Breitbart and Marshall were SO RIGHT…sadly

Wow.   Leslie Marshall sure got it right about Trump and how he could possibly run for president and win…..”Republicans seem to think celebrity is all anybody needs to run”…and Andrew Breitbart (who died four years ago March 1) agreed.  Five years old, this might be the most prophetic interview some of us have ever seen.  It could have been made yesterday.

Just FYI, here is the picture Yahoo/Wikipedia use for Andrew…I saw it when I checked on his date of death.  No bias, right? 🙂


Rest in peace, Andrew.  We need you today more than ever.

(yes, Imp, I finally did use ‘tinyurl’…thanks for that tip months ago!!)


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27 Responses to Breitbart and Marshall were SO RIGHT…sadly

  1. Wow. How horrible.
    I never want to find myself agreeing with Leslie Marshall again.


  2. FB says:

    I think it’s pretty accurate. That’s what I notice in American culture vs French culture. There’s a lot of emphasis on pop culture and things like the highschool QB, the jock, the cheerleader, the ball queen and prince, the pageant, etc… So no wonder elections reflect that.

    If I wear my French culture hat, I find debates in the US extremely shallow. They’re just laundry list of things to do without the hows. In France you’ll see two candidates debate very specifically. Comes to mind the debate between Segolene Royal and Sarkozy that was about numbers and policies with very specific (almost bureaucratic) details.

    If I wear my American culture hat (after 17 years here I can do that), I look at a debate as something that’ll show me who can lead, who can be strong on values and principles, and may skip the policy details.

    For instance, with the American hat, I want Kasich to show more strength. If I wear the French hat, he’s the perfect candidate.


  3. Please read this American Thinker article:
    Trust me. The title is sarcastic.
    Trump is a fraud.


  4. FB: These are , of course, not debates.
    A debate has two speakers, or two teams.
    I used to debate.
    These are just more of the entertainment complex.
    Former presidential debates were much better.


  5. Mustang says:

    Sad beyond words that the American people are incapable of choosing better than Obama, Clinton, Trump, or Rubio. If this is the best we can do, we don’t deserve any better.


  6. FB says:

    Another reason why politicians should not have much power. There’s no such thing as collective wisdom, even less so when it comes to voting.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    To imagine that Leslie Marshall go it THIS RIGHT FIVE YEARS AGO is pretty amazing.
    Ed, you’re right…to think of agreeing with her is scary!

    Mustang; I guess it’s because the AMerican people actually didn’t pick any of these jerks…not in the primary stages…once nominated, we’re stuck. We need to get back to the way it’s done in Europe….here’s a novel idea: PLUMBERS and CARPENTERS are in their Houses of Representatives..NOT JUST LAWYERS!

    Ed is right; these are not debates…they’re strictly entertainment.

    Actually, the Townhalls are really beneficial..We can actually see revealing questions asked and answered of all the candidates…not on stage all at once. This works well for my own thinking process.

    One thing I found fascinating is that the place I got the video touted BREITBART as being the big prophet-brain who got it right…as I watched, I realized she did all the talking and Andrew only agreed with her, pretty much, in about 40 seconds! This is a TYPICAL rightwing wishful thinking…”say it’s BREITBART, they’ll WATCH” uh, no…MARSHALL got it right.


  8. Mal says:

    So, just how much MORE damage can Trump do to our country? I mean, look at the past 50 years how we’ve allowed ourselves to be taken in by lobbyists, campaign speeches and the media. Frankly, I’m willing to give Trump the benefit of any doubt because like the rest of his supporters, I’m sick and tired of today’s politics. If you still have any reservations about his sincerity of wanting to help our country, ask yourself what other reason he could have for running? It isn’t to gain notoriety, and certainly isn’t for any financial gain, like the rest of the pack in both parties. He certainly has the credentials to succeed, not only nationally but internationally. Also, none of the “establishment” want him, which obviously makes him even MORE desirable to all his supporters because he just keeps getting stronger. So rave on about the guy if you must, but keep an open mind, too. One thing is for sure. My money is on him because after Obama, ANYONE is going be an improvement (er……except Hillary!).


