Carrying to work……..

guns at workDoes THIS MAKE SENSE?    Imagine everyone who’s sitting around you has a gun down a boot or in her purse or in his pocket?

I’d like your opinion.

Will we EVER have sanity again in America, where nobody’d ever have thought he needed a GUN anywhere?  Will we EVER get rid of the terror threats?   Do you see any realistic silver lining?

Let’s talk……..I don’t want to be the only one shooting my mouth off….funny, that expression used to be fairly innocent and we laughed;  today, knowing people have guns, it sounds ominous and painful!


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29 Responses to Carrying to work……..

  1. Many people carry at work when company policy does not forbid it, and some where it does. A coworker at a GM plant once showed me his .38 in an ankle holster. He never shot anyone at work.
    I normally park off of company property to avoid violating idiotic gun free zone policies of my employers, as I don’t intend to be unprotected to and from work.
    Why should work be any different than a store or other public place when it comes to self protection?
    Workplace shootings such as Fort Hood are encouraged by the percieved lack of resistance. Look at the death toll. And that was a military facility.
    Many who could afford them have carried pocket pistols that went unnoticed for over a hundred and fifty years.
    You speak of gun possession as “ominous and painful”.
    It is freedom and liberty as the founders intended.
    Only in repressive states is it discouraged.


  2. jerrydablade says:

    I no longer carry a cell phone in my pants, but I do have a permit to carry a concealed squirrel. Sometimes he “prints” when he gets overly hungry and rambunctious. Just remember people, my eyes are up here! Nothing to see down there…


  3. bocopro says:

    The first example of two adult males encountering each other in Western culture resulted in one killing the other. Scratch the very thin veneer of civility masking the average human and you find an ape. Laws, customs, traditions, religion, culture . . . they’re all designed to modify behavior toward something civilized, to level the playing field so that the biggest and meanest and strongest doesn’t always wind up with the most gold, glory, and girls.

    But we tend to annoy each other from time to time, get in each other’s hair, step on each other’s toes . . . and a skillet or a marlinspike or even a 2 X 4 wielded properly can be just as lethal as Glock. Violent crime in the US has been on a downward trend for the past dozen years or so. A huge spike in homicides by handguns occurred in the early 90s, but recently things have calmed down.

    Take a few key urban sprawls out of the statistics — D.C., New Orleans, St. Louis, Baltimore, and especially Chicago — and the homicide rate by ANY means drops to levels comparable to most other “civilized” countries. And let’s face it — some people just need some serious killin from time to time . . . the Dillingers, the Capones, the Clyde Barrows.

    My suggestion is to turn off the TVs for about a year and stop advertising the spectacle of violent homicide. Quit romanticizing thugs such as the Teflon Don and making folk heroes out of savages such as Billy the Kid and El Chapo. A lot of shootings and stickups result from monkey-see, monkey-doism, ubiquitous in both news reporting, movies, and television dramas.

    And I for one have no objection whatever to some good ol’-fashioned cruel & unusual punishment for cruel and unusual deeds, such as forcible rape, drug smuggling, arson, terrorism, and child abuse. In fact, I see no reason whatever for any person found guilty of a heinous crime and sentenced to death to foul the air the rest of us have to breathe for more than a few weeks after the obligatory appeal is rejected.

    Castration seems appropriate, in my opinion, for forcible rape, especially where children or repeat offenses are involved. An eye for an eye essentially was intended as a limiting factor — in other words, no MORE than an eye for causing the loss of an eye. So what I’d like to see happen is the survivors or families of victims assign punishment for crimes involving death of a loved one, by whatever means. There’d be little shortage of volunteers to drop the plunger or throw the switch or pull the lever or squeeze the trigger, I betcha.

    Is that right? I donno. Is that fair? I donno. But we’re in no danger of running short of a$$—–, so getting rid of the worst of ’em would most certainly improve the recidivism rate. Several million owners of legal, registered firearms shot and killed no-one yesterday . . . or the day before . . . or last year. A few wannabes and nut cases who got their hands on weapons illegally sure did, tho.


  4. Z: I apologize for unintentionally misrepresenting something you wrote:
    “I don’t want to be the only one shooting my mouth off….funny, that expression used to be fairly innocent and we laughed; today, knowing people have guns, it sounds ominous and painful!”
    You didn’t, in retrospect, seem to be saying that “people have guns, it sounds ominous and painful”, but that “shooting your mouth off” did.


  5. Alec says:

    Hi Z,
    Bocopro has some good advice – turn off the tv news for a while. That piece you’ve cited could be put in a textbook of social control. It’s designed to upset and polarize.


