Too much to watch anymore?

Yesterday morning, I heard that Trump thinks the media’s spending too much time on his opponents.  Suddenly, someone gets three more minutes, after months of “all Trump, ALL the time” and he’s angry and threatening not to do Townhalls, etc., because of that?  Poor guy!

He now takes back his pledge to back another Republican if he’s not the nominee because the “RNC has been unfair” to him.   Poor guy!

Can we risk a president who, when all doesn’t go HIS WAY, takes his toys and runs home?

A talk show host on L.A. radio last night said that he thought Trump would pick someone like Judge Judy as a Supreme Court Justice, which made me laugh but really said a lot.

Did any of you watch CNN’s Townhall last night?  I did and I was surprised with how much I agreed with TED CRUZ on (yes, I said it….surprised? I am)

Kasich REALLY let me down; he’s soft on things I don’t agree with.

And TRUMP?  He was asked what things the government ought to do for America and the first thing he said was SECURITY…okay.  The second was HEALTH CARE….. HEALTH CARE?    The government should provide HEALTH CARE?   That’s a Conservative opinion?

I wish he’d never run; he’s destroyed the field, he’s a bombastic blowhard with the thinnest skin ever and he lies.

What are your thoughts on how damaging he’ll be this year, and do you think Cruz has a chance against Hillary, if Trump doesn’t somehow totally destroy him if Cruz gets the nomination?

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52 Responses to Too much to watch anymore?

  1. Kid says:

    Good chance Trump runs 3rd Party and game over.

    If Cruz doesn’t have a chance against the beast, then America doesn’t have a chance. It will be proof positive the country has pulled the handle.


  2. geeez2014 says:

    And it’ll be Trump who pulled the handle…then he’ll run crying to the Democrats for attention….
    If he runs 3rd Party, I wonder how much his supporters will realize just what he’s done to our country.
    he’s the worst thing that’s ever happened.


  3. geeez2014 says:

    I was just thinking how Conservatives may have had a chance to take back the White House after the hideous job Obama’s done…all signs pointed to that, anyway.
    Until Trump. He destroyed that whole hope….him AND the way the Republicans did their jobs, but I think we might have overcome that. Not now.


  4. Kid says:

    It’s hard to be optimistic.


  5. John M. Berger says:

    After >7 years of B.O. and the best that the DemocRATS can come-up with are a communist and a criminal, one would think the Republicans would be able to produce a ‘sure thing’. Sadly, not so. Once again [they] are proving to be their own worst enemy?


  6. geeez2014 says:

    yes it is, Kid.

    JMB; absolutely. I always say “republicans eat their young”….again and again.
    Even against that AWFUL Hillary and all her trash/baggage and this loony leftwing hippie….we’ll lose again.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    this surprised me BIG TIME.


  8. bocopro says:

    Hard to see Trump getting enough true conservatives and/or Reagan Democrats to win the genelec against the Clintooon machine. And going 3rd party would absolutely cement the Dem victory, including their likely retaking the Senate and possibly the House.

    But, optimist — or perhaps fool — that I am, I still consider the Trumpomenon a breath of much-needed fresh air into the miasma of stale ritual and even staler rhetoric that is American politics . . . and that his wealth and flexibility provide him natural immunity from special-interest groups (except his own, of course).

    As PotUS, he very likely would appoint “outsider” advisors similarly resistant to entrenched power group pressures and genuinely try to set a few things aright with immigration, education, national security, and business. Many of his ideas, tho, would die in committee or never be funded by the House or approved by the Senate.

    Also, his approach to foreign affairs — Speak rudely and carry a grudge — would fail spectacularly in restoring American prestige amongst our friends even though it might possibly scare the hell out of a few tin-horn dictators and delusional deviates here and there in the pestholes of the world.


  9. Mustang says:

    I’ve taken Kid’s advice and stopped watching televised news, with the exception of about ten minutes in the morning at BBC and one other terrorist network. I don’t think there is any chance that a conservative will win the white house in November, so I guess that means it will either be Donny the Dufus or Hillary the Liar.


