Americans Freed

SO Rezaian and Abedini are going to be freed…there’s word their planes could have already taken off, in the last thirty minutes.  Them, AND our Marine and an American Iranian businessman.    No Robert Levinson, apparently.

I’d normally be SO much more excited but something in my guts tells me “…not so fast..”

Here’s is a paragraph from THIS LINK WHICH GIVES DETAILS that caught my attention:

Iranian officials have met recently with some of the prisoners held in the United States to see if they would be willing to return to Iran if a swap was agreed, said a person familiar with the cases who asked not to be identified.

Iranian officials meet with our prisoners?  And they wonder IF they’d be willing to return to Iran?   IF?   Odd, don’t you think?

CNN is using this as a swipe at the Republicans who were angry this swap didn’t happen with the “Nuke Deal”, of course. “See?  Our State Dept HAS been on this and they should have just understood and been patient,” (I paraphrase Blitzer and Smerconish).   And they’re pretty much only mentioning Rezaian, not the PASTOR who hasn’t seen his children in about 3 years.

THOUGHTS ON THEIR RELEASES?  I should also mention a Marine who was released, Amir Hekmati, though the news is barely mentioning him, sadly.  It seems that a fifth is confirmed to be released and that’s an American student, Matthew Trevithick, who has apparently been languishing in jail there without at least the little bit of support that Rezaian and Abedini have received.

Shep Smith, on FOX, treated Ric Grenell (a favorite of mine) as if he was such an ideological conservative moron that he couldn’t be happy for the releases because Grenell was curious about the details, when Grenell had worked FOR the families in the release efforts.  Smith was really in typical leftwing “I’m SO moderate and so much smarter because of it” mode, as usual, this morning.  I had to turn him off.


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15 Responses to Americans Freed

  1. Mal says:

    Unfortunately, we have become leery of any negotiations made by this administration. Like Trump has continually stated, we have been taken advantage of by all the other countries and wants to change that. I haven’t heard any of the other candidates making this point. Trump is known for being a shrewd negotiator. Love him or hate him, we need him. Another point to consider; Why is he willing to put aside the managing of his properties to run for office? He is also concerned that the hotels and casinos he owns around the world will be in jeopardy if the current trend and the proliferation of Muslims around the world continues and figures he is the best one to stop it and I agree.


  2. bocopro says:

    B’lieve I’ll hold off on the euphoria, praise, and benediction ’til after the other shoe has dropped.

    The illegitimate Soetoro regime has a long history of promises gone south and deals gone sour.

    And Iran has an even longer history of deception and rancor and treachery with the US.


  3. Baysider says:

    I can’t help but feel relief for the individuals and their loved ones. BUT … I suspect it wasn’t part of the ‘deal’ at all. At least not the original deal. Maybe a backdoor deal forced through congress. The CIA guy is probably not living. According to Andrew McCarthy the GOP rigged the law to allow Obama to do this without normal treaty approval. Maybe this is their crumb?

    It’s rather like the school bully who gives back your book after you give him your ring, your jacket, your cell phone, and write his papers for him. The mere paltritude of this arrangement gives us cause to mourn afresh our feckless leadership.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, as I just now added to my post, Shep Smith on FOX this morning, and the CNN gang, are all bemoaning anybody who’s just not thrilled about these releases, or at least is thrilled AND careful and curious about the circumstances. It’s loathsome reporting…ANYTHING to make the conservatives look bad.
    There is so much stink to this deal that you have to be so gung-ho this administration as to put your brains away to believe it’s just what they’re telling us it is.

    bocopro; Iran, has, AGAIN, made US look like jerks. We’re giving THEM 150 BILLION and they’re treating us like ………badly.

    Mal, are you implying Trump’s more concerned about his holdings around the world being attacked by muslims and causing business to go south than he is about America? 🙂 I know you’re not, but… !!

    HOWEVER: I know we are ALL THRILLED TO BITS these people are finally released. Odd, I believe I’ve heard the name MATTHEW TREVITHICK, but not anywhere NEAR as often as I’ve heard Rezaian or Abedini or even Hekmati’s names….


