Leftwing vs Rightwing anger; I was wondering….

tea party

I was thinking about the threat to Trump Towers Wednesday, when people were afraid of a ‘white substance’ in the mail room and it dawned on me that this had to be a leftist thing …Then John Berg, my friend and commenter here, sent me an email with the image above and it solidified my thoughts about the LEFT..  (and if you are reading this, please read till the end where my question is!)

Why is it the LEFT just can’t deal with the fact that there are those who disagree with them?   Instead, if they even SEE the name TRUMP they have fits and need counseling…when big leftwing groups gather they leave total messes behind…human waste, trash, you name it.  I heard a cop once say “when the Tea Party groups leave a park, it’s cleaner than it was when they came.”

The Right keeps on keepin’ on and nobody faints for seeing the name SANDERS, and nobody trashes anything and we don’t teach kids not to think for themselves.

The left’s protesting at all the Trump events now;  I think part of that is just to make Americans believe he’s an unsafe choice because trouble follows him, but I think the biggest reason is THEY JUST CAN’T LISTEN AND EVEN TRY TO UNDERSTAND ANOTHER WAY OF THINKING.  This isn’t about not knowing others think otherwise…We Republicans are very knowledgeable about the Left’s platform, ideology, etc.    But we just DO NOT DO WHAT THE LEFT DOES.

QUESTION: What makes the Right so different than the rabid, nasty, threatening Left?


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47 Responses to Leftwing vs Rightwing anger; I was wondering….

  1. jerrydablade says:

    “What makes the Right so different than the rabid, nasty, threatening Left?”
    Great question, Z. Here’s my shot at it. We on the right use logic and reason coupled with core conservative values rooted in our faith and/or the constitution. The left uses emotion coupled with a desire for fairness (as defined by a central authority) through force, and whatever else their Gender Studies leftist propaganda professors tell them.

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  2. fredd says:

    Allow me to put into different words your question:

    What makes the jack booted, Hitler-loving, gun-toting fascists on the right so different than the peace loving, social justice seeking decent citizens on the left?

    There, doesn’t that make more sense, Z?


  3. To build on Jerry’s analysis, the right believes in individual responsibility to fix things, and the left wants mom and dad to pick up after them and bail them out of jail.
    The right believes in the power of the individual (including gun ownership ) and the left wants the power of the state to act, as they are too lazy or cowardly to do so.
    Wearing a mask at a protest is a sign of cowardice, and intent to do wrong.

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  4. bocopro says:

    Can you say “double standard”? I thought you could. The two-year-old relies heavily on tantrums, destruction, noise, and lies to satisfy his perceived need du jour. The adult, realizing that being an irritating pest might get you a punch in the nose in place of the desired bon bon, adopts other strategems, such as patience, logic, guile, and good ol’-fashioned bribery to get what he wants.

    We’ve always had protests and riots in the US. Those of us who came of age during the “Happy Days” of the 50s will remember the violence of the 60s. At times it appeared the stitches holding together the fabric of America were being pulled out by communists, or fascists, or racists, or unions, or tycoons, or mobsters, or immigrants, or “those people” on the other side of town.

    It’s life. And there always will be those who will protest anything in their feeble attempts at catharsis or just for a taste of attention . . . dif’ernt strokes for dif’ernt folks. I’m sure that somewhere in America today someone is protesting Ben & Jerry’s for some reason, if not political because of association with one group or another then medical because of the danger of diabetes and tooth decay.

    Most protestors AND rioters are fully aware that they’re annoying people and often breaking the law and that in the long run they’re wasting their time unless they can interest one of the two fraternities that run the country into incorporating their demands into its agenda.

    Often it’s young people whose minds are fertile ground for new and compelling ideas expressed in clever chants or profound aphorisms simply playing a game of follow-the-leader in the form of the most recent and loudest Don Quixote bravely punching holes in other people’s things while astride his rickety steed. Most don’t understand that most serious issues have many facets, and they might very well have picked the wrong one. But they have to burn off that excess energy somehow, so . . . .

    A good case can be made for protesting and/or rioting as America’s favorite outdoor sport. Of course it’s not uniquely American; London has long been known for its riots, as have Rome, Tehran, Paris, Rio . . . . In some places people riot for religious or political freedom; in Europe they riot over soccer matches and restrictions on perverse sexuality or laws concerning beer.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro; I can’t remember a Conservative riot. But I’m open to a reminder.

