Trump, Hillary and slobber?

Glenn Beck, last night on CNN’s Anderson 360, said that “Fox is slobbering over Trump”…   Can any of you tell me anybody at FOX who is clearly pro Trump?  Anderson Cooper (who’s much fairer in some of his political reporting than most of us would have thought), agreed, of course.   But, I started wondering…..WHO?

ALSO:  Aren’t you surprised that the latest Hillary Email Dump was Friday night again? (not)

AND, how much do you suppose Obama and Sanders discussed the Hillary situation at the White House the other day in their private meeting where it was released that “Obama was sharing information about the state of our country with Sanders? (oh, pullleeezz)


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38 Responses to Trump, Hillary and slobber?

  1. FB says:

    All I know is that if Sanders win the nomination we are in more trouble thanI thought and that this country is forever changed an on the way to a definite decline. And it hurts me really badly.


  2. Z,
    how much do you suppose Obama and Sanders discussed the Hillary situation at the White House the other day in their private meeting where it was released that “Obama was sharing information about the state of our country with Sanders?“

    I’ll be that they discussed the situation with Hillary’s server.


  3. Can any of you tell me anybody at FOX who is clearly pro Trump?

    Maybe Bill O’Reilly. Maybe.

    Krauthammer claims that O’Reilly offers softball questions and comments to Trump.


  4. bocopro says:

    Glenn Beck is a conspiracy-minded, bomb-throwing, recovering-alcoholic agitprop with ADHD who sometimes refers to himself as a borderline schizophrenic. I stopped listening to him years ago when I came up with the same diagnosis after listening to one of his diatribes before Fox finally deep-sixed him.

    Hillary is more guilty of ethics and morals violations than Soetoro is guilty of arrogance and ignorance. She needs her mouth more thoroughly washed out with soap than she her job on her server. She long ago forfeited any eligibility for public office and should spend the next 280-odd days in a pillory in the shadow of the Washington monument.

    Sanders and Soetoro discussing anything to do with economics or national security would be like Spanky and Alfalfa discussing string theory or aberrant human sexuality. Soetoro dithers and Sanders blithers . . . great pair, like Trotsky and Lenin.


  5. Mustang says:

    Beck is slick … making more than $100 million from inane drivel and the adoring support of people who could not name the current Secretary of State; I am not surprised he teamed up with Cruz.


  6. fredd says:

    Don’t get me started on Glen Beck, Z. The guy has virtually never been right on ANYTHING. Doesn’t anybody by dumb ol’ Fredd remember that Glen Beck was shouting from the mountain tops in 2009 that we all needed to buy as much gold as we possibly could afford, to put all of our portfolios into gold to hedge against the coming apocalypse that George Soros was orchestrating.

    Had you given Glen Beck any credibility back then and acted on his doom and gloom recommendations, your portfolio would now be worth 60% of its former self. The guy is a whack job, and he deserves no attention whatsoever.


  7. jerrydablade says:

    I don’t watch Fox News or any TV news for that matter on a regular basis. I will say that the bigger ‘conservative’ radio hosts have walked on egg shells regarding Trump, like they are afraid of suffering from his maniacal and unbalanced wrath. Even Rush (from what I’ve heard), though his show is during work hours and his podcast is not free so I don’t listen to him much any more. Mark Levin is at least starting to be a little more critical of Trump and his progressive credentials. To Glenn Beck’s credit, he has endorsed Cruz and has been a Trump truther from the beginning of this process. Not sure where the hatred for Beck comes from from sources here who I’ve come to respect. Not that I would take financial advice from the guy, and his crying has turned me off more than once. But the way I see it, he was right about the caliphate, and has been right more than not when looking over the horizon.


  8. Silverfiddle says:

    Fredd: Beck was hawking gold because Goldline was paying him, and yeah, a lot of the rubes bought it. He’s a slick showman. Is he still on the radio?


  9. bocopro says:

    Well, hell . . . even Madcow is right now and then. I used to watch Beck years ago and found him mildly entertaining, ’til I realized that he’s a flibbertigibbet, a sorta right-wing Michael Moore.

    Facially he reminded me of an old, old friend of mine from back in the early 60s. Talked a little like him, too. Just too far out too much of the time to be taken seriously, tho.


