“Ignorance is NOT an Opinion”

I saw that quote and added it recently to my blog’s sidebar, where I added a comma and “liberals” to the end of it like this:  “Ignorance is not an opinion, liberals.”   I think that’s right, don’t you?  And here is the perfect illustration I got from a girlfriend who I just hung up the phone with.


And here is the perfect illustration I got from a girlfriend who I just hung up the phone with.

“Z, you have been so right!  I thought of you yesterday when the office manager at the office was talking about the election and I said ‘You’re voting for Hillary?’   She said yes, she was, and and all I said was ‘why?’, wondering what her reasoning was, what appealed to her.”

My friend told me this woman went ballistic on her, practically screaming immediately with “B, that’s why I hate to talk to you, you act so smug and superior!”   My friend said “But I only asked you with curiosity about Hillary and what most appeals to you about her!”   The woman told my friend “Look!  Take that smug look off your face!  I’m not talking politics with YOU.  Why would you ask me that?..yadda yadda..”

ignorance 3


Then, a GREAT thing happened!   A woman in her office came up behind my friend “B” in the hallway and said “You can’t  ask her any questions, especially about politics…you  know liberals, they’ll never give you any basis for their thinking….just don’t ask her anything anymore, she was horrid to you but that’s nothing new…she’s a liberal.”

ignorance 2

This woman in the hallway is a Black woman*.  HURRAH!!!  The other woman is an extremely wealthy Hispanic woman who is married to a really high power, wealthy L.A. attorney.  When my friend shared with one of the doctors who shares her politics in that medical office what had happened, he said “you have to know where she’s coming from….her family is on assistance, her sister’s mentally ill and is also on a lot of state and fed assistance..”  Aha, the reason to vote for a Democrat.  ??

Pretty great about the Black gal, huh?  And isn’t that story my friend called about the perfect illustration of IGNORANCE not being an opinion?

*You may have trouble believing this but I was just editing this post again and realized I’d put the Dr. MLK quote just above the fact that this woman was Black…I’d only copied the 3 images and stuck them in where the words applied the best.  I love this kind of serendipitous happening and had to share it!  She’s a woman who thinks outside the stereotype; I think Dr King would have liked that.


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34 Responses to “Ignorance is NOT an Opinion”

  1. FB says:

    Typical I-want-to-feel-good-and-seem-a-good-person-to-my-friends attitude of L.A’s elite. I’m sure their behavior is however very different. The other gal sounds like another Stump for Trump girl 🙂 I love those two on youtube 🙂


  2. Kid says:

    Liberals don’st answer questions because they don’t know the answer and if they can’t think of a talking point to toss out, they get mad that you remind them of their ignorance. If they do have a talking point, it’s all they have, no followup questions allowed.


  3. Silverfiddle says:

    Social scientists tell us that elections hinge on emotion, which is why we see so much ethos and pathos-based appeals, and very little logos in political campaigns.

    The Hillary voter does sound totally irrational, but the doctor provides the reason why she votes the way she does. People vote the issues closest to them, to include pocketbook and family.

    Rightly or wrongly, the GOP has a reputation of not caring for people. The Progressive state is off the chain (and I just read that California ended last year $175 billion in debt, and the pension fund is over$60 billion in debt now that they have dropped the phony-baloney accounting), but we do need some level of social services to help the truly needy, and having a mentally-ill family member can be an emotional and financial nightmare.

    There is opportunity for the GOP in there somewhere between fiscal insanity and compassion.


  4. FB says:

    SF, I’m with you. However, we have to understand that the electorate buys itself welfare. Helping the needy becomes helping the lazies because politicians get votes that way. When I look at the history of the French safety net, that’s how it started: small then it became political. If we had a government that was run like a business, for efficiency, return on investment (how many needy people do I help with n amount of dollars, etc…) and that was ethical on top of it, that wouldn’t be a problem. But that’s not the case. That is why I am against the income tax. Not only do I believe it’s against my property rights, but It’s too easy for the government to tap into my wallet. At least I could modify my behavior if I disapprove of some spendings using a consumption-based tax. The only thing that would make me accept the income tax, and I’m dreaming here, is if it would be broken down into budget categories and those categories would be strictly allocated to the proper agencies: justice, army/defense, welfare, etc… This way there’d be total transparency and citizens would know where the money goes. But I’m dreaming.


