Trump and Rubio

I was wondering if you think Rubio might be keeping his delegates to himself at this point in order to give them to Trump should he pick Rubio as VP nominee?  What do you think?

trump and rubio picture

Poor Trump!  Suddenly, the news isn’t only talking about him and he’s lost a few states and he says the whole system now is “Disgusting” and “it’s all LIES” “The RNC should be ashamed of themselves!” and “I am the guy you need and you’re all idiots not voting for me!” (ok, I invented that last one, but you know that’s what he thinks)  It wasn’t rigged or disgusting when he was on top, was it.

And he knows exactly how to get to his base “the ECONOMY IS RIGGED, and the RNC is rigged…and that’s why you’re not getting raises, etc!”  HURRAH!, they scream.   RED MEAT is thrown and THEY LOVE IT!

Also, two of his adult children are feeling stupid that they can’t vote in the primary for their dad because they’re not registered Republicans.  Wait!  Ivanka, the daughter Trump said he’d date if they weren’t related, the daughter who is totally in sync with her father, isn’t a REPUBLICAN?  But TRUMP IS?  Hmmmmmmm  Odd.

What kind of guy says what he said yesterday afternoon “We can’t be NICE till we win.” ?   Oh, my gosh.



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36 Responses to Trump and Rubio

  1. Trump should run for POUTus not POTUS.


  2. Trump should run for POUTus not POTUS.


  3. fredd says:

    You know, for a guy who is presumably the best the world has ever seen at making deals, Donald Trump has shown more of his cards and thrown away more aces than any deal maker that I have ever heard about

    Calling the people that will be deciding who gets the nomination ‘crooks,’ and screaming that they ‘rigged’ things, that doesn’t exactly enamour these ‘crooks’ to your cause, now, does it?


  4. jerrydablade says:

    You nailed it, Z. So did Ed, Ed and Fredd! 🙂
    As for Rubio, he was interviewed on LevinTV last night. I have a subscription but I usually watch next day so I haven’t yet – I see where Marco says that he wants a conservative, and Cruz is the only one left who fits that bill. Doesn’t sound like he would be offered or accept VP from Trump, but stranger things have happened.
    Can we dispel with this myth that Trump is a conservative (and for that matter, that he is some great deal-maker and closer)?
    And as for the system being rigged, as the front runner he has been the beneficiary of the system. He has received only 37% of the votes to date, yet has 45% of the delegates. He never went to Colorado and has no idea how the system works, but we are supposed to believe only he can defeat ISIS? UGH!


  5. Sorry, but I’m with Ivanka on being an Independent. I registered that way — and have always been an Independent.

    Not a fan of the two-party system!

    The Founding Fathers Tried to Warn Us About the Threat From a Two-Party System. Take a look (posted in 2011, BTW, and not by me).


  6. FB says:

    It looks more and more like I’ll vote 3rd party. Those 2 parties act like cartels and the GOP deserve to go away. So is the Democratic Party with their super delegate scam. Cruz is unbearable to me now. HE’s a little weasel.


  7. If you want to influence a party election in a closed primary, you join that party.
    At least for that cycle.
    Registering Independent isn’t bad.
    At least Trump changed from D to R to run.


  8. FB: I understand the complaint about 2 parties, but why then single Cruz for a personal attack?
    I take it you would not vote Trump if nominated if you go 3rd party.
    Can’t you find something nasty to say about him also? There’s plenty of material.


  9. AOW:
    Without a two party system, we’d see the House selecting a lot more presidents. Not many would be happy with that, either.
    Especially if the Senate put in a Veep of the opposite party.


  10. Sparky says:

    I kinda got the impression that Ben Carson was offered the Veep office off camera? That’s why the endorsement several months ago? Ben is compliant and would probably put up with a lying blowhard like Trump. Just my opinion, mind you. (I like Dr. Carson, just think he’s too good a person to be in politics.)
    My husband and I are Libertarians. However, I still think that the two-party system works. Just remember, though, if we all start voting all willy nilly, it will insure a Democrat be put in office. Regrettably, the Republicans are now just as wicked as the Dem’s. It is a quandary to be sure.
    Not to sound lame, but all we can do is pray. Keep asking Jesus to please help us. It’s going to take a miracle to get good leadership this go around considering how wicked the country has become. I am thankful He is in the miracle business and never forgets His children. 🙂


  11. Adrienne says:

    I think he’s holding his delegates to give to Cruz.


