TALK RADIO…and more

Is it TOXIC?…when we listen too much to each host’s opinions, and those of his guests and callers, and it all gets ingrained in us, playing over and over, never a really new message, just more and more of the same….is it TOXIC, or, rather,TALK-SICK?”    I’m starting to think so.  Blah blah blah…this candidate, that candidate, this expert weighs in, that expert weighs in…….almost none of whom are one bit a better expert than any of us is after all the reading and talking we do about everything.

Do you listen a lot?   Who do you listen the most to?

I think Dennis Prager is the sanest, with Medved running a very close second…or Hugh Hewitt.   But MAN, some of them get riled up and I believe it IS talk-sick!!

Which is your favorite and why?

Also…while we’re at it;  who’s your favorite news person on cable?


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57 Responses to TALK RADIO…and more

  1. I agree that talk shows are toxic. I don’t listen to them except on rare occasions.

    Cable TV, I like Neil Cavuto, Fox & Friends, Lou Dobbs. Network TV, Charles Osgood on CBS Sunday Morning.


  2. bocopro says:

    Rarely pay any attention to radio ‘cept when I’m on a road trip, and then it’s back and forth between C & W and classical music. Can’t remember a time in the past 30 years we’ve had a radio on in this house unless it was for news during weather catastastrokes such as floods or hurrycanes.

    Back in the 40s, the entire fambly, 3 generations, would make a little semicircle and watch a piece of furniture from which came such shows as “Fibber McGee & Molly,” “Inner Sanctum,” “Burns & Allen,” “The Shadow,” “The Lone Ranger,” and all them ol’ classics.

    Telembizhun kinda put an end to that in the late 50s, but still it was good to have radio available when you were workin in the garage or washin the car or, when attery-boperated transistor devices became affordable, drivin a Ford tractor through a corn field with a hoe behind it or stackin hay in a loft or or paintin a house or whatever. ‘Specially durin summer and fall for baseball games.

    I have NEVER listened to any kind of talk radio that I am aware of, except by accident while channel surfin on a road trip. And I make a conscious effort to avoid “experts” and pundits and other windbags on the idiot box, choosing instead to go to the websites and read the commentary so as not to be influenced by the nonverbs and other innuendo.

    I’d much rather hear Johnny Cash or Merle Haggard or Randy Travis tell me ’bout who’s cheatin on whom and why Momma did her best but failed ennyhow than Shep Smith or Bill O’Reilly or Wolf Blitzer tell me how I SHOULD understand why who’s in bed with whom in politics and bidness.

    And when Waylon and Dolly and Tim and Kenny get tiresome, I clean my mental palate with some Mozart or Montoya or Chopin or Strauss. Audio books are good, too, ‘specially when you’re faculty at a university with a great library of ’em and can make copies for free. Always nice to hear a reading of MacBeth or Oedipus or Taming of the Shrew while chargin up and down I-65 from P’Cola to Boone County, Indiana. ‘Course Waylon and Willie and Lo-Retta and Reba are fundamental entr’acts for mental stability.


  3. jerrydablade says:

    I like Mark Levin (radio and new tv show) Glenn Beck and Steven Crowder. I have a different take than you. They are an oasis for me FROM the toxic wasteland of useless propaganda MSM. I used to listen to others but have weeded out the trump apologists Hannity and Fox News, Laura ingraham, Rush, etc. I no longer watch much cable.


  4. Bennett was never toxic, and I miss him, and Hugh Hewett isn’t toxic. He’s annoying.
    But the show is even more informative than Bennett was.
    Hannity is a waste of electrons.


  5. Kid says:

    Don’t listen or watch anymore, not for 10 years or more. I’m convinced none of these outlets inform you about what is really going on in the world. They find a few things to tell you about that keep most people watching or listening for the sole purpose of collecting the ad revenue.
    I look at a variety of web sites, domestic and foreign and some blogs which keep me more informed than radio or cable news ever would.


