Super Bowl Sunday

While I’m no football fan, I have to admit to being moved by seeing all the MVP’s they gathered and honored before the game.  FABULOUS.

If you’d like to say anything about it tonight, FIRE AWAY~!  I think I might even watch the game…half heartedly, while I’m doing other things,  but IT’S ON 🙂

Pray there’s no terrorism.


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21 Responses to Super Bowl Sunday

  1. John M. Berger says:

    GO BRONCOS!!!!!


  2. Bob says:

    Early in the 4th quarter the Carollina defense just recovered a fumble by Manning. The score is 16-7, Denver. The big question is, can Cam Newton get his feet in gear? So far neither QB has been able to do much.

    Well, it looks like Carolina is keeping it on the ground, and is in the the Red Zone. Michael Oher moved, still 3rd down penalty. Is this the Michael Oherr of the movie “The Blind Side” fame? YUP. They just got a field goal.

    Omaha Peyton, and more later…


  3. And how did Coldplay do?


  4. Bob says:

    What a defense. Denver scores and adds 2 points to make the score 24 to 10. It would take two touch downs plus three extra points for Carolina to tie, Two minutes left and Carolina just punted.

    It looks like Peyton will win another Super Bowl. The MVP however is not the QB, but probably someone from the Broncos defense. Miller?

    Tonight, Denver had the better team. The Denver defense scored most of the points, and it was a tough defensive game without either quarterback showing much stuff. Lots of sacks.

    Congrats to Denver!


  5. Bob says:

    Ed: Cold play did good. As a matter of fact I enjoyed the half-time show. This may be the first time I have said that.


  6. John M. Berger says:

    “Congrats to Denver!”

    Thanks Bob !


  7. Silverfiddle says:

    It was cool seeing Elway hoist a Super Bowl trophy again. I and my kids were also impressed seeing every Super Bowl MVP come out before the game. Namath still looks good!


  8. geeez2014 says:

    JMB…Congratulations! Dull-ish game but I’m a Manning fan (except for that little sexual harassment nastiness he practically admitted to!), and I’m glad he won. Class act, otherwise!

    Bob, you sure called it!! Good job!

    What was with the Half Time show? It looked like they used weird, different types of cameras…then it was night, then it was day, I think they were all lip synching, but that’s normal…..I watched only about 1/3 of it, but thought the whole thing looked like it was taped earlier except the stands were full. Did you notice an oddness to the photography product?

    I LOVED the presentation of all the MVPs..that was REALLY fun to see! Great for them, too…what a proud moment they deserve!


  9. Bob says:

    At the half-time entertainment, Coldplay started out, followed by some song/dance routines by Bruno Mars and his bunch. They moved like Michael Jackson, and did some pretty good stuff. Beyonce, of course, offered some skin and music along with 18 or 20 pairs of great legs dancing with her.

    Lady Gaga did a superlative job of singing the National Anthem. The woman has a great voice.


  10. Bob says:

    Z: I had the privilege to watch the half-time show with my daughter and son-on-law, both of whom are experts in music (compared to me). Coldplay did just fine leading off the entertainment.


  11. bocopro says:

    Last pro football game I watched had Joe Montana as QB. Last MLB game, Dale Murphy in CF for the Braves. Last NBA game, Bill Russell at center for the Celtics. Have never EVER watched a hockey or soccer game, and I gave up on tennis when skill was replaced by power.

    Won’t bore y’all with rationale. Begins with pay and privileges and ends with drugs and drivel.

    Have no problem at all with other people enjoying the hype and folderol of SuperBowl madness, but I just can’t get interested in a game that takes 3 hours but the average play takes only 10 seconds. In fact, the total time the ball is actually in play in any pro football game is less than 15 minutes over a 3-hour period of time.


  12. FB says:

    Loved the MPVs celebration too. Very touching. Glad the Broncos and Peyton won. The game wasn’t the best, though.


  13. John M. Berger says:

    Since when did the Super Bowl become a forum for the Black Panther Movement?


  14. geeez2014 says:

    And who knew it was a GAY STATEMENT to have Lady Gaga sing our National Anthem? From the link above: “In front of the most heteronormative, traditionally homophobic population in the country—the NFL and its diehard fans—our gay hero sang the national anthem. And we got to sing along, too… we’re going to be OK. ”

    Did you know that if you were watching Super Bowl, you were ‘homophobic’? Man.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Re BEYONCE: Yes, it’s sad that it is THEY who are constantly dividing, bring up race, making inappropriate statements at events worth better than that.
    I think there’s plenty of time in the news to get those messages across; leave us ALONE.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Bob, I’m a musician and have done shows (nothing like Super Bowl, of course)…I thought Cold Play was okay….odd choice, but fine.

    It was the camera work I was commenting on, were there lenses over the cameras? It truly looked like they’re shot it at another time or venue except for the crowds in the stadium. Just plain WEIRD.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    I wondered that I heard Manning TWICE say “I want to kiss my wife and kids, thank ‘the man upstairs’ and drink a lot of BUDWEISER” Odd to say the exact thing twice within five minutes of after-game interviews.
    Come to find out he owns a lot of stock in Bud….some thought he had a deal and was paid to say that but he didn’t. Still, I wonder just how MUCH money Americans have to have before they stop plugging their interests $$$?? Did it matter to his checkbook to mention Budweiser that much?


  18. Mal says:

    We rooted for Denver, too. Carolina just couldn’t take the speed of the Bronc’s defense. I’d never paid much attention to Lady Gaga. My wife said before she sang that she has a nice voice, and I agree, but her name turns me off. It sounds like something a baby utters. With such a good voice, why the inane moniker?


  19. John M. Berger says:

    I drink a fair amount of Budweiser but have no stock in the company-LOL.


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