Votes…Where and Why?

Where do you think votes of Christie and Carly will go now that they’re OUT OF THE RACE?  I think that’s an interesting thing to consider……

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Why do you think Jeb is doing so much better suddenly?

Do you think the Rubio debate last week was bad enough to warrant his drop in the polls?

Who do you think might be the next to leave the race?


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34 Responses to Votes…Where and Why?

  1. LA Sunset says:

    Fiorina’s and Christie’s voters will likely be split between Bush, Kasich, and Trump. In fact, much of Christie’s support may find its way to Trump, because both have the same kind of personality.

    Rubio is the Republican Party’s Barack Obama. Young, impetuous, no accomplishments, can give a memorized speech. He’s weak.

    Cruz is the favorite of evangelicals. He told Glenn Beck he wants to audit the Fed, but missed the vote. Cruz supporters (some of which are the most rabid and hateful on the internet) will say it’s because it wouldn’t have passed by a large margin, anyway. Seven votes is all he needed and if he were better liked, he could have lobbied seven more votes.

    This is all well and good, because Mrs. Cruz is a big shot with Goldman Sachs. So I don’t think a President Cruz would ever audit the Fed. Add to this the dirty stunt pulled by his campaign in Iowa and it leads me to believe that Cruz is not showing us the face of God, as wifey suggests. It does show that he is a snake, like the rest.

    Carson will leave the race next. He’s a nice man but weak. Bush will stay in until his daddy’s friend’s money runs out. He’s a very weak man.

    Kasich will likely get a bump from his win Tuesday, but how that translates into votes in the South will not be known until they all vote. That’s the big question. I cannot get excited about Kasich too much because of his deep connections to the establishment.

    This leaves Trump. I agree with some things he says, disagree with others. I think he has done much to start the conversation on sensitive topics, a conversation that sorely needed to take place. If we are truly sincere about getting the country back to it’s prominent place in the world, we would all consider him. He has his weaknesses, still, he has the GOP establishment, the Dems, and the global elitists scared. But I think in the end, the GOP establishment will find a way to block him from the nomination and somehow give it to Bush.

    No matter what happens, we are all hosed again. We now have a system that will not permit the will of the people to have a voice. The same holds true on the Democratic side. Bernie Sanders won 60% of the vote in NH and still HRC ends up with more delegates. If I were a Democrat, I’d be for Sanders, because he has not changed much in 50 years. Like him or not, he tells you what he wants to do. On the other hand, you have HRC who lies so much, her ass whistles when she talks.

    People are going to be charged with a felony for transporting Spotted Cow beer from Wisconsin and selling it in Minnesota. But somehow she is still roaming the earth in ugly pantsuits, after committing some of the most egregious crimes against the United States of America.

    Welcome to the Twilight Zone.



  2. LA,
    I couldn’t resist. I posted about that beer story. In a second, I’ll grab a portion of your rant to add to my post today.


  3. jerrydablade says:

    Fox News and the rest of the establishment are really bending over backwards trying to discredit Cruz, the only constitutional conservative in this race. It’s a little sad to see how their star has fallen.

    As to your question, Z. I listened to Laura Ingraham’s podcast the other day and she predicted Christie would endorse Trump. She has had Christie on her show many, many times and been a huge cheerleader for him, so she might just be in the know on that. If so, I believe Christie is vying for Mr. T’s VP slot. Since Christie is an establishment guy, I assume his supporters will be split between Kasich, Bush, and Trump (getting the a##hole loud-mouth niche). Those are waaay different supporters than Carly’s, who has more conservative cred., and I would expect the lion’s share go to Cruz.

    But then again, I’m really crappy at this. I look back at past posts and I had Romney defeating obama. Maybe that was just wishful thinking…


  4. John M. Berger says:

    I pretty much agree with La Sunset but, while I would reluctantly support him (over any DemocRAT), I sure hope that Bush does not prevail. I think that Carson’s continuance in the race is an exercise in futility.


  5. Linda says:

    You know, HRC is going to be our next president. Only 100 people will vote.99 will vote for the other guy, 1 for HRC. It’s not the ones who casts the votes, it’s the one who counts the votes. Boy, I hope I am wrong!!!!!


  6. John M. Berger says:

    @ Linda,

    “Boy, I hope I am wrong!!!!!”

    Yeah, me too!


  7. bunkerville says:

    One thing is for sure, the media is all in for Kasich now. He will be the new star of stage and screen. The mindless voters will follow the piper.