  6. FB says:

    I too like Prager. Medved is a big time statist republican so he gets on my nerves. I like some of the hosts on Sirius XM. Webb is great and I love Andrew Wilkow because he deconstructs the left and the statists really well. There are some great people on youtube too now.


  7. FB says:

    Medved really got on my nerves recently when he said one of the most important things to do this year was to re-elect McCain. So re-electing someone who has participated in increasing the debt for decades is the most important thing to do this year!?!? That’s when I decided I was done with him.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    FB, yes, reelecting even a jerk like McCain is important, but only because we don’t want a democrat in there…no way. I can’t stand McCain either, and Medved is one of THE smartest guys on the planet but irks me sometimes, too….He can get on my nerves, too.

    Kid, I can’t imagine not listening or watching … I wish it was enough for me to just do the reading I do and let it go..I really do. But I like a lot of the cable people, like the list of Fair Witness above…Neil Cavuto is always worth listening to.

    bocopro…thanks for your take! It’s an entertaining one!

    Ed, Hewitt can be annoying but I mostly like him. Bennett wasn’t toxic, no…

    Jerry, I just don’t know how you can listen to Beck; he became all about Beck to me about five years ago and it broke my heart because I admired him for a while. His message only hits Conservatives; He used to reach more but something about him changed and I can’t figure it out….Honestly, I think a LOT of it was the horrible leftwing media harangues against him; they were effective. Beck scared them. Now he scares me 🙂 But I have to admit I haven’t listened in a while; it just seems that whenever I do see or hear him, he’s butting his head against a wall and goes nowhere with his message.
    Is he backing Trump???

    Fair Witness…great list. There aren’t many I like more than Cavuto.

    HANNITY IS SUCH A HACK, and we used to really like his show. Frankly, I liked it better with the GHOUL, Colmes..HANNITY AND COLMES. We couldn’t STAND Colmes, but Hannity’s show went south after he left.

    The way Hannity asks questions like, “So, your husband was just killed by an illegal and your 8 children and you are left with nothing…you feel bad about that, right?”
    Those of you who hear Hannity by accident from time to time know exactly what I’m talking about…SUCH stupid obvious questions, and he looks so EARNEST when he asks them! Cracks me up!


  9. geeez2014 says:

    FB and others; You know what REALLY bugs me about REALLY GREAT Conservatives with great messages on YouTube, Sirius, etc.? THEY ARE NOT GETTING HEARD EXCEPT BY CONSERVATIVES….At least not in any large enough numbers.
    It’s FRUSTRATING to me so I almost resent them…..their messages needs to GET OUT THERE!
    How can that happen???


  10. FB says:

    Except McCain is being challenged in primaries, Z. So he can get the boot.


  11. Kid says:

    I don’t get some of those guys listed, maybe I would have listened to one or two, the people that are on here, I’ll just say Nada. The one person who was on the radio that I thought was the only sane one was Michael Savage. He’s not on here now for years, but he had the bead on obama and his muslim pals and many other things, as well as how the ME was going to turn out – just like it is now.

    I sure hope mcLame gerts the boot and replaced with an American. RINO doesn’t even begin to describe that idiot liberal.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    FB…do you know how conservative his competition is? I haven’t been following that at all….
    I’d like to see mcCain go, too..badly…IF there’s a great person instead.

    Kid, you thought Michael Savage was SANE? He sounded NUTS but he was right about a LOT of stuff; Most folks found him insane, including the media, who mocked and disparaged and got their way. People backed off him. Sad, isn’t it.


  13. FB says:

    How worse can it get than McCain, really? He’s a democrat dressed as a Republican.


  14. Kid says:

    Z, Yep. That was the tag they hung on Savage. Another reason to take him seriously.


  15. John M. Berger says:

    I kind of like Joe Pags. We get him on weekends. I listen to many others, occasionally, but I can’t stand Glenn Beck!


