i never argue

SO….do you have ‘ammunition’ when liberals, uninformed family members or friends, insist on spewing the liberal yarns?   Do you get upset and ARGUE when they start their stories they’ve heard on CNN or MSNBC or do you have the words with which to explain your stances?

We Conservatives have the rougher road because, as much as we are feeling people, we don’t run our politics strictly on feelings or we’d lose our country, of course.  So, when faced with liberals who value feelings over facts, we can get upset!   What we need to do is speak calmly and brilliantly, right?

Are you good at this?  Do you have the facts all ready to go so you don’t fumble with emotion and get mad first?

On this last Sunday’s “Faith Blog” here at Geeez, someone posted the Rubio video where he talks about his faith quite calmly and openly, not allowing a badgerer to get on his nerves or take from his viewpoint.  Baysider beautifully commented with “And wonderful video on Rubio. I’ve internalized the answers and need to memorize the words!”

It would help to memorize words here and there…we have internalized the answers because we are up on the ‘stuff’ and it’s part of us (why we’re against Obamacare ..hint; not because we hate the sick, right?  why we know the minimum wage can’t go to $15 without losing millions of jobs, not because we hate the poor, right? etc etc…  Don’t let the libs beat you down)

How do you do when faced with a situation with liberals?   If anything, let this be a reminder; we will need the facts and figures and to STAY CALM this year before the election, right?  Have your ammunition at hand!


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30 Responses to We need AMMUNITION


    This is another “Sorry.  Not found”.   Frustrating!


  2. bocopro says:

    Generally I don’t get into disputes with liberalistas. As Mark Twain (I think it was) said, “Avoid arguing with morons. For them to understand you, you must descend to their level. And once you’re there, they beat you with experience.”

    Some of my many first cousins are confirmed progressives — still believing Al Gore is a great man, Bernie Sanders is the answer, Dick Cheney is a war criminal, all that rot. When I can’t avoid talking with them, which generally happens at reunions or wakes or graduations or such, I simply suggest they name a major slum or city in distress, then ask them which party has been in control of it for the past coupla decades.


  3. Mal: Sometimes the RSS feed announces a post that’s in the hopper scheduled to be posted later.
    Patience my friend, 🙂
    Also you comment posted with your full name instead of just ‘Mal’.
    I wonder if that sometimes hampers your ability to comment.


  4. I like Bay’s comment from Sunday, and like a karate expert, it’s good to have preplanned moves (reflexive), but you must have the toolkit of facts to be flexable.


  5. Silverfiddle says:

    Love Bocopro’s Twain quote.

    My liberal friends and family are not of the nut-filled variety, so we don’t hit flashpoints, but really, we don’t discuss politics much. My one friend I do talk politics with is a realist with a great sense of humor. He’s an older fellow, supported Hubert Humphrey way back when and we can both laugh and joke about the foibles of our own side.


    What I find frustrating in blogging are the liberals who demand I stand in as their cardboard cutout of all things they hate about republicans, conservatives, the right, etc. Don’t ask me to defend something Mike Huckabee said! I don’t follow him.

    Most frustrating are those just want to throw gas on the fire, refuse to listen to reason or stay on topic, and who will never ever concede even the tiniest point even when confronted with ironclad facts.


  6. Silverfiddle says:

    I apologize for spamming you, but this relates to your topic. I got so frustrated arguing with leftwing progressives that I came up with some portmanteaus and neo-logisms to describe their behavior. The last two are in honor of our leftwing friends Ducky and Jersey.

    a. A member of a fabulous or prehistoric race of socialist government worshipers that lives in ideological caves, dens, or holes.
    b. A regressive progressive considered to be reclusive, reactionary, out of date, or brutish.
    c. Resembling a nonhuman ape that hoots rudimentary words like “Science!” or “Tolerance,” despite a demonstrated incomprehension of their meaning.
    d. An ideologically deaf and blind animal that lives underground, as an ant or a worm. Not in scientific use.

    Liberal Lafftosh:
    a. A rhetorical feint; an attempt to dismiss legitimate criticism as balderdash.
    b. An endeavor to flick away unpleasant facts by laughing them off. Employed by illiberal leftists to avoid serious discussion of anything that exposes their dogma for the tarpit of illogic and incoherence that it is.

    Wriggling the Game:
    a. Leftwing debating tactic whereby the duplicitous dogmatist feigns ignorance or purposely misunderstands a simple question posed by a right-thinking person.
    b. (Il)Liberal attempt to slither out of any dangerous situation where facts and logic endanger (il)liberal orthodoxy.

    a. A flamboyant leftwing gambit to upend the conversational chessboard when facts become unpleasant or when a normal person (aka ‘the enemy’) exposes some point of progressive political correctness to ridicule or scorn.
    b. Self-Flatuate: To explode in righteous anger and malodorous indignation and fill the debate forum with noxious charges of racism, sexism, insensitivity, islamophobia, xenophobia, Mexican-hatred, dwarf tossing, anti-transgender-otherism, Queerty-fear, gunpowder-related penis inadequacy, homophobia, Christophilia, war-mongering, wage inequality, cat juggling, or any other white privilege crime invented by the academic left.