  10. John M. Berger says:

    “I’ve taken Kid’s advice and stopped watching televised news”
    Yes, at least as far as FOX goes; if you watch 5 minutes, at any given time, you will have seen the entire day’s presentation.


  11. FB says:

    The GOP and the Democrats created Trump. They think we are fools and they get what they deserve. They’re all statists and neo-marxists or neo-cons. At this point I don’t care if Trump wins or runs 3rd party. At some point we’ll have to start taking our destiny in our own hands instead of leaving it in the politicians hands.


  12. FB says:

    Those 2 parties want to enslave us b/c they despise us and want to make money on our backs with their powerful and rich friends. That’s all they want. If Kasich took money from Soros he’s not any better. I truly think those people will eventually end up like the kings. It’s that or we’re going to end up with a commie like Bernie.


  13. Silverfiddle says:

    Donald Trump is a reaction to what the Dems and Repubs have done to us. Does anyone know what Republicans stand for? Not in words, but in concrete actions?

    Other than a few buzzwords and rallying around hot-button issues, there is little difference between the Democrat and Republican party

    Here is the transcript from Anderson Cooper’s interview of Trump. You may not like what he said, but he’s providing specifics. I also like reading transcripts because I see that he didn’t really say what the Infotainment-Media Complex and the neocons said he said. He didn’t say end NATO, he said revamp it and bring it up to date, and I agree. Europe’s #1 threat is not Soviet armor brigades bursting through the Fulda Gap…


  14. FB says:

    Honestly, what is the difference between the King of France who blew money away and then taxed the peasants and bourgeois, and our government’s officials? They may be elected but they behave the same. Only difference is our gov sends us some cakes in the shape of welfare and other benefits to keep us quiet.


  15. FB says:

    The GOP establishment is so sick I think they’d rather have Bernie than Trump too.


  16. Silverfiddle says:

    The only consolation at this point is that the Dem crackup is coming as well. Perhaps not this year, but it will happen sometime before Election 2020.

    Also, all three GOP nominees have rescinded their pledge to back whoever gets the nomination.

    Kasich has no path to victory, so his continued presence is either a total vanity tour, or he in on the behind-the-scenes cabal to nominate him at a brokered convention.

    So, it’s Trump, Cruz, or a Party Poobah-anointed nominee… Trumps negatives are higher than Hellary’s, Cruz cannot expand the Electoral College map beyond what loser Mitt accomplished, and the party-selected nominee yet to be named will just make everybody mad…

    “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

    My advice comes from John Prine:

    Blow up your TV throw away your paper,
    Go to the country, build you a home,
    Plant a little garden, eat a lot of peaches,
    Try an find Jesus on your own


  17. Mal says:

    It’s gotten to the point where The Donald isn’t the only one we’ll have to hold our noses before voting for him. It looks like now we’ll have to do the same for ANY of the candidates on EITHER side, doesn’t it? GAD! Isn’t there anyone running that doesn’t have something negative about them? I’m just glad its happening now instead of November. At least this way, there is enough time for things to improve. If or how, I’m not sure, but we can hope it will, anyway. Meanwhile, keep the faith, group!


  18. geeez2014 says:

    SF …interesting…what’re your thoughts on what you said..that “The only consolation at this point is that the Dem crackup is coming as well.”
    I’d love that to happen but I’d love it to happen before another Justice for the Sup Ct is selected.
    Give me some hope; tell me why you think this….they always seem so lock step and impervious to shake ups.


  19. OM says:

    The Dem crack up will happen but they’ll turn to being big time socialists, even more so than the current French socialist party. I’d bet on it. All those millenials will carry that movement. Bernie is just the beginning of this nonsense. And people will buy into it more and more b/c they haven’t experienced what a country like France has experienced. And people will be so brainwashed and enslaved to the State that it will be too late. The GOP will have no other choice to turn left as well. We already see it anyway.


  20. Silverfiddle says:

    Z: It is wishful thinking at this point, but the Berning mad Sandernistas will not go quietly into that good night. They may be placated enough to get Hellary through election 2016, but they are not going away, and President Hellary will not satisfy them. The Democrat Party has been giving sweet lip service to #OWS and #BLM types, but what have they delivered? Nothing.

