if trump wins

Loved this and thought you would, too!   Comments!?

*(KATIE HOPKINS…well worth reading the whole article…WELL worth it)


I just got this email from my stepson in Munich and thought you all ought to start hearing the REAL TRUTH, not the MEDIA TRUTH:   So, concurrent to my blog post this morning, read the info below and tell us HOW YOU THINK TRUMP WOULD HANDLE THIS:

Regarding the big topic here in Germany:  it turns out that in ALL cities over the country kanacken (VERY nasty word for the nastier of the immigrants…I apologize to Germans reading this)  groups attacked girls, even in small towns, so this is a mass phenomenon.

And it turns out that police, politics and media did everything possible to keep the news under the table. Now each of them are accusing the other to have concealed infos. But it is clear now that police knew relatively fast what was going on but didn’t have the power and the equipment and the will to handle the situation. Girls were not only touched but virtually surrounded and then attacked. Some had little note papers with explicit words written on.

Many girls were saved by bouncers of nearby clubs. One of these guys protected some girls and the moslem mob told him to hand over the girls , they are theirs!!! can you imagine that?  It’s getting more bizarre everyday, it is unbelievable what happened.

Many left politcians said that this has nothing to do with the islam but rather a general male sexism problem. That’s a good one. I can’t remember that 1000 German men met at the train station to start mass attacks on girls.

Even moderate people are beginning to think that the self destroying politics in Germany are leading to a civil war soon…..Mr. Mr Z, Jr.

Wild, huh?  Thoughts?  This also explains why most German men couldn’t help much….and the heroism of those who could.


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  1. jerrydablade says:

    HAHA! If Trump wins, Rosie won’t HAVE to move to Canada. Trump will have his security throw her ugly (blog edit) over the border (after first taking her coat:)


  2. Silverfiddle says:

    That is funny. Thanks for the Monday morning laugh!

    Despite my New Years Prediction, I am beginning to wonder if Trump just might win, not just the GOP nomination, but the presidency. I think there’s a lot of crossover potential there.

    The SEIU gang boss worried publicly last week that over half of her membership were going to vote Republican. I also don’t think working Hispanics are turned off they way the leftwing activists are trying to make us believe.


  3. “I don’t buy into the clear divide between extremist Muslims and peaceful ones. I don’t see these as two separate entities. It is a sliding scale, a spectrum. From utterly peaceful, to ambivalence to sympathising, to extremist, to a man blowing up buses in Woburn Place.”

    I think that’s very well put.

    Further, hopefully Hillary is heading to “Leavenworth” regardless of the General Election outcome!


  4. Kid says:

    Great article Z, Thanks for bringing it forward. Katie and I agree on much. And she should move to America. Anyone who thinks like her should. We would benefit having them here.


  5. Mustang says:

    Excellent article … and also, thanks for the laugh. And what Kid said.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Jerry! You saw that “and don’t give him his coat, it’s really cold out there” thing in Vermont, too! What kind of person says that, heckler or no heckler? Gad.
    But you did put that SO WELL…”Bye bye, Rosie….”. Heck, if she did leave, I’d even return her coat 🙂

    Silverfiddle; I believe the hopeful leftwingers don’t understand Hispanics well; I can’t tell you how many Hispanic friends I have who’re very conservative. Cubans, particularly, are conservative. They understand the opposite side too well to go liberal. the SEIU? I hadn’t heard that! HURRAH!

    JMB: I’d say from ‘utterly peaceful’ to ‘a man blowing himself up’ is a pretty darned clear divide!?
    Let’s not hold our breaths on Hillary going to Leavenworth but there’s honestly not much more I would hope for; the money they’ve raised in such questionable places for their ‘foundation’, the way she’s so pro woman and courts countries for money even though they kill women, etc etc…or at least oppress them…awful. And the LYING!!??

    Kid, I like Katie, too; I don’t believe I’d heard of her and was glad to highlight her here today.

    Mustang and all; glad you had a good laugh, too!!


  7. bocopro says:

    Situation in Germany sounds to me as if a good ol’-fashioned Dungaree Liberty would be appropriate.

    Any salviejos or jarheads who were around in the 50s or had fathers who were will know what that means.


  8. Z,

    “I’d say from ‘utterly peaceful’ to ‘a man blowing himself up’ is a pretty darned clear divide!?”

    “to ambivalence to sympathizing”
    I took her reference above to mean an intermediate group, falling between “utterly peaceful” and “a man blowing himself up”, that could go either way and very [unclear] as to which way they might go. Therefore, in my mind, her term “sliding scale” stands.

    Thanks for the up-date about Germany. I now think that I understand it a little better.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    JMB…glad that email information helped…I think it’s confounding us all because the very idea of letting in millions who will, quite literally, ruin a country’s culture and economy, (which is going to happen, there’s no way it won’t..no way) is so insane.
    And now we have Philadelphia’s mayor saying “nobody in this room believes this shooting had anything to do with Islam” so we’re not far behind Merkel and really ought to wake up…FAST.