  6. fredd says:

    In the western US back shortly after the Civil War (also called ‘the Wild West’), virtually every man and lots of women carried guns. Hollywood would have us believe that these western guys and gals back then would get up in the morning, walk outside and participate in a shoot out with some desperadoes, and then have some breakfast. That was hardly the case.

    People in the west back then knew that everybody was armed, or likely so, and accordingly folks were pretty darn considerate of each other. The notion that Hollywood clings to is simply not the case, and gun fire didn’t erupt every time some cowpoke bumped into another cowpoke in a crowded saloon. Sure, a few folks ended up dead from gun violence from time to time, but as John Wesley Hardin, who allegedly killed 27 men, was once quoted as saying “I never killed no one who didn’t need killin’.”

    If we all started packing heat in today’s US, I doubt that our nation would throw away our civility. On the contrary, I think a lot more folks would tend to be a little more considerate.


  7. When the government keeps importing “Indians” into the culture and “disarming” the police, why not carry guns?


  8. Mustang says:

    The suggestion makes perfect sense to me.

    Statistically, only one in twenty Americans carry a concealed weapon. This number is increasing, especially among women. I think this is a good thing because the American people have every right to self-defense; moreover, the more people who do carry a firearm, the less likely it is that they will become victims of serious crime.

    The silver lining is when thugs realize they stand a good chance of losing their life during an attack on an innocent by-stander.


  9. WC says:

    What people forget is that this country HAD a gun culture where the sight of a gun did not cause people to go into panic mode. In the first half of the 20th century and as late as 1950s, seeing someone carrying a gun or having a rifle in the back window of a pickup truck – even taken to school grounds – was seen as normal. We have been trained to fear the gun to the point of going into panic when we see one.


  10. I’m actually surprised when I find someone is NOT carrying.
    My friend and I were bowling and he saw the butt of my pistol and said he needed to get a carry gun.
    I turned and looked at him and said “You own a range pistol and don’t carry?”.
    Never regret not being prepared.


  11. Mustang says:

    WC is absolutely correct. We are ONLY having a discussion about guns because the idiotic left keep repeating the lie: guns are bad. No, what is bad is what the left has done to blacks living in Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, etc., who are killing one another in overwhelming numbers.


  12. John M. Berger says:

    Sadly “GUN FREE ZONES” attract mayhem from the: mentally un-balanced, terrorist and criminal elements that lurk in our society. I believe that a [legally] armed citizenry, anywhere/everywhere will serve to dissuade the aforementioned from their acts of violence while mitigating the damage by those so inclined to proceed. OK, will this stop such incidents, completely, of course not but it will certainly help.


  13. Alec says:

    We are ONLY having a discussion about guns because the idiotic left keep repeating the lie: guns are bad.

    Agree with Mustang 100%. Good or bad behaviour has little or nothing to do with the availability of weapons. In places where real mace is proscribed, forums instruct women to carry bug spray or small spray paint cans. I’m not a doctor, but imagine that bug spray or paint directly in the eyes could cause permanent damage – much worse than pepper spray. Banning things never works for many reasons.

    The really crazy thing is that many people who believe this stuff are not idiots. They are conditioned – brainwashed – deluded. To think otherwise is to take a shortcut in reason which will leave you exposed.


  14. cube says:

    That’s a good question and I’m with the concealed carry group. Have carried for over 20 years. I believe in being prepared rather than being sorry.


  15. bocopro says:

    Gotta love that pic of the woman being asked why she carries a pistol. Her answer: “Because a cop would be too heavy.”

    Also like that one about the the anti-firearm atheist with the “gun-free zone” sign on his door who hears someone breaking into his house late at night. Just before the thug caves in his skull with a club, his wife hears him praying for the cops to hurry up and be sure they’re carrying their guns.


  16. Mal says:

    One big difference when compared to the Wild West is today we are a crowded, drug oriented society where too many irresponsible people can act violently. But today, with the great number of undocumented Muslims that have been welcomed into our country, we have no choice but to carry.
    So carry we should.


  17. Silverfiddle says:

    @ Z: Will we EVER have sanity again in America…?

    Nope. As bocopro reminded us, society is a thin veneer; it takes work, like tending a very finicky garden. Constant tending, pruning, watering…

    An essential component of a healthy society is a shared morality, and we’ve totally lost that.


  18. Imp says:

    But that is what people who have a phobia of objects do. If there is one place you want people who are trained to conceal, carry and shoot a firearm, it is colleges and schools. Funny how everyday dems are consistently trying to take away the rights of the very people who they don’t realize surround us and protect us everyday. But, that is responsibility, it requires us to protect the very people who might deny us our freedom.


