I couldn’t watch much

I watched a bit of the CNN Republican debate last night…..couldn’t watch much.   I’m sick of this whole thing already and it’s 10 months till the election.

I wrote a few notes down and hoped to discuss them with you:

-Barbara Bush was there, which I thought said a lot about the class those who know them think this family has.

-Trump says his lawsuit with Univision is settled and (ready?) “they’re good people…we’re friends now.”

-Trump says “Hispanics are incredible people!”  What’s that mean?  He says he’s employed “tens of THOUSANDS of them” but the truth is he rates horribly in Hispanic polls.  Oh, and he “loves Telemundo?”

-Is it true when Trump says there are a “lot of new people in the Republican party” and it’s mostly because of him?

Trump was asked about tax returns;  when Hugh Hewitt, radio personality (and REALLY smart guy) asked another question about returns, Trump responded with “Aren’t you going to ask someone else a question?  I know I’m HERE FOR THE RATINGS, but…”  (it’s ALL about him, as usual)…then Hewitt said “Last year, on my radio show, you said..” and Trump got angry and paid him back with “Your radio show’s tanking…it’s true, look at the ratings..”

HERE is the ridiculous truth about Hewitt and Trump.   It was such a great “HONOR” to be on Hugh’s show when Hugh was nice to him, right?

This man is a VERY ugly, hateful, egomaniac.   I can’t listen to him anymore;  even more than I can’t listen to Obama.



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  1. Another prominent exhibition of Trump’s boorishness, vapidness, shallowness, rudeness, etc.
    Mocking his opponents, his best argument for his candidcay seems to be “Winning!”.
    Reminds me of Charlie Sheen.


  2. Yes, Trump is an egomaniac. No doubt about that.

    But Rubio’s grinning and Cruz’s smugness didn’t help them last night, IMO.

    And all the shouting over each other! Sheesh.

    I admit that I chuckled when Dr. Carson said, “Would somebody attack me, please?”


  3. Rubio on CBS Morning News just now: “There’s no way we’re going to allow a con artist to take over the conservative movement.”

    Is that a threat?

    And who is we?


  4. The words a con artist like Donald Trump is the new refrain? Rubio keeps saying those very words over and over again. Karl Rove’s coaching?


  5. AOW: “We” is a brokered convention, rule 40.


  6. Ed,
    A brokered convention? How is that going to play with some GOP voters?

    Hillary has her Super Pacs, and the GOP pushes a brokered convention.

    Why have primaries at all?


  7. I am driving and dictating so please ignore any misspellings or grammatical errors. Whether a brokered convention satisfies Republicans or not does not preclude it happening since rule 40 now refers to a majority and not a plurality.


  8. So many Rubio and Cruz supporters are being asked to eat crap and pull the lever for Donald Trump in November,. Will Trump supporters play the same game and pull the lever for a brokered Rubio or Cruz?


  9. bocopro says:

    One thing I believe Trump could never fully comprehend is that all the honors, the dinners, the salutes, the pomp, the ceremony . . . it isn’t there for him; it’s for the office.

    He’s too thin-skinned, too vindictive to handle the inevitable sniping and snarking that signal the end of the election hoo-hah honeymoon. A high-powered leader has to be able sometimes to just stand there and take the whippin like a schoolboy, and he doesn’t seem to have that in his nature any more than the narcissist we have in there now.

    I think if Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, and all the rest of the original gang of well-educated rebels could see what our gubmint has evolved into, they’d say the presidency stinksthe of monarchy and the legislature reeks of decay.

    Trump is all about vanity first and business second. When our national popularity and name-recognition contest is finally decided, we’re gonna have either a greedy career felon or an obscenely rich veteran blowhard trying to deal with a legislature which is interested in nothing more than the next election.

    Frankly, Trump seems to me to be one of those guys whose mind flits from vast idea to vast idea like a mayfly flits from lantern to lantern when the white bass are feeding under the bridge just before the rapids.