    AOW…people are FINALLY speaking out against merkel, but this truly is insanity.

    And I’m starting ,more and more, to think my gut feeling a year ago that some muslim country has nukes and we don’t know about it but our leaders do, is true and is why the West is fearfully acquiescing.


  10. Silverfiddle says:

    Europe has arrived at this point thanks to speech codes and government-controlled media.


  11. Baysider says:

    Will circle back to the article later – LOVE that headline.

    Re: Germany. Did you know the NY Times called these men from a socially conservative culture? !!!! The word Islam did get mentioned, but the thrust is SOCIAL CONSERVATIVE. So, like, you had a party in St. George, Utah and girls couldn’t go out in the public square because all those socially conservative Mormons pose such a threat? Was is social conservative that ran around in gangs whacking people on the street to kill them not long ago?

    One visitor in a German city recently was shown around by a school teacher, and saw a refugee camp of 170. His guide calmly said “we think there are only about 14 jihadis in there.” ONLY???

    BTW, Germany HAS seen this behavior (a variation) once before — in 1945+ by North African French troops.


  12. Angel says:

    lol great reason to stump for Trump! got u out of the spam filter at WHT! hun! xoxoxox:)


  13. geeez2014 says:

    OH, Angel! I saw the other email I’d written at your place, but the last one I typed did go back into Spam, according to the message I got. What the HECk is going on!??
    Anyway, thanks for trying. xxx

    Baysider “only”…cool, huh? Unbelievable.
    Like Prager was saying this morning “so Islam is NOT responsible for some of the terrorism in America? Let’s see how many people convert to Christianity or Judaism and try to kill a cop!” Also, I’m not surprised to hear that American anti-Jewish incidents are five times more than anti-islam incidents, yet look how LOUD Muslims are for the tiniest perceived slight to them……

    This world truly IS upside down…………the Leftlist media’s having its way…imagine using SOCIAL CONSERVATIVE, knowing full well that that conjures up Republican sensibilities…typical


  14. Mal says:

    Well……..I don’t believe I need to add anything regarding my attitude toward Trump. I’ve made it clear from the git-go I think he is exactly what we need to pull us out of this mess so I’m happy to see more folks getting on board. As for the Brits, I don’t believe the majority of them are opposed to Trump. In fact, they probably wish they had someone like him instead of Angela M.


  15. @Mal,
    “I think he is exactly what we need to pull us out of this mess”
    Are you suggesting that someone with proven business acumen, on a world scale, would be better than a screeching, unethical criminal or a Marxist curmudgeon? WOW, I’ve got to think about that for a few seconds!


  16. Mal says:

    Yeah, I can see the smoke comin’ outta your ears from thinkin’ about that one, John! ;o)


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, you made a great point on my Sunday Faith Blog yesterday, that everybody prayed then.
    Did they pray IN school when you were growing up? What kind of situation was that? In class, between classes, before every class? Did they mention GOD or did they go so far as mention JESUS?
    I have so many Jewish friends around my age, even older, who loved that stuff, even the Christian stuff, and laugh at the non-Christmas baloney going on now.
    I’d love to hear about the prayers in school…. thanks so much


  18. Mal,

    Yeah, just call me “Smokey”! (LOL)


  19. Bob says:

    I think that Trump understands exactly how to keep Muslim refugees from entering our country. Just make a list of Muslim countries, and forbid their citizens to travel to the USA.

    He also knows how to get rid of Hispanic illegal immigrants. All he h as to do is to politely ask them to go home, and then enforce existing laws on employers to not hire illegal aliens. This is not an impossible thing to do, and a very large contingent would simply go back to their homes. There would be no need to round up millions of people. As a matter of fact, we could make money by selling them all tickets whatever border town they prefer.

    Trump always sounds rediculous, but he always knows exactly what he is saying. We have all under-estimated the man. He is a real kick-butt guy.


  20. Baysider says:

    Everything about the Hopkins article is worth reading. Places policemen won’t patrol in uniform? In the country where bobbies did not carry guns until a few years ago?

    But THIS is priceless: It isn’t a big, brash American untroubled by the need to be loved.


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  22. Mal says:

    Z, no, I don’t remember prayers being in classes when I went to school in L.A. but it also wasn’t discouraged, either. We could openly pray at any time, anywhere, if we pleased. It wasn’t looked at as a threat to anyone. We simply didn’t even think about it and could do it if we pleased. Ah! The good ole days!


  23. Silverlady says:

    For those who have seen ‘Pawn Stars’, fugly Rosie looks like she & Chumly (sp.?) were conjoined twins separated at birth.


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