    Ed….Some might say the right’s lazy because they don’t do the rioting and protests the left does! The difference intrigues me…of people discussing, and people destroying .

    Fredd..yes, that would have been a leftwinger blog’s question! I’m waiting to see some Jackbooting on the Right…!!

    Jerry…emotion is a big part of it, to which a leftwinger will add “you Conservatives just aren’t emotional or passionate!” We know they think we are not compassionate, right?


  6. geeez2014 says:

    I will admit that the Bundy situation had some Conservatives at least protesting, not hurting anything….sometimes the more ‘rural’ folks will take a potshot…
    But I’m talking big riots like Ferguson, Conventions, etc.


  7. The Left never believed in America, never sought to defend her. They always sought to CHANGE her.


  8. I remember hearing once of Tea Party protests to the government:
    “Give us less!”.


  9. bocopro says:

    Yes, Virginia . . . white people DO riot — and over the dumbest things:

    If you make a reference to “that time white people in Boston rioted over baseball,” you’ll have to get more specific and name a year, since it happened in 2004, 2007 and 2013. The deadliest riot, in 2004, left 21-year-old student Victoria Snelgrove dead, the accidental victim of a projectile fired by the police. Snelgrove, despite being among the 60,000-80,000 estimated rioters, was never labeled a “thug” or a “demon,” and the Boston police department issued a statement saying it accepted “full responsibility” for the student’s death. (The city was subsequently court-ordered to pay Snelgrove’s family $5.1 million.) Media coverage of the rioting accused fans of taking the celebration “too far,” and described them as “causing mischief,” even as images of flames engulfing a car flickered in the background. Riots also followed a 2007 Red Sox win, as well as another triumph in 2013, a night which ended with cars smashed and overturned.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    If you have any doubt that white people are particularly committed to rioting for any sports related reasons, consider the case of the University of Kentucky in 2012. Riots broke out after the school defeated in-state rivals Louisville in the Final Four, with more than 30 arrests made and a staggering 50-some fires reported. Astonishingly, just two nights later, after the team defeated the University of Kansas to become NCAA champs, fans again rioted, setting just as many fires, but this time adding gun violence to boot, leaving one man non-fatally shot (and not by the police).

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    In response to their home team, the Denver Broncos, winning the Super Bowl for the second consecutive year in a row, 10,000 fans apparently decided the most appropriate response was to go on a rampage that included fighting in the street, randomly setting bonfires, overturning cars and general acts of vandalism. Andrew Hudson, a spokesman for the mayor’s office, later called the mob destruction “a really ugly scene by a lot of obnoxious people who were drunk.” Video of the swelling crowd behaving badly can be viewed here, with reporters repeatedly referring to the rioters, who caused the city millions of dollars in damages, as “rowdy.”

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    A few of the most interesting details about the riots that followed the Vancouver Canucks’ loss to the Boston Bruins for the Stanley Cup in 2011: Rioters chanted “Let’s go riot! Let’s go!”; cars and trucks were overturned and set ablaze; theatergoers who’d gone to see the Broadway play “Wicked” found themselves stuck in the theater, which was located in the riot zone, until the whole mess ended. Jim Chu, chief of the Vancouver police department, blamed the chaos on “criminals and anarchists” disguised as hockey fans. In any case, local news cameras caught aerial views of rioters in the act, like this video of the crowd turning over a truck (at the :40 mark) for reasons apparent only to them.

    I’m not making excuses for anybody here, just pointing out that no ethnic or political group has a master key to the stupidity closet. The BLACK JIVE MATTERS and DUMP DUMB TRUMP people are no more insightful or productive or legitimate than idiots who destroy ANYbody’s private — OR public — property in the name of celebration for some ephemeral sports victory.

    None of them are doing themselves any good in my eyes, and if properly empowered, I’d have them all publicly spanked, skinned, and neutered.


