Trusting Government

It occurs to me that some of the worst damage Obama’s caused our whole country is our mistrust of him and his actions.  We’ve had awful things happen during this administration, including something rather important:  an Attorney General who totally mistrusted (and probably hates?) White America and wasn’t afraid to say so, making every White American skeptical of how we could ever trust him and this administration.   And, of course, Black, White and Hispanic America might be wondering what happened to all those jobs  we promised…. and all of us are also disturbed by the fact that the racial divide has widened badly.   My point is this:

Can a country survive when a government is so  mistrusted?   There are so many things we’re mistrustful of since Obama took office and this mistrust has come from:

Executive Orders many think are unseemly

Friday night news dumps

Knee-jerk reactions to racial situations, often wrong

Apologizing for our country around the world

Very obviously putting Black America before White or Hispanic America

Destroying our healthcare system

Promising jobs and not following through…

Firing military brass which has years of experience for their opinions

The insistence that this economy’s flourishing when everybody knows it’s not

A media in bed with the leftwing administration

As Rex Harrison says in ANNA AND THE KING OF SIAM, “Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera…”

How DO we get TRUST back?  How important do you think it is?


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23 Responses to Trusting Government

  1. bocopro says:

    I’ve written enough about Barry Soetoro to fill half a dozen textbooks . . . parodies of songs and poems, articles, snarks, cause-and-effect predictions, satires, lampoons, expositions, arguments, reports, questions . . . . . .

    Here’s one that briefly sums up my bottom line:

    What aggravates and disgusts me most, I’ve come to think, about the illicit Obamanacy is that after eroding American international influence, destabilizing the once-robust American economy, tainting the already polluted American political system, utterly destroying American free enterprise, adding millions of non-taxpaying foreigners to the American social benefits system, saddling every American citizen with a 6-figure component of the national debt, further aggravating relations between the various American racial groups, and accomplishing virtually NOTHING positive, the alien fraud contaminating the American White House will one day leave the job as a multi-millionaire and hit the lecture circuit with promises of huge appearance and speaking fees, all while basking in the fame, the stipends, the health care, the Secret Service protection, and the emeritus status for which he by no means is eligible or has earned.

    The grinning, posturing, lying, hypocritical, racist popinjay will write slanted, exaggerated, figmental books, make controversial speeches, encourage staged interviews, provide biased commentary, and give disastrous advice while having streets, airports, buildings, schools, libraries, and programs named after him. Like a con-man who has stumbled upon the password to the Teamsters’ Retirement Fund account, he will live the good life at the expense of racial loyalists, white apologists, academic quixotics, and OccupyWhatever merdistes.

    When the time comes for the US Mint to produce his coin, it should read “Africa Princeps” on the front in a ring around his grinning, jug-eared face and “Thanks, Suckers” on the back where he is mooning the viewer.


  2. We here in “the Right side blogosphere” are aware of all this. One result: we no longer trust our government. In fact, we may have reached the point that we fear our government.

    But how many Americans — how many voters — are as aware as we are? Most Americans really do rely on the mainstream media for staying informed.


  3. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro..thanks… and yes “Thanks, Suckers” is what Obama’s going on on…..
    He’s destroyed every thinking American’s trust in our gov’t which I think is his single biggest and worst legacy.

    AOW…they really do believe the mainstream media…AND the very idea that people can hear Sanders’ promises and not think them through to see what they mean to our country is really frightening. They’re very stupid, these brain washed suckers.


  4. Mal says:

    This is all collateral damage for electing other than a Caucasian male as POTUS. In our PC society today, we feel somehow obligated to let other than a white, male President run amok, letting them do whatever they want, even if it destroys our country. We “can’t” impeach him, and if Hillary is elected as the first woman POTUS, we “can’t” impeach her, either.
    True equality means treating everyone the same regardless of gender or color. Ironic, huh?


  5. Baysider says:

    Apologizing around the world is the worst. Destroys any respect left by the cockamamy schemes of his predecessors and a Democratic senate. This was only topped by our prior attorney general sanctioning a gun running scheme into Mexico where we’ll never know exactly how many lives were lost. Obama continues to crosscut the constitution.

    But at least we’ll have a fresh face on the $20 bill. Instead of a populist who biggest, singular achievement was putting a knife through the heart of a national bank, we’ll have a gun-totin’, black female Christian Republican.


  6. Mustang says:

    I don’t think “trust of government” matters to many Americans these days. After all, they do have a blackberry …


  7. Bob says:

    Government has very limited power in the act of creating jobs, and even then, the jobs created by the federal government usually have a negative effect on the economy. Specifically, government is very good at creating government jobs, but has little power to create anything in private industry.

