Please watch TED CRUZ and family on CNN’s Town Hall tonight with Anderson Cooper.

He was on a CNN Town Hall  a few weeks ago and I actually began to not find him as repulsive 🙂    He answers well and doesn’t do the ‘preacher’ talking thing as much.    They give enough time to truly ANSWER on these Town Halls sponsored by Cooper and Cooper is very respectful of the Republicans, surprisingly so.

Seriously…it’s worth watching;   I’m almost not dreading voting for him now!!!


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8 Responses to CRUZ ON TONIGHT…

  1. Kid says:

    He’s been declared an American citizen by a NJ judge and a couple other states have simply tossed Trump’s challenge out. “Of the Mix” I trust him most to be conservative and since he has worked in the Supreme Court, he knows how it works and I trust him to put the best replacement judges in place – again “of the current mix” of choices. He’s gaining a lot of ground with Trump making an ass of himself and being adloescent continually. Now if Trump will just step aside if Cruz ends up with a higher delegate count.
    I did see where Trump was talking about the beast at one of his rallies shouting that her whole life is a lie and that she lies about everything. True that. Next if you would Mr Trump, start getting specific and include how she killed an Ambassador and 3 SEAL defenders.

    Did yhou see where obama admits he had no day after plan for taking out that POS gadaffi? IOt should bne noted that the beast is very much complicit in that cluster. Spoon feed that to the little snowflakes and see if they have any comebacks.


  2. jerrydablade says:

    We should be so lucky to have Cruz as our nominee. Im praying for a our country


  3. Bob says:

    I guess I missed the Cruz event this evening. Maybe I would have developed some respect for the guy, especially if he were to stick it to the CNN Koolaid merchants. I will not tune into CNN to look for a re-run. That’s against my religion at the moment.


  4. Z-man says:

    I like Cruz but to be honest the only thing that matters right now is Trump.


  5. Z-man says:

    I personally like Cruz but to be honest the only thing that matters right now is Trump.


  6. Mal says:

    We missed his show last night because we weren’t aware of it until now. (There is a health issue with my wife right now and we have been back and forth to doc offices). Cruz, if he gets the nod, is fine with me. I said from the beginning when we started with 17 candidates, I will vote for any one of them over “the alternatives” and that includes Ted. I also believe he is the best to debate the issues on any level with either H or B. Didn’t they say he continually won debates in college?


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