  16. Mal says:

    We never turn on the radio, even when driving. On long trips, we play C.D.’s. At home, however, the T.V. is on almost continuously (and we finally upgraded to a 55″ flat screen). My wife mostly watches all the pundits on Fox News, from O’Reilly and Kelly to Hannity. Also the local news channels. We’re a sad bunch, huh?


  17. geeez2014 says:

    FB..all I asked was if you knew how conservative his competition is.

    Kid, good point!

    JMB; what happened to Beck? He wasn’t bad when he first started……

    Mal, not a sad bunch! But listening to Hannity? Yes, I’ll say that’s sad 🙂


  18. geeez2014 says:

    John, I’d heard Joe Pags’ name but didn’t know much about him. I don’t think we get him here, but I don’t listen or look for Clear Channel, maybe that’s why I don’t know him. Thanks for the link.


  19. Imp says:

    For me..I’ll go with FB..Andrew Wilkow is superb and has a great mind. For sheer energy and anger…Savage. Levine turns me off with his shrieking and now he has a subscription TV show? Who wants to watch that when listening is torture enough? Colmes….despise him…the Cryptkeeper’s stand in and more of a bolshevik red than Marx.
    TV…Neil Cavuto or Baier.


  20. John M. Berger says:

    “JMB; what happened to Beck? He wasn’t bad when he first started……”

    He went nuts!


  21. FB says:

    Jason Stapleton on YouTube is great too.


  22. We have a local, who is syndicated some, who used to be spokesman for the Moral Majority, Bob Dutko.
    He does a political hour from Noon to One (EST), then general Christian and political interviews from One to Four daily. for streaming.


  23. No offense, but I can’t understand the appeal of Savage.
    I’ve heard good stuff, but he is SO full of himself.
    And Beck is pro Cruz, Z.
    Vehemently so. I don’t hear him much, but what I hear, I like.


  24. Bayt says:

    Prager by a long shot . Podcast. No ads. Easy to skip ahead (or back!). like wide variety of topics and that it’s not all politics. Plus reasonable, excellent guests and authors. And did i mention ITS NOT ALL POLITICAL. Also like Greg koukl’s Stand to Reason on ethics, values and religion. Also podcast. I’ll listen to Larry elder when I drive home. Great in small packages but too much for podcast. He’s just gone national so he’s been LAs secret until now. Hugh moved to a time when we’re all asleep. I don’t like mark levin who took his afternoon slot. Whiney chatter.

    No cable or TV.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    Oh, SUCH good input, everybody..thanks!

    ANDREW WILKO….I’ve never even HEARD of him…so why isn’t he OUT THERE being heard by other than Conservatives?

    AM I JUST BEING NAIVE AND UNREALISTIC? I know FOX viewers include a LOT of Democrats, but how many listen to TALK RADIO? Or folks like Wilko or Hewitt or Medved or Prager?
    Brother…PRAGER IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST (even if he and Mr. Z tussled via emails for a while, until we found Prager unkind and egomaniacal…just sayin’!) I still adore his thinking.

    Ed, I figured Beck would be pro Cruz; he is the only true Conservative, isn’t he. I hate to admit it, but….that’s the truth.

    Imp: Cavuta and Baier…ya, Baier is fair and good, too.

    I CANNOT STAND SHEP SMITH….I watch CNN during his hour.
    I’m finding Anderson Cooper pretty fair lately…kind of stunningly fair, by the way..


  26. Baysider says:

    Savage is a strange duck. Generally it’s like fingernails on the blackboard, but occasionally a gem pops up. He was on briefly in my drive time once. I picked up this beaut : borders language and culture — to define a nation. I’ve used that for years. Also heard 2 excellent segments on science. No ranting. And correct. That’s when I learned that little stinker has a BS and PhD in science subjects. But generally not my cup o’ tea.


