Bernie and American Experience

I took a few notes from watching TV news in the last few days….just jotted down things I found interesting and, let’s face it, pretty hilarious, like:

Bernie Sanders said he wants to “make sure Republicans rein in their spending.”  He wants to make sure THEY do while he’s promising freebies to everybody listening?   Are you KIDDING?  WHAT?

A Bernie Sanders shill, a “Sr. Media Adviser” for him, said “I wouldn’t describe Bernie as Liberal.”    WHAT?  OK…COMMUNIST?

ALSO, there’s a show on PBS called “American Experience”…have you seen it?  Every time I’m flipping channels and see “American Experience” on my screen, I’ll stop and see what’s up; Every single time, it’s a story about an America that STINKS….nothing but awful stories about awful America.  Historians on the show only dwell on any negatives….There was one show on lumber towns of the late 1800’s…they said “the lumber jacks can only shop at the company stores in that area.”..insinuating that the logging company hikes prices up to screw them, etc.    The truth is, there are ONLY company stores in that area….see what I mean?   And that’s nothing compared to many of the stories, but it’s what I wrote down. It’s nothing but NASTY OL’ treats people badly ALL the time, and just can’t do anything right.

Of course, these historians are probably professors teaching our kids, too.

Do you see stuff like this, too?    I don’t know why, but it never ceases to bug me…you’d think after all this time………..  Share any stuff you feel like talking about today, please!  


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43 Responses to Bernie and American Experience

  1. It’s nothing but NASTY OL’ treats people badly ALL the time, and just can’t do anything right.

    Of course, these historians are probably professors teaching our kids, too.

    Also see the textbooks — especially the Social Studies and Literature textbooks (even the elementary school reading materials). Patriotic material is gone, gone, gone.


  2. Please take a few minutes to peruse the Zinn Education Project. THIS is what’s being pushed in education today.


  3. So, it’s no wonder that so many young people love Bernie.


  4. 1. The difference between Liberal and Communist?
    The spelling.
    2. As for logging (and with mining):
    Company towns and company stores mostly adhered to the socialist model.
    Another store was not allowed in town because the government (the company) owned everything.
    The housing, the source of income, the currency (script).
    You see some anti-capital film like Matewan, and it’s a screed against “capitalism” with the people yearning to be free… from the same conditions you find in Cuba!


  5. bocopro says:

    Listing my problems with American media would require volumes, so I shan’t. The short list includes
    Rap “Music”
    The convoluted tax system
    “We, The President”
    The Tan Klan (black lives matter)
    People named Clinton
    John F. Kerry
    Politicians’ addiction to power
    Deficit spending
    Moochelle’s profligacy
    America’s morbid fear of offending Islam
    Political Correctness gone amok
    Special rules for athletes

    And now I’ve depressed myself, so I’m gonna go have a blueberry muffin and some coffee I’lll have to coax outta the spout and eat with a fork.


  6. Bocopro; Better than needing a single malt to face the day.


  7. bocopro says:

    Yeah, quit drinkin about 25 years ago. Think I’ve had maybe half a dozen beers in as many years, and maybe 2 glasses of wine a year.

    Funny, ’cause the docs and nurses in my post-MI rehab didn’t outlaw booze, but they DID say lay off the muffins and coffee.

    Drank frequently and heavily for about 30 years whenever I was in port. Mostly ‘caue that’s what everybody else did. Smoked, too, ’cause that’s what everybody did.

    One day about 1985 it dawned on me I’d prob’ly gotten as good at smokin & drinkin as I ever would and more practice wasn’t gonna improve me any, so I quit ’em both.

    Like a multi-K tax-free payraise. Didn’t get the MI ’til I’d been off the smokes for 15 years.