    The trouble is that nobody’s stupider than an educated, experienced guy suddenly yanked from his comfort zone. Trump’s vast ideas would wind up as wreckage on the shoals of subcommittees and the reefs of budget restrictions because of half-vast planning.

    Still, that said, sometimes you gotta go out on a limb to get the sweetest fruit. He’s by no means stupid, and he’s accustomed to wielding great power, so once he gets the hang of the “art” of the political deal, he’d be better for the economy, national security, and several other things than Cankles, whose idea of a “deal” is “What’s in it for ME?”

    He would be beholdin to no special interest groups, unlike nearly all other candidates who’ve been bought and paid for by PACs and big-money supporters. And I still believe he understands the management principle of choosing and listening to qualified advisors and counselors.

    My bottom line, tho, is that a country knows it’s in deep kimchee when it starts taking late-nite comedians seriously and considers top-level politicians as jokes.


  10. Ed,
    Will Trump supporters play the same game and pull the lever for a brokered Rubio or Cruz?

    At least some will not.


  11. Kid says:

    I didn’t watch a lot. I got tired of them beating on each other. With that:

    Ben Carson “homos are made in prison” The Pyramids were built to stroe grain” Carson doesn’t have a chance. The longer he stays iit the more embarrassing it is for him and us.

    John Kasich – “I saved 3 million here, did that there, bla bla bla”… John, No One Cares. We’re concerned about a moslem invasion, our schools turned into communist indoctrination centers, a federal government that looks like one of Al Capone’s operations, etc.

    Rubio – Had a lot of facts rolling off his tongue, but I think most people see him as a standard issue politician with no focus on what I mentioned above and can’t even beat Trump in his own state by a huge margin if the polls are accurate.

    Cruz is someone I’d plunk down 50 cents on getting a couple Conservatives on the SC and cancel obamacare and replace it with something much better. He gets my vote for those reasons.

    Trump. Yes, people are voting with their middle finger. That kind of thing usually doesn’t turn out well.

    I think a lot of that went on that put obama in the first time. That anyone is better than Bush obsession that never even looked at what you were replacing him with.

    If a democrat gets elected, then the American experiment is over.


  12. bunkerville says:

    Once again, we have no one of any merit to merit our vote.


  13. Silverfiddle says:

    As usual, I didn’t watch the debate. No cable, but I heard and read some of the aftermath this morning.

    Finally, Cruz and Rubio went after Trump and forced him to stand there with no substantive answer, but the analysis is they got down to his level and wallowed in the mud with him.

    As El Donaldo would tweet: #NotPresidential!

    Still, any of those men on stage are a far cry better than Hellary.

    Rubio talking about the “conservative movement?” Who died and left him in charge? Ted Cruz is the standard-bearer for the “Conservative Movement.”

    Rubio should have said Trump will not hijack the “Republican Establishment.”

    Trump has attracted people bored and disgusted with politics. If he tanks, they disconnect and go home.

    Kasich is the most electable up there (and best-equipped to be a really good president)–He would win the must-have Ohio–but he’ll get no traction in the flaky, nut-filled 2016 GOP Circus Show-Tent Revival-mud ball fight…


  14. geeez2014 says:

    I think we’re all being played…….we want a perfect candidate and that’s never going to happen.

    Carson needs to go yesterday, sadly.

    Rubio’s the only one who could possibly win a Nov. election; I believe we alll know that, like it or not. Let’s have someone ask HIM how he’s supposedly “the establishment baby” and why and how he’s going to shed that cloak. I think that’s fair.

    Kid’s right; last night I realized all Kasich does is ramble thru all he’s done when it’s not really part of the question; almost as much as Trump reminds us how spectacular he is “in New Hampshire, WHERE I WON BY A LANDSLIDE, BY THE WAY, they have heroin problems” will he EVER quit ? It’s like if he slaps himself on his own back one more time he’s going to fall on his face.
    The more I see Kasich, the less I’m on board with him.