    The government’s primary power is in control of the currency, interest rates, and the government’s budget (fiscal control). It is only through the cost of money, and the availability of money, that the federal government can “create” jobs, although it is private companies that create the jobs because it became attractive, financially, to do so.

    Barry Obama has no power to create jobs. Remember the almost One $Trillion in stimulus that had almost no stimulus on the economy. Remember that the fiscal health of the USA is in question because of the runaway spending of the Obama administration. Remember the extraordinary regulations of the Obama administration that strangles business (i.e., Obama Care).

    Democrats, and Obama specifically, don’t understand economics. If an economy is to flourish then there should be no impediments to people making, saving, or spending money. Sure, there will be some people that profit wildly, but who cares if we ALL gain from such an economy. The Democrats view of a non-growing, static, economic pie is just one more measure of their narrow thinking and even narrower education. The world is a dynamic place, and the US economy is a dynamic, market based economy. There will be winners and losers, but the winners have historically outnumbered the losers by a LOT.

    My point is that Obama could not logically, or realistically, promise jobs. Socialism does not create wealth or jobs. Socialism takes away whatever is created by the doers, and gives the wealth to the non-doers. Socialism works for those at the top like Stalin, Mussolini, Mao, or Hitler. Socialism is slavery, according to F A Hayek (


  8. Bob says:

    Sorry, Z. I got carried away. You asked, “How DO we get TRUST back? ”

    I don’t think we ever will.


  9. Kid says:

    Can a country survive with this much corruption and disregard for the crime or inability by the population to do anything about it? No, it can’t.

    It’s very hard to hold something together, to Accompish Something Positive on a Good Day. We haven’t had any good days for a good long while. Maybe all the way back to R. Reagan. SInce then, it’s been hubris, kicking the can down the road, money laundering, Feds avoiding taxes, shipping jobs out of the country, bringing vermin in – giving trillions to the banksters, destroying the middle class, dividing people in the USA on every possible level (I think there are hundreds of division levels). Government, generally speaking is incompetent, sold to the highest bidders. When was the last time you heard of a major crime bust. Treason isn’t evena thing anymore. Lower levels of government have the cash drawer open all day long. They hire 90 of their friends as fire fighters or school adminstrators(donut bringers) in some little podunk neighborhood with no regard for the working people who have to pay for it all. If you don’t vote for the tax levy, they jsut add it to your property tax. If we had any kind of economical government, I swear we’d all be paying 99% less in taxes. (I’m talking all taxes, sales, gas, income, property, walking, breathing, sitting, thinking, many others – A massive amount of money)

    Nope, we’re screwed.


  10. bocopro says:

    People with identity issues and a dangerous amount of self loathing are drawn to cults and spinoff religions which bolster their sense of “I-am”ness and higher purpose.

    The guy’s religion is politics. He has completely immersed himself in the rites and mythos and customs of the modern “Church of Whatever Mood I‘m In Today.”

    His liturgy is campaigning; it energizes him and imbues his spirit with confidence much like a high-school second-string quarterback believing he could do a better job in the Superbowl than Peyton Manning if he could just get the opportunity.

    His sacrament is taxation, specifically redistributing the resources of the wealthy in order to support system parasites whose idea of work is getting dressed and standing in line to collect welfare and unemployment benefits.

    His vision is universal trickle-down poverty, an economic situation resulting from some socialist’s attempt to cure chronic anemia with leeches.

    His eucharist is vacationing, a retreat from the arduous duties of practicing and delivering speeches someone else has written for him.

    His unique form of confession is reassigning blame to others, often in the form of rewriting history.

    His ritual is lying, a technique he learned from his early training in Islam, that the end justifies the means. And his ultimate goal is, of course, apotheosis, beginning with President-for-Life status and ending in glorification at the divine level.

    His orb is his teleprompter, his sceptre is the mass media, and his donkey is Air Force One.

    His prayer is in the language he considers the most beautiful on earth: Arabic.


  11. Kid says:

    Part 2 – get trust back. Step one is that the voters have to demand people they trust in elections.
    For that to happen, at least three generations of voters have to be trained and educated into being patrioticly minded, well and accurately informed individuals.

    This is where I insert the Hyena laughs.


  12. In G_d we trust. Everybody else… not so much.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    But MAL, surely there are Black men and women who’d be fantastic presidents….the problem is that Americans voted for THIS one, after seeing pix of him very droopy eyed with a joint hanging out of his mouth, never having to explain who paid for college or why nobody remembers him, or how he lied about his position as a professor of constitutional law , or having blatantly lied about not knowing Bill Ayers (which lie became known before the election) etc etc …right?