  8. We are all heavily influenced by the appearance of each candidate.
    Facial “tells”, speeches.
    Trump comes across with such self-assurance and an aura of invincibility (which he fosters) and the words (most importantly) that everyone wants to hear.
    Of course, he’s the guy who just said, in response to being called on his gutter language, “I’m very capable of changing to anything I want to change to”.
    It appears that that is what he’s been doing all along.
    Cruz, may not audit the Fed, but what other candidate would? Rand is out.
    Cruz is far more the conservative candidate than the others, based on recent activity, including the court cases he has won for conservative causes.
    Except perhaps as Jeb Bush was as governor, and I am not endorsing Jeb, just pointing it out.


  9. Baysider says:

    Been thinking about this for awhile. We supported ($$$) Carly, and I knew she had enough funds to go through New Hampshire but figured she would drop and wondered who I’d back. Rubio is TOO young, although I like him. If you look at the track record of younger presidents (I think I blogged on this during the 2008 campaign) you’ll find bad mistakes, errors of judgment more than older ones. Obama has proved the case, certainly.

    I like Cruz, and I don’t have a problem with the so-called ‘dirty tricks’ on Carson since it wasn’t the way the media presented it. NOT TRUMP! I would have gone for Walker. Any one on that stage would be an improvement over what we have now. But we shouldn’t look for the ‘anti-Obama’ candidate as much as one with a vision. A positive message to carry. Like Reagan.


  10. Mustang says:

    Bush is only doing better AFTER party insiders push Fiorina, Christie, and Carson out of the race. How could Bush not seem to be doing better when all you have left to compare him to are Trump, Flipper, and Bubble Boy? I must tell you that anyone who continues to think that “we the people” decide elections is seriously disconnected from reality. Bunkerville demonstrates that this same thing is going on within the DNC as well. For too long now I have been saying that we have gone too far down the road toward our own destruction; this time I really mean it.


  11. Baysider says:

    I think think the WSJ’s cartoon and headline captures the very dangerous cliff we’re on:
    “As institutions lose respect, voters think: Let’s take a chance.” Yeah, done that already! Peggy Noonan has a fine article there too, about the decline of Americans’ faith in their institutions.


  12. Mustang says:

    Causing Americans to lose faith in their institutions has been the goal of the progressive movement from its very inception. The nail in our coffin was when the GOP adopted those very same goals.


  13. Baysider says:

    Good point!


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Marco Rubio is less than a year younger than Cruz; I think it’s important we remember that his youthful appearance is only that, appearance. He’s every bit as smart as Cruz but doesn’t quite have the kind of nasty overtone Cruz has. A very sad thing I saw in some Cruz footage was his reaching out to his daughter and she pushed him away in a disdainful way, extremely disrespectful, way I could NEVER EVER have felt OR done to my dad at that age or any age. It said a lot to me that something’s not kosher at home or he’s raised very spoiled girls and I’m HUUUUGE on family and respect and believe that starts at HOME. I’ll admit that girl might have been exhausted and probably was, and I’ll admit a senator is rarely home so she probably barely knows her father these last couple of years, but……just mentioning this not to sway anybody else or convince anybody else of a problem…think what you will about it, but it showed me something.

    I also more heartily approve of Rubio’s stance on faith than I do Cruz’s….that video of Rubio’s explaining to an atheist in his Town Hall stunned me and told me he’s a strong man of character and will never use faith to the extent that some are to get elected.

    I don’t think Carson’s soft spoken demeanor is weakness at all. I think it’s his kind and good Christian nature. A neurosurgeon also needs hyper patience. I think he’s a very good man and would do well as VP.
    How about Rubio/Carson? Or would Carson’s age and maturity make Rubio seem even younger in appearance? I have to admit Rubio looks a tad younger than Cruz.

    Mustang’s right; we’re losing faith in our institutions and our people, which is why I posted the John Doe Speech yesterday. . The comments on that really hurt something deep inside me last night as it shows something I don’t want to acknowledge. But I will say this much;
    I sense it here on my blog, and at others’…..we’re getting VERY down and we have 9 months more of this depressing election junk ahead of us…only it’ll get SO much worse.