  27. bocopro says:

    Baier’s is the only commentary show I’ll watch on TV these days . . . although I do sometimes go read O’Reilly’s talking points. Don’t like to watch his show, but tend to agree with a lot of his “memos” in print form.

    Krauthammer is very convincing much of the time, and what’s also good about him is that when he’s wrong, he’ll admit it. The ones who bother me the most on Fox are Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera. Williams is a committed lefty apologist whose sons have gone conservative on him. Geraldo is right about 50% of the time and catastrophically wrong the rest of the time. LOVE to watch him tromp all over the most sensitive parts of his anatomy.

    I also find Cooper fair, but I won’t watch him unless he’s part of somethin else goin on. Definitely won’t pay much attention to Blitzer, and I’d like to see Colmes take a very extended walk on a very attenuated pier.

    Think I’m turning into a grouchy old curmudgeon in my later years.


  28. bunkerville says:

    John Batchelor Show for when one doesn’t want politics. Not talk per se.but rather he interviews Authors on any number of topics. What an education one gets.


  29. Imp says:

    Wilkow…Wilkow, Andrew. Superb.


  30. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, in total agreement on Savage…we, too, were not surprised to know his degrees because he does use that information from time to time. No doubt he is not a stupid guy! But his demeanor……

    Bunkerville….that sounds really interesting.

    Bocopro…last night was O’Reilly’s best TALKING POINTS I think I’ve heard…it was absolutely spot on. I even got emails mentioning it “Did you see O’Reilly tonight?”…ya, I did, and I loved the MEMO. I haven’t had time but am going to try to find it …


  31. geeez2014 says:

    Found it…will publish it tomorrow. Please nobody publish it here today..thanks.


  32. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro, i could not agree with you more on Colmes…”the ghoul,” as i call him….but at least he kept Hannity a BIT more reasoned…now Hannity’s just a very high paid hack who thrives on the adoration. I just don’t get it.


  33. Imp says:

    Well…you might hear this on Savage…certainly not on O’Reilly as much as I think he’d lie to say it…but I did hear it on radio. And no…not Savage.

    “The Clintons are the penicillin-resistant syphilis of American politics..”

    Nuff said.


  34. Kid says:

    Savage, Like Me, I believe wants to go coast to coast, meet everyone, and grab them by their shoulders and shake them while saying “Don’t you see what’s going on???”

    No doubt that focus will make one seem full of themselves, and nuts, and fairly annoying. But I’m buying into it becuase I want to meet everyone in America, grab them by their shoulders, shake them, screaming “Don’t you see what’s going on???”

    These are serious times in my opinion. This isn’t your average blue team vs red team. This is for all the marbles. The Blue team declared war on the Red team and the Red team are bumbling around in a McDonald’s playland box full of balls seeing how many $100 buills they can find in there.


  35. John M. Berger says:

    “The Clintons are the penicillin-resistant syphilis of American politics..”


  36. geeez2014 says:

    Imp, that’s fabulous….and I think it’s perfect Savage, but it wasn’t?
    I just Googled and it was Kevin Williamson, apparently.. GREAT LINE, I have to admit!
    No, O’Reilly’d never say that….were I a talk show host, I wouldn’t either…it’s TRUE but too crude…it’s VERY TRUMP-ESQUE. !!

    Kid, yes, that’s Savage’s dream….
    You’re so right; this is not “just another election year”…this is the MAKE OR BREAK AMERICA election….our country as we know her will NOT EXIST with a Hillary and CERTAINLY not with the aged hippie Sanders. NO WAY.
    This is VERY tough times, isn’t it……….”DON’T YOU SEE WHAT”S GOING ON?” >>>yes, and they just don’t.
    I never like to say “I hate” but man, when it comes to Hillary…

    And then those IDIOTS who LOVE BERNIE..because HE’S SINCERE! SINCERE? Hitler was sincere! How’s SINCERITY matter? It’s standing by OUR CONSTITUTION, it’s KNOWING ECONOMICS, it’s not taking initiative away from the rich just so the poor can get freebies and realizing SOMEDAY WE’RE GOING TO ALL BE OUT OF MONEY..THEN WHAT, you PUTZ? 🙂


  37. Kid says:

    Bernie is actually Hilarious. Raising mimum wage will create jobs (because employers love to pay more per employee) and keep costs down (because employers Love to reduce profit margins)…


    If there weren’t such serious situations going on, I’d actually vote for the clown so the kids could get a very bitter taste of socialism.