  8. Sparky says:

    As you’ve stated, that’s why I don’t watch so called “history” on TV anymore. I read books. Real paper ones that can’t be pulled off the internet because they’re not PC. I even have my old history book from back in the early 70s.
    Please excuse me while I stray off subject, but on Stuart Varney’s show yesterday, he stated how we’re in for a fresh hell soon. The Federal Reserve wants to now ban $100 bills and lower the interest rates to NEGATIVE ZERO. I know, how is that possible? I have no idea but they’ve tried this technique to “fix the economy” in Europe and Japan and all places have crashed their economies. Better stock pile cash in a fire proof safe. This is just a warning for my dear friends here. Be alert. Be vigilant. It may get worse before it gets better.


  9. FB says:

    Bernie is a loser. A bureaucrat. If he wins, this is the end. He’s the equivalent on Mitterrand in France who put the country on the downward spiral.


  10. fredd says:

    Z: PBS is just applying the age old recipe for success – ratings are driven by bad news, not good news. Nobody cares about a rescued puppy, but are glued to the screen during coverage of a train wreck. It’s human nature.

    “…a story about an America that STINKS….nothing but awful stories about awful America.” Of course they would glom onto all things negative, Z. For one thing, all PBS execs are liberal, and there is nothing positive about the liberal philosphy. Additionally, given America’s dirty laundry, there’s a never ending supply of material for PBS.

    The American Experience is mostly a success story over the last 250 years. And yes, we have stumbled here and there. But one part of the freedom available in the good ol’ U.S. of A is the freedom to fail. And most everybody is real good at failure, it takes no study, no practice, it’s easy as falling off a log.

    Failure produces ratings. People love watching train wrecks. Airliner crashes. Terrorism as of late.

    Like the GEICO commercials point out, liberals focus on failure; ‘it’s what they do.’


  11. Silverfiddle says:

    AOW beat me to it on Howard Zinn…

    There really are two Americas:

    Barack Obama’s Rev Wright-Howard Zinn GD America v. William Bennett’s America the Last Best Hope.

    Zinn has a point, and Books like Dee Brown’s “Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee” are essential reading, but the problem I have is twisted leftwing America-haters using this as anti-American propaganda and treating it as the whole story when it is rather just on part of a much larger beneficent landscape.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    AOW, I have seen history books, high school level, and was appalled; and that was the least biased book our school could find. Funny, they’re mostly developed out of Texas; one would think that they’d be more fair or even conservative..and, at least, patriotic, but we also hear Saudi money is behind a lot of publishers. Whether that’s true or not, I don’t know for sure.

    Ed, thank you. But, the whole gist of the stores was that the companies were totally screwing the workers; nothing said about what it cost to get the products up in to the mining and logging areas, etc etc.

    Bocopro; great list, but I really like the beat of rap music. And yes, I’ve taken a beating here in comments for even mentioning that!

    Sparky, I have a feeling this country is walking into a much bigger financial disaster than we’ve feared; I agree with you. MUCH bigger.

    FB ….good comparison, sadly.

    Fredd, I don’t think that’s it at all. I totally understand your points, though I AM still surprised by that degree of anti Americanism… But I’m not sure the ‘train wreck’ theory of what people want to see (tho that’s right) applies here…..this is all given as very ‘matter of fact,’ only full of slanted details geared to be negative….I’m not sure if those stories wouldn’t be equally as interesting if they pointed out the good things of any situation…just educational. Other stories like that have been popular, you know?

    SF…I don;’t think any of us thinks America’s been perfect….As you suggest, it’s treating these negatives as “the whole story” that’s wrong. What’s particularly ironic is that we’ve probably been the best country for human beings ever, which is why so many wanted to come here (I say “wanted” because most of those people over the years were humiliated if they ever had to ask the gov’t for help, today it’s much of why they come here, FOR gov’t help)
    What do you agree with Zinn on? Vietnam?