    Il Canardo:
    a. A tactic used by sour consumers of Salon and The Nation to curdle the conversation by introducing pungent clots of sneering socialist slash-and-burn propaganda guaranteed to inflame and roil right-thinking interlocutors.
    b. A diversionary stinkbomb tossed by ducks possessed of only a left wing. Emitting toxic conversational poisons and thought-choking irrelevancies, this tactic is almost guaranteed to shut down useful debate.
    c. A disruptive quacking. Despite urban legends to the contrary, the Beantown Quacker’s brays of “Saint Ronnie Raygun!” and “Tinkle Down!” do indeed have an echo, which often derails the debate and sends it downward into Morons Snorting Nothing But Communism trivialities, invented ‘facts’ and bandwagon communist labor movement campfire songs.

    The Jersey Special:
    a. An operatic rodomontade of bluster, bombast and ranting vulgarities that explodes from Garden State leftwingers when they have no rebuttal to sensible conservative commentary. Instead, they unleash gasconades of inflated braggadocio in an attempt to elevate their status from that of a humble freight yard ape at an East Coast dock into an expert in foreign affairs and international finance.
    b. Occurs when a “liberal” cigarette chomper in a porkpie hat stomps on the gas and attempts to evade the truth but ends up sliding off the Jersey Turnpike of truth. He curses, raves like a maniac, and spins his rhetorical wheels trying to justify the unjustifiable, explain the inexplicable, and defend the indefensible. Stuck, he hangs his arm out the window like a Christmas ham and continues to pompously lecture us as he revs the engine, mud flying from the spinning tires, plastering unfortunate bystanders with a farrago of bluster and pseudo-intellectualism. His cartoonish antics are accompanied by smelly, billowing clouds of dust and smoke as the marxist malefactor burns rubber, screeches, and mires the car deeper into the intellectual ruts he creates.


  7. Alec says:

    SF – fantastic 🙂


  8. Sparky says:

    Gosh, there are some brilliant minds here!
    Silverfiddle – that is spectacular. May I please quote you when necessary? Spot on. I remember Ducky. I think he’s still spewing nonsense over at Ed’s blog.
    And like bocopro stated above, I tend to also not engage with Libtard’s. For me it’s too tiring to watch someone spin in circles with no end. It’s pointless. So, I just smile, pray and offer them something to eat. When they’re chewing and happy it’s easier to speak sensibly. If they don’t listen, I shake the dust from my sandals and move on. Yelling never solves anything.


  9. Silverfiddle says:

    We do get a few libtards at Western Hero, but I wouldn’t put Ducky or Jersey in that category (or Jez or Dave Miller). We have some great lefties who regularly show up, and we are grateful for them. A good, honest clash of ideas keeps everyone sharp.

    As for quoting, please use it all freely. That’s why I put it out there.


  10. bocopro says:

    Yeah, SF . . . I am an unabashedly admitted plagiarist. I steal snippets from you often (if, that is, I don’t have to look up the words to see what they mean). And I am an indiscriminate thief, stealing from anyone with a particularly bon mot or stunning aphorism be he left, right, or non compos mentis.

    I’ve ripped off The Jersey Special and stuck it in a busy corner of my desktop along with quotes from Sowell and RFK and Charles the K. No idea what its ultimate fate might be, but that its elements will support a larger organic ramble is certain.


  11. Imp says:

    Why he likes…Trump. Warts and all.


  12. Silverfiddle says:

    bocopro: Thank you for the compliment. You put me in esteemed company. Thomas Sowell is an intellectual hero of mine. His only downfall is that his brilliant scholarship, study, analysis and explication-when pressed between book covers–can be plodding and dense, but the man is a genius.


  13. bocopro says:

    Will Rogers and P.J. O’Rourke are in that little corral, too, along with Shakespeare and GBS.


  14. Baysider says:

    There are too many subjects to be expert with a lot of facts. Since libs respond more to feelings than facts anyway, I have learned to try to shape discussion around feelings supported by facts, rather than facts leading to conclusions and setting my feelings on the matter (which is usually how it works).

    Example: yesterday with a petition gatherer for raising the minimum wage to $15 in California. I framed my refusal in terms of compassion for putting people out of work and shutting disadvantaged youngsters out of the job market. I let my facts trail my feelings. Now – she was a ‘true believer.’ I was short and gracious (4 sentences – which included asking her why she supported it and giving her time to answer) – not argumentative. But she got snippy and huffy and yelled out a comment about me being rude or nasty or something like that. Didn’t happen, and I make sure it doesn’t happen. You don’t convert those types, but others are listening as they walk by. Your manner speaks to them, too.


  15. Baysider says:

    PS – If you’ve not seen it, you will LOVE the Ramirez cartoon today on Trump. Relates to your recent post.