  38. John M. Berger says:

    I keep hearing about college grads not being able to find employment. If that’s true I wish someone would explain to me how “free” college (more graduates) at the apparent cost to the investment class will facilitate more employment? Oh, I guess that it will in the academic arena wherein cost(s) will undoubtedly skyrocket. Great plan Bernie, poster boy for senility!


  39. “All Things Considered”… TOXIC!


  40. Kid says:

    @JMB, That is a plan on par with LBJ’s great (democrat breeder/loser) society and jimmah carter’s communist take over of public education system and turning it into the great communist brainwashing.system.

    Can you imagine? Paying for people with no academic skills or ambition to go to college ?! The cost will increase since government will pay for it and the experience will be degraded by many powers of 10 to the 10th power. The colleges will be jam packed with losers taking liberal arts courses and partying more than they study anything at all. It will be like the “no loser left behind” that brings the education experience in 1-12th grades to the point that intelligent kids want to commit suicide after spending 5 contiguous days studying how 2+2 really equals 4. Or maybe they don’t even require a correct answer but that’s another subject.

    Unbelievable, the carnage that will occur at institutions of ‘higer learning’ that are already poisened by libtard perfessors to the point of almost being useless will be beyond breathtaking.

    With LBJ’s great society, we are and have been paying out the tush for breeding ganbangers, and now we’re going to pay even more to destroy the university level educamation process. Perfect!

    Whats next?! I’m sure they’ll find something else to destroy!


  41. John M. Berger says:

    WOW-You really nailed it!


  42. Mal says:

    Yeah, Kid. I can just hear them now. “I have a degree in Liberal Arts. Would you like fries with that?”


  43. Kid says:

    @JMB, MAL. Danke Shoen, and it is heart warming to know you folks are out there. Even if there aren’t enough of us (it seems). It is comforting to know that there is a layer of resistence… Sane resistence. It gives me hope. That’s something for now anyway. But I’m not optimistic. We’ve got to hit rock bottom before the population figures it out. Will it be too late?


  44. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, Ducky was commenting to me at Lisa’s how the cost of employees doesn’t reflect that much on the cost of goods…you can’t make this up…!! Oh, my GOSH. And he’s SO SURE OF HIMSELF 🙂
    And your second comment is TOO RIGHT, and TOO DEPRESSING TO RESPOND TO!!!

    JMB; keep your opinions to yourself, please….You are FAR TOO CORRECT and our society just CAN’T TAKE THAT ANYMORE!! (great comment!) You’re right.

    Vrag…that’s not the debate show , is it? A Cons. friend listens to NPR for a show that features left/right debates…where people are polled in the audience to see where they stand on an issue…left or right. They have ALWAYS started ‘lefter’ than when they finish! They poll ‘righter’ at the end…cool, huh? Do you know that show? I can’t remember the name.
    Is ALL THINGS CONSIDERED pretty leftist or reasonable??

    Mal!! Is this an original from you? “I have a degree in Liberal Arts. Would you like fries with that?”


  45. Kid says:

    Z, The Fed, The FOMC that sets interest rate policy, focuses on rises in labor costs more than anything else to determine the rate of inflation.

    What can I say beside LOL !


