Trump calls Cruz a Liar…but…

…Seems to me that, if Trump really feels Cruz isn’t able to be president because he’s born in Canada, he has the responsibility to sue Cruz.   But, Trump is only threatening to sue Cruz IF Cruz keeps “lying” about him, being “mean” to him, or exposing his misinformation, etc….

What’s that tell us about Trump?

By the way:  Do you think threatening a Third Party run is a ploy to get people scared enough to vote in the primaries for him so he won’t do that?


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31 Responses to Trump calls Cruz a Liar…but…

  1. Has Trump threatened a Third Party run? The last I heard, he hadn’t done so.


  2. Never mind. I did a Google search.


  3. geeez2014 says:

    A0W; So what do you think of my point?
    If Trump had character and believed in his assertion that Cruz can’t be president, he should sue NOW, not only wait till Cruz is “mean to him” and “lies about him” , etc….
    I’m thinking since the crowd at the RNC debate recently BOOED at him, he’ll probably find some REAL dirt on Jeb, too.


  4. Yeah, that threat of a suit is so ham handed.
    If he thought Cruz had a chance, should he sue out of a citizen’s responsibility (as if the dems wouldn’t )?
    Pragmatically, if he thought Cruz had no chance, why waste the money on lawyers?
    Except to be vindictive.


  5. According to WND that dirt on Jeb is already out there.
    But it’s WND so, who knows?


  6. Silverfiddle says:

    What does it tell us: That Trump’s political analysts think Cruz is all that stands between him and the nomination, and that he probably sees Cruz as a top-tier VP choice.


  7. bocopro says:

    Nah . . . still think it’s all over but the official announcements: a choice between Don Santino Corleone and Lucretia Borgia, or a term I think I heard somewhere before, prob’ly on one of those TV shows that feature hybrid words created to fit new situations: it’s a quanundrum, or a very difficult problem that you hafta solve but which will result in pain no matter which way you decide. I tried to look it up, but couldn’t find it. ‘Course I didn’t look very hard, either.

    While I definitely would prefer Trump to Shrillary, he’d be a disaster in his own right, a flip-flopping blowhard whose ego would get him into deep kimchee with a whole slew of foreign leaders. Cankles is just plain evil, and though she’s quite capable of making decisions and all, I wouldn’t trust her to safeguard a shotput. My guess is that she’d either lose it or break it if she couldn’t sell it.

    Yeah, I think we’re hozed, mes amis. Call it a predicament, a dilemma, a quandary, a damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don’t, a Catch-22 . . . whatever. It’s a lose-lose. And the worst part of it all is that the DNC alternative to Cankles wants to turn the US into Venezuela, and Cruz is about as personable as a gila monster of whom nearly all unite in speaking revulsion.

    I don’t see Kasich as electable, and I do see Carson dropping out by mid-March. Bush is a freakin nebbish, regardless of the fact that he says many of the right things, and Rubio is El Vacilador.

    (above paragaphs are sanitized excerpts from my daily rant)

    And I don’t see a Bloomberg vanity run happening.
    And . . . I still like Sarah Palin.
    So there.


  8. John M. Berger says:

    “he probably sees Cruz as a top-tier VP choice.”
    At one time I considered Trump choosing Cruz for VP. Now, after all of the vitriol, I can’t imagine that. If Trump considers himself to be nominated for POTUS how, in the world, could he justify that? I must be misinterpreting something here.


  9. FB says:

    There may be things we’re not seeing that are happening within the GOP. Trump may be upset about it b/c he’s been very angry lately. If he runs 3rd party and Bernie is the nominee, I’m not having a good feeling about this.


  10. Silverfiddle says:

    John, The best explanation of El Donaldo I’ve heard puts his bombastic actions and loud pronouncements in the context of “The Art of the Deal.”

    You start out demanding the moon and the stars to tip the start of negotiations as much to your side as possible.

    You want that suit very badly, but you run it down in front of the tailor, carp about placement of sleeve buttons and point out every flaw, no matter how superficial.

    Also, I think he’s been studying up more than people think. He reeled off two people he would nominate for the Supreme Court when asked immediately after Scalia’s death.