  19. Baysider says:

    Wow – SF, bocopro, Mustang, Ed, Mal, Cube, JMB, WC, Alec, fredd + 1.

    Makes sense to me. The reason I started carrying a cell phone in the first place was because, as my husband pointed out, you CAN’T carry a gun in California. Within 3 months I was using it to call the highway patrol for some guy trying to run us off the road in open country up on I-5 north of Sacramento. He was so adamant about this that he even paid for my phone.


  20. Sparky says:

    Not a big deal. Here in the Southeast, almost all of us carry. All the time. Have for years.


  21. Bob says:

    At one company, a three month employee made the mistake one day of asking his supervisor, “What are the company’s firearm policies?”. The poor guy was almost fired. At that time this company was in the old, decrepit downtown Atlanta area where crime was pretty bad. Night shift network engineers had to park on city streets, and they were vulnerable to mugging on their way to and from work. There was a company policy against firearms, both in house and in the parking lots (there was not a parking lot available). None were allowed, and those who disregarded this policy were subject to dismissal.

    By he way, the network engineer requesting information on the firearms policy was a black man, and he was really BIG. If he was concerned for his safety, I can certainly understand why he wanted to carry a gun to work. I am pretty much convinced that he DID carry to work, but he was smart enough to hide it.

    I believe the reason for this policy was not because somebody in company management hated guns. Hunting was an approved sport. Being a telecom outfit in a volatile busniess, layoffs were normal and regular. They didn’t want to be in the position of laying someone off, and then the former employee going to their car to get their gun.

    Personally, I would not be comfortable with someone in the office carrying a gun, concealed or not. There are all kinds of kooks out there, and I believe I knew some of them.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    Bob….”Personally, I would not be comfortable with someone in the office carrying a gun, concealed or not.” that’s how I feel…the slightest disagreement and some creep’s getting his gun.
    But, don’t everybody get his knickers in a twist; I understand alll of your points, I really do.


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  24. John M. Berger says:

    “They didn’t want to be in the position of laying someone off, and then the former employee going to their car to get their gun. ”

    How does that “policy” prevent the disgruntled “employee” from going home, grabbing his gun(s) and returning to the [gun free] office where it would be easy to kill many?


  25. Kid says:

    Well, In this environment, mass murder only happens in gun free zones. Continuing to maintain gun free zones is lunacy. Carrying a weapon should like (it used to be) when people got a driver’s license (now you only need to e old enough and not even a citizen). Take a course like the CCW course, take a test, get a license. Of course some people whould not carry. You know who theya re. I’ll tell you what though, You had to be a very special kind of person to draw a weapon in a bar full of people carrying weapons in the Wild West.

    People think about the Wild West when they think of people carrying. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but there are no Wild West stories about punks showing up at a school to gun down a bunch of kids becuase they are psychotic punks motivated by other psychotic punks making really bad music, or at a fill in the blank to gun down a bunch of people for the sheer act of kiling people. There were murderers of course, and some who would murder with little provocation but the vast majority did it for personal gain, Claim jumpers of gold mines and such and usually one on one gun fights. Excluding the Indians – Everyone was armed if they were anywhere an Indian tribe.

    Now the government is both fighting to disarm us and bring in all manner of murderous people without the slightest vetting process at the same time. Border patrol ordered to stand down. I can’t think of anything more dangerous or stupid than that. Everyone coming across the border should get a free bus ride to Washington DC and a weapon and ammo when they arrive.

    England, who has been disarmed for decades, and who has a better class of people generally speaking than the USA, is # 1 in Europe for violent attack crime, and #2 in the World. Imagine that, # 2 in the World.


  26. Kid says:

    PS – They (media and government) advertise people killing oithers in a criminal context yet the stories of people saving themselves/families by using their weapon are few and far between. In fact many more criminals are shot by law abiding citizens that the other way around. Maybe advertising that would put a damper on idiot vermin out to commit violence on people.


  27. Linda says:

    I’m all for carrying! It is really sad that we have to, but times are changing. I agree with the other writers that have reminded us of places that didn’t allow guns, and those are the places that many have been killed.


  28. Kid says:

    JMB “How does that “policy” prevent the disgruntled “employee” from going home, grabbing his gun(s) and returning to the [gun free] office where it would be easy to kill many?”

    Nailed it. This is the reality and the too often news story we read. Would they ahve done that if people in the office were armed? Much less likely.


  29. Bob says:

    John: The office was passcode entry, and there were security guards. That’s why terminated employees are escorted off premises by security guards.


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