A Z Observation, AND …Maggie Thatcher…come BACK!

margaret thatcher

What do you think she’d have done to accomplish this?   Come up with your best guess…fire away!  (oh, wait…maybe that IS what she’d have done!)

ADDED THIS MORNING:  I just heard Obama talking about how if only people had listened to him all these years, the rich wouldn’t have been able to hide their money (you know, there’s news now that many have, etc etc)…He added that this problem of the rich hiding their money “STICKS THE REST OF US WITH THE TAB”

I couldn’t help immediately thinking “But you’re the guy who wants the RICH to GET STUCK WITH THE TAB FOR SUPPORTING THE POOR MANY OF WHOM WON’T WORK… Why is THAT fair?”



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23 Responses to A Z Observation, AND …Maggie Thatcher…come BACK!

  1. Mal says:

    So would have Reagan, which explains why those two were good friends that thought alike. Where, oh where, are the Maggie’s and Ron’s of today when we desperately need them?


  2. Baysider says:

    Well, there’s a solution to ‘sticking the rest of us with the tab.’ It’s called C-_-T S-P-_-N-D-_-N-G. Does Obama need to buy a vowel?

    GREAT graphic. Sadly, the UK was bringing in the parents of the modern jihadis in that era.


  3. FB says:


    Different from the Queen Hillary


  4. bocopro says:

    I think The Iron Lady woulda said somethin like “Trying to cure terrorism with appeasement is like trying to cure obesity with pastries. You don’t try to deal with lunatics; you eliminate them.”

    Then she would’ve rallied the Aussies, the Canucks, and anybody else she could find to form a coalition to salvage western civilization, specifically British civilization, from what she saw as a scourge very much like the Black Death. “The time has come to stop revving the engine and let out the clutch” sounds like somethin she might say.


  5. Mal says:

    Yeah, Bocopro. Lets get to peelin’ some rubber!


  6. FB says:

    It’ll be tough to defend our Western values with politicians who don’t mind cashing in with leaders of the Middle East such as the Clintons or Sarkozy getting money from slave owners in Qatar.


  7. Darn, thought I commented this earlier.
    Maggie wouldn’t have Reagan as an ally today, and she’d have muslim riots or no Parliamentary support, which come to think of it, is the only way to get to be P.M.


  8. Mal says:

    I don’t understand what you mean, Ed, by Maggie wouldn’t have Reagan as an ally today because they were great friends at that time. I must’ve missed your meaning.


  9. Baysider says:

    FB – great vid. Oh, the ties that bind….


  10. Mal, Maggie today would need a Reagan today.
    We have the anti-Reagan instead.
    Maggie was part of a confluence of forces.
    The other pieces are missing.
    Maybe I’m taking it too literal.


  11. FB says:

    I really like Stefan Molineux. His latest video speaking to an American who decided to move back from Germany because of the changes in the country is a must watch.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Mal…Right! Was just with my Reagan Friend who regaled a few of us with more Reagan stories…Oh, he was such a great man even in private!
    One thing was he commanded that The Battle Hymn of the Republic be played at every event he attended!

    Baysider…a little unfair because Britain hadn’t a CLUE things could get this bad with Muslims when Thatcher was there….muslims were moving in like any regular immigrant…….

    Bocopro..I think you’re right.

    Ed, why do you think Reagan would have not been Maggie’s ally today; are you judging on what Britain’s become, or? Curious! 🙂


  13. geeez2014 says:

    FB…the video you emailed me (link below)ROCKS…this guy is Molineux?

    Friends; this is an hour long video but the first 10 minutes will curl your hair enough that you won’t want to listen to more of what this American woman is saying about what’s happened to Germany since she went to live there. She’s come back to the States due to the Merkel refugee B.S.


  14. FB says:

    I love Molineux. He’s an atheist but he gives you great ammunitions to deconstruct leftism. He’s a Trump supporter because he dislike the elite and plunderers so it may irritate some of you if you watch his video. But he’s overall a staunch defender of Western civilization and the individual rights that comes with it.


