Mexican workers get it!

Most of you have read how I talked to two Hispanic check-out clerks at two separate grocery stores in the last six-eight months or so, saying to them “Man, I bought NOTHING and it’s $100!”   Both of them said “Ya, and if our minimum wage goes up, nobody’ll be able to afford ANYTHING.”  Which stunned me, of course!

The other night at my favorite Mexican restaurant, I teased the waiter  who I know fairly well because the prices went up about 20% and we both agreed that since Mike, the owner, hadn’t raised prices in 8 years, that was probably the right thing for him to do.  Ernesto suddenly pipes in with “But, if our wages go up, nobody will be able to afford this restaurant.”

What IS IT WITH OUR SKEWED AND NEGATIVE PERCEPTION OF THESE FOLKS as being only for themselves and not so bright?  BALONEY!   THEY get simple economics better than a Columbia or Harvard or Yale or  any other famous university’s  student does!   …and WAY better than any Democrat!  I watched the Clinton/Sanders debate last night and there is no DOUBT that that aged hippie Sanders is absolutely INSANE.  The ridiculous things he says, the huge spending he wants to do, ‘redoing the DoJ’?  HIM?  And Hillary “Free EVERYTHING!”

The Mexicans at the grocery stores and restaurant get it….and they DON’T?!!

isn’t this WILD!


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44 Responses to Mexican workers get it!

  1. It stuns me how much support Sanders has garnered. All age groups!

    What has happened to America?


  2. Kid says:

    Most politicians get it, they just say what the demographics tell them to say to get elected.
    As far as the population, I’d say a number of things starting with lack of education and mis-education. Then lack of decent jobs combined with no incentive to go to work because you can make about as much or more on never-ending unemployment or welfare. So now they have a huge section of the population who are either losers to start with or held captive by a poor economy that has been made much worse with the policies of the last 7 years.

    I believe Sanders is one stupid hippie while clinton will say or do anything to get elected.

    Most of the Mexicans I knew in Arizona are hard working family oriented people. As with any group, you have some number who are a criminal class, and the open border has invited many more of these types in lately.


  3. fredd says:

    Most politicians are dumber than dirt or evil. That’s why politics attracts them. The average Joe who competes in the market place for jobs gets it.

    The politicians who are stirring up the fast food industry and ramming a $15/hour minimum wage mandate either don’t understand economics, or even worse, they DO understand economics but just don’t care about the damage their proposals will do to the lowest on the wage scale.


  4. John M. Berger says:

    What is the difference between all of the pie-in-the-sky promises being made by the communist and the criminal and the BS we heard > 7 years ago from the current Fraud-in-Chief, which have brought us nothing except more debt and less labor participation? The, reported, popularity of the two DemocRAT contenders bespeaks a nation composed of way too many fools, allowed to vote!


  5. Sparky says:

    Kid gets it too. As does fredd, AOW, and I guess all your ‘followers’. Personally, I believe the Elites get it too but it’s all about garnering money and power and there seems no stopping them. Now Sanders, he truly is insane. Hubby and I have been saying that for years. What is wrong with the people of Vermont that they kept electing this nutty fruitcake? I’m beginning to think our only hope is to secede from the Union and let NY, VT, CA, and a couple others just fail on their own. Tell the Fed’s to shove it … [excuse me] We really need an armed insurrection.


  6. Kid says:

    I also agree splitting the country across liberal – conservative lines is the only way at this point. When the current population who do not understand, do finally get it because things have gotten so bad they can actually feel the pain through their thick fantasy skin, it will be too late.

    If we got a really conservative president who would authorize secession, then maybe there is a chance of that. Start with Texas as they have everything they need to exist on their own. Not for a second though do I see anything like this happening. Oh well.


  7. geeez2014 says:


    I actually watched much of the Clinton/Sanders debate last night….and the question to Sanders was something about how we’re going to get jobs back and while keeping the COSTS OF GOODS DOWN? He responded with “We have to raise the minimum wage!” (to HUGE thoughtless applause by the leftwing sycophants in the auditorium)

    He thinks RAISING THE MINIMUM AGE will keep our costs DOWN!? WHAT?

