The Media’s Mouth…….

jackass for blogWe’re going to be hearing a lot of junk this year out of the media…leading up to the elections.  Yes, we always hear a lot of junk from the media, but it’s going to be tougher than ever as it skews every story to make any Republican involved look guiltier than the Democrat who was also heavily involved in it….they’re going to go into overdrive.

How do you plan to cope?  Do you stop watching TV News?  Do you only read the news? Once you hear a news story, do you Google around to see just how true it really is?

What will you do to try to get THE TRUTH?

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  1. If you read my last post you’d see my response.
    #1. Don’t knee jerk.


  2. jerrydablade says:

    I stopped watching TV news a long time ago. So long ago, it was way back when Fox News offered a conservative alternative. Now I listen to my favorite conservative podcasts and read my favorite news sites of trusted sources, with Geeez at the top of my list (how’s that for pandering, Z?)

    As for the media trying to herd folks in a particular direction, this year will be no different. We don’t, however, have to allow them to pick our candidate for us.


  3. bocopro says:

    Tend to read stuff on line more than listen to talking heads explaining things to me that their writers and editors have gleefully prepared for them to recite to ensure I get the proper message on things.

    Will watch Baier, and I do pay attention to Krauthammer, but not the rest of ’em. O’Reilly’s opening memo thing is usually pretty good . . . I just don’t like watching him for some reason. Ditto for Coulter — truly admire her skill with words/metaphors/snark and such, but don’t like watching her talk. So I read ’em.

    Used to like to watch Malkin, primarily because she did exhaustive research on her topic and then smoothed up her delivery, which was generally straightforward and credible. Lately, tho, she’s gotten a bit full of herself with attitude and non-verbs, so I just read her now.

    Can’t stand Rove. Wish his larynx would fly out of his mouth and be run over by a trash truck. Same with Mathews. But I like to get both sides, so I read CNN and Fox and even Maddow sometimes, ’cause although she’s deluded, she’s not exactly stupid.

    Won’t answer fone calls from numbers or names I don’t recognize. Period. And I don’t spend much time watching local news except for weather. Must admit, tho, that the early morning guy is pretty good. Think he sets up much of his own copy for the prompter, and he comes across as knowledgeable but unbiased . . . an anachronism in political terms.

    And I never buy a breaking political story without checking what the other side has to say about it. I do await, tho, with salivating anticipation, the indictment of Cankles, which will derail the DNC into political chaos, very likely leaving them no viable choice except a Biden/Warren ticket.


  4. Sparky says:

    First thing is I don’t trust any media, not even Fox. They have their own agenda (remember when they where pushing Jeb Bush early in the campaign?!!). I pray for guidance, ask my husband (he’s very wise and stable), google many sources, and just try to use what’s left of my own common sense. This blog is one of my sources, by the way. I know, we all have our opinions, life experiences, and apostasy’s but at least most of the folks here are trying to do our very best to improve America.
    By the way, thank you for the especially kind words on my blog yesterday. Sometimes I forget there are genuinely nice people in the world who only want to be kind. It’s a privilege to know you too. Gives me hope for the future.
    Hope your day is blessed Z.


  5. Alec says:

    Great question Z, and good answers so far.
    I find that comparing media coverage of the same story from different countries can sometimes yield surprising insights. The local news particularly sometimes yields gems.
    This story (from churchmouse campagnologist blog) is worth watching. It shows what happens when well meaning people try to help migrants in Calais.


  6. Silverfiddle says:

    I triangulate and use my own light of reason.
    The unfolding Flint water supply situation is already proving to be an interesting case study.
    The infotainment media doesn’t lie, but the devil is in what they highlight and how they spin it.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    ed, I don’t see a #1 on your latest Jan 10 post I’m seeing as your ‘latest’..

    Been VERy busy here and haven’t visited blogs as I usually do. thanks.

    Jerry, I like that kind of pandering 🙂 (thanks!)

    bocopro, I totally am on the same side of you, except O’Reilly does cover good stories after the meme! Still, it’s SO hard to those who’ve bought into their fame; Malkin, Coulter, O’Reilly, Palin, etc etc…
    My buddy Rich Galen of (excellent) wrote a piece yesterday that calls Palin NORMA DESMOND…he could not have BEEn more right on, sadly.

    Sparky “Sometimes I forget there are genuinely nice people in the world who only want to be kind.” I know what you mean….and that’s one of the bonuses of blogging..meeting wonderful people we’d never have met. You’re up there high on my list! My Blessed Day involves bible study, where I’m leading my group, doing the music for leaders AND for the lecture, and doing the prayer part of Leaders group, and more…I’m “many hats” wearing today. Please pray all goes well…
    The music I picked is tricky for my singers and I’m hoping they can lead the 150 well!!