  10. FB says:

    I was reading FB comments and some people on the left do not like that behavior either. However the ones that protest and are violent are spoiled children throwing a tantrum. Also, seeing the Mexican flag in the protests reminds me what started happening in France in the 80s and 90s when the suburbs started rioting, burning buses and Algerian or Tunisian flags started being displayed knowing it would irritate the population. I keep making the parallel between socialist France and what’s going on in this country but it painfully becomes eerily similar.


  11. cube says:

    I believe many of these protesters are being paid and given a box lunch for their protest. Given their lack of knowledge in social mores and respectful actions towards others, I’m not surprised that they would jump on anything that they would see as a source of income no matter how harmful it would be in the long term. Useful idiots.


  12. Imp says:

    “I can’t remember a Conservative riot. But I’m open to a reminder.”

    We usually do it at election time like 2010 and 2014? You have to look at the general crud that attaches themselves to the demrats though. It’s no longer the party of mom and dad or anything resembling JFK anymore. It’s a gang of gimmemorefreeshit, illegals, anarchists, socialists and sniveling little twerps who graduated from high school in June and in September think they’re all brilliant intellectuals from their new dorm rooms. If the new 60 today is 50….then 18 today must be the new 15? Colleges today are no more than expensive kindergartens and sandboxes to become mentally challenged and deranged in. Right Melissa Gluck?


  13. Bob says:

    “What makes the Right so different than the rabid, nasty, threatening Left?”

    A cursory reading of history helps to understand what’s going on. Left wing philosophy have always taught that the end justifies the means. By whatever measure it takes, the left only wants to impose their will on others. To that end, they use protests, riots, and even murder to achieve their goals. Remember Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler? All these historical socialists used protests, riots and murder to secure power.

    That’s why Barack Obama was a community organizer. It was his job to train people in protests, riots and other left wing thuggery. BO is just another thug on the world stage.

    The left is not in the business of listening to other viewpoints. Their recruiting ground is those who see themselves as victims and can therefore be persuaded to strap on a bomb vest, err, I mean to carry knives, sticks, and smoke bombs to otherwise peaceful rallies.

    It is interesting how similar the actions of left wing protesters are patterned like terrorist plots. Leftist plots come from the same kind of mindset as terrorist plots. They don’t care who gets hurt. The cause is the important thing.


  14. Mal says:

    The first thing that comes to mind is something I quoted from the Bible about a year ago re the Left vs the Right. Remember? “The heart of the wise lies on the Right while the Left has the heart of a fool.” Something to that effect. At the time I quoted Book, Chapter and Verse.


  15. bunkerville says:

    Something for nothing, Few would give it up. Christmas every day. Why not. Many of us see the consequences of this idea. The left cannot.


  16. Imp says:

    OT….new bumper sticker?

    Bill Clinton always chooses someone other than Hillary. Shouldn’t you?


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro….what made you think of color? I’m talking Democrat versus Republican …solely about that.. and ya, I think my point is the Dems do have a master key to the stupidity closet it, as you put it….I’m still waiting for examples of Reps rioting in the streets like Dems do.


    Ed…good one..

    FB..I think there ARE Dems who don’t like their folks protesting in destructive ways.

    Bob…excellent points….They train and supply their protesters….very Machiavellian, too.

    Imp: Cons rioted in the streets, defecated in the streets, left trash everywhere, threw bottles at cops, shot at people? during election time? Where and when? I’m open; not challenging, just need some input to better remember.
    That’s a terrific bumper sticker; would LOVE to see that. Did you make it up, or copy it from someone, or is it a real bumper sticker already printed? Terrific one.

    Mal…yes, there are a few “right over left” scriptures…good one!

    Bunkerville…Something for nothing, yes. I know a lot of Conservatives want something more ideological than the “things” lefties want, but we don’t kill and destroy to get them


  18. Imp says:

    @Z…I meant metaphorically…we get to the polls to protest not riot in the streets like the trash masters do.

    And I saw that on a blog somewhere…the “bumper sticker”. Certainly is true, isn’t it?


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Imp…I see what you mean…Yes, most of us get to the polls…some Cons even don’t do THAT because they’re not 100% happy, as if ANY candidate makes everybody happy in their party!
    Great bumper sticker…should be printed! VERY TRUE


  20. geeez2014 says:

    Cube…I TOTALLY believe they’re being paid. TOTALLY. I believe they’re paid to disrupt our blogs (I’m so glad I switched to WP so I won’t have that anymore every single year before elections), and disrupt Talk Radio… Yup…totally paid for.
    Printed signs? Do people really think poor liberals have nice signs printed?!!


