Glenn Frey; RIP

Glenn Frey has passed away.   The founding member of The Eagles will always live in our hearts and minds through his terrific music.   He had very painful, long term illnesses…

Rest in Peace, Glenn Frey;  you’ll never, ever be forgotten.

So sad.

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7 Responses to Glenn Frey; RIP

  1. Kid says:

    Good Pick on the tune Z. I enjoyed his music.


  2. Lisa says:

    One of the greatest . I finally got to them in 2014


  3. Lisa says:

    “See them”


  4. Mustang says:

    Loved the sound …


  5. Sparky says:

    The Eagles had one the best bands around. Their music is timeless. Well, I hope he was saved. RIP Mr. Frey. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent for all of us to enjoy too.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    He sure did bring a LOT of good music and good times to a lot of people…and will continue to do so.
    I hope he was, too, Sparky.


  7. jerrydablade says:

    The Eagles were a collection of musical superstars, and Glenn was the best.


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