Europe: The truth about immigration

Europe and what their media’s telling them:

This, from my French neighbor in my Paris apartment building, Claude….

“About your election, I look at that competition like as an entertainment, as I see it, except Hillary Clinton, the other two mains competitors  are so extreme that they are not credible. I hope that you – American people – are enough conscious of the importance of your country for the World, to do a reasonable vote for Clinton.”

AND this is from my German stepson who sends me the truth about what’s going on there, unlike our media.  I’d sent him the email above from France and he responded with this.  You will notice that he calls his country “GerMONEY” now and that he calls the refugees “rapefugees” because of all the raping of young German girls that’s happening:

“The same out here, all the media is against Trump and the Republicans, they are all pro Clinton.

The Austrians have voted an new president and he he is from the FPÖ which is the Austrian version of the AfD (Pro Austria, anti refugee, pro sanity group which, as in German’s AfD, is painted as NAZIs by the leftwing media). Of course all media in Germany are getting heart attacks over this….he is now in the position to send the (liberal “bring them ALL in!”) parliament home and have a new one elected. The first thing the Austrians did was to declare a new emergency law which enables them to close all borders (against the ruling of Brüssels) which they will do shortly, especially the main border to Italy (Brennero). Now the Italians are pissed because that means that they have to keep all the rapefugees coming through from Lampedusa and Sicilly.   

Austria just won’t let go no matter how Italy complains.  That is way cool. Austria shows the middle finger to Merkel and Brüssels.

The Balkan route is closed completely. The only way for Merkel to import all the desired rapefugees would be by ship and by airplane. Both ways have been thought of already, by the way.

Please check the internet for Merkel’s deal with Turkey.With this she made it possible that Germoney and Europe can be blackmailed by Erdolf in every way which they have done already and will continue.”

I had to dig for THIS…Read that…Austria’s gov’t is in total denial….it’s almost laughable.

Did YOU know the Balkan route is closed completely to refugees?  I didn’t.  Did YOU know that Austria’s waking up? Gee, I’d have thought information like that above would make a dent in our media’s thought process, if they were honest and didn’t want to keep from us how bad our situation will be if Obama lets more and more in>…?


I’m kind of sorry about going so negative in this post, and sarcastic and even bitter, but I believe our media’s screwing us up SO MUCH by not telling the truth that sometimes we need to GET THIS NEWS OUT and COMMENT ON IT.



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15 Responses to Europe: The truth about immigration

  1. To Schuylkills fair banks let us cheerfully repair, For pure is the aether, and fragrant the air; Soft zephyrs shall fan us, and eke thro’ the grove. The genius of Tammany shield us with love. No foes shall intrude with inquisitive eye, Our orgies, our dances, our mysteries to spy. ” Adieu to your wives, Come gird on your knives.

    Your tomahawks, arrows and bows!

    Your bodies besmear, With oil of the bear, And look undismayed on your foes.

    @Z – Kwanio che keeteru!


  2. Your friend Claude shows his bias when he doesn’t find criticism of Hillary.
    I care not of a frenchman’s reaction to our political process.
    I find enough to laugh about at France’s political process.


  3. bocopro says:

    Europe – a feeble declining dowager, undernourished from raging socialism and bewildered by the ravages of Islam.

    We should take her governance counsel as we would that of Hollywood and social advice as we would from the likes of Mike Tyson.

    Europe has been reduced to a fading memory of past glories, a place-name in danger of being replaced by “Caliphate Deux.”

    Native European societies have been attempting economic and cultural suicide for decades, and Muslims are about to deliver the coup de grace.


  4. FB says:

    Like we say in France “Va te faire foutre Claude” 🙂


  5. FB says:

    I read the article and Austria sounds a bit like France with the National Front. I can’t wait to see what happens at the next French presidential election. Two of my friends, who are conservative in terms of economics, will vote National Front despite its socialist stance on the economy.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Oh, the French thing is so important…. we should care that the world doesn’t hear the truth.

    Also, I found it fascinating that Austria’s voting for anti immigration people and we aren’t hearing that; that’s important, too. I think it’s important to be reminded that we do not have a free media anymore, one that’s interested in ALL the news; it’s only interested in pro leftwing news that does not alert Americans to what’s coming HERE next as far as immigration is concerned. They want more IN, they don’t let us know Europe’s woes from having their leadership take so many IN.

    Like bocopro says “Europe’s committing suicide”…and our political correctness, open border and sanctuary cities and other lax immigration laws aren’t contributing to our own?


  7. Silverfiddle says:

    What Ed said (Ed: Despite our differences on the GOP Crump, I respect your opinion!).

    Z: I can’t blame your French friend too much. You pin the blame where it belongs: On Europe’s closed, state-dominated Establishment media.

    I hope events are signalling that the global elites who have brought us to the precipice are losing their grip on us. The more conspiratorial-minded would fear some new cooked-up catastrophe to scare the people back into their arms…


  8. FB says:

    Stefan Molineux has a lot of videos on the suicide of Europe by the way.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Silverfiddle…I respect Ed’s opinion, too. I just think it IS important to know the misinformation other countries are getting about us because of the media.
    Ed’s with me on Trump; but you’re FOR Trump?
    What about him do you like the best?

    FB…it’s all too sad…imagine a world with White Europe kissing up to the muslims in control….it’s almost hard to image. It sounds like the NAZI occupied France during the last war…people fearful, being bullied, and acquiescing.
    I refuse to believe that will happen.

    I urge everyone to keep reading beyond my French references and see how important Austria’s vote was…. I believe it isn’t too late for Europe IF the leftwingers don’t stop insulting every country’s nationalists who want to put their country before Islam…Austria’s on its way, hopefully


  10. fredd says:

    Europe is too far gone to ever recover any semblance of what they used to be. Chaos will erupt everywhere that the rampaging muslims have been allowed to infect. Too bad, I used to like visiting Europe, and had a great time living there 35 years ago. I wouldn’t recognize the place today.


  11. bocopro says:

    ” I used to like visiting Europe, and had a great time living there 35 years ago. I wouldn’t recognize the place today.”

    Sounds like me and SanFranFreakshow. Loved that city back in the 60s . . . vibrant, eclectic, old-word/new-world interface where intellectual sophisticates walked hand in hand with genuine wage earners, and they even understood each other when they spoke.

    Wouldn’t go there today if you paid me. Spent over 18 months of my life runnin around in that area. Fond memories. Lotta growin up. No WAY I’d be able to recover ’em now in the chaotic liberal pesthole it’s become.


  12. cube says:

    Socialists and moslem refugees are threatened by candidates who espouse capitalism. They’re just too deluded to see that socialism leads to very poor economic policy and the liberal leadership is now driving the influx of moslems which will bring about utter chaos. I can’t help but think the chaos is intentional.


  13. Imp says:

    This Brit get’s it right….”We’ve had enough”…


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro; San Francisco is GORGEOUS and fabulous…you just have to step over the occasional homeless guy on the ground…the one they treat like an endangered species!!!


  15. So. What about the Brexit?


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