  21. geeez2014 says:


    See, the question is WHAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE and I think it’s HARD WIRING…something that makes us conservative, with traditional values, pro American ideologies, etc., makes us allergic to hurting people or possessions for a cause.

    Many of you call Liberalism a mental disease; Michael Savage was the first to say that, I think, back when I used to listen to him, 25 years or so ago…..but I thought he was a little ‘off’ then, a bit hyperbolic, but I’m thinking he’s RIGHT now.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    AOW! I think they have a point, actually!! But I think Beck’s losing it. The comments are pretty derogatory…he’s not got the fans he used to, that’s for sure…at least the media keeps us from knowing if he DOES have big numbers anymore.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    TRUMP IS PLAYING THE GENDER CARD? Check out this EXCELLENT example of leftwing media bias…..this is HILARIOUS!
    Of course, Hillary isn’t playing the ‘risky gender card,’, right? When polls ARE showing women are going OFF her and FAST! 🙂


  24. Mal says:

    “I’m still waiting for examples of Republicans rioting in the streets like the Dems do.” You never have and never will but certainly had a whole lot of reasons to do so in 2008 and 2012, didn’t we? That definitely would’ve been justified.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, we SURRRE did!


  26. geeez2014 says:

    Wow, the subject of the Trump protests is CNN’s whole afternoon discussion….don’t get me wrong, it’s NOT about why Republicans are nicer (trust me) …it’s about WHAT CAN TRUMP DO TO STOP THIS and WHY ISN”T HE?
    I think they forget Trump didn’t start the anti-Trump protests 🙂
    Hilarious to listen to the conversations….


  27. Trump could stop the violence right now.
    All he needs to do is suspend his campaign.
    I urge him to do so.
    For the children.


  28. Baysider says:

    Nope. As you noted, Tea Party folks sweep up after themselves (or don’t trash it in the first place). The Parks Service noticed the same thing about other conservative groups on the Mall in DC.

    Here’s a fun reality check Ohio State dumped on some crybabies on their campus when they pulled a stunt like this, occupying the administration building. http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/434047/ohio-state-university-gives-us-video-day-how-confront-campus-crybabies

    My favorite line: “If you are here at 5:00 a.m. we will clear the building and you will be arrested. We will give you the opportunity to go to jail for your beliefs.”


  29. STLloyd says:

    Right wing = conservative. con·serve: to keep in a safe, sound state, avoid destructive use of. A preference for maintaining established institutions and customs.
    Left wing = liberal. LIB’ERAL: Licentious; free to excess, free from restraint in speech or action, unbridled, unimpeded, unchecked, unrestrained.
    RIght wingers prefer to walk softly, exercise self-restraint, say what they mean, follow through, etc. Left-wingers are incontinent, think that out-shouting others is equivalent to winning a debate, can’t be accused of compromising their principles because they don’t embrace or adhere to codes, norms, morals, ethics, et cetera.


  30. Kid says:

    We must stop over-analyzing the lefties. It only gives them cover.

    This is simple. They are 2 year old’s. When 2 year olds don’t get their way, they have tantrums. Tantrums mean violence. It’s not a big deal when the 2 year olds are 2, It’s a much bigger deal when the 2 year old’s are 30. or 50.

    That’s it. This is how they must all be verbalized. Hey, Lefties. you’re 2 year old’s until you prove yourself otherwise. Put the oness on them. Make THEM dance.



  31. geeez2014 says:

    Ed,,..,stop…we have him and we have to come to terms…horrible, but true.

    Baysider, GREAT line there..thanks for that!

    STLloyd…VERY well said.

    Kid..you’re right, but some of us need to get out the frustration.

    I’m actually submitting myself to the Correspondents’ Dinner speech by Obama right now. What an engaging amazing SMILE he has!
    I despise his withering insults to Conservatives…DESPISE, God help me.


  32. Kid says:

    Z, yes, many ways for us to deal with it are valid.