    Trump knows how to run big organization, he knows how to hire smart people, and he knows how to use those people to achieve goals. You can’t just be an egotistical, stubborn mule and have that kind of success, even with the various bankruptcies, which are inevitable for aggressive operating over decades of good and bad economies. Swing for the fences and you’re going to strikeout sometimes.


  11. FB says:

    Trump vs Bernie would be a turning point for this country. I don’t know if people realize the symbolism of this potential election. Capitalism vs Marxist socialism. Winner vs Loser. I’m having high blood pressure just thinking about it.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    My point is that it shows HE DOESN’T GIVE A DARN ABOUT THE COUNTRY and it’s ALL ABOUT HIM (AGAIN).
    If he legitimately has so many lawyers (“big name lawyers, expensive lawyers”) telling him Cruz can’t run, it’s beholden on ANY candidate with that information to divulge it to the people.
    But, no, Trump threatens only to make Cruz look bad and to BUILD HIMSELF UP…and to show he’s still the 10 yr old in the schoolyard with the nastiest bullying tactics…IF HE is feeling he’s sliding.

    I mean, really, to SUE because he’s also saying Cruz lies about him? THIS is a man who understands very little politics if he thinks a lying candidate is a sue-able offense!!!!!!!!!!!.

    It amazes me nobody in the media’s pointed this out, too.

    ED: Everybody here knows my feelings about WND. shudder

    Bloomberg’s never had any business bankruptcies, which I found interesting…heard that yesterday.

    SF, I’d hoped against hope months ago that he’d hire good people and we could relax, but when asked if anybody’s ever said he’s wrong and all he could think of was his wife, that gave me pause about the people around him. Big pause. DOES he listen? Or do people feel fearful to tell him the truth? Ya, maybe…

    I believe Trump has a better chance against Hillary, come to think of it, thinking over all the angles. Two rich successful people …less of the ‘sympathy’ vote for “the poor ol’ hippie who means so well” (their opinion, not mine!)


  13. Mal says:

    Good postings today. I agree with Silverfiddle about how Trump knows how to hire smart people and feel, if elected, he already has them in mind to bring on board. I have been flip-flopping lately about him, but after all is considered, I believe I will still select him next Tues. at our caucus here in Vegas. Or, like Z so aptly stated, hold my nose and vote for him. Oh! This a.m. they show Obama saying Trump will never make it to the Presidency, which is another good reason I want Trump! So there, Barry Sotoro, or whatever your name (and religion) is!


  14. I had a pretty good thought about Trump as commented it at Western Hero. but elaborated a little at my place. I could paste it “hear” but there’s a little good news there.


  15. “as commented it” = “and commented it”
    I’m in a grammar war with Z and losing.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, ‘hire smart people’, he, who says only his wife tells him he’s wrong?

    Not so sure. Yes, we all have to vote for the boor if we have to……… awful.

    MAL, by the way, people on the news vary between calling Nevada NEVADA and NEV-ODD-DA…what do you hear there in your state the most?


  17. Mal says:

    I can’t comment on that, Z, because I’ve never it any other way than the first one. NEVADA. If someone has pronounced it as “ODD”, I’ve never noticed it.
    As to the other question, I don’t think anything about it because what he said is what I thought first, too. My wife. Its a natural answer to that question. There could be others, also, but you don’t think of them first.


  18. bocopro says:

    Where I grew up (cornfields of Indiana) it was always “Knee-VA-dah) with the very flat A sound (“Cat”) in the middle syllable.

    Over the years, however, my pronunciation has evolved into Nay-VAH-dah, likely because of the incorporation of various romance-language terms into my vocabulary.

    I’ve also eschewed the Boone-Countyism of “crick” for the more widely accepted “creek,” and “termater” has been replaced with “tomato” (pronounced “t’ MAY tuh). Still pronounce “dog” as in “‘Zatcher dawg?” tho, and have some other tell-tale residuals, such as “Jeet chet?” and “Smatterthew?”


  19. Bob says:

    Trump is a born bully, and he’s good at it. Similarly, Obama is a playground bully and thinks some in-your-face talk will scare most people. It would be great to see these two on a stage trying to bully and threaten each other. I think Trump would be better because of his long career in bullying his way through millions of dollars of projects and people.

