Sometimes, we just are in dire need of a good news story…..if this isn’t good, I don’t know what is.  Please read the short article…this kid deserves kudos!


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29 Responses to GOOD NEWS?

  1. jerrydablade says:

    I like! The take-away for me… First, steal a walker from an elderly person. Take the walker and shovel outside after next snowfall and hope for a good Samaritan. ok, not really. That’s just my ‘lead poisoning’ talking 🙂

    We actually all can use a good news story now and again. The rest of the ugly news piles higher than a snow plow’s worth. Thanks for sharing, Z.


  2. Silverfiddle says:

    That is a good news story, and there are millions more out there, but all the bad stuff is what sells…


  3. Sparky says:

    Oh my goodness, how we need more people like that! He’s a fine young man. I pray that he give his heart to Christ (if he hasn’t already) and prospers. Thank you for the uplifting story! 🙂


  4. Kid says:

    Yes, there are some good kids out there. I meet them on occasion.


  5. Alec says:

    Nice one, Z!


  6. Mal says:

    This reinforces the belief there still are good kids out there. Maybe there IS hope for the future after all!


  7. Bob says:

    I was reading the story and putting myself in the kid’s role. That’s when I realized that I was the old man without a walker. It is gratifying to hear stories like this, occasionally. Thanks, Z.

    Now, how about the story about the National Review trying to block Trump? I don’t think it makes any difference, but we shall see in the next couple of weeks.


  8. cube says:

    It does my heart good to hear stories like this one. Thanks for sharing.


  9. Baysider says:

    What a breath of fresh air! Why do snow plows pile up snow at the end of driveways, anyway? Anyone in cold country care to weigh in?


  10. Kid says:

    Bay, I think it would be impossible not to leave that berm of snow.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Re Snow at the end of driveways, don’t the street snow blower/plows kind of throw the snow to the sides?

    Bob, I’m so sick of Trump….the NASTY, mean spirited, thin skinned “he’s MEAN to me, he’s a loser” “He’s nice to me” “I get hundreds of calls from the GOP and they all want me”….
    I cringe EVERY time I hear him talk and, trust me, I REALLY try……..

    But when I think how he’d treat world leaders, how he’s plow through Congress to get HIS WAY, when I think how Republicans believe COngress is on the dole and then we want a rich power monger to start pushing them around?

    I can’t bear the thought of Trump anymore.
    I salute the National Review and agree with Bozell, the nephew of William Buckley, who says Trump has been insulting to Conservatism..
    By the way, in response to the Trump slams at the Review, Trump says “They’re losers and the magazines ‘a disaster,'”

    The man IS A CHILD and it’s time we all woke up. I’m tired of trying to agree with some of you, trying to see the good points (which he does have), trying to excuse his CHILDISH behavior.
    I can’t STAND THE MAN


  12. geeez2014 says:

    here is an example of how NUTS lawyers have made our country.
    I just opened an 8″ Brother toner cartridge, whose packing says on it not to use this small silver bag in cribs , beds, play pen.”

    Man, JUST what any young mother would do; put this 8″ silver bag into their kid’s crib.


  13. Baysider says:

    It would be a tragedy to follow-up Barack Obama with something so unworthy of republican principles. At least he likes his country.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider….I’m so disappointed…Trump and Cruz are the choices? Honestly, I can barely stand either of them. I liked Cruz a little at first, but he keeps turning me off ….
    If you mean Trump likes his country, I think he likes himself more; that’s what worries me so much.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Everybody: I went to lunch with a 97 yr old friend who went to school in the East…she asked why the big hoopla with the large snowstorm on TV all day…she said they had huge snowstorms constantly and they just lived with it back in the day.
    I thought it was a fascinating comment.
    I know this storm is BAD but I suggested to her the big hoopla is not only to warn people (as if they think they can be out in it without news telling them not to?) but to assure Americans that Obama’s right in saying global climate change is Armageddon.


  16. bocopro says:

    We have two grandsons in Cleveland, both Eagle Scouts. The older one (19) shovels walks for neighbors sans pay when it gets bad. The younger one not so much, but they both go check on people they know are not up to heavy lifting or exposure.


  17. Mal says:

    Why don’t you tell us how you REALLY feel about Trump, Z! ;o) Consider this point………
    If he had acted like all the other politician, he would have to pay for all the publicity and he probably wouldn’t have the support numbers he does. This way, everyone wants to interview him for their own ratings and he gets it for free while all the others envy him. THAT’S how stupid he is!


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Mal; I don’t care WHAT anybody says about Trump; He’s a self promoter,he knows exactly how to play everybody….I don’t take that as a big plus; he’s a 100% gold plated PHONY who’s in it for himself.
    You really want this country represented by a man with a language ability of a 10 year old? My 97 yr old friend TODAY at lunch said “Z, what kind of grown man says “he was mean to me..he’s a disaster..he’s a liar” or “they’re nice to me , GREAT people” It’s ALL ABOUT HIM.
    Guess what! There are GREAT people who despise Trump because of his very VERY low character….
    Free PR… he’s played the system for YEARS, that’s not surprising.
    He can intimidate, he can bully, and he does GREAT DEALS.
    This is AMERICA, where character counted…. I think he’s revolting.
    Imagine a president saying about Hillary Clinton, who apparently was delayed during one of the last Dem debates because she was in the bathroom, “And what about Hillary late to the stage? What was she DOING that made her late in the bathroom? Oh, please….I can’t think about’s disgusting! Please, hillary in the bathroom…? Don’t even THINK about it”

    He’s loathsome.