    At some point, that caliginous collection of dissimilar and conflicting agitprog groups, special victim status cartels, and jostling tribes will explode. It is an unstable admixture. Just one example: The Democrat party is home to militant sexual libertines (including gays, trans, etc) as well as militant islamists.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    SF…I get ya….yes, you’re right. They will not go any quieter into the night than their cohorts, BLM, will. Good point.
    They have delivered nothing but WORSE CHANGE… and oh, I LOVE your point about militant islamists and sexual libertines and the 2 do not mix. You are a genius, SF, but I always thought so 🙂

    OM….(FB!) I read your comment with another name and thought “This sounds like FB!” and, sure enough 🙂 And, sadly, I couldn’t agree with you more :=(


  22. FB says:

    Yes, it was me. This is depressing to think about it. That’s why Mrs FB and I want to move to a red state. I can’t swallow the idea to feel like I’m back in France here in the US. That would kill me slowly.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    FB, Mr. Z (who I’m glad you knew and he, you) felt very much like you did….I often thought it’s harder for foreigners living in AMerica to see what’s going on here than it is for Americans…my Hungarian friend, naturalized (Mr. Z never did for many reasons), feels the same way. He escaped Comm. Hungary about 40 years ago and had his own successful German car repair shop here for years, part of the American dream…now he’s frustrated and SO sad with what’s happening. I had Canadian electricians doing work here, all kind of ‘punk’ with tattoos, etc., say they didn’t come to America from Canada for the same high taxes and socialism in Canada,. but here they were caught in this new-ish trap.
    When folks come here for the promise of America, and the ability to participate, not live off us, it’s hard for them to see that opportunity shot.
    I understand your feelings.


  24. FB says:

    Did Mr Z even consider leaving CA?


  25. geeez2014 says:

    I think he did….we both did. But we loved it here, my whole family’s here now, etc etc..
    And I still love it, as did he.


  26. Baysider says:

    Trump has always been for single payer. He’s more Bismarck than Reagan I’m afraid.


  27. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider….he’ll move so fast to the center if he’s nominated our heads will spin. And our Conservative pro Trump buddies will be surprised. How?


  28. geeez2014 says:

    I wonder if you all heard him last night, when asked the last time he apologized and why, he responded after much thinking that it was probably to his mother years ago when he used profanity.
    This is a very, very hard man…never apologizes “why apologize if you don’t have to?” Apparently, he never does anything wrong.
    And, when asked some weeks ago if anybody disagreed with him and told him so, it was only his wife and, I think he said, once. WOW. That’s ego. That’s his idea of PERFECTION!


  29. geeez2014 says:

    most of you don’t read my comments, or anybody else’s?, but I’d love your input regarding the


  30. FB says:

    IF you read the commenters on that story it’s not clear that Soros gave me directly. I guess that’s the problem of SuperPACs


  31. bocopro says:

    About every generation or so, roughly every 40 to 50 years, an individual comes along without whom the society, and in some cases the entire planet, would be much better off.

    Some well-known examples of those would be Herod, Caligula, Attila, Vlad Dracul, Torquemada, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, and so on. Occasionally they appear in bunches, as in the 1930s and 1940s with Schikelgruber, Himmler, Heydrich, Mengele, Stalin . . . and of course Tojo in east Asia.

    Sadly such persons often tend to escape the fate most appropriate for them – being dehydrated and ground up into powder to be sprinkled over skunk cabbages in a nutrient- and oxygen-deprived mosquito-infested swamp.

    I won’t name names of our current horde of horrifics in Murka, but one of ‘em has at least 5 times the wealth of El Donaldo. He should be fertilizing random deadly nightshade vines in municipal dumps in Zagreb or Belgrade or someplace.


  32. geeez2014 says:

    Agreed, Bocopro..

