The News…and $$$$$

“At tnewshe same time,” (Kevin) Spacey added, “I happen to believe that we get what we deserve.”   Addressing the crush of journalists gathered along the rope line, Spacey said, “Edward R. Murrow warned us in 1964 that when news divisions decide that the news has to make money, and has to get ratings, it’s no longer news — it’s entertainment.”

AGREE?   Whether or not you agree, do you think this phenomena of big profit in news could be turned back?  How?  

I’m very interested in the subject of NEWS and MONEY and I’d love to have your opinion.

Also, have a great day.  Z

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38 Responses to The News…and $$$$$

  1. Control the dissemination of news and control the people. Turn them into sheeple!


  2. Turner Classic Movies’ Robert Osborne said of “Network”:
    “What was originally a satire is a stinging mirror of television news today.”


  3. Silverfiddle says:

    This is why I call it the Infotainment Media Complex


  4. Mustang says:

    Cronyism, pure and simple.


  5. Kid says:

    All the news is clickbait. Making money from ad revenue is what it’s about. A few stories about things that actually happened since last time, an idiotic human interest story or two, free advertising for some local business, lots of agenda based opinion – wash, rinse, repeat. No news.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    I think this is a HUGE subject because of what it’s done to Americans and I hope we can talk about it; particularly the 24/7 CONSTANT talk about every story with sexy legs, which involves both sides and fighting, ugliness, constant disagreement. I think WE have become that way partly due to what we see. FOX is the worst; I don’t agree with much of CNN, but I get the news and don’t feel as riled up, as rankled and flustered, as after I’ve watched a FOX show with constant fighting.

    It’s a bigger story than greed or elitism on the part of the news owners…….it’s what it’s doing to US, too.

    I just heard Rubio say “Trump has small hands…you know what they say about men with small hands”, which now puts him right down there with Trump’s remarks about Megyn “bleeding from somewhere” and a million more of his ugly, inappropriate things.
    I was surprised and would have hoped Rubio had more class and wouldn’t be carried away by a cheering crowd so much that he’d stoop to that to please the masses around him…


  7. Kid says:

    Job 1 of the news stations, just like talk radio, people that talk about sports, etc is to get people incited so that they call in, up the ratings and up the ad revenue. That’s it.


  8. bunkerville says:

    Am I the only one who finds the elimination of the fraction of a second break to commercial mentally deranging? I suppose it sells a few more bucks of advertisement and takes a mental contortion to figure out it has moved to commercial?


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, that’s exactly right…and that , as I suggest above, is BAD. When I (I?) am watching CNN more than FOX these days (even MSNBC from time to time), you KNOW there’s something wrong because, honestly, CNN doesn’t do as much inciting as FOX does. Not even close.

    Bunkerville… I’m not 100% sure what you mean about the ‘elimination of the fraction of a second break..” but I will say that it makes me CRAZY when FOX has a really good interview going, very VERY serious stuff, and suddenly, the interviewer SMILES and announces the break and the person never comes back! “Thanks for coming in, good to have you here.” and I’m thinking “Wait! You didn’t get the crux of what he was saying…why not ask this and that…?”
    Other stations more frequently bring people BACK after the commercials so they get a REAL interview ..


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Have any of you noticed nobody ever asks Trump’s sons or other supporters about the awful way Trump calls people names, insults, etc etc?
    His son was on FOX yesterday and they asked a lot of probing questions, but my first one would be “Why does your father feel it necessary to be so nasty every time he speaks, calling people ugly names, …? Does he not realize it diminishes his popularity among people who feel character matters?” etc.

    Now he’s blaming his ear piece for having not understood Jake Tapper’s question about David Duke and the Klan…..when he clearly had weighed in on all that previously!


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Even that GHOUL, Alan Colmes, says “Rubio’s making fun of Donald’s ‘small hands’ (and that inference) isn’t presidential…it’s not what you want in the White House”….I HATE agreeing with that JERK.
    But, I think of pix of Obama with a joint sticking out of his mouth, and all the secrecy behind his education, etc etc , and you wonder WHERE WAS COLMES (and those he represents)THEN??