  10. Silverfiddle says:

    Finn, Hugh Farnham and I at Western Hero all worked classified programs when we were in, so we understand handling, marking, and designations like SAP, SAR, etc.

    Hillary is toast. No way they were exchanging such high-level information before it became classified or via news articles that contained classified information. Not this kind of stuff.

    Notice Hillary’s baloney-slicing legal parsing, saying she never transmitted or received anything marked classified. Yeah, because her toadies broke the law and stripped off the markings, because she commanded them to.

    He also says she had no ‘classified documents’ on that server. Sure. A computer doesn’t contain paper ‘documents.’ It contains ‘information,’ a word she avoids.

    As I wrote at WH awhile back, her flunkies broke multiple laws to cut and past information from classified systems to unclass e-mail. Huma Wiener, Cheryl Mills and that Sullivan guy will all go down.


  11. Silverfiddle says:

    …and when she goes down, the GOP is not home free. She could decide to campaign through the indictment cloud, Obama could quickly slap her wrist to get it over with, etc. But I think even though she doesn’t go to jail, this does ruin her. She’s dirty.

    The Dems will put up Biden-Warren, and that will make it a close match-up for whoever the GOP team ends up being.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    First; let me make clearer that I CAN’T TAKE GLENN BECK, haven’t been able to listen to him for YEARS. I sometimes desperately hope he’s wrong about the gold thing, but I think he could be more right than some of you think. And, I do lately start thinking he’s right on some things, but he’s sooooo icky I really don’t put any stock in what he says.

    Having said that, I mentioned him to start the conversation going about FOX.

    AOW says O’Reilly kind of likes Trump, and that’s true…they have been friends for years, so that makes sense, though I don’t believe O’R’s really given him a free pass. But there is NO ONE ELSE, in my opinion, as a matter of fact they seem like they’re “anybody BUT Trump” these days, and that’s why I quoted Beck….wrong again, Mr. Beck. But good try. The relationship between Beck and FOX is a fascinating one, by the way.

    AOW: I think that’s ALL that Obama and Sanders spoke about..yes.

    FB; I couldn’t agree more.

    bocopro; they Deep Sixed him and he’s on again, fairly frequently, giving his two cents. You just have to wonder at the whole thing. $$$

    Mustang; Beck had a LOT of much brighter people than that early on, most conservatives loved what he had the guts to say much like Trump’s hold on those needy of hearing someone who loves the country and hates the establishment; he blew it and went the way you describe, attracting nuts, when he started playing into his own ‘stardom’….

    Jerry; Beck has definitely been right on the caliphate and a LOT of other things; sadly, his demeanor and some of past goings-on turned a lot of us OFF and now he could be saying a lot of truth and only those who watch his THE BLAZE group are getting that information.
    The way I hear Levin, he’s REAL anti-Trump these days.

    SF: I don’t know….you’re so right about her being toast, but why do even the Feds follow her “Friday-only” handling of anything anti-Clinton? Why do they dump that information on days nobody’s looking for a while? I find that questionable and even prophetic as to if she’ll truly be in trouble. l’m looking to the FBI to have good men and women SPEAK UP if the information they find is pushed aside because “she’s Hillary Clinton” Might they? Who knows?

    With Biden they get a Hillary platform with a much more candidate (win/win)….With Warren, they get what they think is not quite as socialist as Sanders is but will still give them goodies; I think they’d beat us.


  13. 1. I was gonna blog about those 22 emails and the prima facia fact that if the Obama admin says they are TS, they are obligated to prosecute.
    Or BOTH should go to jail. OK, they should anyway. 🙂
    AOW hit it at her blog. Now I don’t have to.
    2. The only radio guy I give any cred to is Bill Bennett and even his word is not sacrosanct to me.
    Beck can say some good stuff, and some silly stuff.
    That he is still a Mormon and so Bible proficient gives me pause.
    Chew the straw, spit out the sticks.
    But I only have so much time a day to listen to radio, read blogs, watch news, write blogs/comment and try and squeeze some work in which they are kind enough to pay me for.


  14. -FJ says:

    Fox isn’t nearly as bad as progressives say, nor as good as conservatives wish. But it’s better than nothing… much as Glenn Beck, for all his conspiracy theories, is still better than Howard Zinn.