    FB, did you hear that the French have decided not to strip terrorists of French citizenship? I watch “France 24” sometimes and some French guy was telling the anti-Right bigoted White British interviewer that “the French people really didn’t care…that’s not to say they’re not interested in fighting terrorism” So the White bigot says something like “and the RIGHT (emphasized in his speech) will be against this, thinking they almost got what they wanted”
    Why would ANY country let a naturalized person keep citizenship when he’s either tried to, or actually killed, people in that country?
    I know they don’t strip French nationals of citizenship for murder, but TERRORISTS FROM SOMALIA OR SYRIA??


  33. FB says:

    I haven’t been following this but I personally think they should lose their dual citizenship if they are traitors!!! So does my family. If it were up to me, they’d be jailed for life, their family members would stop receiving welfare and the ones that kill would be put to death.


  34. jerrydablade says:

    I agree Z, Trump has blown up the whole process, and not in a good way. He is such a non-serious person lacking even a rudimentary understanding of issues. His top 3 federal government responsibilities were security, health care and education. He did get the first one right at least. And last week he was asked by WaPo his opinion about the use of battlefield nukes and he answered with something inane about calling Jeb Bush low energy? Crazy stuff.

    Z, I didn’t get a chance yet to check out that Kasich allegation (I will right now, and I ALWAYS read your comments) It may not be true, but Kasich staying in the race as a spoiler when he has no chance of winning is almost as low as Trump’s latest tweet (whatever that is). Mark Levin is right when he says Trump tweets like he has tourette’s. Hey I sure am glad you’re back, Z!!


  35. Imp says:

    “Why would ANY country let a naturalized person keep citizenship when he’s either tried to, or actually killed, people in that country?”

    We need to start here first. Truthfully…I’m disgusted with Europe’s complicity and cowardice. And I couldn’t give a good damn if they’re swallowed up in eternal jihad or invasions. What I am more disgusted with is hundreds of thousands of American men lost their lives so that their cuisine wouldn’ be lost to wiener schnitzel. Let them fight their own damn wars and face up to the monumental chaos they’ve welcomed to help destroy their countries. Seems to me only Poland and a couple others like Hungary understand the threat. But…ancestral wise….I’d hate to see Germany fall.


  36. geeez2014 says:

    FB; agreed..totally! Who’d NOT strip them of citizenship!???they don’t deserve it!

    Jerry…I honestly think Trump’s losing his bearings….if he ever had any. There was an exposee on CNN of the kinds of non answers he gives….it’s amazing. He’s a blustering egomaniacal FOOL. Kasich apparently thinks he COULD win but if it goes to the convention, I believe he’ll be REALLY surprised to see Paul Ryan being crowned….no kidding.
    And thanks for the welcome back xxx

    Imp! Poland’s president had the best idea…’take all the Syrian refugee young men and form an army of them and send them back to fight ISIS and fight for their homeland’. The Eastern Europeans, including Latvia (whose pres said something great I’ve forgotten) are ALL getting it…it’s the wimpy soft France and Germany and England wimping out, aren’t they.


  37. Kid says:

    Kasich – Soros. Yea, ok. I never had any use for Kasich anyway. Seems like the daily goings in in DC and with polticiians everywhere.

    France letting IS people go fight, come back and do murder in their country is absurd. Letting them come back is absurd.

    So, you don’t like Trump huh?


  38. geeez2014 says:

    Kid….how’d you guess? 🙂


  39. FB says:

    Imp, I agree a bit except there are nuclear weapons at stake and other kind of goodies the Jihadists would love to get once they transform Europe into their playgrounds. They’d be happy to send some over here across the ocean.


  40. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; by the way…what ARE we doing for Germany or France right now? Sounds like you’re angry at Germany …they haven’t even yet realized they ARE at war let alone got any, or asked for any, help from us, no?


  41. Kid says:

    Z, This is why we need to give N Korea hundred of Nukes as a peace gesture. They’ll have hardcoded GPS target coordinates all throuout the middle east, but will pretend to take other targetting instructions and lauch orders. They’ll all zoom off on their own on the morning of 9-11-2016.


