I watched a little of the Republican debate last night, not much.  I couldn’t watch more.

When I heard Kasich say “Turkey should be let into the EU..big mistake they didn’t”, I cringe as the truth that most people understand is that Europe would have been overcome 10 years ago if that had happened.  Who’s advising Kasich?

And, John, the word is RAPPROACHMENT, not REapproachment.  And never use a French pronunciation again, please.

TRUMP:  He said something I TOTALLY AGREE WITH tonight and I’ve said it for a few years here at GeeeZ:  “WHEN are we going to grow up and realize that the enemy can do anything they want to do and we are tied by our laws?  They have no laws!  Collateral damage is their GOAL.  How do we beat that?”    Bravo, Mr. Trump, you big bombastic creep.

Then Trump talks about Israel and makes himself look like a jerk for saying HE was the Grand Marshall in the Israel Parade in NYC!  Oh, gad….  And “I have a daughter (you know, the one he said he’d want to date if she weren’t his daughter?) THAT is Jewish and two grandchildren THAT are Jewish. ”  The Wharton School didn’t teach him that it’s “A daughter WHO is Jewish?”

AND HERE IS THE CLINCHER FOR ME:  BEN CARSON IS APPARENTLY GOING TO ENDORSE TRUMP TOMORROW.  Would Ben take a deal?  If not, why EVER would this man of quiet dignity, true faith and character EVER endorse DONALD TRUMP?  I’m intrigued about hearing how Carson will make this announcement…maybe with a clothes pin on his nose? 🙂

God, help me.  Help us all.


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26 Responses to Interestings….

  1. When Kasich said, “Turkey should be let into the EU..big mistake they didn’t,” I snorted in disgust. Makes it very difficult for me to vote for him if he turns out to be on the GOP ticket in November.


  2. Has Dr. Carson explained why he’s endorsing Donald Trump? I’m interested in hearing that explanation!


  3. bocopro says:

    No way really to know how a guy will turn out once in the job. Some will be awed by the responsibility and do some instant growin up; some will be emboldened by the power and take advantage of it; some will revel in the attention and become Obama-like; some will be terrified by what’s REALLY going on in the world and assume a political foetal position; some will take it as a sign and begin acquiring the trappings of apotheosis.

    Tossing names into a jar and drawing them out randomly, I’ve come up with some very interesting teams. One that I copied down has

    Huckabee as PotUS — ’cause he’s thoughtful, experienced, and gets along with everyone
    Walker as Veep — for OJT to set him up for his own run in 2020
    AG — Joe Arpaio, just to scare the bejeebers outta gangbangers and illegals
    SecState — Bolton, just to scare the bejeebers outta everybody who votes against us in the UN
    SCotUS nominee — Cruz
    SecTreas — Mitch Daniels
    SecDef — any retired Marine MGYSgt
    VA — Any retired Navy MCPO
    Homeland Security — Rudy Giuliani

    Gotta admit . . . that’d get some people’s attention.


  4. bunkerville says:

    Carson is supporting Trump because he wants to be head of the Dept of Education.


  5. Something to consider…

    Trump/Cruz polling results after last night’s debate:

    Blaze (59/31)
    Conservative Firing Line (90%/8%)
    Conservative Outfitters
    Crooks & Liars (84%/3%)
    Drudge (66%/23%)
    Fox5 (10,561/396)
    GOP Nominee (89.2%/3.32%) (80.99%/5.8%)
    Legal Broadcast (85%/4%) (79.09%/6.05%)
    Political Opinion (2148/46)
    Right Scoop (80.02%/14.75%)
    Slate (84%/3%)
    Students for Trump (84.41%/4.21%)
    Time (80%/5%)
    WSJ (16,513/616)

    Quite remarkable, IMO.


  6. Silverfiddle says:

    I heard that Carson’s Trump endorsement is payback for Cruz’s dirty tricks against him.

    It’s a Cruz-Trump race, the only questions left are how quickly Rubio and Kasich drop out, if they decide to do so. GOP grandees are strategerizing about which path denies Trump the most votes: Everyone staying in, or he and Cruz mano a mano…

    The anti-Trump Hysteria is reaching a high-pitched scream now, with the trite fascism memes and accusation falling like a slimy rain.


  7. John M. Berger says:

    “Quite remarkable, IMO.”
    YES INDEED! In addition: I’m not the least bit surprised at Carson’s endorsement. While their personas may be 180 degrees out, they share in being the least “establishment” types with the mutual ability to think out-of-the-box when it comes to reversing the dangerous trajectory that our Nation is headed on, IMO.