    Honestly, who DOESN’T think workers should get a living wage? And what we’ve got now is barely a living wage, BUT let’s wait till the economy’s swinging again and THEN look at what we can do about raising it a little, and slowly, right?

    Only Sanders could think raising the min. wage will keep our costs DOWN….totally anathema to the point of my post and what those dear Hispanics I talked about KNOW.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Kid and Sparky…I hope that’s not finally the answer…for right now? no, not for a SECOND. impossible.

    JMB…even some honest lib media types have questioned how little Obama’s done for Black America after all his promises and the blame is always then put on GEORGE BUSH by the leftwingers they ask.

    fredd…they really don’t get it….you are SO RIGHT…this is probably THE most basic, understandable economics we can know, isn’t it? “When wagers are too high, costs have to go up to support those paying those wages?”

    AOW….I felt so bad watching last night and hearing the thrilled applause either for Sanders or Clinton and thinking “you MORONS….you believe HER EVIL and you think HE IS YOUR SAVIOR?” oh, brother.


  9. John M. Berger says:

    While it’s one thing for Bernie Sanders (B.S.) to be certifiably insane it’s quite another for him to have a following of any significant amount. Be afraid, my friends, be very afraid!


  10. John M. Berger says:

    Those who support either the criminal or the communist, who only offer to exacerbate the problems we face, seem tantamount to heroin addicts attempting reverse their addiction by increasing their dosage of heroin!


  11. geeez2014 says:

    JMB….you are so right…that THAT many of our young people are buying into this amazing display of a lack of intelligence, and that adults like it, too?
    This may be the most unAmerican vote known to man… I suppose, considering America’s years of disdain for socialism and communism, and any regime’s oppression of self reliance and independence, this show of support for Sanders is the worst EVER.


  12. Kid says:

    It is truly stunning that clinton and sanders put together could get more than 10% of the vote. (Right JMB – Very telling about the kind of people that surround us) This is a very pivotal election. Either one gets in and – because of the supreme court’s new direction – kiss it all goodbye.

    and Raise the minimum wage is the answer? I understood the inflation spiral when I was about 15 !

    Yes, costs will go up and many many jobs will go out the window. Sanders should call McDonalds and ask them how many employees would they let go if they had to pay $15 I’ll bet it would be around 30%. The cashiers would be replaced with computerized kiosks that would take the order then either cash or credit card. One of the cooks could help any morons that couldn’t figure out how to use the things.


  13. bocopro says:

    What I know about wages & prices is this:

    In the 40s on a summer Saturday morning, I could go mow Mrs. McCaffrey’s lawn, not particularly big lawn, but it was before power mowers. Take me around an hour to do the job right. Usually get a quarter.

    Then I could go pick a coupla gallons of cherries for Mrs. Warburton from her orchard, eat all I wanted, and get a quarter, and a glass of sweet tea. And if it was a nice day and I had time, I could go to Mrs. Lovell’s place and spade up her garden, and get a quarter and a sandwich.

    Later in the afternoon, I could take one of those quarters to the Lido theater and for a dime see two Westerns, a Tom Mix and a Lash Larue or if I was lucky, a Gene Autry and a Roy Rogers. Most times there also was a Stooges short before the feature.

    For a nickel, I could get a box of popcorn, not very big (and the same box was a DIME at night), and for one more a bottle of Coca-Cola. And when the movie was over, I could go across the street to Leopold’s bakery with that last nickel and get half a dozen day-old donuts.

    And life was good, and we had factories makin stuff, and all over the world people knew that if it said “Made In The U.S.A.” it was a reliable, quality product. And unemployment was low. And doctors made house calls. And kids could play Dodgeball at recess. And music didn’t hurt your ears, or encourage mayhem. And you could tell the boys from the girls by their hair and their clothes.

    Today unemployment (real unemployment, including those who have given up all hope of finding work) is close to 30% in some places, despite what the propaganda arm (the media) of the Democrat Party tells us. And we don’t make stuff any more ‘cause nobody can afford to buy it because of the added costs involved in having unions, health insurance, workman’s comp, minimum wage, and so on.