  15. Silverfiddle says:

    Z: If the FBI finds criminal activity and Justice refuses to prosecute, the Intel community will definitely go ballistic, and probably the FBI as well.

    No way what she and her toadies did stays under wraps. No way.

    I do believe she is cooked. She will not go to jail, but they will prove beyond a doubt that she and her flunkies flagrantly and purposely mishandled classified information. The flunkies will get it harder than her. She ‘just’ received it and became an accessory. They are the ones who took the criminal acts of stripping the markings, illegally transferring and transmitting the info,etc.


  16. bocopro says:

    SF — I’ll send you my daily post on this. Too long to post here.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    FJ…NO DOUBT about that!

    SF, that’s what I thought; I’m glad for your learned input. SF, CAN the FBI folks on the ‘medium level’, who know what was going on now that they’ve read emails, etc., actually SPEAK OUT? I mean, is it something they CAN’T do with the media because it’s not allowed, or?
    Know what I mean? Might their vows to secrecy prevent her from trouble, and might she know that?
    I predict she gets off, nobody speaks up and, within a couple of months of that, the FBI Direcctor will suddenly have to leave for “personal reasons” (i.e. his integrity that forced him to quit) I hope , then, that he writes a book exposing the WHOLE MESS 🙂 I can dream. But, by then she could be pres.

    No, she won’t go to jail, but what??? We all know it’d have to be jail to keep Democrats from voting for her.


  18. Mal says:

    I remain optimistic we’ll have a GOP landslide this November. People will remain stupid for only so long, even those with low I.Q’s. At least that’s what I am banking on from those on the left. Have you noticed the difference in the size of the attendance at the rallies? The venues of the Dems are packed but in much smaller rooms, while the ones for the GOP are much larger, especially those for Trump. Sure, Trump has been obnoxious and will probably continue to be. But I feel this is all part of his strategy which seems thus far to be working. Free coverage and lots of it. It continues to put him out in front. Also, after listening to what his adult children have said about the kind of upbringing they had because of him, it impresses you. Not spoiled one bit. They were taught they wouldn’t be given anything and had to earn their way.
    As I am writing this, my wife, who almost is continually watching Fox News, just told me she has made up her mind….at least for now….she will vote for Trump despite all the stuff we all wish he wouldn’t say, because he isn’t saying the same old stuff all the others are. She had previously said she would prefer one of the others (which also kept changing!). I’m a balance sheet guy. I look at our national debt. There aren’t enough spaces in most calculators to show all the zeros for $19,000,000,000,000! Who else but Trump can even fathom that figure? But we all must back whoever is selected by the GOP. That is a given!


  19. geeez2014 says:

    MAL, thanks for your input…lots of good stuff to consider.

    Bernie Sanders is apparently asking college kids to return home to caucus….he knows that’s his niche; kids who don’t know better, have learned not to love this country, and are entitled to all he’s dying to give them.



  20. bocopro says:

    A quote from the guy on the C-note:

    “I think the best way of doing good to the poor is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. In my youth I traveled much, and I observed in different countries that the more public provisions were made for the poor the less they provided for themselves and, of course, became poorer. On the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer.”


  21. Silverfiddle says:

    Z: The FBI Director is untouchable (to echo a very old TV show). Seriously, Obama can’t fire him, and he can go out there and speak his mind once the investigation is complete. They went after conservative darling Petraeus for something similar, so they have non-partisan cred.

    Also, as everyone knows, DC leaks. No way Hillary comes out clean.

    The only way she escapes is if they indeed did nothing wrong, and there could be a few excuses: 1) The classified information really was not classified at the time and only became classified later (yes, sounds silly, but even stuff out in the press can be classified)
    2) They pulled the info off off State Department unclassified systems and the State Department had not yet classified it.

    Given the types of info they describe (original sources, surveillance photos, SAP info) there is no way 1 or 2 is possible. No way.

    The only question left in my mind is, how does Obama handle it?


  22. bocopro says:

    How does Soetoro handle it while protecting his legacy with Cankles as his 3rd term?


    IOW, he just flat admits that she screwed up and then pardons her. Unless she’s actually sitting in a juzgado, the great majority of Dems will still vote for her, especially if she has a Latino VP, such as Castro.

    His other option is to leave her swinging in the wind like a screen door in a Texas tornado so that Plugs and Fauxcahontas can gallop in and save his bacon.


