The JOKE of Airport Security….

The following article was found HERE.  The title of that is “Few Airports Require Employee Screening Before Work”.   WHAT?  Take a look….if you don’t have much time, read what I  highlighted in red…then my short input and question at the end: 

“The head of the Transportation Security Administration appeared to acknowledge in a recent Capitol Hill hearing that only three U.S. airports require employees to go through screening checks before coming to work, even after reports surfaced that dozens of airport workers have potential terror ties.

TSA Administrator Peter Neffenger was asked about the checks at a Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation hearing on Wednesday.

Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., said only Miami, Atlanta and Orlando require staff to undergo badge checks and screening, and asked: “What about the rest of the 297 airports?”

Neffenger, not disputing Nelson’s characterization, acknowledged he had “exactly the same question,” while saying they’re in the process of improving security.

Nelson, in asking about the protocols, cited increased security measures at the Atlanta airport after authorities broke up a gun smuggling ring in 2014. Prosecutors allege Delta Air workers smuggled guns, including an AK-47, from Atlanta to New York.

Neffenger called the 2014 incident “a wake-up call for America,” saying the agency has taken steps to increase worker security across the U.S. Judicial Watch reported that the TSA chief said the nation’s airports will provide a report by the end of the month on vulnerabilities. Judicial Watch also noted, though, that a 2015 advisory committee study said it would be too expensive for most airports to screen industry employees every day.

Nelson was not satisfied with Neffenger’s answer.

“That is an insufficient answer in a problem that has been begging now for two years.  And the only person that is going to get the airports … to limit the access into the airports is going to be you and your administration,” he said.

The revelation comes shortly after a dozen employees at three U.S. airports were identified as having potential ties to terrorists, according to Freedom of Information Act requests filed by FOX 25’s Washington Bureau.

FOIA requests identified two employees at Logan International Airport in Boston, Mass., four employees at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Georgia and six employees at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Washington.

But those 12 workers are just a fraction of 73 private employees at airports across the nation flagged for potential ties to terror in a June 2015 report from the Homeland Security Inspector General’s Office.

The 2015 report did not reveal where the 73 workers were employed.

Concerns about airport security in relation to employees were heightened after a terrorist, believed to have been a baggage handler, smuggled a bomb onto an aircraft at Egypt’s Sharm-el-Sheikh airport in October — 224 people were killed when the bomb detonated shortly after takeoff.”  End of Article.

Z:….people wonder why there’s not better vetting;  are they kidding?  We’re not Israel, where everyone there cares about their country and has a truly vested interest in its safety!  We have a country here where people who can’t find jobs work at the TSA, people who might not be born here and would take a good chunk of money to overlook a bomb in a bag.  Why wouldn’t they?   They’re making very little money, take the big money!  And now we learn they’re not required to go through screening?  What are they THINKING?  Maybe it’s because they know I’m right.   Screening is ludicrous.

I hope I’m wrong.

What do you think?  And how CAN our airports be safe?


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15 Responses to The JOKE of Airport Security….

  1. bunkerville says:

    This administration could care less if we are attacked again. For Obama, it only proves that America is the hated country he believes it is. All bow to the King,


  2. Kid says:

    The TSA regularly fail tests and allow guns, hand grenades, knives etc through the screening process. They will never be competent and airports will never be safe, so why harass the public? The TSA should be eliminated. We should be like England during WWII where we go on with life while a mad man shoots rockets and bombs them for 4 years.

    Cockpit doors and passengers will never allow a plane to be taken, so bombs and missiles are the remaining threat. TSA won’t stop them all. so In those cases we should do what Israel does and profile muslims.


  3. Mal says:

    That was my thought exactly, Kid. When we visited Israel in ’95 we went right through despite they’re being completely surrounded by Muslim countries! Yes! They profile because it makes sense.
    We are seeing P.C. at its worse


  4. geeez2014 says:

    bunkerville, good point…

    Alec, thanks for the confirmation….I fear it’s too true, that video.

    Kid, bombs and missiles are a BIG threat…plus those laser beams shot into pilots’ eyes? We haven’t heard much of that lately; there was a spate of them around NY, remember? I suppose those responsible are now planning something even more heinous so they’re too busy for the lasers, or whatever those beams are.

    Mal, as I said in my post, to compare us with Israel is ludicrous because we don’t have people here who care about our country like Israelis do about theirs….ours can get paid off, many are immigrants, they don’t make much dough. it’s not the same thing.
    And yes, we should stop immigration for a while…no doubt about it.
    PC is a death threat today.


  5. Profile and allow legal bearers of weapons to bear them.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    I hope people do start taking seriously airport security; was hoping to get some great suggestions here but I’m thinking that people are just tired and know something awful’s going to happen and there isn’t much anybody can do, anyway. We have people amongst us who don’t put America first and we just have to come to the realization that they’ll take money to hurt us. Imagine NOT VETTING TSA PEOPLE??

    What a sad situation!


  7. Kid says:

    The federal government is incompetent. Add in that you have obama in there intentionally making it more incompetent. And I wouldn’t trust them to vet Bugs Bunny anyway, so….


  8. geeez2014 says:

    well, ya, as I’d said, we can’t vet properly anyway, but maybe when adults take over, IF THEY DO (WHO?), we can?


  9. Kid says:

    I still believe the problem is PC. islam has nothing in common with a free society. Therefore we should have not allowed them to immigrate here and set up their mosques. Now that we know many of them who are IS will easily find their way here, there is no defensive solution.

    We’ve invited the snake into our home and somehow expect to survive its bite while we sleep at night.


  10. The problem isn’t vetting TSA.
    The problem is TSA.
    Groping, scoping, restraining, Slowing down travel time.


  11. Mustang says:

    I’m with Bunkerville … if only we had more government, all these problems would go away. I’m sure of it. Not.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, I’m not sure that’s quite right. I don’t think the way you describe it is a good thing, but Israel does a wonderful job vetting and it’s been quite successful. Slowing down travel time can be minimal and is so well worth it when it’s your life, no?

    Kid, good metaphor about the snake…yup hisssssssssssssss!

    Mustang, that’s it! That’s why WE NEED BERNIE! (heh heh!)


  13. Bob says:

    I don’t know why people are surprised at the incompetence of the TSA. First of all, it is a government organization. Secondly, it is unionized. These two facts combine to encourage lazy, incompetent, and surly people guarding our airport. Oh, they don’t give a damn, either.

    I don’t know what the criteria are for the jobs at TSA, but I am willing to bet that all that is necessary is a warm body, preferably with the benefit of the applicant belonging to a person belonging to a minority of some sort. Oh my gosh. Am I saying racial things?


  14. Bob says:

    Z: would you proof-read my stuff before publishing? I just can’t seem to get my computer keyboard to type what I am thinking.


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