    Cruz is smart. He will not let the Donald bluff him. If Trump takes it to court I am not sure there is a court in the land that would take the case, except maybe in corrupt Austin, Texas.


  20. Bob says:

    From Instapundit: The top three GOP candidates would all beat Hillary or Sanders.

    INDICATIONS OF SANITY?: USA Today national poll shows entire Republican field can beat both Hillary and Bernie.

    Against Hillary:

    Trump wins 45% to 43%.

    Cruz wins 45-44

    Rubio wins 46-42

    Against Bernie:

    Trump wins 44% to 43%.

    Cruz loses 42-44

    Rubio wins 46-42


  21. Bob: Good to hear. I’ve been saying for a while that this election is ours, not to settle for a candidate we don’t want.


  22. Bob says:

    Ed: My sentiments, exactly.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Boco; Mal lives there and hasn’t heard “VAH” but I heard someone on the news say it and have heard it before. In Nevada it’s the flat ‘cat’ A.
    Loved reading your other pronunciations…cute!!

    Bob, what a great image; Trump and Obama debating each other…I would give a LOT to see THAT! And that is a very good list; of course, we have 9 months to go, but…’s encouraging.

    I truly believe that once a Conservative FINALLY FINALLY figures out how to TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT OUR ECONOMY, and LAY OUT THE FACTS and WHY….we could win…so far, they’re not good at it.


  24. bocopro says:

    What? WHAT!!?? Truth? From a politician? ‘Smatterthew?

    Truth to a politician is like silver bullets to a werewolf, like sunlight to a vampire. It is not in the nature of a politician to speak truth, unless riches in great abundance would result from it.

    In my wife’s culture is a saying: “Pag puti ang uwak” which translates to “when the crow turns white,” kinda like saying that we’ll get the truth from Washington somewhere around the 12th of Never.


  25. FB says:

    Cruz = married to Goldman Sachs. Can’t trust it. I personally want someone who will dismantle the Fed policies because banks are destroying the world with their zero or negative interest rates. And they are robbing us at the same time. (That’s the only thing I agree with Bernie.)


  26. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro; of course a politician can explain what’s going on…the truth about a situation; and the best ways to solve that situation…that’s all. Rubio just said it on CNN’s excellent Town Hall series that began tonight…Carson just finished, did fairly well, Rubio’s just finishing and did a terrific job….Cruz is coming next; that’s when I change the channel. I can’t look at him or listen to the squeaky twaaang. Rubio very well handled a question about the Federal Reserve…told what, why, etc. Very well done.

    FB, I can’t judge a guy because of who his wife works for. I don’t respect or admire Cruz, though I know very well his Conservatism is quite solid. His wife’s amazingly articulate and elegant, I’ve heard her speak. The interest rate’s not her responsibility nor should we blame her.


  27. geeez2014 says:

    FB, re Cruz’s wife; I’m sorry it sounds like I’m telling YOU what to think…that’s just my opinion. I respect yours, too.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    CNN’s let Rubio speak at least 15 minutes longer than Carson so far…interesting.


  29. geeez2014 says:

    Rubio just finished….WOW. He really did an EXCELLENT job….answered personal questions really well, but answered important questions even better.

    The trouble is a teacher stood up and talked about how rough kids are to teach these days and, as Rubio said, “you can’t legislate good parents” and I fear there’s no solution for this country in that regard. He had some ideas, but he’s right…….there are lots of good young parents (I am related to and know several) but LOTS of kids are SCREWED UP because their parents are on drugs, bad divorces, no money….wow.


  30. geeez2014 says:

    CNN’s forum is a good one…Cruz is yammering in the other room while I sit here and type and it’s so good to hear all these men actually able to GIVE OPINIONS instead of debating and getting squashed by Trump and getting past personality stuff.
    This is quite good.


  31. geeez2014 says:

    Geeez, I can even stomach Cruz a little tonight………
    they’re all so much better when they’re not being insulted constantly and when they have the time to actually answer a question with details…. and you can hear what they’re trying to say.


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