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Did you know we paid Iran interest on the money frozen in sanctions to Iran?  WE PAID INTEREST?  Think of the ramifications of that…were they sanctions or was it just prolonged tough times with a huge payoff from good ol’ America?   Is there no END to the ridiculous spending?   How many of the refugees Obama’s bringing in will work?   Or will America support them and their whole families their whole lives?  (yes)   How can we continue this spending?



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22 Responses to Government Spending

  1. bocopro says:

    And I looked, and behold a pale horse:
    and his name that sat on him was Debt,
    and Fiasco followed with him.
    And Continuing Resolutions were given unto them
    over the sixth part of the economy,
    to kill with the forms,
    and the bills,
    and with delays,
    and with contempt of the bureaucrats.

    Apokalypsi 6:8


  2. ApokalYPSI?
    I live in Ypsi.


  3. This so-called government we have sees no end to spending.

    We not only paid Iran interest but also John Kerry and Josh Earnest openly admitted that the money will gave to Iran will be spend on terrorism. Why is this not treason?


  4. bocopro says:

    Because wealth and cabinet tenure automatically imbue impunity in Democrats.


  5. jerrydablade says:

    we are sooo screwed.
    But at least I don’t live in Ypsi


  6. bocopro says:

    I lived in Olongapo, on the inner shore of Subic Bay, for several years. The origin of the term is often debated, but most accept that it comes from the phrase “Head of the Old Man” or roughly translated, “The Chief’s Head.”

    Origins of place names can be a lotta fun in some countries such as Beer, England; Eek, Alaska;
    George, Washington; Hell, Michigan; Accident, Maryland; Lake Disappointment, Australia. Slippery Rock and Thong are amongst the ones which get many lewd comments.


  7. Bo, if that’s in relation to my Ypsi comment, Ypsi is short for Ypsilanti.
    In the early 1800’s Woodruff’s Grove renamed itself for Demetrius Ypsilanti who helped repel the Muslim Ottomans from his Greek Homeland.
    It would make a great movie.
    A British and Russian admiral each came to his aid, The Brit, contrary to his government’s will since they wanted the Russians and the Ottomans tied up at the expense of the Greeks fighting for their independance. Heroic.

    Jerry: I’m gonna get a glass of water now….:)


  8. Z: I hadn’t considered the interest until you mentioned it. Wow.


  9. Silverfiddle says:

    Obama and Kerry went to the Persian Bazaar and came back with a pockeful of worthless beans.

    Obama’s government also blocked victims of Iranian terror and hostage taking from attaching any of that money as legal recompense. Obama and his regime is working for somebody, but it sure as hell ain’t We the American People.


  10. Mustang says:

    Is there no END to the ridiculous spending? No, there is no end … for as long as the American people continue electing morons to serve them in Washington. We focus on federal spending, but state spending is out of control, too. Do you know how much federal regulations are costing us annually? $200 billion. We could start with that … but, no …


  11. Baysider says:

    There are no words for this! But bocopro’s doggerel is close.


  12. Sparky says:

    This is just another of many explosions in the pillar that holds our Republic up. The total collapse or our Nation is next, I’m sure.


  13. John M. Berger says:

    “We not only paid Iran interest but also John Kerry and Josh Earnest openly admitted that the money will gave to Iran will be spend on terrorism. Why is this not treason?”

    It is and so it was an act of “treason” to put B.O. in office; at least the second time! “Treason” is rampant here. Hey >50% of those you see in every crowed are guilty!


  14. John M. Berger says:

    OH! That’s a great opening sign; I just shared it with many.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    “John Kerry and Josh Earnest openly admitted that the money will gave to Iran will be spend on terrorism” This is not exactly what was said and I hesitate to let that go.. Kerry admitted that they can’t be sure where all the money goes.
    As someone on FOX said, we aren’t writing checks only to those things we feel worthy of our money, sadly. We give them this HUUUUGE amount (uhoh, I sounded like Trump there…ptui!) and they’ll do what they want. As Iran’s been able to do so far about everything, actually.

    For Kerry to have said that was SO stupid and so unthinking and withers America back down to size, just how he and Obama like it. “Well, we’re giving them more than a BILLION dollars but heck, how do we know if they’ll use it against us…? Oh, well!~”

    Doesn’t THAT in itself make the ‘nuke deal’ looks as stupid as we all think it is? That subject ALONE, right?!!!


  16. Mal says:

    This shouldn’t come as any surprise. It fits perfectly into O’s plan to financially weaken us to the point of being unable to recover…….and he is spot on target ’cause I don’t see any way we can get out of this huge debt. We haven’t even been able to balance the budget, much less pay down the debt. And Bocopro, as an aside, there is also a town in the Calif. desert named Hell. Years ago I remember a headline in the L.A. Times “L.A. Hotter than Hell”, which didn’t happen very often.


  17. Mal: I live 20 minutes from Hell, Michigan.
    It is frozen over.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    I just GOogled and can’t imagine living in HELL, ANYWHERE!!!


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  20. Mal says:

    Ed, I live 20 minutes from The Strip here in Vegas………….same thing?


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, that just might be right, depending on how one likes the Vegas strip! 🙂


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