Mark Levin…..and the Ricardos? And..ya, okay…Hillary

lucy and ricky

I heard Mark Levin on the radio yesterday saying that “Trump could lose the nomination IF RUBIO AND CRUZ ‘JOINED FORCES‘” 

“JOIN FORCES?”    How?    Am I missing something?   It almost sounded like he meant that they might say “Okay, we’ve decided we’re going to run as ONE TEAM, Cruz as Pres and Rubio as VP,”  but I KNOW that’s not it.

I get that, joined together, Cruz and Rubio get about 50%, so they COULD overcome Trump, but how?  Delegates?  Still, “join forces?”

I’ll be Lucy, you be Ricky…..Please, someone, “‘Splain!”

If you can’t…no problem!!:

stupid together


Hillary’s now saying “America never STOPPED being great” in her attacks on Trump, which is living proof that she doesn’t know enough to be president.


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33 Responses to Mark Levin…..and the Ricardos? And..ya, okay…Hillary

  1. Looks to me as if the GOP is going to implode and go the way of the Whigs.


  2. bocopro says:

    History will likely refer to this US political campaign as the year everybody got it wrong. The pundits, the managers, the analysts . . . even the voters. Hell, even Krauthammer.

    Bosses in both parties are disappointed in the surviving candidates. Dems don’t trust Hillary any more than voters do. What’s her rating in terms of trustworthiness? Around 40% or so? And the GOP is considering political suicide as their only anti-Trump escape.

    Nobody likes Cruz, Kasich stimulates almost as much mass yawning as Carson, and Rubio has suddenly begun channeling Don Rickles. And Sanders, of course, is a 1968 candidate from Haight-Ashbury in a 2016 debate trying to convince people that HE can make a great success of what has failed everyplace else it’s been tried.

    Everyone knows that Trump’s primary motivator is vanity, just as Hillary’s is lust for power. Although he might very well make strong initial efforts at fixing several of the country’s problems, Trump would tire of the frustration of a balky Congress and lose interest in the promises he made on the campaign trail, eventually becoming a malicious Loki. He’s Bombast with a veneer of Man-Tan.

    After all the pomp and hoohah of Her Firstness dies down, Hillary would reveal herself as the Medusa she truly is once the House refused to pay for one of her boondoggles or the Senate declined to approve one of her appointees. She’s nothing more than classic Deceit dipped in NutraSweet.

    I’m going to have a nice cuppa with a big ol’ blueberry muffin to get the taste outta my mouf after talkin ’bout ’em.


  3. FB says:

    The GOP establishment gets what it deserves. Can’t wait for Romney to step in and make it worse. Now they do look like the party of big corporations vs the party of the people.


  4. FB says:

    It’s mind boggling. Like Trump or not, the year the GOP can win an election because of the enthusiasm in the primaries, they want to shoot themselves in the foot. They really are a bunch of idiots. Maybe it’s because GOP or Democrat establishment work for the same people: the bankers and the likes. So people like Bernie or Trump are problematic. To the point of nominating someone who broke the law (Clinton) and throwing everything at Trump.


  5. Silverfiddle says:

    I’m with FB on this one. The same go-along-to-get-along establishmentarians who are now bleating about purity and principles are the same ones caving to Obama and the Pelosicrats at every turn, with their stinking snouts in the same DC troughs as the Dems.

    The true, principled conservatives who have not sold don’t know how to fight smartly and don’t know how to win. They come off as nasty and condescending. Nixon’s debate performance against Kennedy looks like a Rock Hudson Oscar-winning performance next to the nasty, mean-faced rightwingers.

    Finally, have you seen how many losers–yes LOSERS— from the losing Romney campaign and the losing McCain Campaign, not to mention the losers from this primary are blabbering about what it takes for the GOP to win this November? How the hell would they know?

    All I keep thinking is, “The GOP mansion is on fire! Bring gasoline!”


  6. FB says:

    The GOP is done. Done, done, done. They lost me already as a registered voter and they’ll lose more.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    well, thanks for all the DOOM AND GLOOM but my question is “What did Levin mean by Rubio and Cruz “joining forces?” I really would like to know how that would look? What’s he possibly mean?