    Rubio can’t beat Trump in Florida because the people aren’t thinking straight; they’re just ANGRY, they get a kick out of saying they’re TRUMP SUPPORTERS, and I think they may actually believe what he says he can do, too, which is ridiculous. Rubio v Cruz, Rubio’d win hands down.

    Trump’s SO angry and SO vindictive, and even vicious, that he actually scares me more than ever after the last few weeks…THAT man with nuclear capability?

    I don’t want to hear about DEALS anymore; THAT is unpresidential….it cheapens the office…


  15. Mustang says:

    An elongated campaign does not well serve the American people. We are all tired of hearing it. But I think this is how the political elite wears us down; it is how they continue to achieve political success even when they know how fed up we all are. For Trump, this election isn’t about making America great again … it is about feeding his ego. And I have to say … I see no difference at all between those who are supporting Trump today, and those who supported Obama in 2008 and 2012.


  16. Imp says:

    “Rubio can’t beat Trump in Florida because the people aren’t thinking straight..”

    Perhaps it’s because we know him and what’s he’s not done, and promised to do for many years? And the fact that Norman Braham owns him lock stock and barrel? We have more illegals here in Florida then just about anywhere else and Rubio’s fine with that. We’re not about to back another one term senator again who’s never held a real job.


  17. Baysider says:

    I can see I fared better last night doing a Bosch marathon. I so don’t like Trump. I do like Kasich. The ONLY youngish man in that GWB, Barack Obama age bracket that I’d trust would be Bobby Jindal. And, yes, I know he’s not on the stage. But there’s a very capable executive. There is an age and season for being in this position. Our founders set 35 as the minimum for senators – and 230 years ago 35 was far more mature than today.


  18. FB says:

    It was ugly.

    Trump the egomaniac that manages his campaign brilliantly and has AMAZING return on investment.


    Rubio the car sales guy who speaks very well but hasn’t done anything in his life aside from being an absent senator, like Obama


    Cruz, great constitutionalist but the one with dubious campaign tactics.

    Carson and Kasich, the most honorable ones but at the bottom.

    Says a lot about the climate and what 15 years of big gov under Bush and Obama have done to us.
    This is the decline of a nation before the implosion maybe.


  19. bocopro says:

    “[. . .] we want a perfect candidate and that’s never going to happen.”

    Reminds me of somethin my grandmother taught me when I was very young, like maybe 7 or 8: “If you always seek perfection in your friends, you’ll always be friendless.” Then she’d pause and say, “Nobody’s perfect, and that includes you.”

    No candidates are ever perfect, except for those who are perfect hypocrites and _ _ _ _ _ _ _ s. As I’ve said before, you don’t pull a low-era pitcher or high-completion QB for one dinger or one interception. So why abandon a candidate simply because he disagrees with you on one of dozens of issues.

    Of course in my case with Cruz, it’s a visceral thing . . . just always saw him as somehow sleazy and underhanded, much as I did with Nixon back in the 60s. Rubio would need considerable OJT, but he seems genuine, even tho quixotic and scripted. I’d vote for Ricky Rube if he’s the candidate, but in the case of Cruz, it’d be AGAINST whoever the left throws up as the alternative.


  20. FB says:

    BTW Did you see Christie endorsing Trump. I don’t know why but I have this nagging feeling of the mob connection in NYC. Trust no one!


  21. bocopro says:

    To update Hamlet, III, iv

    There’s [agreements] sealed, and [all those politicians],
    Whom I will trust as I will adders fanged,
    They bear the mandate. They must sweep my way
    And marshal me to knavery.


  22. Bob says:

    I hate to break it to you guys, but Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for President. The only way that can be reversed is for someone to convince Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and Ben Carson to drop out of the race, NOW. There is enough anti-Trump sentiment to stop him, but not with more than one opponent. That’s what the numbers say.

