Not Targeting Christians?

Yes, Josh Earnest said that the bombings of Christians on Easter Sunday wasn’t just aimed at Christians because “if you look at the list of the dead, there are a lot of Muslims.”

Does he not know that most names in those areas sound like Muslim names?  Does he think nobody named Mohammed can become a Christian?

Any time a lot of Christians are killed, Obama also mentions “Muslims were killed, too.”  I’m thinking he’d be meaning the terrorists who blew themselves up?  They were killed, that IS true…!!

Are we dealing with a full deck in the White House?

The Taliban has SAID they were targeting Christians on Easter Sunday…what more do our ‘experts’ need???


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26 Responses to Not Targeting Christians?

  1. Mal says:

    I believe if my name was Mohammed and I became a Christian, I’d change my name! As to the reactions of O, nothin’s changed, girl, and it won’t until we are rid of him.


  2. Mustang says:

    If there is a full deck in the White House they’re all deuces.


  3. geeez2014 says:
    And then there is this which I just saw….ISIS supposedly killed a Catholic Priest by crucifixion on Good Friday. Please pray for the memory of Father Thomas Uzhunnalil….

    I wonder how wild the world would go if Christians as a group crucified one nonChristian. imagine the outrage? Where IS the outrage for this Catholic priest/?


  4. Bob says:

    Josh Earnest is just a paid gun for the White House. His only job is to control the narrative on whatever events are taking place in the media. As such, he is transparent and unimportant. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out who is telling Earnest what to say.

    I don’t believe most people are stupid, Well, about 40% of the electorate are but they are Democrats.


  5. Mal says:

    Good God, Z! Can we really afford to wait until next January before we do something about all this? Where is the outrage from the media? My belief the reason they are in bed with Obama is they were paid huge sums of our $$$$$ up front. Where else did the $8 Trillion “stimulus” money go? It was all part of the plan and makes the most sense as to why they are silent.


  6. Bob summed up the 40% well.
    As for outrage? We are burned out of outrage. Numb.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Bob, but we all know what Earnest is; it’s not HE I’m griping about, it’s the MESSAGE they’re putting out there…we know it’s the WH Message, but it’s so insane! I suppose your mentioning the lack of intelligence or interest of the American public hits the mark: they hear Earnest and they believe. It’s incredible, isn’t it?

    Mal, it’s truly amazing, isn’t it…they’re SO in the bag for Obama.

    I heard someone on FOX say the most interesting thing….Le Boutillier, I think his name is..sen. from Louisiana?….he said that to watch the liberals all excited about Obama’s trip to Cuba when they’re supposedly all about pro gay and pro liberal causes which Cuba OPPRESSES is almost laughable! It’s like when N.O.W. does NOTHING about women being mutilated by Muslims….or Clinton screwing around with young women and lying about it…where are the liberal women when this is going on?

    Ed…you’re so right about outrage…but I’m not quite to ‘numb’ yet….or this wouldn’t all have bugged me SO much.. “can’t be Christians because of their names” “it’s not about killing Christians” when the Taliban SAYS IT WAS!

    And if Obama ONE MORE DARNED TIME tries to throw in Muslims being killed, too, as if killing CHristians isn’t ENOUGH to make him DO SOMETHING….grrr!!


  8. Kid says:

    MAL, Where did the 8+ Trillion go? Exactly. There were zero infrastructure projects, zero investments into jobs, etc, etc. There were no investments into America. When did the 8 trillion go? My guess is the moslem vermin, obama’s Chicago friends and other radicals, and other assorted three toed horned evil non human beasts of which the hildebeast is part of that genus.

    Z, Par for the course baby, Did you see they also crucified a Catholic Priest?

    I swear I want to take people with coexist stickers on their cars and …………………. well, you know.


  9. C-CS says:

    I’m w/ Kid esp his last sentence!!
    CO-Exist- REAALLY!~


  10. bocopro says:

    Among the non-negotiable criteria necessary for selection as Obeyme’s PressSec is a radical sincerectomy. All candidates must first memorize the Alinsky mantra and then have their pre-frontal lobes removed and thoroughly cleansed of all gumption and horse sense before being reinstalled with a permanent port list.

    Jay Carney Barker was the perfect ringmaster for the daily circus, able to spin WWII down into a slight misunderstanding amongst first cousins and construe the ACA into the greatest gift to mankind since free will, rainy-day sex, deep-dish pizza, and mulled wine.

    And what more perfect oxymoron can you imagine as Der Spieler for Il Impostore than “Josh” “Earnest,” a moniker locked in eternal rhetorical combat with itself. Both he and Carney will spend their post-Soetoro years in vain search for their discarded vertebral columns, doomed forever to wander the toxic swamps of tell-all book deals and the wastelands of Sunday morning talk shows.