    I’m noticing that the more leftwing cable channels are not as negative toward Republicans as they have always been in the past, which I think is a tiny bright spot and might be even helpful.
    But, as possible Independents and centrists and even some Reagan Dems come to the Right, I see the staunch Right, most of us, going more Right and even threatening not to vote again (which is basically why Romney didn’t win if you learned what the numbers said after that election).
    If I ever EVER feel not like voting for president, I’ll remember the Supreme Court. No WAY would any Republican president nominate a liberal. With Hillary or the Hippie as president, I believe we can count on Holder’s appointment and that’s it……….”Bye bye, Miss American Pie” (custard, lemon or cherry, Kid!)

    Bunkerville; even CNN’s talking Kasich up now….Yes, I think the media’s annointed Kasich…I think he’s a fine person and I call him the TURTLE. Look at him next time on stage…….

    A couple of the high schoolers at the school with which I’m associated had TRUMP stickers on their notebooks….another is a lover of the Hippie…..another guy said “Hillary!” I suppose they reflect their folks’ opinions. But as much as I can’t STAND Trump, I was heartened to see conservatism and patriotism indicated by the stickers.

    LA Sunset, I am not familiar with Kasich’s connection to the establishment being stronger than anybody else’s but Cruz.

    I might be the only person in the blogosphere who thinks Jeb might be the nicest of all of the candidates other than Carson. I HATE some of Jeb’s stances and I suggest we watch as he backs down on Common Core…maybe tomorrow night.

    I find it utterly fascinating that Jeb is bringing G.W. out, which goes to show that presidents do look better in hindsight….!!! It’s apparently appealing to people. WHO KNEW?


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang; I believe the Left has purposefully made us lose faith in our institutions…I believe the Right’s ceding on issues we wish they wouldn’t, but they’re not purposefully trying to tear our institutions down.


  16. bocopro says:

    Finding myself oddly unable to meaningfully add to or constructively detract from the comment stack, I shall go rid the fridge of that pesky remainder of somewhat spirited chili my D-I-L left there a few days ago and not make a nuisance of myself . . . until perhaps later this evening.


  17. Imp says:

    New Poll Numbers just in:

    The best news is for Trump, who has managed to hold on to a substantial lead. The news for Rubio is mixed. After that brutal debate performance, the Florida senator’s support didn’t crater in South Carolina like it did in New Hampshire. Nevertheless, he’s still stuck -21 points behind Trump. On the flip-side, he is leading in the Establishment Lane, and holding that lead will become increasingly important as this primary campaign rolls on.

    Another South Carolina poll released today shows almost the exact same results — Trump: 36%, Cruz: 19%, Rubio: 15%, Bush: 11%. Kasich: 9% — and adds the fascinating detail that Trump is leading Cruz among evangelicals by +10 points.


  18. Mal says:

    I like ’em all and will vote for whoever gets the nod from the GOP and so would the supporters of those that drop out, I would hope. That being said, I do have my preferences, even with their faults. Hey. No one is perfect, ergo, no need to point out their faults. I registered for the Nevada Caucus to be held here in Vegas on Feb. 23, the first one I have ever been to, and still plan on voting for Trump because I feel who better than a multi-billionaire can understand our finances, and money seems to be the one factor needed to cure all our ills (terrorists & border security, the deficit, military buildup, veteran care, social security & medicare, infrastructure, etc). It all takes money.
    I’m looking at an article in yesterday’s paper where Obama sent the final budget proposal to Congress on Tuesday asking for a whopping $4.15 trillion package! Consider, the entire cost of Bush’s 2 wars over the 11 year period through 2014 was only $1.6 trillion. Obama knows all the financial experts have said $24 trillion is the point of no return; that it would be impossible to recover from that figure, and as a Muslim sympathizer, is what he wants and will destroy us.
    Today, I see one of my neighbors we know pretty well has a Hillary sign with an arrow painted on it in front of her house and 4 or 5 cars have come with people going in and out of there. I’m not sure what is going on but it looks like some kind of a rally for H. It doesn’t surprise me because they also had Obama signs there in 2012 as did a couple of others while we had one for Romney.


  19. FB says:

    I think it’ll go to Kasich.

    I believe the Left has purposefully made us lose faith in our institutions

    Not really. Our institutions and their founding principles are pretty good but the men are corrupt. But as a society we also get the men we deserve. The Bernie Sanders idiotic and infantile supporters will get corrupt and incompetent leaders of the worse kind.


  20. FB says:

    Overall hope and change gave us Bernie and Trump. That’s how hope and change have worked out. And the populace keeps placing hopes in politicians instead of themselves and God for the ones that believe.