  15. Kid says:

    I have nothing Z. I can’t imagine what Thatcher would do, since I can’t even imagine a scenario where Europe is able to protect itself from the moslem invasion. The EU actually, by law, forces countries to take in the vermin. There IS no solution. Sure, like the coalition did, go to the ME and stomp some number (less than 100%) of the cockroaches and what has been acocmplished? Nothing. The cockroaches will regenerate them selves in no time at all and be back at full strength in no time, and with more ammunition to motivate their army. (“Look at what the infidels are trying to do to us”). They’ve been at this for 1300-1400 years or more. It never changes. It never concedes. It never changes course. Right now it has never been stronger.
    The USA must not follow the EU model but so far we are.


  16. Baysider says:

    Didn’t mean to be unfair – just an observation. Maggie Thatcher had her hands full of unions, recession, and bloated government carcasses that had to be cleaned up — not to mention Argentina and the commies. She survived a brutal assassination attempt, stood off European allies who had become accustomed to an enervated Britain, and brought broader home ownership and other domestic reliefs to Brits.

    It was too hard to add this part that I wanted to on my iPhone: The culture in Britain – and here and the rest of Europe for that matter – was losing sight of the what and why of the greatness of the foundations of the society. And they had no way to pass on to others that which they little appreciated themselves. WIthout realizing AND rectifying this, I don’t know how much Thatcher could accomplish. But I’m sure she’d close the door to entry and use her bully pulpit every Wednesday well.

    The parents who came integrated decently in large measure, but the culture could no longer provide immigrants with the philosophical underpinnings of their greatness, of the desire and pride to adopt the Union Jack as your own while still enjoying familiar customs and language from the old country that in 2 generations would segue into Britishness. The only measurable attraction was the financial rewards such a culture made possible. There were little means to acquire that culture as your own and transfer allegiance from one to the other over time.

    In a culture without meaning people will pursue meaning – in politics, in drugs and partying, in religion. Not understanding the explosive power of this key go-to well of meaning – their religion – was a mistake. Churchill understood, and wrote eloquently of it in The River War: An Account of the Reconquest of the Soudan and Lord Kitchener’s put down of the Mahdi rebellion.

    I think at some level they did, though, as I recall a charge leveled against British immigration practices 30 years ago was they tried to limit non-Anglo immigrants from the Empire, particularly the Pakis. I don’t know how true that was, or just one man’s rant. But it suggests a hesitancy without clear reasoning. This has not gone unnoticed by muslim invaders who now see the opportunity that the west’s mental prostration provides.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, I only meant Thatcher couldn’t have known that muslims would become jihadis, and cause other terrible problems in her country. We just weren’t yet aware of what could happen, you know? I will say I think prejudice and xenophobia are kind of inborn traits and people have always reacted with those motivations…

    Kid, it feels like we’re following all the bad of Europe…Mr. Z used to say that a lot. He used to want to write a book on what Europe’s done wrong and show America WHY and how to avoid those things!

    FB, I thought he was fabulous…does he do these videos often?


  18. Kid says:

    Z, Stick a fork in Europe. The USA is currently on the grill. Will it be too late here also? We’ll find out soon enough.


  19. Baysider says:

    “I only meant Thatcher couldn’t have known that muslims would become jihadis,” I agree. That’s a good object lesson, don’t you think? We are civilized and so enjoy the powers and benefits of ‘civilization’ that it’s darn hard to imagine otherwise. It just underscores the dark side of this terrible ‘religion’ even if not shared by all its adherents. I would have been hard to read about the first Mahdi and the river war and imagine such a thing rising again.

    Rev. 20:4 might have been a clue that it could: “Then I saw thrones, and seated on them were those to whom the authority to judge was committed. Also I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for the testimony of Jesus and for the word of God.”


  20. FB says:

    He has a YouTube channel where he posts pretty much every day. He is a stay at home dad 🙂


  21. geeez2014 says:

    FB…good to know!

    Baysider, Yes to all you say …. it’s hard to imagine anything like what we’re experiencing today, and are going to experience even worse due to the weakness of our leaders today 😦


  22. The Thatchers cashed in plenty on the middle East


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Yes, I’m sure Thatcher was just in it for the money..
    I’d love to see links about that…please provide


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