    Baysider…Some day remind me to tell you about the black guy doing a painting on canvas at the Smart and Final and Harriett Tubman; amazing, and I don’t feel like typing it all out right now!
    But you’re right….

    Mustang…and I think TRUST is probably THE most important thing a healthy country can have in its leadership, no?

    Kid, we REALLY are screwed…it’s unbelievable…bring on the hyenas.

    Bob, I think some of the candidates mean to bring jobs BACK here from having been overseas….lower taxes HERE so companies come back, etc. That seems like something a president can do; negotiate that kind of thing somehow??

    Bocopro…who can argue with you? and well done, too…thanks. excellent style.

    Vrag; AMEN to that.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    ON THE OTHER HAND, I asked a friend today, who used to be very liberal and still is more socially liberal than most conservatives, if she could vote for Hillary over any of the Rep candidates..”NO WAY”, she said…that’s a GOOD thing because maybe 2 years ago, she’d have said “Well, Z, I can’t vote for any Republican because because I hate that Cruz wants to overturn Roe v Wade”… This year she mentioned she hates Cruz saying that BUT will still vote for him if she has to. That’s huge for her.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    And by the way; It was mostly PRAGER (and a little of me and Mr. Z) who talked her out of liberalism. Prager, if you get people to LISTEN TO HIM, works WONDERS…WONDERS!


  16. bunkerville says:

    The enemy is within the gates; it is with our own luxury, our own folly, our own criminality that we have to contend. Marcus Tullius Cicero
    Read more at:


  17. How do we get trust back?
    Earn it.
    It’s very simple.
    Say what you’ll do.
    Do what you say.
    Find a candidate who has a record of doing what he says he will and support him.
    Not a bag of air who blows with the wind.


  18. Kid says:

    Good Luck with that Ed ! 🙂


  19. It’s a formula, not a promise 🙂


  20. geeez2014 says:

    I think it’s a good formula…thanks, Ed…it’s not impossible. If that’s impossible (and Kid has a point, of course, as we all know), then it’s impossible for America to heal after Obama.

    Gad, my friend I had lunch with today had her health insurance contribution go from $150 to $350 at SONY just after Obama care kicked in….we all know stories like this, yet we barely hear the truth in the mainstream media; I’m not naive, I call to our attention many biases from the Left, but that’s certainly another group we must develop trust in again.
    As Kid said “Good luck with THAT!”


  21. bocopro says:

    To the tune of the theme song from M*A*S*H :

    Through speeches filled with lies I see
    What Obamacare will be
    The pains it holds in store for me
    I understand most perfectly. . . .

    Obamacare is flaky
    Its principles are shaky
    But we can’t take or leave it as we please.

    The Congress found a way to make
    Exceptions for their friends to take
    And unions get a big tax break
    While we’re left with a huge heartache

    ‘Cause ACA is broken
    Its mysteries unspoken
    And no one read its murky legalese.

    In Washington the game they play
    Is politics the whole damned day
    No matter what the people say
    We’re gonna lose it anyway

    And Welfare is so pleasing
    And EBT’s so easy
    And Nanny State has lots of cheddar cheese

    The way Progressives win is cheat
    Before we even vote we’re beat
    And Harry won’t give up his seat
    While Nancy does one more repeat

    Our Congress is unfaithful
    Unethical and spiteful
    And can’t remember it went there for.

    The President has such thin skin
    It ruptures as Fox News begins
    And festers when the truth sinks in
    While Earnest tries to make it spin . . .

    And scandals keep appearing
    From Lib’ral racketeering
    ‘Til someone says, “Oh Looky, there’s a squirrel!”

    A patriot once asked of me
    What are the answers that are key
    Will we remain a strong country?
    So I said, “Ask our CinC.”

    ‘Cause bankruptcy is painless
    It brings on many changes
    And Detroit is the future, I foresee . . .
    And Islam will bring death to you and me.


  22. cube says:

    I think AOW is channeling my own view on our lack of trust in government. I would add that acts speak louder than words


  23. Bob says:

    Z said, “I think some of the candidates mean to bring jobs BACK here from having been overseas….lower taxes HERE so companies come back, etc.”

    I think you made my point without intending. If the government lowers taxes to bring jobs to the USA from foreign countries, that probably means the the government LOST those same jobs by raising taxes. So, by lowering taxes, all the government is doing is lowering impediments that it caused in the first place. The government doesn’t create a thing. The best thing it can do about the economy is to stay out of the way.


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