    How is raising minimum wage and adding to the numbers of unemployed and raising the prices of goods gonna help that? Huh? Tell me! How?


  14. John M. Berger says:

    @Z & Kid,
    Re: Hispanics,
    “The Mexicans at the grocery stores and restaurant get it….and they DON’T?!!”
    “Most of the Mexicans I knew in Arizona are hard working family oriented people.”

    These comments comport with the vast majority of those that I know/have known but the question remains: Why, like other ethnicities e.g. Jewish and Asian, do so many cling to the DemocRAT Party which has degenerated into something so antithetical to their, otherwise, core values?


  15. Kid says:

    JMB, I don’t think they can get away from their upbringing. ie. I’ve known several people who have come from screwed up socialist countries to enjoy the bountiful USA then vote every chance they get to turn the USA into what they left. As a loose theory.


  16. John M. Berger says:

    I’m afraid that you are quite right!


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, that’s the opposite of my experience with friends from Easter European countries, for example….they love America and are almost even sicker than we are about the leftwing direction “I came here to escape that” is what I hear. It’s sad to hear what you describe.
    Sounds like some Muslims…they come for a better place then want our laws to suit them, etc….


    I was thinking how utterly embarrassed I’d be to be a Democrat today; to imagine socialists could win an American election? To imagine people knowing what they know about Hillary and still deny THIRTY YEARS of her lies and unexplained deaths, and Benghazi and Libya and all the failed Obama stuff that she was part of? My GOD. How humiliating to be a leftwinger who shows their disdain for the America they grew up in…


  18. geeez2014 says:

    As I type this, I hear FOX news talking about how unprepared our Marines are for flying the high tech planes they have….mechanics are leaving for better paying jobs, nobody’s there to fix these planes, pilots can’t get enough training time, which could cause accidental deaths…
    I imagine our enemies are thrilled to hear all this…all a consequence of CLinton’s years which started the degradation of a great military….the greatest military the world ever knew.
    The wars have put dents in our budgets and our equipment….our enemies have been treated to our equipment left behind…TONS of it, etc.

    I’m so tired of hearing all of this only on FOX…never hearing it on CNN, which I listen to a lot now, too, because they at least go into depth, other than ‘just between commercial’ interviews FOX has…which is REALLY getting on my nerves. Ya, the left doesn’t even HEAR these things…….we do, it makes us upset, it weakens our morale to the point we’d consider voting for someone like Trump, and we wonder why our military and our country are in messes!?


  19. Kid says:

    Z, I was thinking of people from Indonesia, Guatemala, Mexico. I don’t actually know anyone from Europe on a personal basis…

    Yes, I can understand how a bunch of kids can get it wrong, but I know plenty of adults who are absolutely glued to the democrat party. I can only think some level of mental disease. When has a democrat ever come out and proclaimed “Well, we’ve solved this problem, on to the next one” ? (Stolen from the video at Mustang’s site.)

    Every problem the democrats started working on from the 1960’s is only much worse today. Or how about Detroit and many other places under democrat rule for decades – maybe forever, that are hell holes with major economic problems And the voters don’t throw them all out and try something else?


  20. Kid says:

    So, a couple days ago obama admits he had no day after plan for Libya. Today clinton is saying “Clinton denies responsibility for Libya chaos, blames ‘obstruction of US efforts'”.

    So which is it?

    Also says she had no part in anything that went on in Libya. What???? And many people will take this hook, line and sinker. Sad the democrats know their supporters are such morons that they can literally say anything and get away with it.


  21. Get a load of this:

    Judicial Watch announced today [April 14, 2016] it has obtained new documents from the Department of State containing the telephone transcripts from the evening of September 11, 2012, in which then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton informs then-Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Kandil that the deadly terrorist attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi “had nothing to do with the film.”

    Think that the above will be all over the news?


  22. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, gad, what is WITH those people???? !! and ya, you are SO RIGHT in all you wrote above….who can believe those lies? Yet, you mention that to a liberal and, right away, it’s “Bush lied!..he’s the liar…”
    Mention ANYTHING about how much better things were 100 years ago as far as patriotism, self sufficiency, etc, and a jerk like Ducky will say “Oh, ya…? you LIKED SLAVERY?”
    They have no room for nuance, for deep thinking.