  12. geeez2014 says:

    ONE MORE THING: The media NOW is pointing out some of the awful things Trump’s said, only because Rubio’s now lowered himself to that level.
    What’s up there? It was okay until Rubio stooped that low? WHY?


  13. FB says:

    I think he’s right. But that doesn’t justify gov run news either. I think it’s better to have a variety of outlets like MSNBC, FOX that make money out news than have gov run news.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    FB… Gad! ! Who wants gov’t run news? I’m not so sure ours isn’t right now, by the way.


  15. Mal says:

    Whatever, folks. The point is, we’re in unchartered territory with this election. Not only has Obama contributed to this, over the years building up to his rise in politics, we have continued to move Left until the Dems have fallen off the chart! Roosevelt and Truman today would be conservative. Their policies would be like today’s GOP beliefs. Like someone pointed out years ago, “a true democracy can’t last for more than 200 years……”, etc. It’s been a nice ride. I only hope a Trump presidency would be able to change our trend toward socialism.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Can you imagine how VOLCANIC Trump will be over everything from a foreign country that doesn’t go exactly his way? It boggles my mind. The insults, name calling, vindictiveness? I thought Obama was vindictive until I became acquainted better with the Donald Trump personality…my GOSH!!!

    I think that’s important, too. But, frankly, the only one with a really dignified demeanor is Carson and he hasn’t a chance. Kasich’s just too into telling us how much he’s done, so Idon’t see much in HIM other than at least he hasn’t been a name caller, etc. That’s a good thing!!


  17. geeez2014 says:

    If I hear the RUBIO quote one more time…………
    yet, they rarely even noticed Donald’s REALLY REALLY awful stuff.


  18. Silverfiddle says:

    Z: Rubio has really besmirched himself and lowered his stature. I heard outtakes from the debate and later his rally and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. And who the hell hired the paid screamers in the audience?

    The GOP race has turned into a total freakshow.


  19. Mal says:

    Our only hope is that Trump (if elected) will tone it down like he said he would. And really, with the way our current “leader” has done internationally, a little ire might be just what is needed. There’s over 8 months left till election time, folks, and a whole lot can happen by then. Meanwhile, have a little faith……………and pray………….A LOT!
    On another note, did anyone watch Obama this morning honoring Byer, a Navy Seal, with the Congressional Medal of Honor? After the ceremony, they said a prayer while everyone bowed their heads including Obama, then Byer made a cross on himself with his hands. Very touching, so why can’t prayers be made in school? It flies in the face of hypocrisy!


  20. geeez2014 says:

    SF…He really very sadly revealed his character… If ONLY he’d said about Trump’s awful insults to everybody (which didn’t get half the play as what Rubio’s said), “Look, I’m not going to lower myself; We’re here to save America not insult each other…etc etc..”

    IF ONLY.

    Mal, Trump has shown his character…do you see how his face and eyes react when someone zings him? It’s HIM, this awfulness is him.
    I only saw the first few minutes of Byers’ ceremony and then got a long distance call….I’m thrilled to hear what you say about the prayer and Byer’s crossing himself!
    I agree…if there, why not in schools? Maybe, if the ‘right’ person saw what happened today, they won’t allow it to happen again. damn.


  21. FB says:

    The thing is: the establishment and other elites are quick at beings self righteous on language. But if you look at how the same people are tanking the country, I’d rather have them swear more instead of leading us to ruin while robbing the bank. I’m tired of people who use sophistication, elegance in speech and intellectualism to mask incompetence or, worse, their hunger for power and corrupted soul.


  22. Baysider says:

    Kid + 1


  23. Kid says:

    Baysider, Danke Shoen.


  24. geeez2014 says:

    FB….Really? Saying MEGYN KELLY BLEEDS FROM I DON”T KNOW WHERE and talking about Rubio’s sweat and so SO much worse comes from a guy you could want to rule your country?

