God of death and destruction but a God of love, a God of forgiveness, a God of many warnings, a God of righteousness, a God of redemption, the God of salvation…..We could all write even more glowing adjectives for our God.

Perhaps you will send this video to your children or grandchildren;  remind them that it’s okay to stand up for God! Make it their mission….  It’s a SHAME if we don’t……’s dangerous when we don’t.  We need God.   Our nation needs God badly.

“For whoever is ashamed of me and of my words, of him will the Son of Man be ashamed when he comes in his glory and the glory of the Father and of the holy angels.”  Luke 9:26

Please pray for revival, for an end to shame and a time when Christians speak up loudly for God.  Some of the candidates are appealing stronger to Evangelicals than ever before;  that means their research shows THEY ARE THERE in BIG numbers, those candidates are not afraid or ashamed.  This could work wonders in our world.

jesus over shame

Pray, pray, pray……….sometimes it’s all we’ve got, and that’s a pretty darned wonderful “all”, isn’t it.

Happy prayerful Sunday.  If each of you said a prayer right now before commenting, or clicking to another blog, that’s more prayer than there was two minutes ago!

“Instead of your shame there shall be a double portion; instead of dishonor they shall rejoice in their lot; therefore in their land they shall possess a double portion; they shall have everlasting joy.”   Isaiah 61:7

Thanks!  Z

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15 Responses to Sunday Faith Blog

  1. jerrydablade says:

    Thanks for this, Z. No shame in your game. Have a blessed Sunday everyone!


  2. Angel says:

    AMEN Z! miss u girl! xoxoxox


  3. geeez2014 says:

    Angel! Thought I was able to post again, all went well until I DID try and it said “It looks like you’ve been flagged for spam” SOmehow, ouir two blogs are just not jiving! I’m so sorrry!
    Happy New Year…miss u, too

    Jerry…thanks a LOT…


  4. Mal says:

    Great video, Z. I’m encouraged by the fact a year hence, we will return to being One Nation Under God because we will have a new President from “the other party” as our leader. Hopefully, we will return to being a Judeo-Christian nation with religion and prayer being open and even encouraged not only in schools but all walks of life.


  5. Silverfiddle says:

    We are the radicals now. They are the mainstream, stodgy progressive morality prigs with the sticks up their wazoos.


  6. Mal says:

    I believe what amazes me the most is how easily the American people accept our turning away from God for the sake of P.C. yet we keep hearing that 86% of us believe in God! I guess SAYING you believe, and BELIEVING, are totally different.


  7. Baysider says:

    Great video. How did you find this? Is it ‘going around’?

    Prayer … still our most powerful weapon. Jesus never told us to be offensive, but he warned us that our faith will offend. Once it’s visible the mere possession of it is a rebuke to others who don’t want to be ‘told what to do’ by modern saints or the highest rabbi of all.


  8. Sparky says:

    Very powerful video! I PRAY that these young folks can help make a difference.
    Hope your day is blessed.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, there’s the youtube address; a friend had sent this to me this week. My Sunday Faith blog writes itself; I either take it down like a transcriber (I don’t believe it’s all me) or a friend sends something just right….never ever fails.
    It’s so inspiring to see kids feel this way.

    Sparks….yes, we must be praying for our young folks to wake up…and quickly .
    Same to you on the blessed day, my friend. I hope you’re feeling better?

    Mal, I often wonder about that…good point. And WHY would stores, knowing that the stats say Americans fess up to faith in Christ to the tune of actually about 75% NOT want their sales people saying MERRY CHRISTMAS? How dumb and unproductive is THAT?
    And secularists need badly to know that should Republicans win in November (and lots of bet markers are betting we will, believe it or not), nobody wants a CHURCH STATE….it cracks me UP when they suggest that;

    I believe (SF AND MAL) that part of this sudden calling us EVANGELICALS and talking about their huge voting numbers IS to worry mainstream Americans from voting for a strong Christian…This is all rubbish. We didn’t want a religious Christian state BEFORE the onslaught of anti-Christianity and we won’t tomorrow, either. We’re AMERICAN, we go by the Constitution…..unlike some we know.; are SO RIGHT. Among the media, among leftwingers, most young people…Christians are the moronic out-of-touch radicals. Re that stick up the wazoo…can I PUSH ? (smile)


  10. bocopro says:

    My mother, who never set foot inside a church in her adult life except to attend a wedding or a funeral, sent me this back about a dozen years ago:

    Now I sit me down in school
    Where praying is against the rule
    For this great nation under God
    Finds mention of Him very odd.
    If Scripture now the class recites,
    It violates the Bill of Rights.
    And anytime my head I bow
    Becomes a Federal matter now.
    Our hair can be purple, orange or green,
    That’s no offense; it’s a freedom scene.
    The law is specific, the law is precise.
    Prayers spoken aloud are a serious vice.
    For praying in a public hall
    Might offend someone with no faith at all.
    In silence alone we must meditate,
    God’s name is prohibited by the state.
    We’re allowed to cuss and dress like freaks,
    And pierce our noses, tongues and cheeks.
    They’ve outlawed guns, but FIRST the Bible.
    To quote the Good Book makes me liable.
    We can elect a pregnant Senior Queen,
    And the ‘unwed daddy,’ our Senior King.
    It’s “inappropriate” to teach right from wrong,
    We’re taught that such “judgments” do not belong.
    We can get our condoms and birth controls,
    Study witchcraft, vampires and totem poles.
    But the Ten Commandments are not allowed,
    No word of God must reach this crowd.
    It’s scary here I must confess,
    When chaos reigns the school’s a mess.
    So, Lord, this silent plea I make:
    Should I be shot; My soul please take! Amen ”

    Mother was a believer, but not a follower. Didn’t like other people telling her what kind of relationship she should have with her creator or with eternity. Hard-headed Scots-Irish woman who said little but had no fear of speaking what was on her mind if she felt it necessary.

    I asked her one time when I was a teenager if she’d ever read the Bible (which I’d just finished doing). She said, “Too hard to follow. Think I’ll just wait for the movie to come out.”

    Later, when she was leanin hard on 90, she said, “I’ve done nothing in my life to be ashamed of. When I stand in judgment, I’ll be the one with nothing to try to explain away.”


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Well, Mother wasn’t Scriptural at the end, it’s got little to do with what we did, but I sure do believe any mother of yours is with God!
    I think we all hope to be followers of Christ; whether we go to church or not is OUR BUSINESS, not anybody else’s….I just know how very VERY rich I feel at my church surrounded by the smartest, coolest, kindest people anyone can imagine.
    All of us believe…none of us are silly following sheep…we’re ALL still seeking, studying , and still coming up with FAITH.
    I am SO grateful. And brother, there was a time I fought this.


  12. Baysider says:

    I just heard this from a Dennis Prager show. A caller read the program from a graduation in his NY city public school IN 1944. Ready?
    – March of the graduates
    – Reading of Scripture
    – Hymn
    – The Lord’s Prayer
    – Salute to the Flag
    – Star Spangled Banner

    Chilling to think how far we’ve sunk.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    boy, Baysider, that IS an amazing contrast…….
    It felt good just reading those things……and how much better our society really was….how much more respectful, decent, healthy.
    Thanks for sharing this……except it almost hurts, doesn’t it!?


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  15. Mal says:

    Baysider, that was during WW ll and EVERYBODY prayed then….even Atheists, I think!


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