    FB…the reports are they’ve got many Democrats deserting their party for Republican…..let’s see how it all plays out.


  8. FB says:

    Those people will leave if they attack Trump like he’s the plague.


  9. Silverfiddle says:

    Z: I don’t know. I don’t watch Levine. I guess they would have to pool their delegates and do what you said, somebody be the prez and sombody the VP nominee, but the delegates could always balk.

    Rubio is probably toast–especially if he can’t win Florida–leaving Cruz a distant second with Kasich a very distant third.

    The GOOP brought this on themselves. AOW asks today, What is the GOP agenda? I have no idea, and I’ve been paying attention.


  10. FB says:

    Rubio and Cruz joining forces work out. Cruz is appealing to the hard core conservative so it won’t work in a general election where you have to be a little more to the center. And Rubio is disliked. (By the way his wife needs some coaching when she stands next to him b/c she really looks like she’s clueless or doesn’t want to be there.)


  11. FB says:

    What is the GOP agenda?

    Same as the Democrat: Money, power, help their buddies that give them money.


  12. Mustang says:

    Hillary’s claim to want to make America whole again is an amazing concept given the seven years of the Obama administration that divided America more than any other administration in the nation’s history. And Hillary was part of that process. Meanwhile, she wants us to believe that she is all about making our country whole while at the same time making speed runs to Beaumont TX to pander for Moslem contributions, and convincing the darkies that Democrats always loved black people. And the GOOP-ers think they have a solution? Crikey … this country is so screwed.


  13. Bob says:

    Mitt Romney is a loser and ran a crappy campaign. Why should anyone listen to him? Z is right. There is no way Rubio and Cruz can work together. Somebody has to drop-out, take one for the team.

    No matter what you think of Trump, you can’t be thinking of Hillary. Staying at home on election day is just plain wrong.


  14. Silverfiddle says:

    I still can’t comprehend that Hellary is the odds-on favorite. She’s an inveterate liar, an horrible campaigner, her logo blandly states: “This way to the Hospital” or “This way to Hell”

    And who came up with the Make America Whole?

    What that immediately calls to my mind is, Make America a hole so Hellary can shove all her opponents in it, including all us ordinary citizens who have the temerity to oppose Her Rotten Heinous.


  15. Mal says:

    I have to agree with most everything said above. What it all boils down to is we have to continue to back Trump and hope he is right and knows what he is doing. And Z, re what Mark Levin meant, you’ll have to ask him. Everything else would be speculation. And Bocopro, I believe the number of people that don’t trust Hillary was 60%, not 40%, if memory has it right. Sad, huh? This definitely is unlike any other pre-election I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of ’em!


  16. FB says:

    Don’t forget Bloomberg is likely to run if Trump wins. Also I can see Biden replacing Hilary if the FBI investigation gets her in serious trouble. This entertaining president race hasn’t show all his twists and turns yet. Get your popcorn ready.


  17. FB says:

    Reading the comments regarding Romney’s speech here the GOP is burning.


  18. Imp says:

    @Mustang..”DOJ grants immunity to staffer who set up Hillary’s email server; no more pleading the Fifth!”

    Really loved the Judge Napolitano interview this morning on Fox. He said the fact that this IT guy was given immunity meant several really important things: 1) That DOJ career lawyers were now involved, not just FBI investigators, and 2) that this immunity was granted by a judge who agreed with the premise in the request made by DOJ lawyers, and 3) a Grand Jury must already have been empaneled to consider the evidence against Her Majesty. PERP WALK!


  19. Mal says:

    OOOH! That’s right, FB. I almost forgot about Bloomberg’s threat if Trump is elected. Things just keep getting even more dicey, don’t they?


  20. FB says:

    I’m just trying to be entertained. Ultimately I can’t control the election so I may as well see humor in this mess. As long as Bernie goes away, I can do that. Otherwise I’d be cranky.


  21. Silverfiddle says:

    Granting the IT guy immunity is, as El Donaldo would say, Yuuuuuge!!!