    Alec, I’ll watch your video when I can ….this afternoon when I’m back.
    Having lived in Paris and Munich, I can confirm hearing news from other countries: I like to watch BBC News, DeutscheWelle and, particularly, France24. I heard such non biased, excellent news in Europe; EXCEPT on CNN INTERNATIONAL which, sadly, was even more biased than our CNN, which has started to improve, by the wayy, I must say

    SF: Mustang has his ideas about the Flint situation; am hoping he’ll blog it.
    Some of us are thinking this isn’t all Snyder’s fault and are eager to find out why he’s so willing to take the fall/


  8. Silverfiddle says:

    Z: Flint is not something cooked up by the leftwing. It is real, but the left has not let this crisis go to waste. They are using it to bash Snyder, whom they hate with a burning passion. How dare a Republican win in a Democrat state?

    The story is much more complex than the leftwing red propaganda screamers make it out to be. Flint was riddled by decades of Democrat corruption and ended up bankrupt, which is why Snyder had to appoint a special manager, who made the decision to switch over to the Flint River. However, the Democrat mayor and Democrat council approved and supported the decision, and it was officially approved by the state treasurer, who was a Democrat.
    The scandal enters in in how long it took the state government to realize it was a health hazard, and even that hazard is not as simple as “Snyder stuck the city straw into a polluted river and poisoned children.” I am blogging on this in the near future.

    Also, Snyder’s not taking the fall. Being the smart pol that he is, he’s getting out in front of it, apologizing profusely and expressing extreme sorrow. Anything less and he would die the death of a million angry tweets and snarks from the twittering twits who appeal to our intellect-free emotions.


  9. Z: The question was “What will you do to try to get THE TRUTH?”
    My answer was “#1. Don’t kneejerk.”
    My post demonstrated what happens when you kneejerk.

    Bocopro: I agree on Baier, K et al. O’reilly is a bloviater.

    And Silverfiddle explained Flint perfectly.


  10. Cube says:

    You know my itinerant history when it comes to morning news. I’ve been to many sources over the years (FOX, MSNBC, IMUS), but right now I’m watching HLN for my morning news. Everything else comes from online sources with an occasional look @ FOX when there’s a big news event.


  11. bocopro says:

    HLN, because Robin Meade is SUCH a total fox.


  12. Silverfiddle says:

    Ed, Thanks! That is just what I gleaned from some cursory perusing of various news sources. Did Snyder succeed in making Michigan a right to work state?


  13. Mal says:

    Actually, I don’t believe many folks really pay much attention to the rhetoric coming from the “news” broadcasts anymore, at least the opinions of the media about what is happening. Hopefully, they are looking for REAL “hope and change” promised by this administration and will cross over to the Right for at least this one time. When we consider when Trump first announced his plan to run how everyone looked at it as a wild publicity stunt that would quickly fade, and where he is today, they underestimated how fed up the silent majority was. Well, the silent majority are not being silent any longer.


  14. bocopro says:

    Silverfiddle: I pirated your lead-in today at WH and shared it intact with my e-mail addee group.


  15. Silverfiddle says:

    bocopro: Thanks, I appreciate the publicity


  16. SF: Snyder was coerced into signing it, but it is law.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    SF: My point was that this is NOT wholly Snyder’s fault…it’s been building up and ignored by the Democrats who’ve been in control for YEARS.
    And I DO think he is taking the fall. What I wished he’d done was admit he should have been on it and released the documentation showing how Democrats had been asleep at the wheel long before him on this subject. ANd said “I’m not blaming, I’m just setting the record straight….Many of us should have been on this before all this happened.”
    What do you think?

    Ed…the way you wrote #1, I thought there was a list on your blog you were alluding to…sorry!

    ALL: what is HLN?


  18. bocopro says:

    HLN is Headline News, a half-hour cable/satellite channel (part of the TBS conglomerate).

    It’s basically just a condensed version of CNN, meaning it doesn’t go into expansive details on stories, just brief “headline” treatment.

    Never pay much attention to it in the evening, but in the morning it’s a good alternative to Fox’n’Friends and CNN, ’cause you get news without so much fluff, just some sass from Robin Meade and her buddies . . . kinda fun, and easy on the eyes, too.

    For straight news, tho, go with OAN.


  19. Kid says:

    I watch

    PS – I can’t handle the truth.


  20. jerrydablade says:

    I’m guessing I am the only Flintoid here (?) That doesn’t mean I have the correct answer to the Flint water thing. It actually means my opinion should be suspect due to lead ingestion. As I stated in my blog, I am only drinking the City of Flint water at work, and then only after it has been filtered thru the coffee grounds in a one cup Keurig cartridge. I f-f-f-ffeel f-f-f-fine.


  21. Mal says:

    Hey! Jerrydablade. Dat ain’t funny! AAAAARG!


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