    My advice is to find some colorful clothes pins to keep you nose closed when voting for Trump in the general election. If you don’t you will elect Hillary. Which smell do you like best?


  23. geeez2014 says:

    It makes me crazy reading all the opinions here….and hearing what I’m hearing on talk radio…

    I know people in Florida who like Rubio and what he’s done…and I have to laugh (sorry) when I hear from many that “the establishment GOP wants Rubio” when FOX (if nothing else, it seems to be establishment) never talks about him without mentioning “he’s establishment” as if saying “He’s Typhoid Mary”…trying to turn us OFF. (for WHOM?)
    I know people in NYC who despise Trump…(actually nearly everyone I know does, come to think of it….last night was OVER THE TOP.)
    SUE SUE SUE! This is a conservative dream? A guy who sues if anybody talks about him in a way he doesn’t like? What happened to the First Amendment, folks? This man is in this for HIMSELF.
    I know Cruz is not liked by almost anyone because he’s simply one of the least attractive (I mean the way he speaks, looks, acts, ..ick) candidates I’ve seen….right up there Nixon’s “5:00 shadow” …. or should I say “down there”?
    Having said that, were he a FAR more less creepy, more attractive candidate on all counts and talked like he does, I’d be for him BIG TIME.
    I’ve always felt Christie was a whore and in it all for himself, sad to say. His endorsement of Trump sickens me and confirms my thoughts.
    Kasich always looks so EAGER to let us all he knows that it turns me off BIG time and of all the candidates, I think he’s honestly the squishiest Conservative. (and he was a fave of mine until the last 2 debates).

    AOW posted “There’s no way we’re going to allow a con artist to take over the conservative movement.” Is that a threat? And who is we?”….
    Imagine the utter disdain if Rubio’d said “I am not going to allow…” “Who is he to say that?” might have been asked.
    “Why have primaries at all?” AOW asks….I couldn’t agree more…

    Ed, I’m hearing that there are many Republicans who simply will not, CANNOT, vote for Trump no matter what. As you know, we’d have won last time had most Christian Conservatives voted for Romney….I’m hoping they’re very proud of what they gave us by not voting (yes, very sarcastic here).
    I fear this is going to happen again if Trump is the nominee….Even I’m considering whether I really could vote for Trump particularly seeing him last night, as if I liked him before? (I think the only person who thinks I support Trump is that idiot Ducky).

    RUBIO: I’m very worried about the naysayers…if he is the nominee (he’s probably the most electable and don’t think the Dems aren’t playing us and our media against him, folks), the hate many have generated for him among Conservatives is a real dangerous thing.
    I’d be very careful; he may not be quite as GOP as some of us think and he may be good for this country because if anybody dislikes most of what he says, then you’re not a Conservative.

    And, now that I’ve turned all of you off my blog, I’ll go have lunch, watch THE FIVE, and see you later (I hope!?) HA!!


  24. Kid says:

    Z, I for one don’t mind differing opinions. I know none of these guys personally, I do know if a dem follows obama, the SC will go to 5 libtards and that’ll be it. We can recover form a lot of stuff, even most of obama’s damage with the right people, but we can’t recover from a mentally diseased SC.


  25. Mal says:

    No one is perfect so if we’re looking for that in a candidate, we aren’t going to find it. We’re looking for another Reagan, but do you remember all the jokes and comments ridiculing him pre-election? The point is, any one of those gentlemen COULD be the next Reagan. We simply don’t know. One has to give The Donald credit for stirring things up, and remember, he is worth more than all of us put together, and while that doesn’t necessarily relate to his character, it DOES attest to his intelligence and abilities. As pointed out above, any one of those on the ticket for the GOP are ten feet taller than the two miserable excuses for candidates the Left proposes. Rubio speaks well, but lacks experience (we already have a one-term Senator as a President and look how that worked out!), Carson is arguably the best informed overall, but lacks the energy necessary to get elected, and Cruz? I don’t know. Its about his demeanor or looks, I can’t put my hand on it. You just don’t feel comfortable having him represent us. So that leaves Kasich. Personally, I like him and do feel his experience with balancing budgets for both Ohio and the Nation IS relevant. Ergo, compared to the rest, he becomes the sensible alternative to Trump. Despite everything, Those are my two preferences.