  9. geeez2014 says:

    What more damage, you ask, Mal?
    -Threats to the First Amendment “I’ll sue anybody who doesn’t say nice things about me”
    -Stupidity like “everybody who’s screaming for Rubio is a lobbyist plant!!!” Poor ego, he just can’t take it…and he kicks people out of events who don’t agree with him!! WHAT??
    -Threats to Eminent Domain
    -“I’ll tell them to DO IT….” (what happened to the law or democracy?) He will probably make the amount of Obama Exec. Orders miniscule in comparison.
    -Calling foreign dignitaries disgusting names
    -Hiring sycophants for his cabinet “my wife’s the only one who says I’m wrong”
    -Destroying any relationship (of America’s) just because everybody doesn’t behave as HE wants.
    -Continuing Planned Parenthood support$$
    -Going much more Centrist to get more votes should he be the nominee (this is predicted, then we’re stuck)
    -Using vulgar language again in political speeches heard by children

    Mal, it isn’t for his financial gain but this man has proven/shown that he is very insecure and thin skinned “they’re mean to me” “I like them because they’re nice to me” “The Univision lawsuit’s over…I hated them but now they’re nice people”

    Ya, anyone is an improvement over Obama or Hillary and we might be stuck with Trump. but I’m a CHARACTER MATTERS person and it’s just so hard for me to rearrange my brain to accept a loud mouthed boor as a possible presidential candidate.

    You ask to keep an open mind; EVERY speech I have to hear him make, I hope and hope he doesn’t blow it, that SOME DAY SOON, he’ll actually be kind, professional, etc….and every TIME, he gets disgusting.

    I’m not changing your mind….and you know I’ll have to vote for him if it comes down to that, but I realize more and more that it’s not OUR CHOICE…

    Our country is not LET’S MAKE A DEAL, MOnty Hall.


  10. Baysider says:

    “Our country is not Let’s Make a Deal” – ouch! Ouch, because it is, of course. But ‘they’ nailed it – celebrity over substance. Marshall’s comment about Schwarzenegger applies equally to her boy in the White House. NO EXPERIENCE. I keep mentioning Calvin Coolidge. Thinking of him is like seeing a mirage of water in the desert of 21st century politics.

    FB couldn’t have said it better about American debates. It wasn’t always like this, my friend. I listened to a wonderful audio book with 2 fine actors who did the entire Lincoln-Douglas debates. Depth, substance, clarity.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Hi, Baysider…yes, it’s obviously NOT the game show, but IT IS one BIG DEAL, particularly to hear Trump discuss our future if it’s with him, God forbid.

    It’s the media that has shaped the turn from depth, substance and clarity because the questions they ask are so inflammatory and ‘GOTCHA!’. I watch Republican debates with Republican panels and they’re harder on the candidates than ANY Democrat might be…the essence of so many of their questions is “How did you feel when he said THIS about you?” WHO CARES? Who REALLY CARES? …it only creates the name calling and nastiness again and again.

    ALL ENTERTAINMENT….Lincoln and Douglas sparred BIG TIME, but sparred with dignity. In the end, actually, Lincoln lost (he got Mary Todd!!!) (HAAA!) Poor Mary!


  12. geeez2014 says:

    I just ordered this book….eager to read as I’ve always been very interested in the Lincolns.


  13. Silverfiddle says:

    Barack Obama really lowered the bar. If a college lecturer with no experience besides being president of his high school choom gang can be president, why not Kim Kardashian or Sarah Palin?


  14. Imp says:’re welcome. See how EZ it is? 🙂


  15. Kid says:

    Well, no offense to anyone, but debates and campaigns are the seduction of idiots imo. There is no good reason for debates. People should have easy access to candidates voting records (if they are in Congress) or personal history if in the private sector and decide based on that.

    Yes, politics is name recognition. President Camacho is a former NFL all star Halfback.


  16. Kid says:

    The Future president Camacho


  17. Baysider says:

    Kid: “debates and campaigns are the seduction of idiots. IMO” Well said. You’re not the only one with that opinion.

    Z, that story and book looks fascinating.