  21. Bob says:

    I think Christie’s votes for the most part will go to Kasich. If you are a Christie fan you would throw-up if you thought about supporting Bush, Rubio, or Cruz.

    Fiorina’s supporters will probably go for Rubio. This is the reason: Fiorina was one of the smartest people in the group, but I never got the feeling she was supported by the evangelical Christians. If her supporters mirror her convictions, they will not support Cruz, Trump, Kasich (not smart enougy). That leaves Rubio as the least offensive alternative.

    Besides, Ted Cruz is sleaze masquerading as a decent person. There is no doubt in my mind that he jumped at the chance to torpedo Ben Carson, apologies notwithstanding. Plus, Ted is a loser against Hillary.

    After all is said and done, I believe we will be saddled with Donald Trump as our candidate. I know he is serious about fixing things, but I don’t think he has the knowledge for the job. Let’s hope he can get really good advisors.

    There was a special about Ronald Reagan on Public TV last night, and in some ways Trump reminds me of Reagan. Unfortunately, the Public TV liberal twits twisted things to a fair degree, even lying about middle class incomes during the Reagan administration, and since.


  22. Silverfiddle says:

    They had so few votes, it doesn’t really matter.

    Trump will probably win SC, and Cruz will probably win the southern states.

    The Big Money fight will be between Bush and Rubio, with Kasich trying snatch the establishment crown from Rubio and Bush.

    Rubio’s robotic repeats should not hurt him in a sane world, but the sanity train left long ago…


  23. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro: Pass the chili!

    Imp “Trump is leading Cruz among evangelicals by +10 points.” “Evangelicals”…always makes me curious, the term is one we’d not usually choose for ourselves, that’s for sure. And the media has made it a pejorative, of course.
    Most strong Christians are very patriotic so Trump, while he’s a boor and lout and doesn’t make sense if you do the numbers of the things he’s like to do, appeals to patriotism BIG TIME.

    Mal, your caucus in Nevada comes soon, right? I’d sure like to know the truth about Trump’s bankruptcies; he denies, others assert he’s lying. Do you know?

    FB: I disagree; I’ve been around liberal teachers and understand their constant harangues on “the rich” are meant to destroy us….with no “rich”, our country’s done. Forever. They are philanthropists, they hire, they buy expensive items our workers make.. I’m fairly sure this is a conscious destruction of our institutions, like our corporations, etc. Not all corporations are greedy and bad and yet that’s the new American leftwing mantra. Very dangerous.
    “And the populace keeps placing hopes in politicians instead of themselves and God for the ones that believe.” That’s FOR SURE. (see my note below about the book)

    Bob, I agree with almost all you said 100%, especially “….Ted Cruz is sleaze masquerading as a decent person. There is no doubt in my mind that he jumped at the chance to torpedo Ben Carson, apologies notwithstanding. Plus, Ted is a loser against Hillary.” A BIG HUGE loser against HIllary.
    Rubio has a VERY good chance of winning though there are already emails I’m getting showing him to supposedly been dancing like a Chippendale dancer in gay clubs ! 🙂 They’re going to DESTROY him if they can. Utterly DESTROY.
    It’ll make what they did to Palin (deserved or not) a picnic in the park.

    FB speaks of GOD above, in relation to what’s happening here in America ; I highly recommend reading THE HARBINGER…’s eye opening, fiction written around a HECK of a lot of amazing truths that will make your jaw drop. Yes, God wants His people back. BIG TIME. I may blog on the book soon.


  24. LA Sunset says:

    Ed Bonderenka: “Cruz, may not audit the Fed, but what other candidate would? ”

    Ed, maybe no one will do it, BUT let’s consider something, shall we?

    Cruz told Glenn Beck he wanted to audit it. At the same time, Beck has been telling Americans how wonderful and godly Cruz is…ALL THE WHILE, he has been trashing Trump and painting him to be Satan incarnate.

    Now, I seem to remember hearing Beck many evenings several years ago, telling us all how Goldman Sachs was a puppeteer at the Fed and how they are a controlling force in an evil government. I remember the chalkboards and the arrows that seemed to point to (and pass through) GS, with remarkable consistency.

    So, armed with this knowledge, we must assume that Cruz has been lying. Or maybe Beck has been lying.

    OR….maybe, just MAYBE, BOTH of them have been lying.

    You are free to believe what you want. But I happen to think that both of them have turned out to be the highest level of hypocrites.