  19. Kid says:

    Z, ………. We have weather people on TV telling us to not forget to take our umbrella or put our booties on. Yes, I remember my older brother and I walking a mile to school when we were 7 and 8 in snow that was up to our belts. Then finding out it was closed and heading back home. I think our parents enjoyed the alone time though becuase about 9 months later we got a little sister.

    Trump? We have out one vote. I don’t sweat it much. What I read today that did bother me though is the liberal corrupt GOP favors Trump over Cruz.

    So, who do you like better in the doubles tourny Trump/Cruz or Bernie and the beast. ? This is our reality.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I understand the reality, but I WILL NEVER ADMIRE OR LIKE TRUMP, I promise.
    of course I prefer him and Cruz over any liberal……..I’d vote for a ham sandwich over Bernie or the beast.
    I hate reality.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    I was just thinking about friends I know who’re more lib than con….some Black friends of mine, mostly.;….I think they’d have voted Republican this time if it weren’t for Trump. I think a lot of Moderate Dems would vote Republican because of how bad Obama’s been and won’t now. I really do.


  22. Kid says:

    Z, My black man on the street friend who voted for obama twice recently axed me who I thought was a good republican candidate. fwiw, I said Cruz 1 and Trump 2 becuase it ain’t about who I think is better it is about who is polliing to the point of actually getting elected.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I need to emphasize I’m going to vote for whomever I have to to eliminate more real liberals from our country’s leadership, but I can still loath Trump and Cruz as I vote for them.
    I don’t believe Cruz is, but I do believe he changes with the weather.
    I am 100% sure Trump is no true Conservative…;..his ‘Look at ME! Look at ME! I’m so patriotic” stuff has got to the heads of Conservatives who haven’t heard that in too long. But that does not make him a conservative.


  24. Kid says:

    I agree Z.


  25. Mal says:

    In case you haven’t noticed, Z, our country is in dire straits and in need of someone who is real strong, like “Rough Rider” Teddy Roosevelt, ‘Give ’em Hell” Harry Truman, or Gen. George Patton. They all had big egos, too, so it comes with the package. I don’t care if Trump IS a blowhard. I’ll vote for him if I feel he is the best qualified out of the bunch to do the job, which I do, and apparently so do 40% of the public and is rising. In the end, after all of us are dead and gone, the survival of our country should be the most important consideration rather than someone’s ego. Heck, I’d vote for Mickey Mouse if I felt he was the best choice. AND………at least we know Mickey was born in America!
    I’m getting a big kick out of the GOP who are frustrated they can’t control who gets selected.


  26. geeez2014 says:

    Mal,if Trump was only just a blowhard…


  27. geeez2014 says:

    by the way, do you read my comments? Do you still write these comments thinking I’m going to suddenly find Trump a man of dignity and decorum and abilities good enough to communicate well with others, or treat other leaders with respect, or stop calling people names, or taking things so personally?


  28. Mal says:

    Of course I read them, Z, and no, I don’t expect to convince you or change your mind. Truly, even I cringe when he says some of the stuff that he does and asked why he had to say them because he is ahead and continues to dominate without saying some of those things. You mentioned imagining him dealing with world leaders. Well, he HAS dealt with them and continues to do so and is successful at it, too. I really don’t believe he acts the same way when he is. But like I keep saying, if any of the others running get the nod, I will vote for them, as I am sure most everyone here will, also. How good the others are at negotiating, we really don’t know, do we? Trump, we do know. Hang in there, babe. Things can change in a heartbeat.


  29. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, no we don’t know….the rules of negotiation are not his to make; world leaders aren’t casinos. He can’t bully them. I think he’s pathologically mentally not well, narcissistic even beyond Obama, so to picture him strutting around when he’s president is a terrifying thought.
    I’m even more worried he won’t get the nod; there is no telling what this ‘man’ might do. No telling how he’ll take it out on Iowans if he doesn’t win the primary, etc…, or Americans, or whoever’s stood in his way.
    That could be really bad…. It’s very clear he puts himself first but just says what people want to hear. I’ll never forget his favorite Bible verse being “TWO CORINTHIANS” so we know he’s never even thought of how you say “Second Corinthians” for “2 Corinthians,” which, as you know, is how you say it. But He’s a BIG TIME CHRISTIAN….almost as big as the Obama “I’m a Christian B.S.”, right?
    And the stuff he said about Hillary in the bathroom and Megyn Kelly “bleeding from who knows where..”
    HHe’s revolting.
    Yes, I’ll hang in….things CAN change in a heartbeat 🙂 Thanks, Mal xx


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