  13. Mustang says:

    In the interest of honesty, History Channel should be renamed Revised History Channel. This is almost nothing on that program that equates to history. That said, Zinn was mentioned and I must say that he was not wrong in his critique of the Vietnam War. What Zinn glosses over is this: the debacle in Vietnam was a Democratic Party disaster, which followed on the heels of another in Korea—also a Democratic Party show. When he claims that human organization defeated American technology, I’d have to ask him: what does he think US soldiers, airmen, sailors, and Marines were if not humans? The US suffered no massive defeat in any confrontation with VC or NVA forces. The war was lost in Washington DC, which is populated by snakes of the worst order.


  14. Silverfiddle says:

    Z: I read some Zinn decades ago. He is not lying, but he focuses in on everything bad while failing to dwell on anything good, so it is a matter of emphasis. As the infotainment media has shown us, you can sway people with selective focus and editing. By selective slicing and dicing, any person, event or thing can be portrayed as good and beautiful, or bad and ugly.

    In reality, reasoned adults understand that any person, place, thing or event upon this earth is more properly seen as the Yin-Yang symbol. There is good and bad in everything but God.


  15. Z: That was my point exactly. These liberals attack the “company towns” (which I am not defending), fixed prices (high instead of low) and do not realize that their cherished socialist utopias are a macrocosm of the same. Instead of high prices, though, there is lack of supply.


  16. Silverfiddle says:

    Z: Having said that, I agree with you. America has been an overwhelmingly positive force in the world, and great boon to humanity and human rights, and a nation unmatched by all others throughout all of history.

    Saying that does not mean we have not done bad things as well, but we have to look at the big picture. “By their fruits you shall know them.” This nation has produced some very good fruit indeed. It is why people clamor to come here, and also why we are the object of so much envy-based scorn. Argentinians don’t hate us because we did anything bad to them; they hate us because we’re better than them. Our two nations are very similar in size, natural resources, education, etc, but they have been mired in mediocrity, corruption, and international irrelevance for decades, while we have enjoyed prosperity, outsize global influence and a freedom of movement worldwide.


  17. And here is something else that may be contributing to the grinding down of America:

    [Pope] Francis embraces liberation theology, which Shapiro calls “essentially a mashup of Christianity and Marxist redistributionism — a theology in which capitalists must be blamed for the world’s ills and then forced to absorb all of its problems.”


    The current pope’s radicalism, which some Roman Catholics say merely constitutes adherence to the church’s so-called social justice teachings, is nothing new in the world of Catholicism.

    Alinsky, who infiltrated many Catholic parishes in his day, would definitely approve of Pope Francis.


  18. FB says:

    I despise Pope Francis. I was already not happy with my Catholic roots but I think I’m officially done. I won’t put my foot in a Catholic church unless I have to go to a wedding, a funeral or a baptism.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, thank you. I figured that’s what SF meant that Zinn had going in his favor; mostly his views on Vietnam, though I know soldiers who were there and don’t feel like that at all. “Revised History Channel” is an excellent moniker for all those ‘history’ ‘documentaries’… “mockumentaries”

    SF! Yes! He was not lying but the focus is SO negative…SO America-hating. I agree with all you’ve said and I’ll add some in European countries, not just Argentina, hate us because we’re better than them…or were. There’s a jealousy I ran into in France and Germany and Italy, many times… I found the more intelligent Europeans didn’t feel that way so much; I believe they realize there is good in ALL of us, their countries, too (MUCH good), but others look at us with envy because they haven’t worked to better themselves within their countries….or had the opportunity.

    AOW: FASCINATING that Alinsky infiltrated Catholic churches? I’d like to know how.
    The thing is that so many Christians, not just Catholics (tho they do seem far more liberal than my Protestant friends), buy into the social justice thing because, on its face, who could argue? Who can even argue with the term SOCIAL JUSTICE, when you think about it?
    The problem is that their idea of social justice is breaking laws (sanctuary churches and cities), it’s honoring law breakers, it even leads to socialism….”better than ALL HAVE”…

    I have to admit I have a problem with this sometimes myself! Jesus’ message IS to help EVERYONE….regardless. It’s like I stopped asking bums what they were going to use my dollar for before I gave it to them about 5 years ago. Am I giving out of my heart or am I giving judging how they’re spending it? Maybe I’m not explaining that correctly, but I have to get out of here and I’m thinking/typing fast.