  18. Kid says:

    Thank you Baysider, How can we get that idea en mass? Rhetorical.. Sigh.

    Recently emailed to a few friends that watching ABC World News with wife, I find it breathtaking how uninformative the program is. And that would apply to all of them. It’s all clickbait-ad revenue programming. Outside of math and communication skills, going to school between 1958 and 1970 did me No good at all. Everything I know now I had to teach myself. Imagine kids today….


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, I am really excited about reading that book and will definitely loan it to you.
    I’m sorry I have barely scratched the surface of the book about the German….I am enjoying it and get stuck reading for our lessons, for my church book lessons, etc. 😦 I may have to return it just in case we both forget I HAVE IT!

    Kid….all news is that bad…….But, yes, news STINKS….it’s NOT NEWS.
    When I lived in Europe, I couldn’t BELIEVE the international news…”oh, my gosh, things happen THERE, too?” I knew more about East Timor than anybody in E. Timor needed to know because something was happening there 15 years ago when we were living in Paris and the French LEARNED about news other than FRENCH NEWS. And we put the FRENCH DOWN?

    Believe it or not, CNN International is more liberal than ours…altho I must admit our has improved BIG TIME compared to the lack of Conservative contributors before.

    Didn’t you learn any history or English in school? I’m so grateful for my early education days.


  20. Kid says:

    Z, Looking back, I learned NOTHIHNG about history in school. It was names and date memorization.
    What is needed is what was happening, why and what happened in reaction. What events actaully occurred ? I got none of that. 1492, 1776, 1812, 1860-something. No content. Nothing. Hey, at least I know who fought the civil war and somewhat why. Today’s college kids don’t even have that. Lol.

    Outside of math and the sciences, I got Nothing. And the commies hadn’t even taken over yet.


  21. Baysider says:

    Here’s another headline today about celebrity status: “CANADIAN LEADER TRUDEAU BRINGING STAR POWER TO WHITE HOUSE” People have always been bamboozled by this sort of thing. Our modern media reinforces that when it makes it impossible for another voice to be heard.


  22. I repeat:
    Please read this American Thinker article:
    Trust me. The title is sarcastic.
    Trump is a fraud.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Ed…we get it…and I think most of us know he’s a fraud…Yes, VERY sarcastic title.

    Trump will turn as Centrist as they come the second he wins the Republican nomination…he’s back tracked on so much already that you’d think his fans would notice…but they don’t.
    They thank him for bringing untalked about subjects to the forefront and so do I, frankly….but the vulgarity, the vindictiveness, the boorishness and NO FACTS, threats, etc., are disgusting and a deal breaker.

    Still, if it’s Hillary v Trump, imagine having to VOTE for this ‘man’?

    I see him make promises that have been caught on video and think “Well, he’ll have to answer to that if he changes his mind…people will see he said something much different BEFORE he was elected!” With any other candidate that might be true, with him and his followers: THEY DO NOT CARE. “Full steam ahead…..!”



  24. Mal says:

    Keep in mind Trump is not in politics and therefore, gets his news the same way as you and I do…..through the media. He is not able to discuss in detail the way those who are in politics are able to do. Once elected, he will surround himself with experts in every field, hold meetings to discuss the best course of action, then execute. This is how he has run his businesses internationally and proposes to run our country, if elected. One thing is certain……..he has proven himself capable of creating and managing, so my money is still on him. I understand he is a flamboyant and self-centered egotistical blow hard, but hey! Nobody’s perfect, right? So long as he gets the job done, I really don’t give a rat’s a–! ;o)



  25. I wrote a post that addresses Mal’s comment.
    Then I saw Mal’s comment.


  26. Mal says:

    Ed, those comments represent a great cross section of feelings by the voters re Trump. It’s funny they mention some people like Cruz but are voting for Trump. I understand the feeling. Trump has put himself in the position of losing in a head to head matchup with Hillary while Cruz is favored against her. Cruz is a good debater. However, I DIDN’T like what his campaign did to Carson. If that is typical of his tactics, we don’t need him or want him. We’ve already had a rotten egg the past 8 years and don’t need to compound it. That being said, as he matches up best against Hillary, he would still be more desirable.


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