    While I agree that we don’t need sophistication and elegance INSTEAD of good character, I think we shouldn’t have to do without either, right?


  25. Sparky says:

    Yellow journalism is rampant again, like it was in our early 1900’s.Therefore, I get most of my news from the internet, but not Yahoo or Fox. And what I do read is viewed with a grain of salt. Kinda on that subject, I read a lot of ancient history. It’s amazing how so very little human nature has changed through the centuries. The only thing that’s changed is technology and how much quicker things happen.


  26. Kid says:

    Sparky, Human nature – Gred and Fear, Supply and Demand.

    I like to read foreign news sources along with (which allows you to get news items based on your search terms. Like if you want news on molten salt reactors, jsut add it to your page – or todays recipe, word of the day, quote of the day, ad infinitum)

    But RT News BBC World News, Sydney Morning Herald. (I personally skip


  27. FB says:

    Yes really because at the end of the day, a bunch of non sense doesn’t hurt as much as a 18 trillion dollar deficit and a corrupt system.


  28. FB says:

    I meant debt, not deficit.


  29. Kid says:

    FB, 20 trillion by the time he vacates


  30. Baysider says:

    Calvin Coolidge – PLEASE!! An able executive, and can you even imagine any of these Tump-isms coming out of his mouth.


  31. FB says:

    Or I was thinking: foul language is also better than sending troops in the Middle East when you have no clue of what’s going on.


  32. geeez2014 says:

    FB ; I’m hoping we don’t have to choose between foul language and anything. This is the president of these United States, foul language is never acceptable.
    As for not having a clue….lots of ‘experts’ thought they did.

    Baysider: GET COOLIDGE BACK FOR US! Imagine him or Truman or Reagan ever talking about puddles of sweat or big ears or wondering where female newswomen bleed from? MY GOD. And there’s SO much worse.

    Kid…hilarious: (I personally skip
    Actually, England’s Daily Mall ROCKS, too…>Canada’s news is real news, too. Things about America WE don’t even know, right?

    Sparky..I think you’re right…nothing really changes.


  33. Kid says:

    Z, If only you could, as I do, see Ted Cruz as Ronald Reagan, Thomas Jefferson, Abe Lincoln, Judge Scalia and Robert Plant and SEAL Team 6 all rolled into one, you’d be much happier. 😉
    Some guys with high voices just can’t avoid it ya know. Take me for example.


  34. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, that’ll be THE DAY. I know very well that Cruz says really good Conservative things; If anybody thinks he can beat Hillary, they’re WRONG


  35. Kid says:

    Actually Z, he’s been voting and acting conservative since elected. But anyway, who Can beat the beast?

    Yea, maybe nobody. I woudn’t bet against the idea that the fix was in – or that America en mass won’t tidal wave against the clinton mobster. If that’s the way it turns out, I’m done. Whatever that means.


  36. Bob says:

    I gotta disagree with Sparky. Everything changes all the time, but things always seem to come around to the same place, again. I guess that means that I agree with Sparky.

    If you want to read about some really dirty politics, read about the Abraham Lincoln campaigns in the 1860’s. Really nasty things were said, and nasty accusations were made and the electorate did not have the means to judge the truth of ANY statement. We are talking about really slow snail mail, and newspapers would pick their candidates and lie all they wanted. The current campaigns are mild in comparison.


  37. geeez2014 says:

    Bob, I doubt any candidates asked where a lady was bleeding from during Lincoln’s day. Or said that a female candidate delayed in the bathroom during the debate was “Disgusting….(waving arms here)…don’t even think about it, it’s disgusting”) but I know they were brutal.


  38. geeez2014 says:

    and I also do know they were horrible to women, particularly Andrew Jackson’s wife…..really horrible and suggesting terrible things about adultery… Mary Lincoln deserved a little criticism, too! But not quite yet at that stage!!


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