  16. jerrydablade says:

    Trying to debate with a progressive always reminds me of trying to win an argument with my mother when I was a teenager. Not that my mother was a progressive. Far from it, she was the EXACT opposite when it came to faith, family and values. However, she rarely conceded a point and always seemed to dig in on her position in the face of more reason. When I tried taking a case to my father once, after getting a “no” from mom, my father listened quietly as I listed all my polished bullet points solidifying my position. When I finished, he stated, “Son, those are logical arguments for a logical man. However, your mother is no logical man.” The answer was still “no”. My father was a smart man.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro; very good question for all of us to file in our brains and ask libs.

    Ed, facts shouldn’t be flexible, but we sure need facts with which to drown our the leftwing harangues, don’t we

    SF; Great list!
    You said “Most frustrating are those just want to throw gas on the fire, refuse to listen to reason or stay on topic, and who will never ever concede even the tiniest point even when confronted with ironclad facts.” YOu don’t believe Dave Miller and Ducky fit that at least most of the time?
    The unkindness and extreme smugness of Jersey alone would prohibit me from complimenting him for anything.

    Sparky, Ducky’d be still spewing here if he hadn’t forced me to go to Word Press with the ability to block comments…sad, I tried SO HARD not to, but I was just DONE with the meanness and leftwingers using my blog as if it were theirs and spewing every day….Not gonna happen here.
    I seriously wanted good, fair exchanges with fair leftwingers, but ….alas.

    Imp! You scared me…Whittle clearly isn’t admiring Trump for anything important to being president. What’s said is Bill has to capitulate to Trump knowing Rubio and others could be such a better president, but Trump’s better playing of his fans has him rating higher. We all know those points about Trump and it’s some of our right to still worry how a man with even a bigger ego than Obama’s will react if put in such a highly powerful position as president. Whew! Whittle likes his hat, thinks he’s not PC, and knows Trump’s also “not conservative enough”….Even I like some of the things Whittle said about Trump …

    Baysider, good for you! I’ve talked in a restaurant with friends lamenting liberalism very quietly and calmly and factually, and I have KNOWN others were listening and I feel it’s good they got a glimpse of conservatives with facts and feelings who don’t scream and rant but calmly tell the truth. I think it’s effective.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider; That cartoon is exactly right…….Trump the BIG GUY can’t take people who throw in his face what he HAS SAID, like Megyn Kelly, but he’s going to be tough with Putin? Kelly, on the other hand, has behaved SO professionally through Trump’s rants….

    Jerry….we grew up in the same household! :-)_ And we’re so lucky we did.


  19. I’m gonna repeat myself.
    Let’s start a movement for FOX to host the caucuses/primaries.
    Maybe Trump will sit them out.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, maybe you need to lay out that scenario a little better before everybody jumps on your bandwagon??

    Here’s something I think is mostly true….and worrisome. Trump’s blustering is even worse (if possible) than Hillary’s ridiculous karate chopping of the air and that AWFUL threatening voice she’s got. It worries a lot of people and it should. All he has to do is TONE IT DOWN, and nobody can tell me he’s not been told that a trillion times…but not HIM 😉


  21. Silverfiddle says:

    Z: I can have a conversation with Ducky and Dave. Jersey, usually, unless you criticize Hellary. He’s a big fanboi and totally irrational when it comes to her.


  22. Imp says:

    @Z..”Even I like some of the things Whittle said about Trump …”

    I did too…that’s why I posted it. Look…while we’re looking for perfection that can never be attained or satisfied…we should be at least pragmatic. There is no way I can see, or live happily, if another demrat scourge is in the WH. If it’s him…then so be it. We don’t have the luxury of sitting this one out. There is too much at stake….an entire country…this Republic will cease to exist as we used to know it….if a dem takes it in November.


  23. Imp says:


    There comes a point — and we are long past it — when one media outlet shouldn’t be able to control the fortunes of one political party the way Fox News does the Republicans. For that alone, we should thank Donald Trump for demurring to participate in Fox’s final Iowa debate Thursday night.


  24. geeez2014 says:

    Imp, I know why you posted it.
    I never said I wouldn’t vote for this awful man if he’s the nominee….never.

    We should be grateful that one media outlet exists that’s on the side of Republicans. He should have been there; he clearly doesn’t live up to the obligations he made. He never has retracted wondering about Megyn Kelly and “where blood comes out”….


  25. If nominated, I will never say with pride, “I didn’t vote for Trump.”
    If nominated, I will never say with pride, “I voted for Trump.”


  26. Tonight I can say, I’d happily vote for anyone on that stage.


  27. Imp says:

    HMMMMMMMMMM…Ted? Or Marco? Carson for me.


  28. Imp says:

    The days of the Clintons in public housing are over…..

    Chris Christie…..the sound bite of the entire debate.


  29. So that’s what the other candidates sound like!


  30. Imp says:

    I have to say…Marco….was that winner.


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