  8. FB says:

    Kasich said that about Turkey? He sounds like a moron on foreign policy. He said chiites were the issue when sunnis are the ones that are the most radical.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    I wonder how much of Trump’s better attitude last night has to do with Carson’s input.


  10. Mal says:

    Summed up, Trump is stupid as a fox! His experience with the media and reality T.V. series gave him great insight about how to get the attention needed for his campaign……….at no cost to him! He also knew just what buttons to push to accomplish his acceptance by a fed-up public. Stupid, huh? I still believe he is our best and maybe last hope.


  11. John M. Berger says:

    Re. Reagan/Trump Democrats:

    In answer to your interrogative posted @AOW, while I do not have polling data, per se, it has been reported that Trump has been attracting disaffected Democrats. I’m in a bit of a hurry, right now, but you may find the following interesting:


  12. Silverfiddle says:

    Trump has done hundreds of business transactions, negotiations, etc over the decades. Were he really a bombastic blowhard, the stories would be legion. People who have interacted with him personally invariably say he is charming, cordial and nothing like his egotistical persona he cultivates, although he is indeed crass and vulgar.

    I agree with John Berger and others. Trump did what he had to do to get the free spotlight. Hopefully, we’ll now see the Presidential Donald.


  13. Z,
    I wonder how much of Trump’s better attitude last night has to do with Carson’s input.

    Probably some.

    But you know what? I’m sure that he reads the web a great deal and has noticed the Rove-ites yapping about “Trump fatigue may be setting in.” He just took the wind out of their sails on that.


  14. SF,
    You make excellent points! There appear to be no such stories — and that absence tells us something about the man.

    I think that he “wears different hats” — as do I. I have my teacher hat, my blogger hat, my recreational hat. Multi-faceted, if you will.

    Nobody gets to the position of wealth that Trump has without being multi-faceted.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    I agree with most of the above, but I know very few people who can be as very quickly and knee-jerkedly nasty and not have it bubbling up from within before any ‘task’ required them to be so.

    Who Trump’s now has to reach out to are many Conservatives who don’t like him one bit, Indies and some Dems…without that, he knows very well he can’t win. And this is why he’s tempering his personality. Brother! The nasty looks and VERY VERY quick nasty retorts; I don’t see those as’s in him. He needs to stop and stop soon. Perhaps the drop in poll numbers for Rubio after his inappropriate comments showed Trump, too, that that isn’t working with a lot of people.


  16. FB says:

    If Trump was rude, etc.. he would’ve never succeeded in business. Plus let’s not forget he’s from NYC. I’ve worked with New Yorkers and I’ve become such a California wuss that any rude tone is throwing me off. I got insulted one by a New York guy I reached out to just because things were confusing to him.


  17. FB says:

    Again I’d rather take a rude SOB that WORKs and produces instead of a polished Rubio who doesn’t show up for work.


  18. Sparky says:

    I get a little disgusted too by this comments. This campaign cycle sure is offering some slim pickings.


  19. Imp says:

    I feel a song comin on .. a little JC for HRC:

    “I hear the train a comin’
    It’s rolling round the bend
    And I ain’t seen the sunshine since I don’t know when,
    I’m stuck in Folsom prison, and time keeps draggin’ on…”


  20. geeez2014 says:

    FB; we know you don’t like Rubio.
    We’re talking the PRESIDENCY here…not a plumber.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    are you all hearing about Trump’s event having fist flying now? People are fighting inside….
    Black Lives Matter and other anti-Trump groups are making sure there’s no event for him.
    At DePaul, students got an event canceled from a Trump Hotel…Apple has canceled vacations at Trump resorts.

    I haven’t a big problem with not going to a hotel owned by someone they hate, but where did free speech go for the LEFT? Stopping an event tonight? WHY can’t they THINK, act calmly, retort constructively?



  22. FB says:

    Well even the president can be rude. We have talking heads. Obama, Rubio are the same in my books. Talkers who don’t want to do the real work.


  23. Imp says:

    CHI-CONGO….figures. The left are the most intolerant radical threats to freedom and free speech anywhere. BLM, illegals, thugs, anarchists. Looks like the 68 convention…radical leftists screwed that too.


  24. When Trump says he’ll pay the legal fees, fists are gonna fly.
    There’s presidential material for you.


  25. Bob says:

    Ed: From what I’ve seen, there needs to be a violent reaction to the BLM and Bernie protesters. I don’t mind the blatant thuggery of the BLM’s so much as the mindless actions of COLLEGE students. Those are the little buggers that need an ass-whooping and a suker-punch now and then. I can tolerate the thugs better than the gutless, mindless little communist minnows being hatched in our public universities.

    Did I just advocate violence? No, of course not. I am advocating literal spankings for little turds that should not drive, vote, drink, or think on their own.


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