Cuba….and Obama

So Obama’s going to Cuba tomorrow, Sunday.  I have been listening to and reading media stories on the trip.  The one thing they come up with that’s positive for America is that it will encourage tourism.  I wonder if the White House knows the Cuban people are not financially well off, at least not the normal Cuban.   What type of tourism could they do here and how much will they be spending, Mr. Obama?  Are we going to subsidize this?

There’s a State Dinner, Michelle and the daughters are going, too…tourism, chats with bigwigs, but he will not supposedly meet with Fidel Castro.

cuba 1cuba 2


THIS ARTICLE says “But ordinary Cubans interviewed on Thursday said they have seen little improvement in their lives and they hope Obama’s trip will help them see more benefits from the re-establishment of relations.

and “Until now we haven’t seen any direct impact on the economic well-being of the Cuban people,” said Jose Miguel Gomez, a merchant sailor. “The visit will be important because it may lead to more agreements in the warming between the two countries.”

“The figures show that the situation has clearly worsened more than a year after the re-establishment of relations between the two governments,” said Elizardo Sanchez, head of the non-governmental Cuban Commission on Human Rights and National Reconciliation. “The state of civil and political rights in Cuba is imposed by a government that has no inclination to change things.”

What are your thoughts?  I watched a newsman on CNN who’s just been there and he glowed about the Cuban peoples’ hospitality, which I believe is true.  He also waxed on and on about the opportunities now afforded the Cuban people since this kind of ‘detente’ has happened, their optimism.  But then we read and hear that nothing’s really changed.

Thoughts about Cuba and Obama’s trip?  It’s still winter…is this another White House Snow Job?


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14 Responses to Cuba….and Obama

  1. bocopro says:

    Except for political posturing, I can’t see what good “normalization” of relations with a failed economy can do the US.

    Cuba produces little more than sugar and tobacco. It imports 4 or 5 times as much value in goods as it exports. It’s just another failed socialist republic, smaller population than NYC. In fact, the US has around 2,000,000 people who are either Cuban immigrants or descendants of Cubans, nearly 20% as many as are in Cuba today.

    It is silly, of course, to have an independent nation only 90 miles away whom we refuse to deal with, and the trade restrictions aren’t really doing anybody any good. But I don’t see how ordinary Cuban citizens can afford to purchase any US made products, so the only reason for US companies to go there would be for cheap labor, trading trinkets to the natives for cigars, rum, and bananas.

    Read history and you’ll find that the US is very good at winning wars, but miserably bad at negotiating. EVERYbody tends to come out ahead when making “deals” with the US, particularly when Democrats are running the show from this end.

    So normalize. Big deal. And once that’s done, tell the Castro brothers to put their hands back in their own pockets, ’cause ours are fulla holes and contain little but IOUs.


  2. Lisa says:

    Maybe he is interviewing to be their president. He would def have the Cuban people eating out of his hand


  3. It’s all about legitimizing communism.


  4. Mal says:

    This could be a good reason for either Cruz or Rubio to make it as our Pres. Being of Cuban decent, both understand all that’s involved and know what path would best be taken in working with Cuba. Or, they might also be used in an advisory capacity.


  5. Imp says:

    Question…since I believe we’re the only country boycotting Cuba actively….190 or so other countries on the planet are free to do so. So….why are they short of anything? We sure as hell don’t make much here anymore that they need. They can import / export with Mexico all of Latin America, they have the greatest fishing fields, all of Europe is free to travel there with their money and trade…so…what gives?


  6. Geez Imp. I don’t know, but it’s a darn good question.
    Maybe their currency is worthless on the international markets.
    Maybe we’ll give them some ours, before it is too.


  7. Calvin Coolidge was the first and last prez to visit there.
    I wish Obama would find other ways to emulate Cal.


  8. Sparky says:

    The man who calls himself obama is a man in search of a legacy. Any legacy. And it gives him a chance to spend more of the white infidel’s money. 9 more months … 9 more months …


  9. John M. Berger says:

    I often wonder why [they] seem to only have pre-revolution American cars (clunkers in constant need of repair) and sometimes [we] are made to think this is because the US will not trade with them. What-A-Crock! Imp makes some darn good points with respect to that and other economic issues. If their failed system was worth a $#!t they would not only be driving such late model vehicles as Nissan, Toyota, VW, etc. but would like Mexico, for example, be manufacturing them. What’s B.O.’s next stop, North Korea? These little Communist fiefdoms are nothing more than cancerous lesions on a sick planet. FEEL THE BERN!


  10. Mal says:

    And we still pay for all of O’s whims, John! 9 more months of spending before we can plug the hole.


  11. bocopro says:

    I doubt that he will exit gracefully. The transfer of power will carry a whiff of grudging acrimony, even if it’s a D who succeeds him.

    What irks me most is that he will immediately don the emeritus robe and begin speaking with faux wisdom and gravitas about his many spectacular achievements while overcoming countless obstacles thrown at him by a balky Congress.

    He will then become obscenely rich through appearance and speaking fees, not to mention the 8-figure bennies from his “autobios” and tell-alls.

    My wish for him is a permanently sealed spinctre and perpetual flatulence.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Ed says “It’s all about legitimizing communism.” I TOTALLY agree with you, Ed. Well said.

    bocopro; Ed’s point is THE point, in my opinion…you’re right, why else?

    Imp; EXCELLENT question…

    You all have such good comments…this is TOTAL BALONEY….Obama’s there making communism look appealing. The people are STILL hurting and CNN’s going to do a suck-up piece soon on the wonderful way Cuba’s changing. Except the Cuban experts don’t agree , from the article I quoted from!


  13. Kid says:

    My only thought that I can defend about Cuba is that a distator is a dictator is a dictator.


  14. Imp says:

    “My wish for him is a permanently sealed sphincter and perpetual flatulence.”

    I think Killary already owns that? arf, arf, arf. Look at that face…that has to be why…


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