I wasn’t going to ask about your thoughts on the DEBATE but it was so much more peppy and interesting that I thought I would:

Who do YOU think won?   WHY?   Tell me any thoughts you have on the whole night!   

Also, did you watch the “B TEAM” debate?

Thanks!  Z

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11 Responses to DEBATE talk

  1. I didn’t watch the B Team.

    But I did manage to watch much of the main debate.

    My takeaway: Bush, Carson, and Kasich are done — Carson being the biggest loser, IMO. All the others on the stage had their good moments — i.e., their powerful moments.

    I’m drawn to Rubio as the candidate. However, I don’t believe that it’s his time. He’s almost too perfect with his delivery and command of facts.

    Cruz doesn’t have the look of a strong man. Oh, how we need a strong man right now! On more than one level.

    Here’s an interesting factoid….During the debate, Hillary wasn’t looked up much on social media. Sanders was.


  2. John M. Berger says:

    I’ll nominate Trump as: MOST IMPROVED.


  3. bunkerville says:

    A good debate. Lots of energy and good questions I thought for the most part. Cruz did about the best. Agree with AOW.


  4. bocopro says:

    Excerpt from my daily rant after reading discussions about last nite’s “debate”:

    Trump is not a politician, not a legislator, not a governor, not a diplomat . . . he’s just an experienced manager. Much is involved with being the leader of the free world that he’s not familiar with.

    So . . . how do we keep him out of trouble in his ignorance? Give him a Veep and a cabinet who DO know about all those things.

    My team, then, would be

    Trump as PotUS

    Cruz as VP

    Krauthammer as ChOfStaff

    Bolton as SecState

    Fiorina as SecTreas

    Romney as DirOMB

    Christie as SecDef

    Graham as AttyGen

    Palin as SecInt

    Perry as SecLabor & Ag

    Kasich as SecCommerce

    Huckabee as SecHHS

    Giuliani as SecHomSec

    Carson as SurgGen

    McCain as SecVA

    Baier as Press Sec

    Rubio as GOP Squire

    Sanders as Comedy Relief

    Clinton as Javelin Catcher


  5. Mal says:

    We weren’t able to watch the debate due to it not being included with our cable TV, however we did watch what I took to be the key moments of it following the debate on several different channels. Trump is still my choice because his success has been by surrounding himself with experts in the fields needed to succeed, then, unlike Obama, actually LISTENS TO THEM! He has previously said he has many very, very smart people he will use and I believe him. He has been my choice since the beginning………and still is. That being said, i will vote for any of them. Its that important.


  6. Bocopro,
    I would expect Trump to choose some of the individuals you mentioned.

    It seems to me that we are in uncharted territory for this election cycle.


  7. Mustang says:

    @ AOW

    With another Clinton and another Bush … the territory is well-charted. Trump’s cleverness in defending New York values does not make him presidential material. It only illustrates what a dope Cruz was for making such a statement.


  8. Bob says:

    I missed the B debate. I saw where Fiorina was her sharp self, but too bad she is not on the main stage, anymore. She could take on any of the others one-on-one, and win in a debate. However, that’s why we have a B debate, and then the A debate. Whoever we win has to have backing by the voters, and that’s what the metric of poll standing is all about.

    More and more, I don’t like Cruz. He really screwed up with the New York reference, and Trump trounced him with an unforgettable, emotional response. That kind of stuff sticks to folds, and helps the candidate.

    Rubio really gained some ground, and would be better served by NOT attacking Chris Christie. Debating Christie is like trying to handle a rattle snake. You are lucky if you are not bitten.

    Trump is still Trump. His phony attack on Cruz about his citizenship just serves to make more noise, but there are those who feast on the noise whether there’s truth or not.

    Looking for a winner? I think the Republican Party is the winner. Trump, Cruz, and Rubio have now distinguished themselves as capable of winning.

    The loser is poor Jeb Bush, even though he may have had a good night (for him). He made smart arguments, but did not show strength.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    I like Bush a LOT more than any of you do. I think he’s about the only genuine one of up there, frankly. I don’t always agree with him but I don’t always agree with any of them. It’s just that he’s a Bush and people are that sensitive to that…he doesn’t have a chance of winning, of course.

    I felt badly Carly was on the B Team this time…thrilled Rand Paul declined; I couldn’t have listened to him again.

    Rubio does so well each time yet the pundits either don’t get him or don’t like him and say otherwise. he thinks very quick on his feet.

    SOmebody might be getting to Trump; he still says unfounded stuff but he’s not as damned MEAN as usual lately. He’s so disingenuous “I didn’t say Cruz wasn’t born here..someone ASKED ME…..(but we’d better check)”” stuff, which he’s done MANY MANY times now, shows a man I’d not vote for EVER but, of course, I will if it’s all I’ve got.

    Bocopro; if Trump icked Palin for anything, I’d have to go drown myself.

    Bunk; i thought it was very entertaining … still doesn’t show much about their stances but CERTAINLY shows a LOT about their personalities and who’s just plain LYING and who isn’t.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Not a big Glenn Beck fan, but what he made said tonight on FOX about Trump got me thinking; He said that you don’t hear much about the Constitution out of Trump; it’s not that he doesn’t believe in big gov’t, it’s just that he believes it needs to be run by new people….
    Of course, he left out that these new people would be America-loving, disciplined, economically smart lovers of things LEGAL, not ILLEGAL, but….

    Cruz, love him or not (and I DO NOT) does go for the small gov’t we’d all like. Man, I have such a hard time with Cruz.


  11. John M. Berger says:

    Sometimes I find Glenn Beck to be way over-the-top!


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