The Fascist Left….here we go again

And the Left calls the Right FASCIST?

When are they going to learn that free speech is important, that all opinions are valuable, that facts matter, even when they collide with their leftwing world views?

This isn’t a one-off incident or I wouldn’t post it;  this is happening in many ‘good’ American universities……Israel’s wrong (oh, and evil)/Palestinians are right.  If Israel was poor and couldn’t figure out how to grow crops and flourish in exactly the same topography as the Palestinian lands, perhaps the leftwing kids would support it?  Is it that Israel’s the RICH ONE (a terrible thing, as far as our left is concerned), or are they simply anti Semitic?

There IS no free speech unless it’s THEIR free speech….

And this is America?  And places of LEARNING?


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12 Responses to The Fascist Left….here we go again

  1. Alec says:

    There is fascism in America. Both the Democrats and Republicans are well on board. Proof? Look at their voting records. Are individuals losing “inalienable rights” like free speech?

    Left, right and fascist are all wiggly terms these days – used to evoke feelings of anger, rage or “team loyalty”. The left knows calling the right “fascist” works to enflame their constituents so they can be manipulated into shutting down their minds without listening to those “scary right wingers”.

    Israel’s no angel. The Palestinian leaders are mostly devils.


  2. bocopro says:

    Free speech! HAH! I laugh on your sleeve, Madame.

    How vociferously the liberals demand that we have a “conversation” about race, or immigration, or gay marriage, or Islam, or the whatever-du-jour. They insist that everybody gets a chance to express their views.

    Then how astonished and outraged they become when someone expresses views not in keeping with their agenda. It’s a form of obligatory mentioning, as when someone asks “How are you?”

    The last thing they want to hear is how you are, and regardless of how important leftistas say it is to get everyone’s opinion before making the final decision, they have no interest whatever in hearing facts or solutions or suggestions or alternatives which don’t comply with their closed-minded narrative.


  3. Silverfiddle says:

    The left, that has control of pop culture, the infotainment media, academia, and government bureaucracy shout FASCISM! at everyone to their right, but (with apologies to our Lord and Savior) they cannot see the bundle of sticks in their own eye.


  4. Mustang says:

    “…some pro-Israel students are afraid to voice their opinions in the classroom.” The revolutionaries were afraid too, but that didn’t stop them from doing what had to be done. It took courage to create America; it takes courage to preserve her, too.


  5. Kid says:

    Liberals are fantasy addicted. They decide what to believe before any investigation or discussion. They’re sociopath and usually mentally diseased. The kids want to believe that everyone is Ok, except for the Conservatives. They don’t like Conservatives because we bring facts that challenge their fantasies or their comfort zone. Everything is either awesome, badass or adorable, Or all three. This is the world they want to live in so this is the world they believe.


  6. John M. Berger says:

    Great comments, all! Anything that I can think of, to say, would only amount to redundancy.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Alec, the left is rarely referred to as fascist, the right constantly is by the left, that’s why I posted this and think it’s important to show even more hypocrisy.
    Israel is an angel in comparison…many (not all) “Isrealis did it” stories are made up, and the news spends many minutes covering only Israel’s retribution for the almost daily attacks they have on their soil that the news either doesn’t realize or won’t report.

    bocopro; the true sorrow is that our kids don’t even realize they’re such SHEEP.

    SF: Exactly

    Mustang; Sadly, they’re being graded and that makes them stay quiet. However, I personally know a couple of kids who’ve stood up for their beliefs at college and actually been appreciated by their leftwing profs…I believe that’s rare! My own nephew told me “At Columbia, I just had to write down what the prof said and give it back on tests and in papers….my grade was too important to me”

    Kid, I agree…..the Left’s made a cottage industry of CARING…Republicans don’t care about the poor, the sick, the elderly, about clean air and water, about anything……this is when you want to say to university kids “you seriously think they don’t care? They ARE the poor, they sometimes ARE the sick, they are the elderly, they breathe and they drink……”
    Kids haven’t thought that through!!!

    JMB….all good, indeed!


  8. Silverlady says:

    Well, what else do you expect when a large percentage of graduates think Judge Judy is on the Supreme Court. As Rush has said many time, ‘brains full of mush’. My only hope is that they can’t find their way to the polls.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Silverlady…well said; the problem is the lefties are paying for buses to go pick up those not smart enough to find the polling stations.
    I have no problem with picking up those without transportation….something I doubt Republicans are smart enough to do, but I DO have a problem with the way I KNOW WITH CERTAINTY that many elderly folks, mostly Blacks in my experience, get absentee ballots arranged by young Black kids, then have young Black voters come pick them up for them.. as if they aren’t altering!? This happens a LOT.


  10. cube says:

    It’s impossible to argue with a liberal whose mind is made up about the fascism of the political right. Don’t confuse them with facts. It’s akin to trying to teach a pig how to sing. It’s a waste of time and it will only annoy the pig.


  11. Baysider says:

    The whole Israel thing reveals the racism of low expectations. “Of course we can excuse why a ‘Palestinian’ would randomly stab an Israeli out of frustration” but nooooh, we can’t EVER say an Israeli might be excused for frustrations.


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