  23. Kid says:

    Years ago, when I switched on talk radio driving to and from lunch or work, I heard Beck utter this about obama “We have to support our bi-partisan president”. That was it. I can’t think of anyone on talk radio I’d want to listen to let alone attach myself to their TV program. That these people are so successful says a lot about the state of the population, and none of it is any good.

    As far as getting realistic information from the media, all I can say is you don’t even get real information from your spouse most of the time.


  24. Kid says:

    I would actually take Plugs. He’d be constant comedy relief anyway.


  25. Mal says:

    SF, if Hillary did become President, she would immediately pardon herself. After all, she did say she wants to continue with O’s policies so that would be considered Executive Privilege, right?


  26. Bob says:

    Glenn beck didn’t go off the deep end, he started there. I got tired of Beck a long time ago with his conspiracy per minute revelations. I don’t believe thinking people listen to him, anymore. The best thing about his former show on Fox was his special telephone just waiting for a call from the White House. He also got Van Jones.

    Sanders is about as stupid as they come, and therefore fits the profile of the kind of candidate Democrats like. Hillary will most likely win the nomination, and will never be indicted. Obama is not dumb enough to let that process proceed. They will find some excuse.

    I don’t think anybody at Fox is pushing Trump, but I do think he gives them lots to talk about. They have to fill the air 24 hours per day with something, and Trump is always there in the limelight doing something outrageous, like boycotting a debate, to dominate the conversation in the media. He truly is the most dangerous candidate of any against Hillary. He has guts and is a genius when it comes to dominating the conversation.


  27. geeez2014 says:

    SF; I’ve heard such good things about this FBI Director that I think he WILL speak his mind if it comes to that…thanks for that great information.

    Kid, Not surprised that Beck said that…in the earlier days, he put his finger in the wind and acted on that……..most of us liked him back then for the same reason some of us (not me) still like Trump; he said it plainly, truthfully, and NON PC. But Beck bought into his fame, too.

    Mal; I think that’d be difficult for any president and for him/her to maintain any dignity; imagine pardoning yourself? But, in this new America, you’re probably right!

    Bob, he gives all channels lots to talk about…I think the others talk about him more than Trump, from my experience!

    That 24/7 news cycle has to STOP; it’s just too fraught with conjecture, stupid opinions, arguing to where you can’t hear the talking………
    Imagine Trump treating leaders of other countries like he treats the candidates? dignity, no decorum; Please, Trump; be a MAN!!


  28. Kid says:

    Z, I don’t claim to be a Trump fan, speaking idealistically, but there is a difference between campaigning and governing. Something obama knows nothing about.


  29. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, you think Trump would govern WELL? Or let his HUUUUGE ego get in the way…? And worse.


  30. Kid says:

    Z, No idea if he would. But it is remotely possible. Or not. 🙂 Just wanted to comment the difference.


  31. geeez2014 says:

    There’s a difference, sure, but I hate to think how the power of winning would make someone who’s already showed such ego….
    It’s remotely possible, and we can only hope.


  32. Kid says:

    I don’t trust him Z, I’ll put my $5 on him not doing us much good, but Who Knows. I’ll take anyone over another democrat (except Jeb) becuase they won’t do us any good for sure. Jeb would be about the same as hilrod


  33. Bob says:

    Kid: If Trump doesn’t like the way somebody is doing their job, he will not hesitate to fire them. After all, that’s what his “reality” show was run. He may be an a-hole, but he is our a-hole.


  34. Kid says:

    Bob, Yea, he may be an ass, but no one else is talking a non-PC, common sense approach to what is going on which I would read as the rest of them are trying to suck up to the losers. There is an appeal there even with the personal attack baggage. My hesitation is I don’t necessarily believe he will stay such red meat in office. But who knows. It would not hurt as much to vote for Trump as it would for many of the ohter candidates – who I believe don’t give a damn about Americans and would only uise the office for self-enrichment for themselves and their masters. Another Trump point – he doesn’t need to money from others. What a predicament… 🙂


  35. Kid says:

    All typos are intentional.


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  37. Mal says:

    Right, Bob and Kid. Donald TRUMPS all the others, doesn’t he?


  38. Kid says:

    If his focus is a great America, then I hope he gets in and kicks some.


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