  42. Imp says:

    What…does anyone think this country is going to look like….it’s it’s lost to illegals, “minorities”, BLM, radicals and socialists? In this country…it’s the white race that’s under assault and on the verge of eradication. And do not believe for one minute…that they’ll be altruistic or even handed to whites when they have the power and the offices needed to make us bleed. There..I said it…and that’s the damn facts.

    Too many of our colleges are almost near waving Mao’s red books in our faces and threatening our extinction, being fired from corporate positions or elimination. We already have an incompetent in charge of NORAD in the Air Force who’s never held a pilot’s certificate…and an Admiral who’s never rowed a boat in her life. I prefer to remain a realist….and we better wake up. Kasich? In his first 100 days he’s promised to make illegals…..citizens. Why is our country selling us out and giving citizenship so cheaply? Why do we have to accept the changes? Why do we have to press one for English? Why indeed. Suicide….just as Europe is committing…I don’t want to live in this country when that happens.

    Meanwhile…that little pimple faced Zuckerfart is saying…we can conquer ISIS…with “love” and understanding. Jesus Christ we’re doomed.


  43. Kid says:

    IMP, My latest post. The message certainly infers were are hatching entire generations now that are anti-freedom, anti-common sense, anti-American. Won’t be long now !


  44. Imp says:

    @FB…are you saying that there are Mooslems employed as engineers or nuke operators at Nuke facilities? They can steal a bomb…but it sure as hell can’t be armed without many, many steps.

    And @Z…yes…I’m angry at Germany for allowing Merkel to kill the country. The need the aFd like we need another leader who considers America first….solve our own problems and they might follow. If not….we’re alone and to hell with them.

    Half of Americans Back Trump’s Temporary Muslim Ban…and why not?

    I’ll not give up on German pride, nationalism and righteous indignation for being invaded by 7th Century barbarians the likes of which unknown since the 10th Century invasions. A new stronger leader will emerge..if Germany wants to keep…Germany.


  45. Imp says:

    @Z..BTW…Mr. Z was an uncommon…and a wonderful man…whom I’ll always revere and admire….I miss him and hearing him immensely. I so wish…I could chat with him or read him again. He was respected, admired and loved. All any man could wish for. This world is at a loss without him.


  46. It occurred to me tonight at dinner that if someone were to hear a conversation peppered with:
    “He was mean to me.”
    “He’s nasty, so nasty”
    He’s stupid, really stupid.”
    “They didn’t treat me fairly.”
    ” Liar, liar, liar”
    Would they imagine they were hearing a 4 year old, or a presidential candidate?


  47. Imp says:

    @Ed….the sad, sad demented state of the union right now. To believe that we’ve descended this far into social war..ignorance and maoism…is not all that hard to believe. One thing I believe in….the total power of 7.62s’s. Seriously…..We really are in need of a reformation.


  48. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; you made me cry

    Ed….wouldn’t ya THINK?! exactly! “MEAN” who uses “MEAN” after 10 years old?


  49. Imp says:

    @Z…I didn’t mean to do that….Really….it’s just so hard to be without a man of his caliber and a superior intellect and ability to reason…Please….keep him here for all of us….He was brilliant…and I think he’d have one hell of an opinion about Germany today……..and..he was a German hero through and through. I once got into deep doo doo when I was in Germany and discovered that all my closest relatives were in Leipzig. The Eastern GDR….I was almost court martialled too…LOL I would love to have shared that with him. Now..I find that my new neighbors might be related…Jesus. Ich liebe dich Z……always will.


  50. Imp says: his picture….we should all see this man…the powerful intellect that he …IS.


  51. geeez2014 says:

    Imp….I guess I could do that…maybe I will post a picture after all these years….thanks. They were kind of happy tears.

    Your neighbors might be related?


  52. Imp says:

    @z..yea. Crazy isn’t it? We have to go over some more BC’s and old friends. It is still a small world! Since they were born in 66 and 67, when I was there…Dunno yet. Although I had nothing to do with that…LOL

    Happy tears…yes….I’d like all to see this man. I have one or two…I think I sent you?


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