  12. FB says:

    I used to be ok with him. But he feels more and more like a fake preacher. He’s the equivalent of Al Gore on the right.


  13. FB says:

    BTW, even if Trump wins, I may vote 3rd party. What I’m now seeing is authoritarian candidates or weasels. The only thing that would change this is if Bernie wins. I don’t want a commie to win. The rest of them is just a bunch of statists and I don’t trust Cruz.


  14. FB says:

    I think Rubio is holding his delegates in case the GOP decides to go for someone outside the 3. They could tell everybody: well if ran so some people voted for him. The implosion is coming. Will be sadly entertaining to watch.


  15. FB says:

    well he ran… not if ran. Got up too early.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    FB…at least you can save yourself a trip to the polls….third party’s the equivalent of not voting. Oh, and also, it’s the equivalent of getting Hillary elected.
    I’ve liked Cruz more since the CNN Town Hall, which he gave excellent answers at, and was actually allowed to talk without Trump screeching at him every 3 seconds. I greatly admire his articulate wife, too. And, trust me, I don’t like the way he speaks like a preacher, but I’ve decided we have to get a true conservative in there and I need to get past that preacher thing.

    AOW…I think my point stands, however; when people aren’t registered Republicans, they’re probably not strong Republicans, though I know you’re a very strong Conservative….They could have reregistered to vote for the Republican…particularly since it’s their father?!

    JERRY!!! “Ed ED and Fredd”….that just KILLED ME 🙂 HILARIOUS!!

    fredd; EXCELLENT point…how good a ‘deal maker’ is he when he’s slamming the powers that be who he needs!???


  17. FB says:

    I refuse peer pressure. Saying voting 3rd party is like not voting is dishonest intellectually. I’m still voting and I vote for my personal choice. It’s my individual right. It’s in the Constitution.


  18. Actually, we have a multi-party system:
    Democratic Party
    Republican Party
    Libertarian Party
    Green Party
    Constitution Party
    Progressive Alliance
    International Democrat Union
    Global Greens
    U.S. Taxpayers’ Party
    America First Party
    American Conservative Party
    American Freedom Party
    America’s Party
    Black Riders Liberation Party
    Christian Liberty Party*
    Citizens Party of the United States
    Communist Party USA
    Freedom Socialist Party
    Independent American Party
    Justice Party
    Modern Whig Party
    National Socialist Movement
    New Black Panther Party
    Objectivist Party
    Party for Socialism and Liberation
    Peace and Freedom Party
    Prohibition Party
    Reform Party of the United States of America
    Socialist Action
    Socialist Alternative
    Socialist Equality Party
    Socialist Party USA
    Socialist Workers Party
    Transhumanist Party
    United States Marijuana Party
    United States Pacifist Party
    United States Pirate Party
    Unity Party of America
    Veterans Party of America
    Workers World Party

    And it’s a popularity contest.
    It’s the media that chooses to spotlight the top two, which are the only ones with influence.


  19. Imp says:

    “They could have re registered to vote for the Republican…particularly since it’s their father?!”

    Dunno Z….I think NY is the same as FlaDuh….if you’re “Independent or un Affiliated ( same thing ) you can’t vote in a primary. It’s either one or the other sadly. But…for busy people… it just probably didn’t register. It took me 6 weeks to get mine changed to R and I received it about 4 days before the primary so I could vote.


  20. FB says:

    You forgot the Green Libertarian Nazi party. Not sure it’s official but I ran into it one day. Weirdest thing.


  21. bunkerville says:

    One has to have so many registered to be a so called party and to get on the ballot. My first party was the Constitutional party and we ran candidates.