  5. Silverfiddle says:


    Right on. Agree completely. Also, when “government assistance” was down at the county level, especially in rural areas like where I grew up, there was a shame and stigma attached to it. Families stepped in and helped out a member who was down. Well-meaning liberals have successfully removed that stigma, and abuse has exploded.

    Shame–rightly placed–is a good thing. It is a natural brake on human impulses.


  6. Kid says:

    To me, the ignorance part comes in when democrat voters think republicans or conservatives don’t care about people in need. This country can take care of people in need without even breathing hard. Take health care, no one is refused heath care at hospital. They got it we paid for it in a spread the cost fashion. Now with obamacare, we’re not only paying for them, but also paying for a large number of mostly young healthy people who don’t need health care short of the rare accident.
    33 million are still without health insurance and it is believe that number will never go away. So, we taxed America (most of the taxes have yet to be implemented) back to the stone age in all sorts of places that will make it hard for people to really see what obamacare is costing them and we haven’t improved anything. In fact, the health industry from doctors to drugs has gotten worse, cost up – service down. This information is all readily available to people. If they think that obamacare has to stay with this information in mind then they are beyond ignorant.


  7. SF: Are you referring to Compassionate Conservatism?


  8. The root of “ignorance” is “ignore”.
    No coincidence.
    They want to ignore reason and hold on to their bias.
    “I don’t want to hear your facts or reasoning. It just confuses me and I hate that.”
    I once had a liberal friend who actually said that to me in so many words.


  9. Silverfiddle says:

    Ed: W pretty much destroyed that notion, didn’t he?


  10. FB says:

    Kasich irritates me. He’s talking about NATO as a global police force. The US is once again going to pay for Europe’s police b/c their welfare states are broke. He’s getting lamer and lamer.


  11. Silverfiddle says:

    FB: You bring up an excellent point often overlooked. Progressives love to point out generous European social programs, but fail to realize we’re hauling the freight on their military security.


  12. Mal says:

    Nothing new here, Z. If you’ve watched when “Water’s World” is run on FOX News and he asks university students questions about politics or history and hear some of their stupid answers, its no wonder they’re morphing into Liberals. We’d even be shocked if they had been high school students!


  13. SF: I liked the concept, but the implementation was poor.
    I worked in a black church in Detroit years ago and felt that if we wanted a Christian country, we’d want one that looked out for widows and orphans.


  14. FB says:

    SF, Progressives overlook a lot of things when they talk about Europe. France for example:
    – 95% debt / GDP ratio
    – Gov workers including the police paid using the credit cards
    – Healthcare system deep in the red (60 billion euros)
    – Free college and other free stuff are paid by heavy taxes and additional charges (a pay check is 3 page long in France, full of deductions)
    – French citizens are required to get a complementary health insurance because the system hasn’t really controlled costs and the gov is broke
    – Despite all of this you can’t even pick a private hospital at times
    – Etc…

    Like Ed said, they’d respond to that with
    “I don’t want to hear your facts or reasoning. It just confuses me and I hate that.”


  15. Z, My sister is supporting HIllary and she won’t tell me why she wants to entrust our nation to her, either. Many of my liberal friends can’t stand Hillary and are supporting Bernie Sanders. I’m not sure who they’ll vote for, IF they’ll vote at all, if Hillary is the nominee. I have a feeling she won’t be, the FBI has her nailed dead to rights on a number of very serious charges. I don’t think Hillary will be able to wriggle out it this time.

    Her inner circle is about to be indicted, too. Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, Jake Sullivan, etc. They’re all in this up to their eyeballs. By now the FBI knows who obtained the SAP beyond Top Secret documents, who stripped them of their markings and who emailed them. They have an email sent by Hillary instructing Jake Sullivan to do just that. Those are very serious crimes.