  26. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, the SC is SO IMPORTANT to keep in mind….Who do you think Trump would appoint? Gad, it’s all so infuriating.

    Mal…true; no more Reagans. Imagine Reagan getting as NASTY as many did last night? The ‘nastiest” thing he ever said in public was “I PAID for this microphone”…!!

    Rubio’s inexperience worries me NOT AT ALL….it all depends on if a president is willing to listen to a good cabinet and I believe he’d do that….Even Libs say Obama NEVER consults anybody.

    Carson is absolutely not the best informed…what makes you say that? You think the pyramids were built for grain storage and no homosexuals are born that way?? 🙂
    Interesting that you feel the same about Cruz…what IS it about his demeanor/looks??WHAT IS IT?

    Maybe Kasich, Mal………..but he’s so nonpresidential……and SO squishy on the bleeding heart stuff…yuck.


  27. Baysider says:

    I really hope your readers go back to your post yesterday – the one that disappeared. Last night I re-posted the video that got dropped. It is powerful – muslim invasion of Europe. Needs to be widely viewed. 14 minutes isn’t that long when you see what she has to say. Trump is the only one that sounds like he’s interested in standing up to this problem, and that is scary.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, most of my commenters had seen it…had a lot of traffic on that.
    Yes, the thing’s so important but it’s nothing new.
    I spoke to a French student today from Avignon “j’ai entendu”…He’s heard of it.

    I don’t believe Trump is the only one interested; they’ve barely been asked about terrorism because American dopes keep putting ECONOMY first, as if with terrorists destroying us, we’re going to get jobs and a thriving economy back.

    Trump pushes it because he’s playing to fear and hate for Muslims. Pure and simple. He’ll back off in fear of getting himself or his family hurt by being as harsh as we SHOULD BE toward islamists, OR he’ll back off with liberal input from whatever consultants he actually deigns listen to.


  29. bocopro says:

    I’m a bit surprised at the absence of prudish remarks about Trump’s wife. Nobody’s mentioning her somewhat racy and spicy earlier life. I’d’ve thought the gossipmongerers would be all over this:


    I for one am not disgusted or offended by it all; maybe the other candidates and the opposition party have more class than I gave them credit for.


  30. Mal says:

    I mentioned how Carson is so informed, Z, because after last night’s debate when each was being interviewed, he went into detail about the different countries in the middle east and how he had visited each, and their problems, etc. He was very knowledgeable. Actually, it surprised me the extent that he was informed. I guess being retired, he had a lot of time to travel and it showed. Did anyone else hear the interview?


  31. FB says:

    Despite my despising Rubio (and his constant lip licking motion), I’d vote for him against Bernie or Hillary.

    However, I forgot to say he sounds like a moron on foreign policy. When I hear that we should’ve armed the opponents to Assad when they’re full of terrorists, I wonder what he learned. I just don’t understand why Republicans like Sunnis that much when they are the more radicals in terms of terrorism.


  32. Imp says:

    “Who do you think Trump would appoint?”

    Right now I’d say Rafeal or Christie.


  33. Imp says:

    Hey kiddos, it’s time for Uncle Bill to read a story– its a charming tale about a super breed of woman, a true leader from birth, Hilary Clinton! Gather round!!



  34. Kid says:

    Z, Trump would appoint somoene to the SC who Trump feels favors his positions, and none of us know what those really are other than being “for Trump”.


  35. bocopro says:

    Yeah, Imp . . . that’s a purty gud’n. Hard to unnerstand, tho, how he can do that without collapsing in paroxysms of uncontrollable giggling and coughing.

