American Sailors….Iran’s insult

THIS article on the Iranian Sailor-Grab is pretty good…..What really bothers me is how all the news channels are playing the video of the sailor saying he’s grateful for the treatment by the Iranians and all the news channels are curious as to if this was coerced.

The first time I saw the video, on FOX, I think, they included audio of a Persian accented man saying something like “and have you been treated well?”   And, since that first time, I have not heard that once on any of the news venues, which I find fascinating.  Seems to me that that question sounds like it was part of instructions “You will talk and include this, this, and this….,”  right?   It bugs me every time I hear the sailor and they cut the audio just before that question.

Thoughts on this insult by Iran to our country?  (You can see where I stand on it, I guess!)


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6 Responses to American Sailors….Iran’s insult

  1. Do I have the sequence of events correct?

    1. Iran nabs the sailors (because the Obama administration requested Iran to assist our stranded sailors?)
    2. The sailors are released.
    3. Kerry apologizes to Iran.
    4. Iran releases the photos and the video.
    5. The Obama administration and the mainstream media trumpet the release of the sailors as testimony to the genius of the Obama administration’s having an understanding with Iran because of the nuke deal.


  2. bocopro says:

    It has a foul, foetid, rancid odor about it, from the head down. For two similarly equipped Navy craft to have mechanical and GPS failures simultaneously is hard enough to believe, but for the SecState to ask for assistance from a lying, finagling, terrorist-sponsoring, troublemaking enemy outdoes the entire history of the Soetoro regime’s demolition of US prestige, credibility, honor, and dignity.

    When a Navy vessel has a breakdown, it requests help from nearby NAVY units, not the Persian Imperial Guard, dammit! This is not some ringknocker lieutenant reciting a badly worded and possibly coerced dismissal of a simple nautical misadventure. This is a surveillance mission gone wrong and complete breakdown of SOP and discipline and behavior at levels much above an O-3. Scrambled eggs were involved.

    Somebody needs to be publicly horsewhipped and thrown into a volcano.


  3. jerrydablade says:

    Z, I didn’t hear that video you referenced, but would it be a surprise to anyone that these ‘apologies’ were coerced? We will never get the full story, but I have no doubt they received orders to “stand down”. The only salve for this humiliation at this point for me would be to see a photo of obama and kerry on their knees with their hands on their heads.


  4. From this post today at Infidel Bloggers Alliance (emphasis mine):

    Proper foreign policy DETERS the actions the IRGC and nation of Iran took this week, it does not SUBSEQUENTLY place our men in the middle of a red circle, then allow them to be coerced and humiliated before THANKING the offenders.

    Those who think the proper actions occurred this week are DELUDED and IN DENIAL.
    Barack Obama has destroyed deterrence and given those inimical to the way of life of the people of the USA, incentive to act as they did this week.


  5. bunkerville says:

    I bet we never ever hear another word from these sailors. Period. Think about their families and what they have and are now are going through.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Bunkerville, I really wonder if we’ll hear anything. I think you’re probably right, unless one of them has a parent willing to tell the truth of what he was told from his son or daughter.

    Now the pentagon is saying we goofed, that didn’t do the navigation correctly! BOTH BOATS?

    AOW: Some are saying that all Iran had to do was wave the soldiers on; that their boats weren’t there long, that this should never have happened EXCEPT to humiliate us, of course.
    Others are saying our captain went below with others and that caused this problem, as if our boats DRIFT? AND that they’re considering court martial for the sailors.

    Jerry, don’t you think it’s odd they have cut off that bit I first heard, never to hear again?

    Bocopro; something smells so bad, doesn’t it?

    Now I’m hearing Abidini is free along with Razaian and I’m going to ask about that in a post


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