    AOW…WOW! Of course, it won’t be covered…maybe not even on FOX. That’s amazing!

    And AOW…and everybody else; what about how we’re hearing so often lately how the Administration ordered certain information kept QUIET, or expunged from official documents, etc etc…and that doesn’t include the email scandal!!

    WHAT THE HECK?? WHAT is freezing the Republicans into not making more of this stuff????


  23. Kid says:

    What’s with the republicans? To me it seems a case of one person not attacking another because they are just as guilty and vulnerable to attack.


  24. Mal says:

    “What is it with our skewed and negative perception of these folks. They get it where the University students don’t.” Yeah. Its called “real life experience”. The students are what my late father use to refer to as “book smart”, which I believe is true. Experience is still the best teacher.
    It reminds me of a former neighbor of ours back in the ’60’s who was a Catholic with 5 kids, and was talking with a Mexican laborer he had hired for some yard work who was also a Catholic but said they used contraceptives, to which my neighbor said the Pope doesn’t approve of that, and the Mexican said “Yeah, but the Pope doesn’t have to pay for them!.” He may have been uneducated, but was more realistic than my neighbor, who had his own business.


  25. Imp says:

    @Z…”mechanics are leaving for better paying jobs, nobody’s there to fix these planes, pilots can’t get enough training time, which could cause accidental deaths…”

    Well…get ready for a draft then…are the girls all ready for this too? What’s fair…is fair, right? And with this female potus…you can bet we’ll have a few more admirals that’ve never been in a boat…or squadron commanders who never flew a plane. And women in combat. And women POW’s and the hell that goes with that.


  26. Bob says:

    I think John M Berger has it right. Be very afraid. Those kids cannot elect a communist to the White House, now, but they do portend the future attitudes and drift of the nation. These little mush-brains will someday get their wish. Not the $15/hr minimum wage (which is trivial in the big picture of things), but they will get radical redistribution of income, and the shredding of the First and Second
    Amendments of our Constitution. The little idiots are dangerous and need to be understood and countered,


  27. FB says:

    Bernie is a “gros con.” As I like to say American socialism will be worse than French socialism because Americans like money too much and it will be more authoritarian because American socialism will require a lot more money. The French are more interested in their vacation and leisure time.


  28. Kid says:

    PS, FOr anyone who may not have known… there are a lot of Union COntracts that are tied/based on minimum wage. Minimumwage doubles and a whole bunch of people in a whole bunch of industries wages go sky high. That’ll keep costs down !!! Wonder if old bernie knows that. Lol.

    – Waiting for the implosion.


  29. Mustang says:

    I watched the Clinton/Sanders debate last night and there is no DOUBT that that aged hippie Sanders is absolutely INSANE. The ridiculous things he says, the huge spending he wants to do, ‘redoing the DoJ’? HIM? And Hillary “Free EVERYTHING!”

    Watch for a Clinton/Sanders ticket in the near future; the GOP wouldn’t stand a chance in the general election.


  30. Imp says:

    @Kid…secession might come rather easily these days…for example there are 26 states led by Texas suing the OvomIts illegal fiat on immigration law as completely unconstitutional. The other 24 might be a nice even split to go their way…and we’ll go ours. However since Scalia is gone…the court can only get a 50/50 vote….which in and of itself is a tragedy. There is not supposed to be a left or right on the court….it’s about the law or lawlessness period. Not freaking ideology,


  31. geeez2014 says:

    None of you really believes secession would ever happen in America, right?

    Mustang…NO CHANCE if that happens..none at all .. But I doubt it would happen


  32. Imp says:

    @Z…ya know Z…..I’m not a big fan of it…however….I think the mood of a lot of the country leans that way.
    It happened before and what’s to say it couldn’t again? History does repeat itself . There are more constitutional conservative governors ( 31) now than liberal loons governments. In the 31 con states….jobs are up…spending is down…and are way ahead of the ghettos that the libs have constructed for the past 30 years. I told Kid…..we draw a line from just south of Maryland….straight across to just north of San Diego ( sorry ) and we have a new country.