    I posted one here a few days ago that I doubt very many of y’all saw. If ya did, perdonnezmoi for the repeat. I’m completely ignorant of the series it parodies but have been assured by devotees that it’s marvelously well done:


  36. Mal says:

    Cute, Bocopro. It stuttered quite a bit (bounced around) but I got the picture. It must’ve taken someone quite awhile to do this (and who possesses a whole lot more talent than me!).


  37. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, it’s ALL ABOUT TRUMP, you are SO right.

    Imp; That could very well by why Christie’s hanging all over Trump now….excellent point. There had to be some reason for Christie to do this…you’re probably right.
    And, frankly, I don’t think I’d mind a Christie on the SC, except he’s such a self aggrandizer and that’d be inconsistent with most Justices.

    FB…I doubt ANY of the candidates know enough to be president at this point, you know?
    We have to hope and pray that whoever gets chosen has the ability to pick excellent consultants to guide them on these issues.
    I’m almost leaning toward a younger less experienced man than I’d EVER lean toward an ugly, horrifically mean, vindictive and thin skinned nightmare like Trump.

    bocopro; I’m not sure I care what she’s done in her past. I don’t find her beautiful, but I know a LOT of men probably would. She has a beautiful thin body, that’s for sure but her face isn’t pretty, to ME. It doesn’t show class and dignity to pose nude, but…what the heck$$$$. It’s probably what got the Donald.
    After seeing that, I’m literally afraid of what she might do to our White House…ROCCOCO, anybody? GILDING? Home for a Saudi King? YUCK. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ But SHE WILL.


  38. Kid says:

    Z, “I’m almost leaning toward a younger less experienced man”

    That’s Me !


  39. Kid says:

    You know FB’s comment still is resonating with me. Christie from NJ, Trump a NYC guy, Is the mob influencing Christie’s endorsement of Trump? Wouldn’t shock me.

    Regards Rubio – http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2016/02/25/marco-rubio-senate-national-security-group-meetings/80932848/

    Are Cruz and others on committies? Yea probably. Are they being paid ? Of course, But I’ve seens youtubes of Cruz hammering on people associated with the IRS, and other abusive agencies such as the Immigration agency who lets rapists and killers out of jail – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SSk1c1sdJY. I haven’t see Rubio hammering on anyone. I haven’t seen Rubio doing anything about anything. If there is something out there, i’d be happy to watch.

    Come on back now.


  40. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I hate to break it to you but you’re not younger than Rubio OR Cruz! (and neither is everybody here but FB, come to think of it!!)

    Rubio’s missed meetings, they all have. You trying to talk me out of the only candidate I can even stand to listen to or look at? 🙂
    Cruz has fought HARD for conservative issues…No doubt about that, either.

    I honestly don’t think Cruz would get paid, if you mean “under the counter”… NO WAY.
    Not sure about Rubio.

    I still prefer Rubio.
    Is there still a MOB??


  41. Kid says:

    Z, I would not trey to talk you out of anything. I merely submit ideas and supportive content for those ideas 🙂

    Is there a Mob? Hell yea, it morphed into the US Congress ! It is why you never hear about the US government investigating Mob activity. Outside of the occasional mobster, like the Gambino family that goes against the grain that they hold up as a pathetic example to “show they are working the organized crime situation”
    The government IS organized crime. The government Are the importers and dealers of high dollar drugs.
    90 % of everything outside of Social Security, Medicare and DOD budgets is money laundering and 50% of the three things listed above is fraud and money laundering and theft. It’s a feedign frenzy. 20 Trillion by the time this moslem ape is out of office.

    A million seconds is 12 days
    A billion seconds is 31.7 years
    A trillion seconds is 31,688 years.

    People have no idea the amounts of money being stolen.


  42. Kid says:

    FB is a young dude? Smart one.


  43. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I guess so….but you know there’s not much I haven’t read or heard 🙂 I don’t make decisions without knowing….and I really haven’t decided, either.
    I never realized you have this bad an opinion of the government……(did you just mention GRAIN again?!) HAAAAAAAA!!!