  22. Mal says:

    I got to thinking, what is it about Cruz that turns a lot of us off, and came to the conclusion its his holier-than-thou demeanor. He simply doesn’t resonate with the average person and that is a huge draw-back for a politician. He is knowledgeable and articulates well, but lacks warmth. Not the kind of guy you want over for a beer watch a game with. Another point that was borne by this election; Our votes are immaterial and really don’t count in the end. And all the confusion at the caucuses? FUGGETABOUTIT!
    Directly or indirectly, we can than the current administration for most of this.


  23. Mal says:

    THANK ……….Thats suppose to be THANK.


  24. geeez2014 says:

    FB, of course it’s the equivalent of not voting…your vote will go NOWHERE…. And never worry; that’s not peer pressure, that’s just the truth. Of course you have every right to even write ME in if you want to!! 🙂 But I’d just have to turn down the honor!!
    I have to consider the supreme court and many other things I BELIEVE even that awful Trump would be better at than a Dem. (tho the joke is he’d pick Judge Judy for the SCOTUS!!!)

    Imp,..,..maybe, but they’re saying they’re sorry now. I’d have thought when your dad is running for president of the USA, you’d remember if you can’t vote in the primary for him.

    Ed….for all intents and purposes…it’s a two party country!

    Mal, I WISH you had seen Cruz on CNN’s Town Hall…matter of fact, is it he who’s on tonight at 6pm on CNN or …? Yes, I believe he is….. YES! I just checked…I’m going to blog this because it’s IMPORTANT.

    WATCH CRUZ TONIGHT, you’ll be AMAZED if he’s anywhere near as good as he was a few weeks ago…except he takes FOREVER to answer questions. !!!


  25. FB says:

    It doesn’t go nowhere. The Libertarian party is making progress. Slow but it is so why not add my piece to the equation. This country has been tanking since Bush under both GOP and Republicans so why voting for one of the two would lead to a different result? Has your vote gone anywhere for the past 16 years?


  26. FB says:

    under both GOP and Democrats I meant 🙂


  27. FB says:

    So far all my votes have gone nowhere. Didn’t make any different whatsoever. I wanted Obamacare to be revised, nothing happened. I wanted deficits to be tackled. Nothing happened. So my votes for the GOP have gone nowhere.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    FB…definitely, my vote went to at least slowing down the socialist onslaught…no doubt about it.
    Sorry you feel as strongly as you do; I can’t blame you.


  29. FB says:

    Slowing down, really? Bush extended unemployment insurance, bailed out the banks, etc… Very reminiscent of the French socialist onslaught that started under Giscard d’Estaing.


  30. FB says:

    I do feel conned. I’ve been conned by Chirac and it keeps continuing. Other alternative is to stop caring and play the system.


  31. geeez2014 says:

    Yes, definitely slowing down. Compared to Gore…? You bet


  32. I voted Republican.
    I still have a Dem Congresswomab and two Dem Senators.
    Yet other voters who got the Republicans a majority have slowed the ondlaught.


  33. FB says:

    I’m not seeing a slow down when I see the debt, sorry. Funny thing is the slow down of socialism was borrowed to the Chinese “communist” government.


  34. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, yes, they have.

    FB, vote like you wish. It’s the right of each of us. Thanks.


  35. Z,
    They could have reregistered to vote for the Republican…particularly since it’s their father?!

    The pundits would have fried them for that.

    I’ve never been able to support dyed-in-the-wool party allegiance. It’s a matter of principle for me.


  36. Mal says:

    FB, bailing out the banks is of the utmost importance so as to not have a run on them by depositors, like what happened in ’29, and is the reason the FDIC was created, to insure stability and calm in an otherwise frantic economy. Otherwise, no. I never approved of bailing out the auto industry, for example. Let them go broke, file bankruptcy and rid themselves of the greedy inflated retirement packages brought on by the auto unions, then reorganize and become profitable again. Obama bailed out Chrysler, only to have it end up as an Italian company, FIAT, which, as you probably know, stands for “Fix It Again, Tony.”


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