    Beware the wolf, for he is often a dangerous predator that will devour you. But even more importantly, we must beware the wolf that is dressed in sheep’s clothing. The wolf, you see coming and you recognize him as a wolf. But the wolf in sheep’s clothing will tell you what you want to hear. Dressed in a docile covering, their objectives are to fool you into thinking they are tame and harmless.

    Right now, Cruz is the one who tells evangelicals what they want to hear, all the while he is lying through his false sheep’s teeth and drooling for the chance to get them all cornered.


  25. FB says:

    I agree with you the left wants to destroy everything. I’ve noticed that in any country around the world. It’s just a temperament. It’s as though change is a constant obsession and destruction must take place. It’s accompanied with a pathological self loathing I think. But I also think our politicians have been lousy, incompetent and corrupt for a while now and people are sick of it. Look at this crook Greyson.


  26. Mal says:

    Z, I believe the bankruptcies Trump had were not personal ones but corporate BK’s where he was taking advantage of the tax laws to his advantage to reduce his debt, thereby increasing his profits.
    I imagine many large corps. do the same thing. I also don’t believe any individuals get hurt by them, only the government or the lenders.
    Bob, don’t worry about Trump having the knowledge for the job. He has already said he knows a lot of very, very smart people and will surround himself with them, and I know he will listen to the advice of the experts in each field, including the military generals and admirals, something O never did, and the reason so many took early retirement. Reagan did the same thing if you remember.
    This is also why The Donald is so successful.


  27. geeez2014 says:

    FB, I couldn’t agree with you more.
    I have a new acquaintance, a woman from Nice, lovely woman….we talked politics yesterday for a few minutes while I explained the ‘snakiness’ of , particularly, our left, which mischaracterizes and paints the Right as “EVIL” not just ‘WRONG”….it’s always been Left v Right, Tory v Whig…wrong v right, depending on which side you were…but now it’s EVIL the Right is and the snakiness of other things politicians do really bugs me; she stopped me cold and said “That’s exactly right! The Left does act like SNAKES, in France, too!”
    She despises Socialism BIG TIME, and was a huge fan of Sarkosy because he wasn’t one of the ‘elitists’….thoughts?

    Mal…Thanks for that information.
    I have to admit I doubt the Donald would listen to ANYBODy on ANYTHING, but I hope you’re right.

    Let’s PLEASE never compare Donald Trump to Ronald Reagan anymore; at least not at GeeeZ! PLEEEEEEEEEEASE!! Imagine Reagan calling members of an audience A$$ holes and saying F*** and promising to build things he knew couldn’t get built, and telling women they bleed from “wherever”, etc ? NEVER HAPPEN. And he didn’t use his faith as a foil to attract voters, either.


  28. FB says:

    Sarkozy is a power hungry, bling-bling lover egotistical jerk. But that’s better than socialism. At least the country’s economy was making progress with him.


  29. FB says:

    I think Leftism is a disease. When you want to overhaul something 100% when it’s working for 80% of the people, you’re not sane.


  30. LASunset. Copy. But I don’t care what Beck says. Haven’t in a long time.
    That means I must evaluate Cruz outside of Beck.
    At this point, i’ll take him over Rubio, and certainly over Trump.
    And those are the only choices available.


  31. John M. Berger says:

    GO MAL ! Patton wasn’t very likeable either.


  32. LA Sunset says:

    Ed, I cannot, will not, evaluate Cruz without the knowledge of what Beck means to him. For me, I am not able to separate the candidate from the people who support him/her. The reason is, these are the people who will influence that candidate, these are the people the candidate will owe favors to….


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  34. Lisa says:

    I think Trump even with his straight forwardness and sometimes offensive things he says is not
    Going to sway his supporters because people see him as someone who is competent enough to get America’s house in order and mostly non-establishment. I can understand that.
    I still see Ben Carson as a healing voice that is much needed in oyr country
    Rubio is charasmatic and well informed which is appealing . It sounded like he stumping for Nikki Haley.
    Kasich and Bush have executive experience as does Trump which iscan asset
    Cruz actually I thought did pretty well last night although he reminds me too much of a caricature
    I can’t help but see that in him.
    But most importantly I agree with Mal ,I will vote for whoever is the nominee .This may be our last and final chance to at least start to turn this ship around.
    I am so tired of the democrats putting everyone into seperate groups.

    I still believe in the old saying by JFK “A rising tide lifts all boats.”
    At least enough to get our heads above water anyway. Better than where Barry had taken us and for sure where HillBern will continue to bring us


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