  33. geeez2014 says:

    I had to laugh as I listened to the ‘comedian’ at the Corr. Dinner tonight…he said he didn’t want to ‘throw shade’ on FOX News but that it’s watched by people who don’t know what SHADE is’ and I JUST learned THIS WEEK what “throwing shade” means! That is FUNNY!!! A joke ON ME, I guess! 🙂


  34. geeez2014 says:

    Pretty leftwing comedian at the Corr. Dinner but pretty funny,I must admit. I’d think it was a LOT MORE FUNNY were I a leftwinger!


  35. Imp says:

    That dinner….more proof that the media is ALL…totally libs. These are the people we trust to be objective? I wish I had a neutron bomb at the ready.


  36. Imp says:

    Great ending..Yo Barry..ya did it my nigger. Nice eh? Yo Barry…thanks for dividing us wider than the distance between NY and LA.


  37. geeez2014 says:

    Imp, the media’s mostly liberal….we have to grasp that….even Obama a few years ago, in his speech, opened with something about “you all voted for me”. They all know they’re mostly libs.
    I’m glad you watched, too. I thought the guy had some great lines but I thought Obama’s were funnier, like them or not. I try to stay unbiased and take the humor for its humor not for bias.
    When Republicans are in, the humor goes anti-Left..I watched this every single year until Obama…and have seen maybe 3 since he took over.
    My favorite line of Obama’s was “Obama Out” yes HURRAH!>>if only it were YESTERDAY!

    And ya, that last line STANK…that was a low, ugly thing to say…couldn’t agree with you more. what a slob.


  38. geeez2014 says:

    Imp…I was just thinking’..to use the word N**ger was despicable. SOme of us hoped a half Black president might heal the wounds and bring us together….he was, in spite of the fact he did NOTHING LIKE THAT, but even RUINED race relations, NEVERTHELESS our PRESIDENT, and it’s like that comedian was saying “Ya, well, you had a stint as a Black pres, but you’re going to be out and it will matter NOT….you’re still a punk black guy…”.
    that’s sad.
    And terribly disrespectful to Obama and to America


  39. geeez2014 says:

    Obama’s line about Ted Cruz and basketball hoops was HILARIOUS! a LOT of his lines were VERY funny…so funny that even I liked them; which, considering HE SAID THEm, is saying a LOT, right!?


  40. Imp says:

    @Z…I can’t find anything to argue with or disagree with you with. I’m just so sad that an event as historic as his was…just fueled the racial flames even more than Jim Crow did in the 50’s or 60’s. Not that I wanted or was as happy as the libs and blacks were over his ascendancy….I was devastated and disappointed because I knew then it was all racial. And now with this POS Killary….it’ll all be about phony “sexism”. I despise the man for his deviseness . ..his racial flame throwing and his inability to seize the moment in history that could have propelled the country toward inclusiveness. Sadly…after 8 years of this hustler…..I don’t respect blacks that much anymore. I think we all can see the reasons why we’d be justified in feeling that way. We’re at war….and anyone who thinks otherwise ought to get his skinny white ass out and walk down MLK Blvd in any city in America at 1 AM and say…Yo Nigegr…what’s happening?


  41. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; well said. Very sad; interesting that you’d say that about Blacks after this presidency because I think a lot of us saw that their support of him (huge) was so racial and so wrong. Remember how many lies were revealed before he was elected? “I didn’t know Bill Ayers”…

    How can people put voting for a Black man before voting for the BEST MAN?
    very sad…..and lots of them see he didn’t do MUCH for them….of course, Black Hollywood’s more in love than ever. They had nothing to lose; they had money and still do.

    I’m hearing some Blacks like Trump; though I can’t stand the man, at least he TALKS like he puts AMerica first, so to hear Blacks are liking him is a step up.


  42. “Ed,,..,stop…we have him and we have to come to terms”.
    I’ll come t terms in November.
    And what I said about him dropping out was an attempt at humor. “For the children”,
    Sorry it wasn’t clear.


  43. jerrydablade says:

    Ed, I laughed at it. Believe me. That I will say 🙂 Trump is not inevitable.


  44. geeez2014 says:

    I don’t think “for the children” is one bit funny. It IS for the children I hope Trump drops out….at least as much as the disaster for our children should Hillary or Bernie be the winner.


  45. jean worland says:

    My reply will only make sense to committed Christians. Satan is behind the Left!


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