  46. geeez2014 says:

    Kid…we rest our case, right…but Ducky doesn’t think so :=-)


  47. Bob says:

    Interesting questions, Z. I used to listen to a few talk radio hosts faithfully. I was a real Limbaugh fan way back last century. Sean Hannity started out her in the south, coming to Atlanta from Alabama, and I NEVER liked him. I always thought Glenn Beck was a talented conspiracy nut, and I have never listened to Prager, Erickson, or Levin long enough to like them. With more and more of these guys coming on line, I was less and less interested.

    The reason I lost interest in talk shows was because they were so predictable. I want to hear legitimate views, not rants every time I turn on the radio or TV. I have run out of news channels or programs that can give me news without tons of crap.


  48. Kid says:

    Z, Nothing more satisfying to me than duck disagrees.


  49. geeez2014 says:

    Bob….I think you’d like Prager a lot.
    I put on talk radio as I was cooking this late afternoon and there was MARK LEVIN…I swear I’m so afraid he’ll blow a gasket that I can’t listen to him anymore…he’s had at least one heart problem and he’s always SCREAMING….I can’t listen to him anymore, sadly. He does say some good stuff.

    Kid, yup! But he was SO nasty …so reminding me why I switched to Word Press so I wouldn’t have to read his nastiness HERE anymore..I’d had ENOUGH.


  50. Kid says:

    Without going into detail. duck IS a retard. A serious retard. Unless you’re in the medical industry and being paid to deal with retards there is no reason to put up with retards. It’s that simple.

    The last time that idiot soiled my website, I’d posted a song from Tommy James – Crystal Blue Persuasion – which Tommy said himself, and any sane person can see, was inspired from the Bible, and the idiot said it was inspired by crystal meth. I don’t think it would be possible for even a denuvian slime devil occupied with masturbation to miss the target by that much. duck is a goner. he/she needs to see a doctor.


  51. Imp says:

    @Kid..a “Daffy DucK…a real Quacker, really quacked and a quacked canard”?


  52. Baysider says:

    Z, I can read Mark Levin, but I cannot listen to him. Yes, the SCREAMING. Yuck. Give me Larry Elder’s fast talk any day over THAT.


  53. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, kinda sad about Ducky…he’s so sure about everything; he actually tells ME what I watch and listen to, tells me what I think, and he’s wrong….
    Ya, that Crystal Blue Persuasion example is a perfect metaphor…James says it but Ducky says he’s wrong about his own song…oh, well.


  54. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider…I don’t know why you’d read Levin…you’re every bit as informed and smart as he is…it’s like most of reading the Conservatives…after you’ve read a few pages, you don’t need more.
    I will say that Ann Coulter’s fun to read because of the way she puts things….

    I heard Elder speak at an event once and he offered a room full of conservatives the idea that since America’s broke we should sell our park lands to the Chinese. You never heard a lead balloon fall faster than that did !!!
    Don’t know if I shared this story here; about five years ago, I went to a High Tea huge event..800 women (gwen’s group)…I’d published an Elder article that morning on GeeeZ and, while waiting for the event to start with a friend, at the bar at the hotel, who’s sitting about 10′ away but Larry Elder…I had to go over to him and tell him the coincidence…he was terrific. BUT, the event is billed as The First Ladies Tea because it’s pastor’s wives they refer to as First Ladies for this event and Elder actually thought the FIRST LADY was arriving! 🙂


  55. Baysider says:

    Just to clarify: I don’t actually make a point to read Levin. But reading is tolerable whereas listening is NOT. 🙂 I’ve learned so much from Greg Koukl because he helps me organize how I think and approach answering issues – not necessarily the words to parrot. That’s the best kind of teacher.


  56. “All Things Considered” is like listening to “Democracy Now” w/o Amy Goodman… all “facts” spun from a “Progressive” viewpoint. I’m not familiar with the polling-debate show you’re talking about.


  57. geeez2014 says:

    thanks, Vrag….it’s a really good show that’s not talked about too much because of the outcome..Republican viewpoints always win over the NYC leftwing crowd after a debate…always.

    Baysider; thanks.


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