    I’d love to get into a conversation on this subject and maybe I’ll blog it.

    FB….so many lapsed Catholics give up FAITH. And there is so much love in Catholics for Christ, for others…I often say “it’s the business of the Catholic church that’s questionable”…not the people, usually, or not any more than Protestants or Jews….
    Stick to the Bible……that never steers us wrong and keeps us close to God.
    I’m glad you share these things; I think it’s courageous. And I hurt for you regarding your roots; it’s hard to give that up.


  20. FB says:

    I agree Z. I don’t need the Catholic church and its constant focus on poverty and material matters to drive spirituality and faith. That’s all they teach. The poor, the poor, the poor. Just a constant guilt trip.


  21. Baysider says:

    Wants Republicans to rein in their spending? Yeah, so do I. What’s your plan, Bernie?

    The Pope is a putz, and PBS isn’t worth the electricity to watch. I tried podcasting them on ‘innocuous’ topics like health and technology. Gave up. Too shallow, little substance, and they always seemed to work in a left tilt. But it did tell me what others take for substance – my co-workers who frequently referenced this blather. “I listen to NPR. I’m so smart.”

    Disgusting link to the 10 Panther points, AOW. Howard Zinn. Yeah, we’re reading about guys like him now in Isaiah: blind. Even in the face of full light they cannot see. Ears, but cannot hear. Not everyone was in that condition, but it suffused the nation and the ‘good’ suffered twice: 1) by seeing their country run by godless blind men, and 2) seeing their country taken down and sent into slavery because of #1.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    FB…yes, and a lot of other Christian denominations play on guilt, too. Not Jesus’ message!

    Baysider..imagine a socialist whining about Republicans spending too much? 🙂 HIS plan is FREE TO EVERYBODY..EVERYTHING FREEEE! Talk about big gov’t spending!!

    I know what you mean about NPR…people really do take it as ‘gospel’….Amazing!


  23. Baysider is quite correct.
    I used to listen to there Saturday line up, particularly the “game shows” that were humorous.
    But the snide attacks on conservatives as rubes became too grating.
    I couldn’t even listen to Car Talk towards the end of the show’s run.
    All the crap about green cars and climate change.


  24. Bob says:

    My Dad was born in 1902 in Mississippi, a state not known for opportunity or wealth. Agriculture and wood products were its two largest industries.

    As a young man during the Great Depression, he was alternately a lumberjack and sawmill worker for a big lumber company. Yes, he had to buy goods for his family at the company store for credit, which would be settled weekly from his paychecks. Sometimes the family needs exceeded his paychecks. Lots of people were in debt to the company store.

    Make no mistake that the company store was a constant in towns where companies were the large employers. The company made money from everybody and in every corner of employees lives.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, they still have Intelligence Squared, which is taking an issue and debating it from Left and Right.. This is the show where they ask the audience to weigh in before the debate on which side they stand, and then weigh in after. It’s almost ALWAYS that they vote more Left UNTIL the debate, at which time most switch. Fascinating.

    Bob, I’m sure that’s true…they probably should have brought independent store keepers in but why miss the income, right? “I owe my soul to the company store..” Remember? I think that was Tennessee Ernie Ford!! !!
    I guess my point isn’t denying that truth but the way the “historians” see only negatives about American history, absolutely ZERO positives.
    I hope there were some positives for your dad’s life during the depression days…
    By the way, do you know if your computer was hacked? I got a nonsensical email from you that I know didn’t come from you but did come from your account name (your full name), a day or two ago and deleted it….