  5. geeez2014 says:

    Just put Blitzer on again and, as usual, CNN’s biggest thrust is not joy the hostages are out but he starts the news story every time with “Republicans were hard on Obama for not having negotiated the release as part of the nukes deal, but…………” (but, now they’re shown to be morons and Obama’s justified)

    Now they’re saying “There have been negotiations for a YEAR” (WHY?)



  6. Mal says:

    It COULD be interpreted that way, Z, but we both know how it was meant. Pun taken in stride!


  7. Bob says:

    The State Dept said that the nuke negotiations were disconnected from any efforts to free the prisoners. Now, we see that there is a prisoner swap. We still got screwed. We could have gotten the prisoners back in the nuke negotiation rather than the big nothing Obama secured.

    Plus, don’t you think the timing is suspicious? Don’t you think that the capture and release of the
    American sailors is suspicious, especially when none of the stories on how it happened makes sense. Two GPS’s going defective at the same time? Two simultaneous engine failures? Could not one of the riverine boats have towed the other boat to safety?

    As usual, with any Obama deal you have to wait for the other shoe to drop to see just how bad the deal really is.


  8. Kid says:

    I’m also inclined to wait and see how things turn out. I believe we never get a truthful accounting of stories like these.


  9. Mustang says:
    Once again, the Iranians illustrate that they are more adept in international diplomacy than we are. The Obama administration has been nothing short of a win-win situation for the Iranians. I’m glad we are getting our citizens back (although it was stupid of them for having gone over there to begin with), but I am tired of losing to the Iranians at almost every turn.


  10. fredd says:

    We’ll wait and see how this goes from here. Recall Barry doing the end zone booty dance in the Rose Garden when the traitor Bo Bergdahl was released (after giving up 5 taliban generals in exchange). So far, that Bergdahl deal has been far from perfect. Closer to the truth, that was a complete and unmitigated disaster.

    I have a feeling this one may turn out really bad as well.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Well, I agree with you all……….

    Mal, I did have to tease you!

    You are ALL RIGHT….I think we need more information and we’ll never get it.

    What I’m REALLY interested in is how much Rezaian well be writing in the Wash Post…..if the Iranians have told him to shut anything up and if the Obama Admin has “had to” support Iran on this one in order to get them out…..Will Rezaian tell the truth or will he do what Obama’s admin tell him to do…’shut up’?

    How much will the student say? Why was he there, anyway? What WILL these people say?
    I just can’t SEE Iran allowing them to get together and write a big EXPOSE (accent over the last e!) of the travails of being in an Iranian prison…….it’s NO PICNIC, I’m SURE!

    I’ve been gone most of today so I need to see the news now and what’s happened while I WASN’T LOOKING 🙂


  12. Baysider says:

    Here’s the other shoe dropping: “As part of a prisoner swap with Iran, President Barack Obama granted clemency to seven men of Iranian origin either facing criminal charges in U.S. courts or already serving time in U.S. prison…” From They were violators of export sanctions to Iran (of what, not specified) and a hacker.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider; Yes, that was part of the deal….these men weren’t just released for nothing; they said they’d release IF the US would release Iranians accused of sanction violations.
    Here’s what I quoted from the article in my post above!s
    “Iranian officials have met recently with some of the prisoners held in the United States to see if they would be willing to return to Iran if a swap was agreed, said a person familiar with the cases who asked not to be identified.”
    i looved that….they aren’t even sure the Iranians WANT to come back? HA!!


  14. Baysider says:

    Yeah, I saw that. The ‘willing to return to Iran’ part is odd.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider! I’m sorry…I only quickly read your comment above mine and missed the clemency part,….I thought you’d only brought the 7 to our attention. CLEMENCY??? That’s amazing…What is promised in that “GREAT NUKE DEAL” Obama brags about?

    is there ANYTHING in it for US? We’re giving them, what..$150 BILLION? They’re not promising us complete overview of their nuke sites, etc etc…WHAT DID WEEEEEEEE GET???


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