    Remember former Deputy Assistant Secretary Raymond Maxwell’s account of the damaging Benghazi documents that were removed prior to turning them over to Accountability Review Board? I bet the FBI has talked extensively to him and a number of others who participated in the after hours shredding party.


    There’s also all the contributions to the Clinton Global Initiative and Clinton Foundation that coincided with foreign policy changes made by Secretary Clinton. The FBI has been investigating that, as well. It’s all going to come out, the whole putrid, rotten, corrupt, criminal enterprise. She will not be President, no way!

    I wonder who Democrats will slide in there after Hillary is forced to quit. Biden, maybe? Not sure about that. They won’t let Sanders have it, that’s for sure.


  16. Silverfiddle says:

    Ed: The sad thing is, ordinary everyday conservatives are compassionate and charitable, yet somehow, conservatism gets the bad rap…


  17. Kid says:

    Hilrod – As I understand it, Lynch will have to bring up the charges. I don’t see it happening.

    SF, yes, the democrats and the media have been tagging the repubs with everything the dems are guilty of. Racism, bigotry, violent behavior, corruption, the whole ball of wax. Very sickening. I wanted to do violence when biden said the repubs would put the blacks back in chains.

    It’s the only strategy they have. It’s not like they can talk about their ‘accomplishments’.

    Which I’m sure you know.


  18. bocopro says:

    A few months ago when we had a whole herd of candidates in the race, I renamed several of ’em a la the Seven Dwarfs. My list was


    Always had a hard time makin up my mind on Cruz, tho . . . difficult choice between Sleazy and Creepy.

    Paul was Goofy, of course, and Kasich was Hopeless. Rubio was Drifty, and Bush was Dope. Finally settled on Christie as Sleazy and Cruz as Creepy although several of the names and individuals were oddly interchangeable.

    Just went with the original name Sleepy for Carson, BTW.

    As for Ignorance not being an opinion, just beware the power of stupidity in large groups of uninformed voters. I am quite confident in the RNC’s remarkable facility for losing very winnable genelecs and am certain the country will wind up with the government it deserves.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    FB..I agree about Kasich…lamer and lamer, indeed. Surprisingly so, actually.
    I said that yesterday or the day before….total agreement on that, sadly.

    SF: I have OFTEN, here at GeeeZ, said that SOMETIMES SHAME IS HIGHLY UNDERRATED…..it kept us honest, kept us good. I used to sing “Anything Goes” in jazz clubs and would say “And when ANYTHING GOES, EVERYTHING goes”….. because nobody’s there saying “That’s not right…you ought to be ashamed.” Today, they’d laugh at us..”shame???”

    all such good comments…thanks, everybody…I can’t disagree with a thing.

    FairWitness, I SURE can disagree with your SISTER……..I just don’t get it. She won’t tell you because she hasn’t any idea…it’s a WOMAN and that’s why MANY women will vote for her..unbelievable.

    We saw how voting for color worked out for this country, right?


  20. Mal says:

    Strange, isn’t it, the first black and now perhaps the first woman US President are the worst examples of their respective categories! How did this happen? Perhaps all the good, quality folks are too smart (or too decent!) to run.


  21. Baysider says:

    I wonder, though, if “it’s a woman” would cause as many of those same people to vote for Carly Fiorina. The entire media complex would go mute at that point. And I don’t think these guys that are hiding behind the ‘woman’ shield would be sticking around either. They’re lefties and looking for cover to excuse them raiding other peoples’ pocketbooks.

    SF is right. We carry 25% of the load of defense costs, and a LOT of medical innovation, etc. It lets social democracies freeload on our taxpayers by not holding up their end of the stick.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider..NO WAY.. it has to be a LIBERAL woman, of course!!!