  26. My dad, about 8 yrs ago, showed me the hilltop mining company town he lived in (California, PA) before enlisting in WW2.
    Showed me the building that was the company store.
    People have renov’d the housing and own it privately now.
    He always like “16 tons”. You got paid by the ton you pulled out of the mine.
    I’ve got his carbide miner’s headlamp on my mantle.


  27. geeez2014 says:

    Yes, Ed…that’s the song. I believe a lot of the company owning the stores was for profit and a lot was nobody else wanted to have a store in remote areas difficult for them to reach for reshelving products, etc…


  28. bocopro says:

    Excerpt from a faux bio I did on her during her 08 run:

    She was born one mornin when the sun didn’t shine.
    Picked up her shovel and went off to the mine.
    Loaded sixteen tons of super-grade fraud
    And the doctors all said, “Oh, help us, Lawd!”

    I say sixteen tons, and whaddya get,
    A whiney-ass lawyer with an ethics debt.
    St. Peter don’t ya call her ‘cause she cain’t go,
    She lost her soul in a moral escrow.


  29. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro…..good theme song for HRC, that’s for SURE. Well done!


  30. Silverfiddle says:

    FB: Don’t let anyone chase you from your faith. The Pope is just a man, and he has not deviated from any teachings on Christian morals.

    The Catholic Church has suffered over the centuries from a regal aura around the Pope. Popes used to never travel and only make official pronouncements. Why? to maintain the aura. Nothing against them. Kings, Queens and presidents did the same.

    In the age of twitter, we are all just human beings.


  31. I want to steer clear of attacking someone’s religion while affirming that it is one’s faith in Christ and not a religion that leads to salvation.
    I know many Catholics who feel that, also.
    Us ex catholics, like ex smokers can be the worst 🙂


  32. geeez2014 says:

    SF. I feel it’s that ‘regal aura’ that helped Popes to stay mostly loved and admired and respected…they built up the faithful……this Pope has come out TOO much, involving himself and the church in global climate change, immigration, etc. He’d have done well to stay home a bit more and concentrate on matters of the church.
    It’s what I foresaw as soon as he was taking the underground, buying his own newspaper….I feel for the followers who want to look up to whom they feel is the Head of the Church in the way of Saint Peter.


  33. Baysider says:

    bocopro – clever!!


  34. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, I have amazing Catholic believers in my own Bible group….3…I believe we probably have at least 35 in our membership of 150…. very devoted Bible readers, great character, very good stuff.
    I’ve heard MANY Catholics say they grew up not reading the Bible, not encouraged to….but that’s changed BIG time, hasn’t it.


  35. FB says:

    SilverFiddle, this dufus of a pope is not chasing me away. I’ve been reading a lot of books from Charles Stanley and as I’m aging, Protestantism and the likes are what I connect with the most. It is a lot more uplifting than the constant nagging of the Catholic church.


  36. I love Charles Stanley!


  37. geeez2014 says:

    Charles Stanley is very respected and very true to Scripture.


  38. Silverfiddle says:

    @ Ed “it it is one’s faith in Christ and not a religion that leads to salvation.”

    Indeed. And that is what the Church teaches. A priest on the East Coast got slapped down by his bishop a few years ago for preaching that all non-Catholics were going to hell. That is not what Catholics believe. If some do, they are in error.

    The Church also teaches that a Church cannot save you. Only Jesus Christ, who is at the very center of our church and our faith, can save you.

    I appreciate how everyone here respects each others’ beliefs. The last thing we need is a sectarian flame war… 😉


  39. geeez2014 says:

    I’m happy for the respect shown to all here at GeeeZ, too…Thanks, everyone.


  40. Z,
    I have to admit I have a problem with this sometimes myself! Jesus’ message IS to help EVERYONE….regardless.

    With regard to interpersonal relations — not governance.

    And we also note that Jesus submitted Himself to the government even when injustice was done.


  41. FB says:

    Stanley’s daily newsletter is great!


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