    FB is a FRENCH young dude who understands America better than most guys his age…….he’s probably still in his Thirties, maybe early Forties but I’d be surprised; plus, I haven’t seen him in a few years. ….j’ai raison, FB??


  44. Kid says:

    Z, What kind of grain are we talking about ? 🙂

    My opinion of US governement is even less than I’ve given a glimpse of so far. Even privately.

    FB is a smart one. FB, Even though it is depressig to have the capacity for critical thought to the point that you do and see how screwed up everything is, it is better than being in ignorant bliss. At least you can see it coming and prepare. imo.


  45. Imp says:

    Obviously from all the girls screaming last night when Rubio so much as burped…I’m surprised they weren’t throwing their panties at him…..ahhhh….the fairer sex…vote for the prettiest guy. That’s all that counts. That’s how we got JFK, Clinton and Obama.


  46. Kid says:

    IMP, True. True.


  47. geeez2014 says:

    that is BIZARRE, Imp; you heard girls screaming last night at Rubio? I sure didn’t…I heard adult applause and booing and cheering but no girls screaming.

    But you remind me of when poor Trump can’t stand people cheering for anybody else so he has to constantly tell the audience they’re all lobbyists for everybody but him. THAT is amazing.


  48. Imp says:

    I didn’t make it up. Here it is. http://tinyurl.com/zkl75ht

    Reporters and viewers of Thursday’s CNN debate took to Twitter to also complain about the Rubio screamer.

    Has the screaming fan girl thrown any garments onto the stage yet? #GOPDebate #screamer

    — toddstarnes (@toddstarnes) February 26, 2016

    deport the screamer

    — Hadas Gold (@Hadas_Gold) February 26, 2016

    Crazy screamer in the #GOPDebate crowd. Literally crazy I fear.

    — Benet Catty (@benet_catty) February 26, 2016

    Omg I want to punch the female screamer in the audience.

    — Kim (@KimBOhiogal) February 26, 2016


    — Mila Mimica (@MilaMimica1) February 26, 2016


  49. Imp says:

    And why the hell do you to mock me here because I may like the man? I’d rather think that Carson has the goods…but he’ll never make it. DT is saying things that millions of people are thinking and fed up with,. Is that OK with you?


  50. geeez2014 says:

    I did not mock you. All I said is you reminded me of when Trump accuses the audiences who don’t cheer for him constantly of being lobbyists.
    Why would I mock you? We’re all free to give our opinions here. That’s why we blog.


  51. geeez2014 says:

    By the way, everybody: I substituted today at the high school I’m associated with and one of the Seniors told me he’d just read a book by Milton Friedman and how much he admired him.
    I could have leapt across the room and kissed Bailey!


  52. Yesterday, one of my Facebook friends posted the following:

    Why is a Donald Trump even possible?

    In 2014, we got the promises and the assurances. Vote for us, they said. We will fight for your rights against an evil Barack Obama, they said.

    They didn’t. They lied.

    They caved in immediately, they even changed speakers and caved again.

    Don’t blame Donald Trump for a Donald Trump.

    The GOP got themselves into this mess following the 2014 elections. Now the GOP is on the verge of losing the 2016 National Election.


  53. “I could have leapt across the room and kissed Bailey!”
    Kid said he’s read Milton Friedman.
    So did Ted Cruz 🙂
    I don’t think Rubio has.


  54. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, very odd thing to say. My goodness!

    AOW…I tell my liberal friends, when they mock Republicans for Trump, that if it wasn’t for this AWFUL president, a Trump wouldn’t be possible…


  55. Mal says:

    That’s right, Z. The left created a monster in Trump! Oh! And the reason I said what I did about not liking Cruz’s looks, …………I got that from an earlier statement you made, remember? Since then, I can’t help but perceive him the same way! See what you did?


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