    Yes, we carry a LOT for medical innovation and then we pay big time for drugs and they get them for MUCH MUCH less in Europe…trust me.
    I had a surgery on my hand while living in Paris when I cut it badly with a wine glass while cleaning it, and the WHOLE THING cost $800! Total visits, surgery, etc..( no stay overnight) I’m not even sure who paid..!!
    But drugs are so much less, everything else is in healthcare in Europe. Of course, the care isn’t quite as good, in my opinion (particularly when I hear things from friends in Germany who get the oddest diagnoses for pretty standard symptoms) ..except at the “hopital American” in Paris..that’s good service, but in general? Not so great. But MUCH MUCH MUCH less expensive.

    And, of course, contrary to what leftwingers here in the USA want us to believe; healthcare in Europe is NOT FREE!


  23. Kid says:

    Baysider, I agree. a Conservative black or woman would not be electable. Once again the illusion from the left that the idiots buy into.


  24. FB says:

    It lets social democracies freeload on our taxpayers by not holding up their end of the stick.

    Without mentioning the fact we also subsidize medications in Europe by paying higher prices here that compensates price control in Europe and Canada.

    I’m telling you, those frogs are despicable 😀


  25. FB says:

    Z, the taxpayers paid but the system is still broke. The mom of a friend of mine died last year while she complained about really bad stomach issue. The hospital let her go without tests. She died a few days later. Care is going down in quality in France from the stories I’ve heard around me. What do you expect when you have nurses making me a meager salary and doctors overwhelmed with paperwork, salary control through price control, etc..


  26. FB says:

    When you think of it, insurance companies’ profit margins are low but they still make money and the healthcare providers do. In France, the state loses money, citizens have less choice and healthcare providers and workers don’t make that much money. So clearly, the private sector works better for most of us. We just needed to tweak it for the small portion of the population for which it didn’t work. But those idiots revamped the whole thing.


  27. Kid says:

    FB, The NHS in England is much worse. We know that many people in Canada have died from denial of service. They have/had many business arranging for timely health care in the US for serious conditions like cancer where time is a critical factor. Today, the peopl ein Canada pay the VAT to support a totally dysfunctional HC system where you don’t get HC, and if you want it you buy private health insurance. This is word of mouth from several executives I know in Canada. So, now, you’re paying excessive taxes for nothing and paying even more than you paid for health insurance before they nationalized it.
    It willbe similar here in the US but it will be much worse . I really think denial of service is the US government’s answer to unfunded social security and medicare. When LBJ stole SC to create another life disaster – welfare and WIC and where social security benefits go out to many people who never contributed.

    …….. Nothing happens unless government wants it to happen. This would not be happening unless government allowed it to. Let’s keep that focus. And Paul Ryan’s big focuse when he came on scene was to work on cutting SC. Ok, for everyone? That’s what I think, ot only for illegals and fraudulant disability claims? Fraud never gets eliminated. Government’s main food supply is Fraud.


  28. FB says:

    I think denial of service or poor service, whether official or not, is the only “solution” for govs that are broke. I truly believe they don’t spend too much time on elderly patients like my friend’s mom. Actually my mom had trouble getting proper care for her lungs as well. The answer was “we can’t do much, just live with it.”

    Since leftists have issues with self-loathing and despising humans despite claiming themselves as humanists, they’ll be the first to advocate or practice such solutions.


  29. Kid says:

    Leftists always choose the path that pays zero respect to the individual. Including themself. I read that Canadian PM’s were coming to America for health care.

    Where will WE go when the time comes?


  30. geeez2014 says:

    Years ago, when my Romanian friend lived there, she said if you were over 70, the people who you called for an ambulance would ask your age..and they’d take you last!
    I think that’s what’s going to happen here.

    I don’t see a solution for cheaper health care, other than competition, because it is a costly industry, the services are costly…the doctors work hard and deserve at least a good living…this is a tough one.


  31. Tort reform.
    Lower malpractice costs.


  32. FB says:

    You’ll go to Asia. Some French people go on vacation in Thailand and get healthcare at the same time.


  33. geeez2014 says:

    FB, the idea of healthcare in Thailand gives me the shivers!

    Ed….drops in the bucket “Tort reform.Lower malpractice costs.” But on the way..


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