    The IT guy is the one with all the technical details. He could also have been the one to facilitate the transfer of classified info at the behest of Hellary’s toadies. They didn’t grant him immunity for nothing. I’m sure they put the squeez on him, hot-boxed him and he decided he didn’t want to do 10-20 in the federal pokey for Hellary.

    Before we get too excited, even if the FBI recommends charges, Obama’s JustUs Department could decide not to prosecute or go for the quick slap on the wrist to get it off the headlines as quickly as possible.

    There is already a major PR effort out there to characterize what General Petraeus did as way worse that what they’re accusing Hellary of. Be prepared… they are laying groundwork for Her Rotten Heinous…


  22. FB says:

    SF, I honestly think it’ll end up being judged as negligence. And if you think of it, a strategy could be to make it look really bad and then say it’s gross negligence, just to make Republicans look bad.


  23. jerrydablade says:

    I listen to every syllable Levin utters. He is a national treasure. Clearly, true conservatives would like an establishment Rubio to end his campaign and throw his support to Cruz, or to simply keep his high speed yapper shut. Maybe Cruz names him his VP to seal the deal, and throws in a case of bottled water. As for “nobody likes Cruz”… What is this, the Sadie Hawkins dance? I LIkE that the squishy middle hates him. It means he is standing up and doing what he promised. As for conservatism not working in the general. I’m scratching my head in bewilderment. We won in a landslide last time it was tried (God Bless Ronaldus Maximus). Z, why is your readership listing to the left lately?


  24. “Make America Whole” is a legal term.
    To restore to a former state.
    Unions use that terms all the time.
    Lawyers do also.

    Cruz and Rubio do not need to unite.
    They need to deny Trump 51% of the delegates.


  25. America, your White Knight has FINALLY arrived!


  26. I take that back.
    They may need to unite in “winner take all” primaries to deny Trump those delegates.


  27. geeez2014 says:

    FB,,…you missed a few times to hate Rubio in some of your comments above. Man! 🙂

    yes, it’ll be BIDEN…that’s probably why the White House is behind the Hillary email revelations, anyway.

    Biden v Romney. Wouldn’t that be a pip?

    Ed..”UNITE” how??? You mean Pres and VP? or what?

    Jerry: “Z, why is your readership listing to the left lately?”
    They’re not, they’re just hating the Republicans. And, frankly, I’m getting a little over it.

    We all need to STOP. We need to do a lot of praying and we need to somehow not appear so divided … The leftwingers should be laughing their heads off. It’s almost like some of us are falling right in line with what the Dems want.

    I’m not very happy about all of this……We need to hate THE OTHER SIDE more than OURS. Or we’re in big trouble.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    just read that “FOX NEWS IS DUMPING RUBIO” Duh….I can’t watch Hannity anymore but he was on last night in the other room and I couldn’t believe my ears…. He’s hateful toward him.
    It was pretty amazing. I guess they all do what Ailes says to do$$$



  29. Rubio appears to have burned Ailes confidentiality.
    Rubio needs to drop and support Cruz.
    He is not doing well enough.
    And supporting Trump is, as Jerry said (see his post today) “listing to the left”.
    As I said at AOW’s:
    How long have we as conservatives then critical of candidates like McCain, O’Connell, even Ryan as being RINO?
    And now we are expected to celebrate the arrival of a candidate who draws tons of prior Democratic voters into the Republican Party without a truly conservative platform?


  30. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, I don’t see Jerry’s post has much to do with anything but Cruz and hoping Rubio leaves the race…but, okay!
    I think Jerry’s doing what I suggested … that it seems like they’re listing to the left because they’re so anti Republican.

    I’m kind of over the whole thing.


  31. Sorry, that was just a plug for a great (but unrelated) post he did.


  32. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, sometimes you’re confusing; it’s probably me. Sorry!

    Anyway, I’m quite sure I NEVER want to see Trump’s constantly pursed lips or his hands flapping around making little “circles’ with his thumb and first finger and coming out with the ugliest, most awful comments …

    Maybe it’s a good thing, however , because, in contrast, I’m starting to appreciate Cruz more.
    Sadly, I’d bet $1000 there is NO WAY CRUZ CAN WIN AGAINST HILLARY.


  33. It may not be Hillary.
    Can’t run while in court.


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