    They are the Bilkos of Broadcasting, the Perjure Princes of the Press, the Manipulators of Media . . . and they do a fine job of what they’re paid to do, mislead, misdirect, and misinform. But — as with their cousins (the ones who hang around behind dumpsters in dark alleys wearing dirty raincoats and needing a shave trying to sell dirty pictures), nobody with a lick of common sense believes anything they say once their lips start moving.


  11. Kid says:

    ” “Josh” “Earnest,” a moniker locked in eternal rhetorical combat with itself.” I like most of your stuff, but this one hit a funny bone for sure.

    Anybody with a lick of common sense? I read today that “The Parents completely ruined an Easter Egg hunt on some venue” named PEZ something. An excerpt mentioned that the parents actually trampled some of the kids, and stole candy out of theie baskets. It’s hard to argue with Mustang when he tells us how our country is &^%^*&^% now. Completely.


  12. Kid says:

    Thank You C-CS. I do think were beyond the point of no return. The most appealing candidate based on polls has continued to go to unimaginable lengths off the deep end by stepping up the personal attacks and attacking Cruz’s wife based on her looks. I’d say that is a sure fire way to eliminate the female vote from your campaign. Good God just a little help please. Just a little.


  13. FB says:

    I am getting sick and tired of all those morons. Either they want to bury their hand in the sand or they are just plain idiotic. Sorry to use the F word but it deserves it. They really have no f’ing idea what they’re dealing with. French people consider Americans as naive because we play the system constantly as a culture and we always try to figure out the game to exploit situations. You can’t be naive with those people because they want to kill us all. You can’t even give them one inch because the bag guys will con you and stab you in the back as quickly as they can. There’s no playing virtuous with those people. There’s no time to feel good about oneself. God I’m getting really pissed off.


  14. FB says:

    The same people who want to ban the name of my favorite football team have no problem with the risk of having homophobic, sexist, radical genocidal maniacs in our streets. WTF is wrong with them really? Are they psychologically ill?


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I linked the Catholic priest in a comment above….
    And yes, I HATE those CO EXIST ridiculous bumper stickers!!
    how stupid does it get? It’s co exist except if radical muslims don’t like us? Or Obama doesn’t?

    FB…I think they are psychologically ill….how else could they act like this? Yes, you love the REDSKINS, right? 🙂


  16. I’ve always thought of “Josh Earnest” as a rather Dickensian name.


  17. Kid says:

    FB- Yep. maddening the ignorance and cowardness.

    Z – The non-moslem suicide vest.


  18. Kid says:

    Well, when things got too much to handle. When the world seems about to explode from an excess of evil, greed, politicians, democrats, gangbangers, moslem vermin, and joe biden, just come over to my youtube channel and watch Handsome Howard get on of his minimum 3 daily brush jobs.

    Advising Mustang of same, Howard has been elevated from Honarary Lance Corporal to Honarary Corporal. Believe me, Howard loves his additional stripe.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Kid…yikes! Your Howard looks so much like Marcello did it’s positively weird…there IS Maine Coon in that thar cat!! So cute!


  20. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, I agree…Josh Earnest ought to be the little boy holding a bowl of porridge and asking “more?” so earnestly 🙂


  21. Kid says:

    He’s quite the talker too Z. In the morning he issues a battle cry from the other side of the house, and then flies down the 45 ft hallway to the perceived battle zone. I’m hoping he makes Sergeant beforre he’s retired.


  22. Baysider says:

    Kid, you’ve given me an idea for my Gabi. I got tired of combing her on the floor, and got her to jump up on the tub deck so I can sit down. NOW … I cannot go into the bathroom without her galloping in ahead of me, and jumping on the tub looking plaintive. 5, 6, 8 times a day. You are getting parts I can’t get with the comb. And he looks so much like my neighbor’s Jakie who just moved.


  23. John M. Berger says:

    OK, sorry to show-up late. Now: ” I believe if my name was Mohammed and I became a Christian, I’d change my name! ”

    Agreed my friend! So why does our Raghead-in-Chief NOT change his? OH, I bet we know!


  24. FB says:

    Yes, I love the Peaux Rouges.


  25. Z,
    Any time a lot of Christians are killed, Obama also mentions “Muslims were killed, too.”

    Obama is reaching out to Muslims as he promised he would do in his Cairo Speech of 2009.

    So sick of what the Creature in the Oval Office does over and over again. Moral relativism on steroids!


  26. Kid says:

    Baysider, Yes, you can also spin the brush while brushing giving three times the amount of brushing.


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