  33. Imp says:’s the lib loon states that keep reducing civil liberties and ignore the constitution too. People are pissed off and very, very fed up…hence the rise of Nationalism. We’re not alone in that sentiment either. Look at the disaster that Europe is now…do we really want that here?


  34. Kid says:

    @IMP, Z
    Z, I’m not so sure about the sesessation thing today. And that is a shift for me from less than a year ago where I would bet my life savings it was impossible. Reason = Trump Effect. There are a lot of pissed off people out there to put it mildly.

    All depends on the Potus color. A right Potus could make it happen, Plus

    Here’s what we need to do to make it happen. Convince the snowflakes that Conservatives are the problem in their world and that they need their own country to live (and die in) right? Make it THEIR idea and they will embrace it. Let THEM banish US to own own country. ( 🙂 – SO let’s all get on the same page here. Hit the internet with comments like Those Evil COnservatives Need Their Own Country !


    PS, IMP. It is clear the Supreme Court is 100% Political now. Not based on the constitution at all, or we could argue the Conservatives on he SC focus on the constitution while the other 4 are activists and don’t give a rat’s ass about the constitution,.

    lA DEE da dee da deee da.. Let’s have some fun !


  35. Imp says:

    @Kid…as usual…you’ve stolen an idea of mine…and refined it to it’s more attractive nemesis…LOL You are a formidable adversary.


  36. Imp says:

    Also…let me add this caveat. If…IF…the second amendment is eliminated or gutted….then that is the one thing that will be the start of a modern revolution. Period. There will be 100 + million guns owners that will revolt.


  37. John M. Berger says:


    “IF…the second amendment is eliminated or gutted…”

    I hope that would invoke the very reason that it is in force to begin with! I’d just like to see those bastards try to confiscate the > 300,000,000 Fire Arms that we have. Watch it, however, [they] will try to do it by the ‘Frog Boil’ method-just a little bit at a time! Be on guard and crush the DemocRats every time you can. The rights you save are your own!



  38. Kid says:

    @IMP.; I am a thief by nature. Actualy, i’d say I am not creative but I can take an idea and enhance it. It was Your idea my friend. You get the credit. Thank you for the inspiration. 🙂

    JMB, I can’t imagine cops trying to take people’s guns. Some other things they might do though are:
    Stop the sale or make it unbelievably expensive to buy ammo and related items such as brass, bullets, powder. (I already have reloading equipment and supplies). Make it illegal to fire a gun regardless if is in defense of your life or family. That’d about do it for most people.

    But then what about knives, machetes, bats, strong people versus weak people. I mean, we’ve now enterered an entirely new realm of INEQUALITY ! Like a single woman or older person in an apartment or house suddenly has to defend themselves against 3 or 4 big vermin guys with baseball bats. What are they going to do about this INEQUALITY ??? 🙂 Sticky Wicket I tell you !


  39. Kid says:

    IMP, Let’s hope there are 100 million gun owners who will revolt. One thing that comes to mind is the Japanese general who said that a ground attack on America would be impossible because “There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass”. Let’s not lose that advantage.


  40. John M. Berger says:

    “Some other things they might do though are:
    Stop the sale or make it unbelievably expensive to buy ammo and related items such as brass, bullets, powder.”

    Yes, that sounds like ‘Frog Boling’ to me: BURUMP, BURUMP, BURUMP, BUPH, BU, PLOP; It’s time for OPEN SEASON on DemocRATS and other liberal varmints-SAVE THE FROGS!


  41. Kid says:

    JMB, Unreal isn’t it? We woke up in an alternate universe about 8 years ago.


  42. FB says:

    A financial collapse of the country could lead to states seceding especially if the collapse bring commits like Bernie to power.


  43. FB says:

    Commies, iPad spelling check got me.


  44. geeez2014 says:

    I wonder if any of you has any idea what the technicalities of dividing our country would involve….let alone the will, the ability, etc etc………What does it say in the Constitution about secession, anything?

    Both countries will be able to “provide for the common defense” ? That’s “creating a more perfect union?”

    There’s SIMPLY NO WAY. I’m going use this as today’s blog post; comment there, please!!


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